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Runaway Road Trip ~ d a n g e r & perksofbeingacactus


Be foolish & have fun
Darren John Davidson
The intoxicated male was thankful Clover chose his dare. As if sensing her own thoughts, he crossed his arms before speaking again to her, his eyes almost rolling back from the amount of alcohol consumed:
"You're going to have to strip off with me then."
His eyes almost raged with desire in his drunken state before Darren tried to capture his attention from the now lowered male in the group. Usually, Darren would use his signature wink and a subtle mouth long of words but for some reason he didn't go for this technique. Instead, the boy just waved his arms around like a maniac with a grin like a kid in sweet shop. He didn't have to say words to indicate why he was so ecstatic at the situation. The boy always craved attention and had been called an attention seeker a multitude of different times; this seemed as if this was just about her 'normal' action for Darren. Alas, his crazy excitement towards his male friend caused the freckled girl near by to chuckle before noticing her look at Clover. What were those girls up to? He had got to hand it to the opposite gender, they were fucking hard to figure out for a dating and real virgin like himself.

Darren moved slightly closer towards the blue haired girl before seemlessly taking off his shirt. Like earlier, this action meant nothing to him. He lived in an all male family house (excusing the many prostitues his father would allow for company past the hour of 11PM) so being bare at certain parts of his body seemed almost natural to him. His hands soon reached for his trousers. Darren had hoped that Clover did not mean his boxers also- it wasn't that he minded taking them off but, in front of everybody? The only perk to that was that he could see Clover nak- Darren shook his head immediately. It was a harmless game and they certainly would not both be getting naked in front of the others. As soon as Darren started to pull his jean trousers down, he swore loudly. He gave a quick exclaim action to the rest of the group about his predicament.
"I forgot to take off my fucking trainers fuck!"
The lovely language flowing off of Darren's tongue and out into the camper van was further emphasised by his flailing jumping on the spot. Trainers nearly flew into the faces of others as he managed to finally pull his jeans down.

His removal of clothes was definitely, um uh, um, unorthodox? The young boy's sex appeal definitely would have been higher if it weren't for his fast paced and kangaroo-like undressing. But, despite his rather funny dress down, he waited for his partner in crime to undress herself too. Then a thought struck him. What if the girl was too self conscious to undress herself in front of everyone? Would it have been better to have just challenged Chris and not Clover? Despite being drunk, Darren was still a gentleman. He had his flaws, but he really did care about how Clover felt. At this point, he wasn't even focused on how he felt about her... He just hoped and prayed that she was as up to it as she was. The young boy could probably never forgive himself if he caused the girl to feel embarrassed at only the beginning of the intrusive game. In anticipation, he bit his lip. Soon one of his shoes flew past him before he caught it in his right hand, narrowly missing and dropping it on the floor. He thanked Electra with a nervous nod before still awaiting Clover's reaction. His hands were now held out his arms and coughed, signalling he was ready to swap clothing with the girl.

Electra Lee Lamb
The dare petrified the young girl and the fear caused her to feel gratitude that it was not one she had to participate in. But, soon, she caught the eyes of Clover; more like one eye and an eyelid. Her female companion caused Electra to smirk slightly, her best friend was up to something. She could only guess it was to do with the boys and most likely Darren in particular. A spark in her eye soon died out as she saw a rather pumped up Darren trying to remove his clothing. She had chuckled slightly beforehand at his energetic waving towards Chris but now she giggled at the fact he was so excited to get semi-naked. Is that even a word? Electra did not know, nor did she care. She shook her head slightly before watching him challenge Clover to join him in the dare. Her palm began to pat against her thigh as she watched the scene unfold, awaiting with Darren and Chris for Clover's acceptance of the swapping challenge. She could never do that herself but, Clover was different. Everybody was self-conscious about one thing at least and Electra just hoped Clover would be as brave as Electra had always viewed her and take on Darren.

Her thoughtfulness about her best friend soon stopped as Darren's trainers were kicked off in opposite directions. He managed to salvage one, however the other one was nearby where she had placed herself sitting on the floor. She picked the trainer up, almost wincing at the sight of such a worn down shoe. Why did Darren stick to wearing the same thing over and over again? Electra threw it up at him with a bad aim.
She winced again, feeling slightly bad. He had caught it however and was rather happy for him. If he was trying to impress Clover, it seemed like he was putting in a lot of effort. Electra just smiled at the thought of a potential happy couple.

Couples, semi-naked friends and dares caused Electra to completely forget about the scenario she was in. Once again, she turned to see how Chris was enjoying the game. It was a dangerous game (socially), but definitely entertaining. But, the freckled girl couldn't help but find more entertainment quickly glancing at Chris instead of an almost naked Darren. It was getting quite late (or early if you wanted to be pedantic) yet she wasn't tired. The thought of avoiding tiredness brought her attention to her phone that had just vibrated. She squinted her eyes before being brought back to reality. Sighing slightly, she hovered her thumbs over the tapping device before trying to quickly come up with an excuse to one of her mothers about her whereabouts and sudden leaving from the dinner table. They were rather carefree though, so Electra didn't panic about that... She just hated telling them lies.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Clover Richards
To Clover's eagerness, Darren had chosen her to accompany him for his dare. She would have to be lying to say she wasn't completely looking forward to seeing more of Darren's body - yet that would be something she would still have yet to admit. A permanent smile stained her lips whilst she reached around her neck to where her necklace was openly hanging loose, she unclipped it, and closed the remaining distance between her and Darren. Her hands moved around to either side of his neck before they swiftly clipped the jewelry back into place. In the moment, her fingers went down to the end main-piece of the necklace (a dragonfly). She looked up to Darren with the mot seductive look she could muster, then she whispered:
"Let's do this." Those three words were an indication that whatever Darren was about to see, Clover, indeed, did not mind.
Possibly because of the alcohol, but maybe she wanted to show off her body a bit - saying that in the least sluttish way.

Moving absent-mindedly backwards from the somewhat naked boy, she began to do just the same as him, she lifted his shirt from her body and settled it onto the ground gracefully, she already missed the smell, but she guessed there'd be more to come. Removing her last shirt and placing it onto the floor, the modest nakedness of her chest fueled the redness in her cheeks to arise once again. She wasn't particularly satisfied with her chest size, as before she made it a joking matter with Darren, but sad to say, she wished she was
bigger - well, at least bigger than a peach. Looking around the group to find Electra on her phone and Chris on the floor, it looked like Darren was the only person with nothing else better to do. With this thought, Clover slid off her old converse in memory of Darren's previous stumbling around (which she found rather hilarious and oddly cute), then she pulled down her jeans to reveal Spongebob SquarePants imprinted onto her pants.
"These are my lucky pants okay." Clearly embarrassed that the first time Darren would see her in her underwear, she would be wearing an unflattering design. Great...

Clover was rather glad that they didn't have to go as far as to strip nude, since that would naturally be quite awkward and make her to some extent, feel vulnerable. Picking up her clothes from the floor, Clover's face burnt up with anxiousness as she handed the pile to Darren. After, she went to pick up the boy's shirt and slipped it on with ease. It was pretty much alike the other top, so Clover came to the conclusion that the challenge would take its toll mostly on Darren. Which she admittedly felt bad for since tight clothing didn't seem to be his strong-suit.
"You stretch those, I stretch you." Clover playfully threatened, hands on her hips.

Chris Langdon
As an attempt to see how the game was going so far, the boy was pleasantly greeted by bare skin and the ungraceful jumping of Darren. Next thing he knew, trainers were being thrown around like tennis balls and luckily Electra had salvaged one and had thrown it back to the clumsy boy. All Chris could really do was smile lightly before continuing to watch the couple undress - in what the least creepiest way he could do so. It was refreshing to see Darren so up for a challenge and at least making progress with the girl, unlike him, who was making as much progress as Jj had made with Effy (hope you get that reference). All Chris had to do was ask Electra: Did you like that kiss? And if not, what could I do better? Sure, it was a kiss, but there was a kiss and then THE KISS, which for all he knew Freckles could've felt the same.

Never in his life had he been so hung up over a girl, and to be frank, that surprised him. Especially as for someone of his character, he was expected to move on and move one, but maybe he was sick from moving on. Moving on would get him nowhere. Nowhere but down below, under the creaks of the world where he'd have no record, where he'd stay in solitude away from any known presence of a human. And at that moment, Chris had discovered the one thing he feared the most on this Earth. Looking to his friends it all seemed so clear, being alone was his weakness. Now, I'm not referring to the type of loneliness of lacking company or friends - he had that - I mean the type of loneliness that could stay with you for an eternity. That feeling of not talking to someone about their dreaded emotions, opening up to someone about a matter or concern. Chris never had that, or experienced it; which was supposedly the cause for his outburst.

Sighing, his eyes grazed past the bright light of a phone screen. Electra's phone screen. He pulled himself up from his previous position. It was time to grow some balls and speak to her. He could do this, it was simple. Without further hesitation, Chris scooted closer to Electra, the closer he got the more noticeable a guilty, and of course beautiful face revealed itself.
"You ok, Freckles?" Furrowed brows and genuinely concerned eyes searched for his crush's.


Be foolish & have fun
{I got your reference and it made me smile so much. Have a wonderful Sunday!:)}

Darren John Davidson
His fear at challenging his favoured girl of the group had immediately diminished once she closed the space between them. A class clown such as himself would usually handle a situation such as this with a joke, some banter, or a one-liner that could calm both of their nerves... Nope. None of that was what Darren was planning in his head. The unpreventable smile that caused his lips to turn upwards and his cheeks stay paused in such a high position caused him slight discomfort; he couldn't stop smiling. The sight before him was just magnificent - despite the two other members of the party being elsewhere, he did not seek them with his eyes for they stayed glued to one person in particular- Darren hoped he would never have the misfortune of forgetting a sight. At first, Darren would constantly try to clear his throat, causing his Adam's apple to move upwards before returning to its usual place. However, as time progressed onwards, his eyes no longer averted from the semi-naked beauty that stood before him. He tried not to receive the title of 'weirdo' or 'freak' or even 'perv' as he scanned his widened eyes over Clover again. To Darren? She. Was. Fucking. Beautiful. With her pretty pendant around his neck, his focus shifted to it. He would admired it for longer, maybe even asked her a question about its origins or something, if it weren't for the sight of her.

She looked confident with herself. At least, that's the front she was putting on at this moment in time. It radiated her beauty furthermore to the virgin boy. Her curves were noticeable. Not too large like the endless stream of previous 'lovers' his father had taken into his home, yet they were existent. His eyes loosely analysing such a sight before him soon travelled towards Spongebob Squarepants? Darren tried to stifle a laugh but his demeanour and jumpy shoulders already portrayed his amusement at such a sight. Soon, he was in a state of hysterics. Someone he viewed as being as gorgeous as a princess, with the personality of a benevolent goddess, and the one girl he had crushed on for what seemed like forever, was donned in spongebob pants.
"Wow, Princess. If I had known you were wearing your sexy underwear for me I would have come more prepared."
He tried to copy her earlier provocative voice however, due to the certain circumstances, he was laughing his head off while trying to reenact her tone. His laughter continued when she jokingly threatened him. In his own defence, he pointed at her already dressed up in his clothes.
"Hey! It's kinda hard you know when you can just slip into my Ines while I have to try and re-create your divine body shape."

And, as much as he tried to clench his slightly toned stomach to forge a smaller body, he was still struggling. While struggling with Clover's top (his own shirt she had previously worn now balled up messily on the floor below him), he was indeed conscious not to stretch it. It seemed this task would actually take longer than he initially thought. So, while still trying to pull it down without ruining the material, he challenged his best friend to join amongst the chaos.
"Hey, hey, Chris! Truth or dare?!"
His speech was muffled and mimicked someone drowning. Luckily, he was in a much safer environment than in the middle of an ocean.

Electra Lee Lamb
Her eyes had now caught the attention of the stripping pair in front of her. There must have been a spark between them. Their humour, their smiles, their openness, it all seemed as if they would work in harmony. Electra was happy for her best friend but alas, that did not solve the problem of coming up with a realistic excuse for her sudden departure. She was about to return to typing out her long excuse before the familiar presence - Chris' body - graced her by setting himself beside her. Electra would have been lying to him if she said that the kiss meant nothing. In this situation, with everything happening all at once, it meant a hell of a lot to the freckled teenager. But, instead her mind did not focus on that once he asked the all too familiar question. She bit her lip while making eye contact with her 'friend' before trying to whisper her dilemma; she didn't want to affect the fun date taking place between the others.
"I'm fine, thank you. Just have to come up with an excuse that can last long term, you know?"
He probably didn't know. Electra didn't know much about Chris' life at home and she wished she did but, her house was a happy one. Then again, this friendship group was a happy home to her too.

She removed her gaze from his brown eyes to the bright illuminating screen in her hands. Electra typed out a text exclaiming how she had made plans with her friends for a sleepover and would be gone for a couple of days. It may not have been such a long term excuse as she had hoped for but it was the best shot she had. Anti-social behaviour wasn't her thing so she immediately sent it before spell check could do its magic. At that point, she tried not to think about it further. Her parents were carefree about things, but she wasn't. And that was her issue. So, instead of being the party pooper she was almost famous for being, she grinned at Darren's words before turning to Chris.

"I think it's your turn up, handsome."
Electra did not fucking know why she let that last word slip out. It almost caused her to blush but, at least the sudden embarrassment from a slip-up had caused her to forget abou- then her phone vibrated again. Her eyes nervously skinned before she sighed out of relief. Two heart emojis from each parent on the group chat... She was safe. However, Freckles wasn't safe from the pure embarrassment she felt from accidentally using such a complimenting adjective as a name for her previous kissing partner.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Clover Richards
All along Clover's spotlight of undressing, she could feel her audience aka. Darren's eyes burning through every inch of her body. Lucky for Darren, she was resisting the urge to say something like: "Stop being such a virgin" or "Stop staring", but alas, Clover wasn't used to such positive feedback on her body. After all, her bitch of a sister had always called her "fatty", "ugly", "anorexic", "distorted", etc. Though, as a child she had believed what lies those names were, however, in her teenage years she had learned to be confident with who she was. But her mistake was to think old wounds would heal thoroughly, whereas they could only leave nothing but scars. Scars that took years to finally balance amongst the colours of your skin. Nevertheless, it appeared that Darren had yet to notice the scars and for the time being, she'd act her usual, sassy-confident-self. Well, the estranged cackle from Darren shortly demeaned her attitude and her cheeks flushed a humiliated pink colour as if this was just about the most embarrassing position she had ever familiarised with. But despite his laughter, the words that followed reassured her that he was laughing at her pants, not herself.
"Who said they were for you, huh?" Cocking an eyebrow while she pulled her hair from the collar of the shirt, eyes grinning as they watched the boy's struggle to fit into her shirt.
She appreciated that he was careful with not stretching the material out, but honestly, she wouldn't have given two shits if he had ripped the whole shirt. She had many others after all.

Taking his trousers, Clover sighed. These trousers were like double her size, and personally she blamed her height and hips. Balancing on one leg, she pushed her leg within the hole made for a leg. Preferably a long one, not hers. She pushed the other through and pulled up the waistband, it went up till under her chest and would drop occasionally if she didn't tense her stomach up into the classic pregnant look. She would've done just about anything to be provided with a belt. To her surprise, Darren was still attempting to fit on the shirt and that only left Clover wondering what the end result would look like. Would the boy look like a try-hard drag queen or a guy at a bachelor party? Who knew.

Shuffling as close as she was before, the hem of the jeans dragged against the floor stiffly. Her hands took Darren's arms out of the holes, before they guided them down once again, after they pulled the shirt down so he could thrust his head upward. In all truth, she felt as if she was dressing a baby... a very big baby that had outgrown its clothes by 10 sizes.
"Perhaps we should put some peaches up there while we're at it." The girl giggled, patting the boys chest playfully.
In the corner of her eye, she could spot both Electra and Chris beginning to talk until Darren interrupted and Clover being both Electra's bestfriend and wing woman, she was going to give the couple some in need time alone from the aggravating boy.
"D-Darren! Be a dear and... uh, help me find another bra." Just like he did with her, she used this as an excuse to distract the drunken boy, plus a wink passed itself to the two.
And him being the virgin he was she knew he wouldn't be able to resist. Immediately dropping down next to her bag, she unzipped it, and ruffled around through her bras. Taking one out after the other.

Chris Langdon
Peering over Electra's shoulder, so he could see exactly what she was messaging to her parents. Of course, he knew that she had two mothers - everyone in the group knew that and almost the whole town, but the girl didn't speak of them or her family that much. Naturally, none of them did talk about their family within the group as it was often a depressing matter at hand, but at that moment, Chris didn't mind so much talking about them to Electra, or in fact, her own. The boy's hand was pressed against the floor behind Electra's back and one leg was outstretched while the other was firmly turned into an arch. From someone else's perspective they may have been too close together, but in his opinion their distance was nothing compared to their "action" beforehand. He could hear her soft breaths as they were released into the atmosphere and in the least creepy way, he could also hear her heartbeat once she sent the text. Accepting that he, as a matter of fact, didn't know what she meant. Chris pushed his ring back and forth, a known habit he had developed when he silenced himself from telling both a truth and a lie.

"Talking of excuses, I - um, wanted to ask you-!" Having said that, Chris was interrupted by Darren as he included him in the dare.
Rolling his eyes, a strangled noise played itself at the back of the boy's throat. Every single fucking time. Looking up to Darren to give the boy a distinctive death stare, it soon changed once Clover winked to both of them. Now the situation turned for the worse thanks to the embarrassing members of the group.

Not seeing how much worse the situation could get, Chris was pleased that Electra had given him a nickname. A rather flattering one as well.
"You think I'm handsome, Freckles?" His tone turned into a questioning one as his index finger took the underneath of her chin and tilted it his way.
The boy was now in full-mode flirting that would take a prolonged time to cool down unless it was fueled with something else.
"If it's any constellation, I know you're gorgeous."


Be foolish & have fun
Darren John Davidson
"Thank you, Princess."
He thanked Clover as he forced his head through her top. Darren was ever so thankful for her help despite the fact he made himself look like a gigantic muppet. Scarlet shades would have engulfed his entire cheeks but instead he sought comfort in Clover's snarky comment about her own underwear. His best puppy face pout was soon directed towards the girl of his dreams before he spoke:
"Aww, that wasn't really nice. You never know, spongebob could be a real turn on for some."
Jokingly rolling his eyes back in an act of excitement and ecstasy, he giggled in his low tone before looking around for the peaches she spoke of.
"It's a dare. If I'm going to wear your clothes, I've got to have the good breasts too."
Darren had subtly complimented Clover's er, chest area before literally scanning the floor area for the peaches he held earlier. Polaroids, a bitten into apple, a empty bottle and ahah! Two peaches. He grabbed each of the plump pieces of fruit before sticking them in the tight top. Well, at least the tightness held his 'boobs' in place. Darren cared for his masculinity yes, but this was all good fun. And anyways, he thought this would help in impressing his lovely, attractive and funny close friend Clover. God, Darren could indeed be so sappy when thinking about that girl. He had never been hung up about a girl the same way e was about Clover. There was something different about her, something elusive despite her energetic and open exterior. She was interesting, yet desirable. Beautiful, yet new. And god did Darren want to know even more about his close close friend.

The warm mess of such a carefree game soon died for poor Darren once he received a cold glare from Chris. The virgin raised a part of his lip upwards to signify he had no idea why he deserved such a pissed off expression. But, immediately afterwards, he noticed a quick wink from Clover aimed at the pair sitting close to one another. What the fuck? Those three words worked their way all around his brain while travelling at an extremely fast pace. The close proximity the two were in caused the words to further accelerate. In his drunken state, he was about to jokingly call out Chris and Electra's closeness but soon he was distracted by what could possibly be the best distraction possible. Clover's bras. He forced his eyelids to close twice before rubbing at them with his balled up knuckles.
"Is this a dream? Because, that is definitely something I do not mind helping you with."
With his oh so famous wink making it's return, his attention was gone from the pair and back to his crush. It definitely was a brilliant game. Thank you, Clover! It was as if the young man - more like a hopeless boy in this scenario - had won in a Las Vegas casino. His eyes flowed at the idea and he wedged himself tightly beside Clover. There was literally no way he could hide his feelings for Clover now. His closeness to her was comfortable, but definitely implied his deeper feelings.

Slightly reluctant, he looked trough the bras. Darren had learnt how bra sizes from his father and that was most likely the only thing he learnt from that 'strong' family member. Despite being tempted to find out Clover's sizing, he stopped himself. The gentleman instincts kicked in and he carefully picked up a bra and held it far away from him. Yes, it was a very fun time but alas he didn't want to make Clover uncomfortable by being too hands on with her bras. With slight embarrassment beginning to take its toll on Darren, he picked up a random one.
"Erm... What's your favourite colour then?"
For a class clown and a self proclaimed social person, he was shit at the whole handling provocative situations. Bras, the earlier semi-nakedness, the poor lad didn't know where to place his eyes. But, under such rare circumstances, it was the best time he had in awhile. While waiting for Clover's response, he looked in her eyes briefly. He had earlier paid attention to her figure but her eyes were gorgeous. Of course people saw her luscious blue hair but his eyes mesmerised him for a couple of seconds. It seemed rather cliche for Darren but he indeed felt trapped withing her warm and extremely stunning optic organs.

Electra Lee Lamb
Inside her own little mind, Electra was cheering for her best friend Clover rather loudly. Not only was she so confidently capturing Darren's interest but she also acted as what could have been the best ever wing woman imaginable. She would definitely help her out in whatever way she could at a later date, she loved the gorgeous girl to pieces. At that thought and with her cheeks still pink from earlier, Electra's face turned as she shivered from the finger placed under her chin forcing her to gaze back at Chris. The expert charmer had indeed charmed the freckled girl so much so she was forced to look at the side of his jawline instead of maintaining eye contact.
"You are handsome Chris."
He deserved that. From her nervous pat on a forearm from after the kiss, he deserved some truthfulness from the girl. His index finger beneath her chin caused her breathing pattern to alter slightly, her heartbeat picking up a nervous pace.

In an attempt to knock it down and seem somewhat less awe-struck by the stunning male, she tried to hold eye contact once again before taking on a mocking tone. Her smile however, would hopefully indicate she was joking, and this was Chris anyways. He knew how to read people and she was certain he could read her. It may have been far from the truth, but that's what her brain thought. In a low murmur, she spoke to him again, adding more emphasis on the verb 'know' like Chris had done beforehand:
"But do you actually know, Chris, my name isn't Freckles? It cannot be a name, for it's this."
She motioned towards her face, joking at her noticeable facial feature. Despite hating it and the nickname, when he said it, it made her genuinely like them. That would not be admitted then though.

The rain outside comforted her as she briefly took her eyes away from his perfectly structured face. It was a good night to leave their boring town and to Electra, it was a good night to find more confidence within herself. After a couple of seconds she turned back to him. Freckles definitely stood by her earlier statement. He was fucking handsome. His charm was undeniably working on her but she refused to open up fully. She needed a little more time before that deep connection. Commitment didn't scare her at all, if anything, it excited her. It made her feel stable. But, she wasn't sure how Chris felt about it. Hell, she didn't even know how he thought of the earlier kiss. He said it was amazing, well his part anyways, but, was that the truth? Electra didn't know but she didn't stop looking at Chris with her puzzled expression.
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d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
To his pleasure, Electra had displayed her feelings towards his attractiveness without any false advertisement. Which was a milestone for the two, especially for Electra as she didn't seem to let her actual emotions flow out into the open universe - not that this exactly repulsed the boy away from her but for all he knew, she could be saying one thing, but thinking another. And that type of uncertainty made his stomach churn. Dramatically. And all the power he had around Electra was to listen and attempt to figure out what specifically she meant as she was one complex human being. Biting down on his bottom lip while the girl before him lowered her voice, a crease shortly developed between his brows. Of course, it was obvious that the Freckles thing was a joke, right? Well, in all honesty he hadn't necessarily been paying attention to her words, more the tone she was using. Unexpectedly, it had sent shivers to ripple down his spine and a flourish of retorts began to form inside his labyrinth of a brain. Instead, he came to a simple alternative which would give the girl the perspective that he did what he thought was right - even if it was somehow wrong or inaccurate.
"Well, that's your problem, babe. If anything you should blame God for gracing you with kisses from the sun." With the same lowered volume Electra had used from before, Chris let a gentle smirk push onto his lips.

Before removing his finger with reluctance, the brown-eyed boy tapped twice on the surface of the pale girl's chin and let it rest onto his thigh. He took his last gaze of admiration to the beaut, then shook his head carelessly as if there was someone tugging at his hair. He held the same finger that caressed her chin back up between their remaining distance. Along with that, his sides of his eyes creased once he spoke again.
"You're a mind-fuck. You know that, right?" He questioned, indicating that he had yet to figure her out yet.
Her face was perfectly illuminated by the streetlights surrounding them, and alike on the road where you could see every immaculate detail of her face or in fact, contours of her cheek bones. Darren thought that he had the most beautiful girl in the world under his wing, when really she was sitting there puzzled and curious.
"What?" Asked Chris, not meaning to be rude but the frazzled look Electra was pulling made him want to know the reason.

Clover Richards

"Shut up." The girl shushed at both of the somewhat compliments Darren had shared out loud.
As much as it delighted her to see the boy enjoying himself, he sure as hell was a loudmouth drunk, yet that didn't excuse Clover from laughing while he searched for the two peaches. Hopefully this was an ingenious distraction to divert Darren and his loudmouth-self away from the troubled couple of the group. Plus, she knew no guy could resist the infamous "power of the bras". Even if she had to go through the rather self-conscious subject of sorting through the pieces of underwear, there was definitely some sensed resistance once Darren had started to pick at her bras. From her experience of her sister's many boyfriends, this behaviour from a guy Darren's age was... unusual. Of course she didn't want some perverted guy rummaging around in her bag - just that by Darren respecting her space, she respected him even more from before and this was a very mature thing for someone like Darren to do. Especially considering his state. Tilting her head to the side slightly as the boy asked for her favourite colour, automatically she gestured to her hair. When it came to Clover, all things had their reasons whereas all reasons had their things, and in this case, her hair had its reasons. Her favourite colour was blue ever since she was a child, after all, her parents were expecting a boy so growing to love the colour was easier said than done.

"As much as I'd like to lend you one, It looks like you've got all the support you need already." Clover chuckled, searching further until she felt the distinctive gaze from Darren.
"It's rude to stare.." She smirked, giving him a careful tap on the nose.


Be foolish & have fun
Electra Lee Lamb
At the sight of the boy shaking his head, Electra tilted her head slightly before turning her whole body to look at him. A mindfuck? She knew what it meant but, really? His earlier comment had made her chuckle lightly and roll her eyes at the mention of the word "babe" but, a mindfuck? The freckled girl had come on this trip to be more open with the others and she couldn't help but take slight offence from Chris' words. To signify her flustered and slightly irritated sudden persona, she looked away and bit her lip hard. Never had she ever lashed out in the last year. It wasn't even that big of a deal as well but, biting her lip always stopped a potential future fuck up. Her gaze was averted from the handsome and truthful Chris before she heard him address her again. Apparently her questionable look from earlier had been recognised.
"You're a good kisser, Chris Langdon."
It was truthful but, there was definitely an extended edge to her voice. Being called a mindfuck would have been a positive thing to her if it were not for the current situation. She wished people could just read her head instead of her having to act like some prude introvert. She looked at him again briefly shills awaiting his reaction. Her habit had returned and her front right tooth went back to biting her lower lip to prevent her from further worsening her odd approach of talking to a boy she liked. With her arms now crossed, she muttered slightly to herself as she caused her lip to bleed slightly. It wasn't so much the small sting that annoyed her, more the fact it wouldn't look pleasing for a day or two.

Darren John Davidson
What. A. Fucking. Idiot. Darren had never achieved predicted grades in his classes, nor was he ever deemed the smartest kid in school, but this genuinely summed up his whole entire academic life...
"Ah... I should have fucking guessed that one."
The drinking had caused him to burn with colour. It hadn't all been from the drink, a solid eighty percent had come from the embarrassment of not assuming Clover's favourite colour was blue. He took a quick glance towards the others in dire need of a supporting look but instead saw a complex scene. Where they happy or irriatated? Darren didn't know, and his interest was lost after three seconds of staring. Clover's words soon after made him further embarrassed and suitably made Darren throw his hands over his newly shut eye lids before replying to the beautiful girl:
"I have no idea where you want me to look though!"
His forced high pitch voice made him wince before he chuckled at his own comment in his dark abyss. Why were they looking at bras in the first place though? The darkness had made Darren think about the scenario, therefore forcing him to part his hands away and look back directly at Clover.
"I'm not complaining at all, I mean, this is a great opportunity for anyone but why do you need to pick out a bra?"
Darren prayed to himself it was because Clover wanted to impress him. Hell, his attempt at impressing her was pretty shit but she worked wonders at impressing the virgin lad. His eyes were much more calm now although they continued to remain on his ultimate goal: Clover.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
He sensed a sudden uneasiness to the girls aroma as she looked away from him. Had he said something wrong? Surely she hadn't been insulted by him labeling her as a "mindfuck". He took the term very lightly with Electra and didn't know he'd offend her - which he'd never do purposely. But Chris being the straightforward guy he was, he had yet to learn when and when not it was a good time to say stuff like that. Though as I said before, Chris wasn't about to sugar-coat nor justify what he had said no matter the cause or damage. His brows arched as it was his turn to look quizzically to the girl now. How in God's name was he supposed to tell the difference between her acting happy and being sad? Was there some signal, action - habit even that could reveal itself to him? Just something simple so Chris wouldn't be able to screw up as badly as Tony had with Michelle (I'm sorry, I love making references haha)? There was something ever so honest within Electra's eyes, and when he had looked back down to her it was a shame her tone couldn't match her eyes.
"You're an amazing kisser, Electra Lee Lamb." A crooked smile was at rest upon his lips.
However, a frown soon appeared before he took his finger tapped her mouth in a subtle manner as if they were being touched by a single feather.
"Don't bite your lip. The taste of blood won't be that appetising." He said pretending to be irritated, yet giving the slightest hint that he may be as fortunate as to taste those lips one day.

Clover Richards
As much as Clover wanted to answer Darren's question, in actuality, she couldn't. If she were to say she wanted to impress him, what did she have to impress him with? A load of shitty C cups? Really? The girl could do more. After all, she appreciated how far Darren would go to impress her and it would only be fair to return what humor she had received.
"I-uh... when life hands you lemons, you take them. Pick one." She gestured to the case whilst her head was tilted in the same direction.
This was somewhat apart of her plan, and Darren would certainly be surprised of what was to come. Shrugging her shoulders while she waited for his choice to come, Clover took a glance to the couple. She was curious to know what was going on. Chris was tapping Electra's lip so that must've been a good sign right? I mean, come on, the two most unpredictable members of the group were having a "thing"? Where would that lead to?


Be foolish & have fun
Electra Lee Lamb
The once slightly irritated and introverted girl seemed to perk up once again at Chris' statement. He knew how to talk to girls. Yet, Electra had hoped it wasn't the same as the charm he had bestowed upon past 'lucky winners'. She had hoped there was less rehearsal behind his smooth and calm nature towards her, maybe even a sense of realism within it? Well, the freckled girl could only help. His touch against her lips once again managed to cause her to briefly lose her mysterious exterior and instead display her comfort with the boy's closeness.
"It's a habit. Bad habits are hard to break."
And it was. Since very young, the curious Electra would bite her lips; usually until they bled. It wasn't her form of self harm at all. In all honesty, it was just a bad habit that she had yet to rid herself of. At the thought of lips, her mouth opened wide to yawn. Her hand was raised to cover her mouth before she looked back at the other members of the group. Electra hoped and prayed for there to be some succession in the blooming relationship between Clover and Dylan. However, she soon turned her attention back to her handsome friend, Chris.
"Do you have the time then, handsome? I'm really tired."
The nickname did indeed fit him perfectly. And, who didn't deserve their ego to be risen every so often? But, of course the girl was embarrassed by her lack of ability to pull an all nighter. She guiltily took her balled fists and rubbed her eyes. Her old mascara had smudged slightly, causing her to constantly run her fingers under her eyes. It proved a successful action as the black smudges were removed from her face and instead newly situated on the tips of her fingers.

Darren John Davidson
"But these aren't lemons. These are fucking bras."
Yes, Darren knew how bra cups worked thanks to his dad's old and 'wonderful' father-to-son talk. But, he still refused to bypass Clover's privacy and peek at within the sewn labels. It wasn't as if the boy was in a state of panic as his mind was only fixated on the choices set before him. Blue. That's all he wanted to go for. His eyes gazed almost reluctantly at the obviously pleasant sight. Finally, after what had seemed like ten whole months in Darren's chaotic mind, he grabbed it before holding it out with an extended arm to Clover. Her gaze was elsewhere though, and he followed it to the couple. So much for Chris being his wingman... But, Darren didn't mind. If Chris was happy chirpsing with the freckled girl, then Darren was extremely happy being practically left alone with (in his eyes) the beauty and gem of the group - Clover. The class clown decided to vocalise his choice of bras to his blue haired and brown eyed pretty friend:
"Well, you like blue so I'm hoping this'll do. I'm sure you'll er- look kinda- you'll look great, Clover."
In a bra? Only great? Whoopity-fucking-doo, Darren had embarrassed himself once a-fucking-gain in front of his crush. His clumsiness, his lack of being able to word as well as he usually could, it was all down to her. It wasn't so much as a negative thing alas, it made the boy nervous slightly. Nerves were new to Darren and he had hoped that if the relationship growing did pursue onwards then both her and him would be afraid of nothing. The thought of him and Clover made him smirk slightly. This trip would be amazing.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
He nodded his head in agreement to Electra's reference of bad habits. After all, Chris would often find himself repeating certain habits unconsciously, like rolling his ring over his finger again and again. He'd usually do this when in deep thought or anxious, however, he would never label it as a "bad habit", if anything it was neutral and unharmful to his body. Although, Electra was right, it was hard to break these actions no matter how bad it might've been. But still, it would be a shame for the girl to ruin those wonderous lips of hers. Adjusting his position slightly by straightening both of his legs forward, the unexpected itch to release a yawn over took him and as a simple manner he covered his mouth with the palm of his hand. Turning his head to just see the end of Electra's yawn end, he smirked lightly. It was an old-wives tale that looking at someone yawn would become contagious, and sure as anything, he understood that now.
"You're already tired of me?! I am offended, Freckles." Falsely clutching his chest to where you would behold his heart, Chris let out an over-dramatic cry.
"Now even if I did have the time, why exactly would I tell you? For all I know you might fall asleep on me."

Clover Richards
Shaking her head with a small smile at Darren's contradiction for her analogy, Clover spoke once again,
"Use your fucking imagination then." She said simply before twirling a peice of her blue hair around both her index and thumb finger as she watched the boy searching through her under garments.
Oh, what embarrassment this would be worth and all she had to honestly do was sit aside, watch and instruct. Indeed, she was very much looking forward to the remainder of the rather early morning. At that moment, Clover raised an eyebrow as Darren offered forward a bra of his selection.
"Oh, but on the contrary, my Prince. You'll be the one looking great in this." Sure, her jaw did tighten at the mention of her looking...
"great" - not that she was begging for the praise of the boy, but great? Really? That's like saying Angelina's cheekbones are ok, or that Channing's body was average. Now, I'm not saying that Clover would look smoking hot in a bra, just that she expected more so to say. Pushing the bra back into Darren's hands, she flashed him a white grin of deviousness.
"Wear it on top of my shirt, that way it'll look sexier..." said the girl, giggling slightly whilst she informed the boy of the change in plans.


Be foolish & have fun
Electra Lee Lamb
"How could I ever fall asleep in your wonderful company? Oh and, I don't know, maybe because I'm one of your best friends and just really want to know the time?"
She mocked Chris with a joking tone in response to his overly exaggerated whining. The statement did have some truthfulness to it. The first part anyways. At that moment, she slapped her palm against her forehead and groaned out of embarrassment. Her phone.
"Actually, I'm being an idiot sorry."
Electra laughed at her own mistake before pulling out her portable electrical device. The screen was already illuminated with a new message though, which made her wince and grin at the same time. One of her mothers, Serena, had sent her a short message consisting of emojis. Electra had no problem deciding the cryptic language to meaning: I don't have a clue what you're doing, but have fun. Her parents were too carefree for Electra's liking usually but, in this instance, it was an advantage. Freckles put away her phone before smiling up at Chris and speaking again.
"Definitely not falling asleep. Although, I feel bad that I am missing my bed time. But, alas, as you stated, I mustn't fall asleep on you. So, what shall we do to stay awake?"
Hopefully tonight the girl would get over her tight-ass conservative thoughts on being a reckless teen and actually enjoy the scenario she had put herself in. Her best friend was flirting with someone who clearly adored her, and Electra was enjoying the company of Chris. It was certainly blissful for once as she awaited the eighteen year old's response.

Darren John Davidson
The adjective "great" ringed through his brain, alerting sirens and signalling a panic mode within his already rather hectic head. It didn't seem like Clover really noticed though? That wasn't the point in Darren's mind though. He had royally fucked up his one chance of a genuine and sincere compliment. Hey ho, there would be a next time... Right? Hopefully right. Darren began to rub the back of his neck out of awkwardness before acknowledging what Clover was asking of him. That's what he got for being so darn shit at talking to females. If only his mother could see him now... Too bad she was off on some exotic island with some new hunk of a man which Darren hoped would never become his "step-daddy". The thought made him cringe, yet the scenario caused him to make a joke out of himself. That's what he did best: jokes. He quickly pressed the bra against him before turning his back to Clover and giving her a cheeky side smirk as his neck ached from the way he was twisting it.
"Wouldn't mind helping though, would you, princess? Unless, you're too chicken and want to take a long time with my dare to ignore the inevitable."
The inevitable was either her truth or dare. What would she decide? Darren had no idea. As he waited for the bra to be clipped together at the back by his partner in crime, he gave a drunken thumbs up to the two other members of the party. Darren must have been such a wonderful, exotic and sexy look for two of them. The wait gave him some pondering time on what he could ask Clover if she chose truth... And, better still, what dates she could complete if that's what she so happened to choose. Either way, Darren wanted to play a part in whatever decision was made. The young male hadn't joined this game to just put on a bra, he came to actually play the game. And god did he love this game.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
Pursing his lips before giving a shrug of his shoulders to the fact that, sure, him and Electra were best friends (which he hoped to change soon) and what she was asking was relatively simple, Chris was a stubborn soul. Now, it wasn't until she had brought out her device that he began to feel slightly unneeded.... or maybe it was the feeling of being replaced. It was his masculine instinct to make the gorgeous girl struggle before helping her out. Well, technically he hadn't been that useful to begin with, but he was that kind of guy who appreciated the attention of others. Though, he wasn't at all like Darren whom loved everyone's attention, whereas he liked the one person's - so you wouldn't exactly call him needy in any case.
"No need to say sorry, Freckles." Chris smiled gently to the girl, his eyes squinting slightly as the glow of a phone screen illuminated the van's inside.
Peering over the girl's shoulder, he also checked for the time and was halted by a message from one of her parents. The message was in the unknown language of the emojis, so to Chris' surprise he has a trouble figuring out what she could possibly mean. He sat back as soon as she had flicked the screen off, plus he scratched his scalp as he pondered for what they could possibly do next in the midst of their journey.
"How about we continue this game of dares inside?" He suggested, a knowledgeable smirk upon his lips as he gestured to the massive building before them. The entrance to people, cafes and most importantly, a toilet.

Clover Richards
All her thoughts had been paused for a lasting second as Darren had turn his back to her and asked for her assistance, however, the wondering feeling that she could tighten the bra to another level and make Darren assume that it was normal, would be a small, yet funny prank. Nonetheless, she didn't take action and shortly found herself clipping the metal into place. Her finger pushed underneath the strap to which was over his shoulder and pulled back a little of the material before letting go.
"Fits you better than it fits me." Clover giggles helplessly before going back to her bag and sorting the bras back into their messy position.
Her mind sparked with deviousness while she had overheard Chris' suggestion to take the dares elsewhere. Perfect. That was exactly what she had been thinking, plus public humiliation was a funny aspect to a sobered thing like her. Darren was wearing her clothes whilst she was wearing his - admittedly, this was the most comfort she had found in clothing in a while - so these strangers won't know what hit them. Joyous over the idea, Clover shut her bag closed and took Darren's hand before leading him towards the exit. Sure, it was raining, but the rain made it that much intense. Pulling the door open, She stepped out to be engulfed by masses of rain. A shiver rippled down her spine to the coldness, although her current clothing kept her warm and buzzing.
"C'mon, bitches!"
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Be foolish & have fun
Darren John Davidson
The happiness the boy initially felt on the trip (and the euphoria from the kiss that now felt as if it happened centuries ago), had vanished instantly. The dare seemed great at first and Darren never backed down from one... But this? Going out in girl's clothing? His masculinity really had diminished before his eyes. The young man was returning to the boring state, which is more commonly known as being sober, and he wasn't too thrilled at the aspect of displaying such a feminine fashion statement to the public... As much as Darren adored his beautiful blue-haired 'friend', this idea didn't appeal to him. At this point in time, it caused him to examine the situation for a moment. Darren's extremely light eyes almost seemed timid as he appropriately watched everybody's reactions to the suggestion. If it wasn't for his fingers interlocked with Clover's then he probably wouldn't have entered the scary outdoors. The rain seemed as if it was pathetic fallacy for the poor sod... Of course Darren would have no clue what that terminology meant though. A failure to the English class couldn't tell the difference between the three their/they're/theres let alone understanding what pathetic fallacy was! That was all besides the point though. Darren took one deep breath, cursed Chris' damn stupid idea of taking the dares elsewhere inside his head, and then gave Clover's hand a squeeze. To be honest, the rain and the public humiliation he would soon have to face didn't feel all that bad while he latched on to Clover's palm.
"Remind me to never hang out with you again."
Darren smirked at his comment before feeling the rain pound against him before dripping on to the ground beneath him. His comment was far from the truth. He fucking loved to hang out with these weirdos... Even if his crush was going to make him do something embarrassing. Instead of holding her hand, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders before following behind Clover closely.
"I'm not letting go because if I do more people will see my feminine side."
What a pathetic excuse of a lie. He should of just told her he wanted to be close to her. Well, at least Darren was concealing the outfit while meanwhile sharing body heat between them to combat the cold.

Electra Lee Lamb
Plucking a loose strand of her hair from her face, she winced slightly at Chris' comment before seeing an overly-enthusiastic Clover lead an unusually less enthusiastic Darren (first time for everything I guess!). Her concern lay with the rain now. Yes, they were right by the stop and the warmth but didn't they all want an umbrella. She was sure she had one.
"One sec, guys..."
And with that, the freckled girl swayed slightly as she scanned for her bag again. Upon spotting it, she rummaged through the half-eaten fruit before sighing. No umbrella. She rubbed her upper arms with her hands due to the cold air entering through the open door were Darren and Clover stood hand-in-hand. With the lack of warmth, she decided to put her school jumper on again and walked outside too. Electra liked the rain, she liked the poetic connotations associated with it too... But god this was relentless. It wasn't so much the cold anymore just the raindrops landing all over her face, as if they were aiming for her vast quantity of freckles. Clover looked happy and excited, this therefore led to Electra relaxing a little. As much as she enjoyed the boys company Clover's confidence at times like these made her forget about all the reckless shit they could get into. She dared not look at Darren though, for she feared his embarrassment would lead to her own. So, instead, Electra waited to close the door after Chris' exit.
"C'mon dude! You're missing the gorgeous weather!"
She bopped up and down slightly, thankful for the warmth from the jumper she decided to don before exiting the campervan.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
Watching soundly as his friends hurriedly escaped into the abyss of the rain, he frowned once Electra couldn't seem to find an umbrella. They would be strolling around inside looking like dripping tossers who just climbed out of a swimming pool... And honestly, Chris could only think of that moment as only the beginning of the group's shenanigans, but in a way, this somehow excited the boy. By Electra's tone, he could tell that in all matters of actuality, the weather wasn't really "gorgeous", nor dreadful. If anything it was perfect for the setting. Really the setting was just alike them, in the middle, y'know... indecisive of where to go or who to be. In a state of alertness, Chris heard Electra's shout and on cue, he climbed out from the van. The only thing he had really on his body was his jumper and jeans, plus his fairly new Vans. Folding his arms at the pounds of rain that poured over every revealed part of his body, he shivered while stifling a shriek. He flashed Electra a small, sarcastic smile to indicate that this, as a matter of factually wasn't "gorgeous" weather.
"Fucking gorgeous." He winked to Freckles, waiting a bit behind for her so she could join him in a stroll.
Last minute, Chris remembered a coat he had bought with him, and unexpectedly, he jumped back into the van and searched for his backpack frantically. Noticing it by the floor of the driver's seat, he opened the bag to pull out his much needed coat of protection against the natural forces of Mother Nature. He hopped back out, about to put the object of clothing on, although, amidst his view, he could see that Electra wasn't wearing all that much. Chewing on his bottom lip, Chris held his hand out to the girl, offering the gateway to warmness and sanctuary.
"Take it," He urged perhaps too forcefully, not wanting the girl to catch a cold that he knew he could have prevented.

Clover Richards
"Aw, we love to hang out with you too!" The girl replied back, knowing all too well that she wasn't one for sympathising all together.
At first she was dragging Darren out from the van, but before she knew it, he had his arm around her shoulder. She was grateful for the body heat he had delivered to her and also the strange comfort of him beside her, but of course, she was further grateful for the closeness they shared together. Though, his comment beforehand about the means for this act seemed only to benefit him - which she could understand as what guy on this damn Earth would like to be seen in public wearing women's clothes? Well, unless you identified as transgender, but that wasn't the point. Well, not for Clover that was, however, she decided to relive her brain and continue to work toward the station, the hem of Darren's jeans dragging slightly along the relatively puddled ground.
"What's wrong with showing your feminine side?" Clover asked, cocking an eyebrow.
"Maybe girls like guys who show that side of them... Maybe they find that attractive." Empthasising that single word "attractive", Clover was teasing the boy.
Well, she hoped he knew she was joking as she was often told that she was too convincing for her own well-being.


Be foolish & have fun
Electra Lee Lamb
While listening to Chris' response to her earlier sarcasm and then witnessing his sudden speedy jump back into the van, she was left with a puzzled expression. The rain altered her view as it began to cause her mascara to clump with the droplets nestled amongst her eyelashes. Taking a slow, deliberate blink, she was surprised to see the sight in front of her. An offering? A piece of clothing? It was a rather forceful action of bestowing a temporary gift upon her, Electra gladly accepted though.
"You're a saint. Thank you, Chris."
She immediately took it out of his hands and donned the coat. Usually the girl would deny a n y type of clothing from anyone; the fear of it not fitting her was quite possibly one of the most mortifying scenarios she could create in her complex mind. Electra wrapped herself in it before she began to follow the two friends that had nearly arrived at the their chosen destination. Soon enough though, she turned her neck to adjust her forward view back on her slight crush. She then tilted her head, looked at his lips, then made eye contact with him. Electra decided to point out something she had previously noticed before he had given her the token of warmth:
"Oh and Chris? Don't bite your lip. The taste of blood isn't that appetising."
The corner of her right lip slowly rised upwards to form a smirk as she jokingly mocked his earlier comment to her from when they were inside the mystery van knock off.

Darren John Davidson
He was happy for the closeness (both metaphorically and physically) that he currently had with Clover. In all honesty, he wasn't too bothered with the feminine outfit, nor too upset by the amount of people that witness his rather odd current appearance. If his father saw him now, Darren was sure he'd receive a slap. Hey ho, Darren left that fuck for a reason. The thought of husband disgust fuelled him to smirk and reply to Clover's cleverly asked question:
"Nothings wrong with it. In fact, Princess, I think we should share clothes more often. If anything, I look way better in this top than you sister."
His added sass recieved what seemed like a grunt of disapproving laughter from an eavesdropping Freckles. Darren didn't mean it in a rude way, Clover would know that... Right? She must have known how much the boy adored her though and to further exaggerate the fact his last comment was a joke, he decided to listen in to her next statement. It wasn't an accident that the beautiful teen added emphasis on the word attractive and as much as Darren hated to admit it, it seemed to work. Even if he had figured out her "plan" of sorts, he was still enchanted by her. Taking one deep breath in the pounding rain, he released his breath relieving his lungs.
"Maybe there aren't many girls that I like?"
He raised his own eyebrow from behind her, his arm still wrapped around her shoulder. Soon, a redness began to form on his cheeks and he casually flicked his head upwards before changing the topic once again.
"Aha! We are finally here... Oh you can keep the shirt by the way."
Yes, it was rather baggy on the girl but Darren felt a sense of pride in giving Clover one of his infamous plain old t-shirts.

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