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Runaway Road Trip ~ d a n g e r & perksofbeingacactus

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon

The digits of the boy's hand raked through his jet black curls as he watched Electra join them in the war they were quite frankly losing. He frowned once Darren mentioned bailing, and despite the tempting offer, Chris wasn't one for giving up so soon into a plan, plus this was their signature van. Like how Scooby Doo had the mystery machine or James Bond had his own Aston Martin. Truth be told, that was the reason why he had chosen a campervan; from what he knew, no one had used it before... until now.

"We're not... This fucking van could weigh as much as The Empire Building and I wouldn't give up." Ranting with groans in between every two words, the boy soon started to feel the van roll as his pretty freckled friend accompanied them. 

Chris rolled his eyes at the slight bickering going on with the other two. If Darren wanted to impress girls by being a dick, he was fine with that, though he wasn't entirely sure is Clover would appreciate him taking the mick of her bestfriend. Oh well, that was Darren and his twisted personality.

By all means, he didn't mind joking around with Electra, on the other hand, they needed to keep this thing moving at the same steady pace, so the boy decided to do the unthinkable. Encourage Electra. Now even Darren knew that his friend never positively encouraged people and preferred to just get the job done. Lets just say this was a whole new level for Chris.

"Give her a break, Darren... Thanks for the help, Electra. This thing's actually moving now and you're doing well." Boom, a whole different person in all but second. What was happening? Possibly the campervan could be releasing fumes that toyed with your natural state. Although, surely that would make Darren start to kiss the ground or something. Besides the point, he had said something entirely out of character - which would definitely become a problem.

In a instance, he glanced at Electra to see her reaction but after, his eyes dropped to the ground, meanwhile his cheeks turned dark red shade.

Clover Richard

Just then, the van began to move smoothly on and shockingly, it was pretty easy to move, perhaps because of the slow pace. Nevertheless, it seemed like Darren disagreed with her ability and all Clover could really do was shout back, 

"I'm trying okay!" Of course, it was extremely difficult to detect the genuinity behind his sarcastic, unsatisfied tone so the girl was just going to take it. She knew she wasn't doing a particularly amazing job but for a close friend like Darren to comment made her even more self-conscious than before.

Thanks to this, she put all the effect she had to turn on a sharp corner and found that after all, the station was a couple of measly meters from them.


Be foolish & have fun
  1. Electra Lee Lamb

Her and Darren never had been super best pals. Instead, they acted as if they were siblings... Siblings with lots and lots of differences. Despite all of the past arguments and digs they threw at each other, they still considered each other very close friends. All of the group were close to one another in their different ways and originally connected few mutual friendships. The freckled girl huffed as she tried to continue to help the two lads beside her with the task of pushing the large vehicle. She remained extremely concentrated until Chris spoke aloud to both Darren and her.


Electra's cold blue eyes widened in a state of shock. The statement that had come out of Chris's mouth was indeed praise and encouragement. Turning her neck slightly, she smirked before composing herself and shaking her head before continuing with the task. Instead of adding attention to Chris's strange change of character, she focused on the fact he had indeed used her name and not the common nickname she grew rather used to.

"Thanks, Chris, I'm glad you finally learnt my name."


Electra was thankful that the group and the campervan were practically at there destination. As clichè as it sounded, it was down to their teamwork and detirmination that managed to get the group to the petrol station.

"Once we get there, I'm happy to pay for it by the way."

Electra wanted to pay. She had saved up money for the trip to help with essentials and, due to the sudden breakdown, petrol now seemed like a huge essential. It was also her way of thanking them all for not freaking out. 


Darren John Davidson

In the same state of awe and shock Electra had been in, he looked at Chris before voicing his apology. He didn't only have to apologise to them, but he had to apologise to Clover too. She was actually doing a great job, everybody was doing great in fact. The young man kept on pushing as hard as he could while secretly wishing he had previously focused on developing stronger muscles. It was too late for regret now. Darren rarely felt regret but with his mind still focused on his previous tone he had to apologise otherwise he wouldn't be devoted into heaving the campervan forwards. He decided to yell as to make sure Clover inside of the van would be able to hear the words too.

"Sorry guys. It's just kinda stressy when your old English teacher is a wicked bat and forgets to fill up her campervan. Love ya all!"


Darren added in the last part for good measures and to make sure all of the spirits were still high- well, as high as they could be when they all have to look after a broken down piece of junk (Darren would never admit he actually found the van aesthetically pleasing). They were so close now. This drove Darren to push the campervan even more before cursing at it as if it was the actual English teacher herself.  When Clover managed the sharp corner, Darren was silently impressed. He couldn't drive. Well, he could but not legally. So, nearly everything to do with driving was impressive to him. What stood out though was the actual fact she managed to execute it well when faced with the fucking dilemma of a fucked up campervan.


After the torturous last few pushes, they had finally made it. It hasn't been that far but the thing was so heavy it had led to Darren becoming sweaty. Heaving out an exaggerated groan, he looked at his shirt before debating whether he should change. Before that though, he wanted to congratulate everyone.

"Well-fucking-done everybody! If Miss could see us now, hah."

It was an odd way of congratulating his friends but, that was Darren. 
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d a n g e r

High as the Beach

Chris Langdon

Once the turquoise van was securely in place next to a fuel pump, Chris sat down on a small ledge at the back of the van which was probably used for stepping on, but he thought differently of course. He chuckled at Darren's enthusiasm before looking at Electra while she spoke about paying. In no way was going to let anyone, especially Electra pay, after all, it was his fault for them retrieving the quarter filled van in the first place. At that thought, Chris stood up from his position and shoved his hands into his jean pockets as if what he was about to say was merely nothing. 

"Nah, I can pay..." His hand gestured toward the being of the van, "I mean, all this is my fault anyway."

"Someone fill the thing with petrol, please."


Not bothering to wait for Electra's response, The boy made his way to the main pay point of the station. Inside, it was cold from the open fridges to which concealed numerous bottles and drinks. He made his way to the register, money in hand.

"The jacked up van next to those jacked up kids... Yeah, that's mine."

His grandfather had always told him the most gentlemen thing he did was pay for the bill - and sure, this wouldn't exactly be what he implied, but there was some sort of paying involved so he was fine with that. As the cashier cashed out the remaining amount of money, Chris couldn't help but look back to the van. Those guys were his closest friends, plus were the closest thing to family for him. 


A drop of cold change and a note plopped into his hand before he shoved it deeper into the wallet within his trousers and began to make his way outside to their van. 

"You guys ready?" He asked, cocked up brow and a lopsided grin.


Clover Richards

Clover stayed inside the vehicle as soon as they made a stop and she needn't steer for any longer. Darren's apology did make her feel a tad bit better, although she didn't know entirely what that accounted for. Along with his congratulations, Clover shouted a comment from the front whilst her bare face was covered by her hands. 

"... If Miss saw us now... She would be shitting herself." The girl groaned. This experience was nerve-racking already, plus she steered a van. She hadn't even started her driving test yet.


Inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling. Clover hadn't realised that for all that time, she had stopped breathing and now she found difficult to breath regardless, however, after a couple of thoughtful breaths, Clover had gathered everything. 


Be foolish & have fun

Electra Lee Lamb

The girl was, despite the previous stealing of a vehicle and forced entry, ecstatic. Unlike the others she had no divine reason to leave their shit hole of a town except boredom. She would make sure to text her mums she was okay, and not to worry; Electra would make an excuse like a sudden holiday or something like that. Having a supportive mother one and mother two, she really did not worry about what her family. They would be fine and so would Electra... As long as she wouldn't have to use the crowbar anymore. Upon hearing Chris deny her the 'privilege' of paying for the petro, she was going to answer back but he had left quickly. She huffed before shaking her head with a smile. Now Electra addressed Darren.

"You get inside, Darren. Make sure Clover's okay. I'll do the pump-thing."

Electra had seen it be done before so she guessed it wouldn't be too hard to manage. She was slightly odd too, for she loved the smell of petrol. People seemed to either love it or hate it really; she was definitely the first one. In the dark, she connected it to the campervan before watching the price raise. Once full, she smiled again before carefully retrieving the pump from the vehicle and putting it back into its stand. Hardly anyone else was around, only a few lone cars and lone people.

Electra had seen it be done before so she guessed it wouldn't be too hard to manage. She was slightly odd too, for she loved the smell of petrol. People seemed to either love it or hate it really; she was definitely the first one. In the dark, she connected it to the campervan before watching the price raise. Once full, she smiled again before carefully retrieving the pump from the vehicle and putting it back into its stand. Hardly anyone else was around, only a few lone cars and lone people. Her mind wondered to the topic of sonder before she saw Chris exit after paying and responded to his happier tone.

"Of course."


She entered, passing Clover and Darren with a grin spreading her lips. She took a strand of loose hair, tucked it behind her ear, let out a sigh of relief, and retrieved her camera. After such a success, they deserved a photo. That's why she had brought the camera anyway: to make sure some of the good memories wouldn't be forgotten. She didn't care how clichè that sounded, she just wanted to keep hold of a physical copy of such a fun time they were about to have (and are having)!

"Hey guys, all group together by the wheel. I don't care if you hate photos just do it."

This time Electra did want to be assertive. She loved her friends to pieces and, yet another cliché line coming up, she wanted them all to see their youthful beauty in a polaroid.


Darren John Davidson

The teenage boy nearly pulled in Chris for an embrace after hearing his words explaining how it was his fault.

"Alas, my friend, if it was not for you and the crowbar you brought then we would have been walking."

Giving his signature, playful wink, he watched Chris walk off before turning to Electra. Once again, he listened to her before peering into the campervan and spotting his blue haired close friend. Darren gave Electra a nod before jogging over to the entrance of the campervan. He entered, rather ungracefully but that didn't matter, and spotted Clover's focused breathing.

Darren had- for once in his life full of jokes, sarcasm and dark humour- decided that, he would take a new approach. Instead, he would act calm.


It looked like Clover was in control of her breathing and had calmed down but he still wanted to help his beautiful friend. Kneeling down beside her, he stared out of the window watching Chris pay for the petrol that had been inserted into the car by Freckles,

"Clover, you did pretty awesome. If you need a drink or some water I'm sure someone must have some."

Darren was on the verge of smacking himself. How could he have forgotten to bring essentials? Instead, he had a messy heap of random crap cramped inside his shoulder bag. He gritted his teeth, displaying his pure aggression towards himself before waiting for Clover's reaction to his last few words. In this moment of waiting, he took a moment to appreciate his friends. Clover understood his humour the most, was rather witty and sweet, and was beautiful. He would not admit that last part to anyone though. Well, maybe he would, but definitely not now. Chris was, what he thought as, his partner in crime. His taller friend always managed to make him smirk and kept him in check if Darren was seeking too much attention. And finally, Electra? She was cool, he considered them long lost fighting siblings.


At that thought, he saw Chris return from paying and Electra enter the campervan. He stopped kneeling forwards and turned around clockwise before listening to Electra. Being a fan of the camera, he was up for a photo, he just hoped Clover and Chris were too. He held his arms out for the two of his friends to come close and pose for what would hopefully be a decent shot.



d a n g e r

High as the Beach

Chris Langdon

At Electra's confident tone of voice and sudden joyous facial expression, the sense that they as a group of close friends survived this learning curve was relatively amazing in his eyes. Once inside of the van among the rest of his friends, Chris rolled his eyes playfully at the mention of taking a picture off of Freckles' polaroid camera. He wasn't one for taking selfies at all, in fact, he would normally furiously shake his head, thus the camera could only manage to capture the blurring face of skin.


But despite his against-picture-taking ass, the reluctant boy wrapped one arm around Darren's neck and another over Electra. The lighting was strangely pleasing, especially as their was lighting coming from the paypoint to which shone brightly inside the camper van, plus there was a hint of darkness from the inside, crawling to the metal walls. 

"This picture better be a good one because I'm not taking a second." He commented, adding a bit of a smirk to his smile as he gazed carefully to the blackness with the circle at the center of the delicate camera.


Clover Richards

Eyes downward to the ground, Clover shortly felt the distinctive presence of Darren, and honestly, she was happier than the mere definition of happiness itself. It warmed her heart at Darren's concern. Her breathing steadied and her heartbeat calmed down to minimum beats. This time they had together would be precious, considering that both Electra and Chris had the tendency of barging in on a moment - don't get me wrong though, she loved the two to death. 


"Thanks, Darren, but I'm okay now." Clover said, her hand stretching to Darren's shoulder to give it a tender rub, but instead, Electra and Chris entered the van, as an alternative,  she retracted her hand and let it fall back into her lap.


On cue, she stood up from her sitting position and went to join the group photo. Clover had no problem with displaying her face in pictures so her arm ducked under Darren's open arm and wrapped around his waist before squeezing him lightly. Her hand transformed into a rock and roll sign before she closed one eye and kept one open, a bit of her tongue slipped out while she posed.


Be foolish & have fun

Electra Lee Lamb

In a state of pure happiness, Electra completely forgot about who's vehicle this belonged to and what she had done to enter it. She, herself, wasn't such a big fan of photos either, well, being in them anyways. But this was completely different. It was a memory of them not freaking out too much and heaving a fucking heavy campervan successfully. Upon Chris's agreement to one photo she chuckled slightly before admiring her bunched up friends. She had previously noticed the way Darren looked at Clover and with her arm wrapped around his waist and his arm placed in the exact same place with her she grinned even more. Focusing back to the photo, she put her arm around Chris too before extending her arm outwards and taking the photo.


"Okay guys, all done no need for a second one."

The slender girl smiled at them all as a thank you for agreeing to it before removing her arm from Chris. She chuckled quietly before forcing her eyelids to close and open multiple times. Using her teeth, she allowed the photo to print before removing it and keeping it in her hand to develop. The teenage girl was almost one hundred percent sure she had blinked for the picture but it didn't matter. Electra's appearance (especially the bundle of freckles) used to always bother her but this was a photo of her and her friends, not just her. 


She looked at the wheel before turning back to everyone and speaking.

"Chris, are you still okay on the wheel or do you need one of us to switch?"

Electra hardly had much to drink at all so she was sure she'd be safe to face the roads but it was up to the others if any of them wanted to drive.


Darren John Davidson

Despite loving the idea of all of the group being together again for what must be an iconic polaroid, he couldn't help but feel a pang of irritation build inside of him for not having a lot of alone time with Clover. He adored the girl and his way of hiding it was pathetic. Darren just put it down to being just a crush that would soon blow over... Although, the young man had had this crush for a rather long time. He shook his head at his stupid thinking. Instead, focused on the camera.


In only a few seconds, his best friends had grouped together tightly. His arm was slung around Chris's back while he held Clover beside him in the same position she held him. The closeness made him nervously laugh and he almost hissed once he realised the photo had been taken. His wide chuckle was now a polaorid to keep forever. Darren didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Hesitantly, he set angled himself from his friends beside him. His arm around Clover lingered slightly but he composed himself before fully detaching himself. Darren gave her one last warm smile to let her know he was there for her before stopping the smile and stretching slightly. 


His hand now began to rub the back of his neck as his eyes looked towards the other side of the vehicle. Darren nodded at Electra's words before looking at Chris to see if he needed a break. They hadn't been on the road for too long but the pushing took a huge energy out of him so the others must have felt like that too, he thought. The only wish Darren had was for Clover not to be on the wheel. He had hated seeing her the way he did and no longer wished to see her put herself through something that made her so breathless and anxious. Darren would happily volunteer to drive if needs be, but he just waited for a reply.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach

Chris Langdon

In all honesty, the picture had turned out rather well. Sure, Electra's eyes were halfway shut and halfway open, which was kinda cute in his eyes, plus Darren wore the Night-After-Good-Sex smile, but all in all, it definitely defined their group in an instant. From a peering view, Chris didn't look that great either. His hair was sticking out in all the wrong places and his eyes looked a strange chocolate milk colour to which made him seem like he was on some new-found recreational high. And funnily enough, that gave him somewhat an edgy look that he couldn't help but admire. He was willing to retake the photo this once to benefit for the others, but it didn't look like Electra was all that concerned anyway, but on the other hand, Chris knew how passionate his friend was about photography, in fact, he had no problem at all with retaking at that thought.


Clicking his knuckles forward whilst he listened to Electra speak, Chris was already making his way to the driving seat. 

"I'm all good, Freckles. Though, y'know I wouldn't mind a bit of company..." Hoping to fucking god that Darren wouldn't think that he was requesting for him to sit down in the passenger opposite him (as funny as that would be) and that he wanted Electra, Chris attempted to make it clearer by giving his best friend a wink since Electra wasn't looking. This was their bro-wink, whenever signaled, it initiated that either one of them were either up to something or seeking to make a move, plus in a way, Chris was pretty much doing a favour for Darren by giving him intimate time with Clover. 


Even for his plan of genius, he wasn't all that sure if Electra would grow suspicious, or go along with him. You could never tell with this, admittedly, lovable girl with an unanticipated choice of actions. At times, Chris would notice how much Electra never gave herself as much credit as others around her did. Perhaps he was being too observant, but with her, he couldn't help show a bit of mindfulness for his freckled friend.


Clover Richards

The sudden vibration of Darren's laugh slightly shook Clover, physically I mean. You didn't have to be a sociologist to know that his laugh was nervous. Nervous? Why in hell was Darren - the master of comedy and one to make her erupt into hysterics - nervous? If anything she should be nervous, after all he returned the same gesture that she did with him. That was a good sign, right? Surely, he felt the same way as her, right? Honestly, she'd have to discuss this with Electra later without the other two around, she needed best friend's input soon anyway. 


Watching as the scene displayed itself before her, Clover saw that sneaky wink. Now what in hell's name was Chris playing at? Why did he want to spend time with Electra - not that Electra wasn't extremely attractive or anything, she was a stunner - but Clover wasn't born yesterday, she knew a plan when she saw one. And to make it even worse, she couldn't imply any of her judgement, thanks to the fact that there might've been no reason behind Chris' wink but just her nosy suspicion. As well, she would've hated herself for an eternity if she ever made Electra feel like the only reason a guy would pay attention to her would be for some idiotic game. Although, she knew that the guys would never do this intentionally, perhaps accidentally, yes. They were both such dumb asses that it probably would happen (no offense Darren. My other babby).


Turning her attention to Darren, Clover asked innocently,

"What's Chris up to, Darren?" She whispered, making perfectly sure her tone was monotone and that Electra wouldn't be able to hear nor Chris.


Be foolish & have fun

Darren John Davidson

The scene he had just witnessed didn't shock him at first. After hearing Chris' words, he indeed managed to swagger walk past the two females in the group before sitting in the passenger seat. He was ready for some great bro time before receiving the wink. Oh fuck... That wink. Darren didn't read too much into the wink, only putting the meaning to the fact it would give him some wonderful intimate time with one of (what Darren considered anyway) the most beautiful girls in the world. He awkwardly pushed himself up and out of the chair before forcing a cheeky grin to Chris as his apology before heading back to where he came from. Darren slid past a confused Electra before walking over to Clover while rubbing the back of his neck. After this action, Electra quickly fumbled to give him the developing polaroid so he could show it to Clover. The tragic excuse of a photo was actually - in its own horrifically, wonderful way- beautiful. The adjective came to mind upon glancing at Clover in the photo but Darren had decided to stop his brain from acting like a love-struck puppy. It would show too much if he always did. 


Continuing his trek from a winking Chris, past a curious Electra and towards Clover, he continued to try not and analyse Chris' wink before hearing Clover's question. Darren could have face palmed. As much as he adored his best mate, he had already accidently leaked some of Chris' most treasured and concealed secrets. If Chris had nearly given away Darren had a thing for Clover, he would have been even more distressed than the time he basically had to confess to being a virgin. The mere thought of it made the same nervous chuckle as earlier escape his lips.


Now, he recovered himself. The nervous hysteria ended and he was intent on helping Clover not know the truth just yet. Instead, he wanted to make sure she wasn't nervous about it.

"Ah, just a joke from earlier about photos and shit."

Darren had always been a crap liar. He really had no malicious intent though. His translucent-like eyes have a pleading look towards Clover; almost begging her not to question it more otherwise a whole new can of worms would be opened. The boy seeked to distract her now though. 

"Er... Wanna help me pick a new top? I kinda ruined this one by pushing the van and could do with your wonderful assistance."

Before she could answer, Darren unloaded all of his untidy shirts he had hastially packed from earlier. He grinned at his own pile of mess before looking at Clover, hoping for a single point at one of the shirts... They basically all looked the fucking same though.


Electra Lee Lamb

Many girls had experienced feeling self-conscious when being faced with a situation like this... Maybe even Clover had? Electra admired her best friend so much and had always endervoured to be like her but, who knew if she ever felt the same way as Electra? She hoped not. Clover was too bright and pretty and kind to deserve to feel like that. Although, after Chris' words and Darren's walk to the chair then immediately out of it made her glance at Clover with a slight curiosity. Then, she had a lightbulb moment. Darren would get alone time with Clover! That must the only motive, right? Well, in Electa's head, that was right.


In a slightly giddish way, Electra was excited to spend time with Chris. She liked the way he composed himself. And, due to his kindness of allowing her a photo with him, she felt as if they were on good terms. Electra took the space Darren quickly plonked himself down before giving Chris a smile. The nickname was back again and despite hating the facial feature, she had actually become rather fond of it.

"I'll be your company, Chris. Well, I'll try and be good company."

Electa fiddled with her camera while talking, constantly playing around with the very few settings it had.


The freckled girl kept on making sideways glances towards Darren and Clover, almost smiling whenever she did so. But she left them to some privacy and decided to focus on Chris. It was a rare opportunity to get some one-on-one time with another being and, Chris was cool. Maybe a bit more than cool but these were thoughts she managed to contain. Romance never worked for her before. As the never have I ever game had shown, she never had a wonderful date. The last thing she wanted was to assume something could happen between her and someone else when sadly, it really wouldn't work out.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Clover Richards

Narrowing her hazel brown eyes up to Darren whilst his own were pleading down to hers, she suspected, that he wanted her to leave her suspicions, but Clover being Clover, she couldn't help her bestfriend instincts. After all, it was one of the perks of being a bestfriend to one of the most amazing girls in the world. She wondered if Chris did this so Darren and her could spend more time together or if he wanted to spend some time of his own with Electra, but knowing the ambitious-minded boy, all she could really think was that he was aiming to achieve both. Deciding to leave the subject at ease, raveled and tied up in a corner, Clover spoke:

"You're such a shit liar." A half-hearted laugh escaped her lips as if the whole situation had become strangely hilarious, whereas, it was quite a distance away from that.

Before getting down to Darren's shirt situation, Clover took a glance back to the couple at the front, hoping to subtly give the girl her own wink. After, she knelt down next to the mess-ridden bag that belonged to Darren. She knew how unorganised he was already, so this amount of mess didn't quite come as a shock to her, although, for someone with such a unique personality as his, it did come as a shock that he had shirts which were basically identical. Instead of pointing to one, Clover took one into her possession and gave it a look over before taking another and doing the same. Her brows raised in thought.

"Now I thought you were the boy of originality, what happened here?" She asked, her voice not intending to sound as deep as it probably did.

As much as she loved the boy's style - it wasn't until then that she noticed that Darren did wear alike shirts all along. How could she be so oblivious all this time?

Chris Langdon

"Ah, you'll be perfect company."

Pulling out the handbrake, Chris stepped on the pedal which was finally at ease now and like magic, they were already exiting the station before they knew it. At a somewhat annoying sound, his eyes were drawn down to Electra's fiddling of her camera. From what he had known, Electra had treated that time capturing machine as if it were her baby. He had only really seen the object whenever they took pictures or when his freckled friend just wanted a good fiddle, but overall, she never really left it around for others to use without her permission. It must be a precious object for her, and he could quite clearly see why.

"So, you're camera. Did you get it as a gift?" He asked, making conversation because genuinely, he was interested in the object's history.

Waiting for an answer, Chris looked into his mirror to see both Darren and Clover looking through a bag. And by the state of what was within, you could tell it was Darren's, though he wouldn't be surprised if it was Clovers as she was quite the messy bugger as much as she'd deny it. Smooth, real smooth Darren. Show the girl your jacked up stuff, while you're at it, you might as well show her a bin bag. Of course taking into consideration that his buddy wasn't too great at the romance topic, Chris frowned before focusing back on the road.

The boy looked back over to Electra before holding his hand out as an indication that he wanted something.

"How about I take a picture of pure beauty and after you can judge." He said this after her previous answer, he could multitask, surely. How hard could it be to take a photo whilst driving?
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Be foolish & have fun

Darren John Davidson

Ecstatic at the fact Clover decided to leave the connotations behind Chris's wink alone, he began to chuckle quietly with a slightly nervous tone. Whenever nervous, Darren would just laugh it off, forget about it, and try to avoid any thoughts about it... He also did this with old homework, new coursework and various other situations. Darren really hated making Clover seem uneasy though. He would talk to her later most likely, when the others were absorbed by the object that flashes and prints things. But, he was sure later on he would need to speak to his 'bro' Chris the same way Clover would need to speak to her best friend, Electra.

Clover's words almost pained him in the stomach, making it twist and the nervous chuckling to continue. Darren hated telling lies to his friends, especially her. However, she had moved on to the mess on the floor.


Darren quickly glanced backwards before spotting Chris through the mirror. He waved jokingly before pointing at the heap of crap he had brought along with him. He then spotted a smirking Electra would had turned around on her seat just to watch the spectacle. Now, he turned back and focused on Clover. Darren could see where she was coming from but, one shirt was obviously more formal than the other? He didn't know, he wasn't really a fashion icon. Darren wore what he wanted to wear... And apparently they all looked the same.


"Oh okay, I see how it is. Diss my wonderful selection of clothin- oh polos!"

Now Darren had hit the jackpot. He forgot he packed these mints within his bag. Before taking one out for himself, he held one out to Clover with a smile. It was almost like offering peace after she had forgotten the whole winking incident from a moment ago. 

"Would you like one, Clover? As a thank you for your wonderful help."

He raised an eyebrow, wondering if the girl would take one. They hadn't found a suitable top yet but, well, in Darren's easily distracted mind polos were more important by far.


Electra Lee Lamb

Stifling a laugh at the mess Darren had caused with his pile of junk, she tried to catch Clover's eyes and smile. They would definitely need to talk about some things later, or a lot of things. Her focus then changed back to Chris as she listened to his question. She was confused at his intrigued manner. He wasn't really one for being in photos, so she never would have guessed he was actually interested in her camera. However, the surprise soon turned into a joy.

"Oh... There's really no story behind it really, Chris. My mums got it for me so that I could actually 'capture moments of my blissful youth'!"


She laughed quietly to herself before becoming surprised once again. Chris... Of all people, Chris wanted to take a shot? She was fine with it, Electra worried that he may not be able to control his driving though. However, after safely getting them to a petrol station she trusted him. Electra smiled slightly before handing it to his extended hand.


"A photo of pure beauty while driving? That is impressive, Chris... Go for it."

She folded her arms with a smirk, awaiting to see how one could take a brilliant photo while driving.


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d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Clover Richards

A smile had spread across Clover's lips like butter on toast whilst Darren held out a packet of polos in her direction. Just about anyone who knew her name would know her love of breath mints. She absolutely adored the tingly sensation it'd give her tongue and the icy breath after, which in her eyes, was a bonus.

"God, yes!" She exclaimed, her tone quite overly excited over the minty, small doughnuts of joy. Taking the circle and popping it into her mouth, she savored the taste before looking back down to Darren's stuff. Taking a shirt from the ruins, Clover looked it over before pushing the item to her friend's chest. Her eyes looked into Darren's, while she rolled the sweet around her mouth.

"This shit would look good on you." She spoke, her hand still holding the shirt in her fist while it pressed against his chest.

The polo cracked beneath the girls teeth before she reached over to get her original glass of wine. She was hoping to finish the whole bottle with the others so they could soon play a good-ass game of spin the bottle.

Chris Langdon

Chris nodded his head as Electra told of the camera's rather short history. Blissful my ass. He would hardly describe as their group as blissful, especially considering that they were in the process of running away. Though, Chris would like to think that as soon as this was all over that they would all be living in an apartment, just living life as they wanted. He honestly couldn't wait for that moment to finally come, but he'd have to do with this bumpy roadshow for the time being.

Once the camera was in his possession, Chris couldn't help but smirk devilishly whilst he fiddled with it a bit so his hand was in a secure position. He never took photography as a class, but that didn't mean he didn't have such a magnificent eye as Electra. Taking his eye of from the road, the boy turned his attention to the freckled girl with her arms crossed. He held up the camera to his eye. The lamps littered alongside the motorway illuminated Electra's features perfectly, the sheer smirk upon her face made her seem happier than usual, and her wild, red hair was sprawled over her head rest. If Chris was going to take "pure beauty" he'd take it of her and nothing else.

Steadying the camera angle, he snapped the photo and shortly brought it away from his face and held it to Electra.

"I captured not only beauty but confidence, craziness and joy in all but on shot. I'm proud." He sighed, satisfied with his work even though he hadn't seen the end result just yet.


Be foolish & have fun

Darren John Davidson

Darren's corners of his lips began to rise up into an arch as Clover took the polo. He heard it click between her teeth and he almost chuckled at the sound. Polos were indeed, incredible. Darren loved them. Darren loved sharing them. Darren loved polos to death and the fact that Clover was very enthusiastic to be offered one only made him like her more... Of course Darren appreciated other parts of Clover apart from the fact she could happily have a polo. While he was left with a strong taste of mint, he turned his head to witness a flash from Electra's camera. In fact, she wasn't even holding it this time. The strange sight Darren had seen was Chris taking a photo of Electra... Chris never engaged in photography, Electra never posed for a photo on her own, what the actual fuck was happening? His mouth had opened from shock before his polo nearly fell out. Darren cursed before speaking to Clover.

"Erm. I didn't think I drank that much but I'm already having strange visions."


Despite Darren's comment, he follows Clover's action of getting her original drink. He grabbed his before having a large gulp of it and then wiping his mouth with his arm. Classy.  However, Darren had now shivered slightly as his attention was drawn to Clover's balled fist that contained one of his shirts. His speech has now only become a low mutter as he thanked her for the choice. Darren wasn't one for caring about how others reacted to his body so he decided to strip himself of his current shirt and go topless. He then gently grabbed Clover's choice of shirt before putting it on and buttoning it up with a slight struggle.


Her compliment had indeed made him slightly giddy. His eyebrow was raised as he spoke to her, this time the muttering had been replaced with a confident and cool tone.

"Why thank you, Clover. If you ever want to wear a shirt belonging to such a fine specimen of man, hit me up."

Yet again, Darren used his signature cheeky wink before turning slightly to Chris. He wondered how his good pal was doing on the wheel.


Electra Lee Lamb

Shocked and stunned slightly, Electra had remained silent since the camera's shutter had been pressed. She didn't blush nor did she feel flirty in any way. Electra was just rather confused. The confusion then began to disappear and fade away as she looked at Chris with a genuine smile. Compliments were, at times, very hard for her to receive. She used to hate them, believing they were lying and just making an indirect dig. Chris was one of her extremely close friends though, she thought he wouldn't do that to her.

Electra took back her camera, and watched the photo develop. His words thereafter made her smile even wider and caused her to laugh slightly.

"Wow. You were doing well until you said craziness! But, thank you."


She looked down slightly, her mind processing just like the polaroid that she now held in her hand. Now the freckled girl began to fiddle with the camera again. 

"And I got to give it to you. Taking a photo while driving this thing? That's a talent."

And with those words, her mind was instantly brought back to the scenio she had put herself in. Electra broke into to her old English teacher's campervan. An illegal offence. Her temperature dropped but she focused her mind to the window and watched as the vehicle rolled onwards.
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High as the Beach
Clover Richards
Clover couldn't help but smile to herself as the flash of camera had managed to reflect itself to all parts of the vehicle. This was definitely something new for the viewers - Electra, her bestfriend who preferred to not have her picture taken was, indeed, "having her picture taken" with no objection at all whilst Chris, the man who hated the camera was, in fact, taking the camera and "using it".

"Maybe if we drink more this madness will soon go back to normality." She sighed before finishing her glass and refilling it, careful to not let a drop spill onto the carpeted floor.
Sure, she wouldn't have cared much more if it was her regular carpet, but they gained the van as a team, which meant it was special to her. Things special to you, you most likely won't destroy.

The girl watched as Darren changed from his old top to the other, her heartbeat increased slightly at his chestal-nakedness (for some reason, these two words made me smile) and it shortly slowed down after he covered up once again. She took a considerably long sip from her drink whilst her brow was raised from cheekiness. In the moment, her hand that held the drink within placed it onto the floor and she rummaged back inside Darren's bag. Finding a worthy shirt, she pulled it over her head with ease - as the neck hole was bigger than her usual - and stood up.

"Turn up the music Chris!" She shouted as her hands found Darren's, and with that, she attempted to lift the boy to his feet.
The room was somewhat spinning as she looked at Darren, however, for all she could care, her vision could be alike a rollercoaster yet she wouldn't give a shit.
"You said you wanted a dance, so here ya go my Polo Prince." Said the girl, swaying side to side, her hands close by to her blue hair whilst it bounced from her head shaking to the rhythm.

Chris Langdon
Any sweet guy would've come up with some excuse for the "crazy" thing, whereas, that wasn't Chris. He wasn't the kind of guy who would tell a guy what they'd like to hear unless he felt a known feeling behind it. Sure, he would get himself into lady trouble for it, but that only showed him how much a girl could and couldn't take of the truth. And in Electra's case she had passed so far.

"Well, craziness could be a good thing..." He trailed off, his eyes looking to the girl who had clearly misinterpreted his own meaning of crazy.
After all, anything but crazy was plain boring in his dark eyes. Plus, behind all the freckles and beauty, Chris could sense a hint of wildness within the girl once she would let loose and chill. He wasn't one for completely letting go, yet when all else failed, he would have a pint of beer or two.

A chuckle escaped for his lips as Clover turned up the music and began to dance in her hazy state. The boys eyes looked into the mirror so he could see how Darren would react. His eyes gestured over to Clover, nudging his friend to take this opportunity.

After, they dropped down and looked back to Electra, the sudden silence between them alerting her. And to his dismay, she was pale along with her eyes stuck to the window. You didn't have to be an idiot to know what this was all about.

"Hey, don't worry. We had to do this okay, the old bat deserved it for failing Darren so many times." Chris uncertainly placed his hand onto Electra's, "But in all seriousness, are you okay?" His palm sweated lightly.


Be foolish & have fun
Darren John Davidson
With his new top on, and a steady flow of alcohol flowing down his throat, he looked up at Clover with a grin before taking her hand and stand up. He put his glass aside after downing all of it's contents before trying to catch Chris's eye in the mirror. Darren had fucking pulled... Well, in his little virgin mind he had. He didn't really are about sex in that moment, nor making out, but instead genuinely enjoying spending some time in close proximity to his childhood crush. Upon being called prince, Darren bowed low towards Clover before nearly stumbling into the other two members. After his mouth providing an abundance of swear words for the whole group to enjoy, he turned his attention back to the beautiful Clover.
"Why, Princess Blue... You give me such a honour I hope to never have to leave your beautiful company."
Darren never faked being drunk. Never. Yes, he did love the attention from others but, Darren was indeed just a lightweight.

He refilled his glass quickly while still trying to hold Clover's soft hand. If he wasn't intoxicated, he would have probably made a clever compliment hidden within a joke. But he was drunk and his mind was currently thinking how he could impress his crush with some dance moves. Although Darren was an awful dancer... Fucking terrible actually. He bopped while holding Clover's hand, twirling her around a few times while giggling and jokingly whispering sweet nothings to her (he would never admit he actually meant the compliments he was bestowing upon her though. Not now, anyway).

His blue eyes looked at Clover and Clover alone for a moment. God, he was so hopelessly in love with the girl. Love was a strong word that is not to be given out so carelessly but he did love everybody in the van. It's just, there was something about Clover that he liked. There was a spark that he had always helped she felt too. And her eyes, god, he lost herself in her warm eyes too many times to count on his fingers. This appreciative moment inspired him to think of something original, alas, it wasn't quite original... If only Darren could read the minds of others. He shouted over the loud tunes:
"Hey! We need to play a game! I don't know what, ahem spin the bottle, ahem."
He faked coughing in between his words while continuing to twirl his pretty friend around and dance with a clear sense of happiness.

Electra Lee Lamb
The girl was genuinely touched by Chris' humble nature. For some divine reason, they got along well. She never knew they would, for he was honest and she was slightly reserved. However, the group and him made her feel great. Beautiful, even. His question messed her mind up slightly. She would love to tell him that she just felt uncomfortable destroying her reputation, possibly even her mums' too, and her fear of being too reckless, but she couldn't. It was just a mouthful. Instead, she smiled and accepted his hand on hers. Such a move would usually cause her blush but she refused to this time. It was only friendly, right? She hoped she wasn't right. Electra really- oh, Darren had nearly fallen into her and Chris... Well done Darren.

Although that moment of understanding between Chris and her had ended due to Darren's stumbling, she decided to squeeze Chris's hand before standing up and refilling her glass. As she moved past Clover, a genuine grin appeared over her face.
"He fucking adores you."
She mouthed to Clover before giving her another smile as a thank you for the wine. Electra made her way back to Chris before feeling a pang of guilt for carrying the little glass of temptation over.

"Are you sure you're okay driving though, Chris? I don't want you to feel like you're missing anything."
Electra was, indeed, actually concerned. The dude had paid for the petrol, he had driven them all away from old bitch face, and he practically made Electra's heart melt with his hand touching hers. So, of course she was worried. Electra hated feeling worried, especially with her friends. That's all she ever did. It was either worrying about her reputation, or eating... Eating! The proud recovered teen quickly glanced around for her bag. Yes, eating sometimes made her hate herself but she was over that. This trip would ensure she was never going back to that dark place of self hate and pity. She, for the first time in awhile, actually craved eating. An apple, was what she particularly fancied.


d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Clover Richards
As the boy before her stumbled forward, resulting in a close accident involving all of them, by that, she could see that Darren was drunk. Fully drunk. And for some reason, his clumsiness was about the cutest thing she had ever seen. Though, if it was any constellation, Clover was just as drunk as her friend. Sure she wasn't as big a lightweight as Darren, but technically she had drunk the most compared to the rest of the group. At the thought of this, a wide smile managed to spread itself across her lips.
"As do I." In response to his failed bow, Clover did her own small feminine bow to which didn't involve as much balance as Darren's. Plus, unlike him, she succeeded! Thank God, because she would've done much more damage than her bestfriend came near to.

The sense of excitement erupted within the blue-haired girl once Darren spun her around as if she was a ballerina and her partner... Which they sure as hell were not. But oh well, their tomfoolery would have to do and last them this beautiful night. The feelings that she was feeling toward this boy were simply too inexplicable for her to identify herself, nonetheless, that still didn't seem to account for if Darren felt the same. Was his heart beating at 70 miles per hour? Was he desperate for her to admit her feelings? Was he anxious that if anything would happen between them, it may not seem real the next day? Shit, what if something did happen? By the way they were both playing around, she wouldn't be surprised.

To say that Clover wasn't entirely woo'ed over by his sweet whispers and insanely quirky bops, you would have to be lying. And to put the icing on the cake, the way his eyes looked longingly at hers was perhaps, the best feeling you could ever experience. Butterflies arose within her stomach and her eyes were mesmerised by her partner's rich, blue orbs. At the vague mention of spin the bottle, the girl reached down to take her glass, and just like Darren managed, she didn't let go of his hand.
"If I get to snog you, I'll play..." Clover giggled like a little girl while her eyes winked to Darren.

Hearing Electra's comment, Clover whispered back into her friends ear,
"He's not the only one."

Chris Langdon

"Get back in there, weirdo." Chris encouraged, using his free hand to push Darren back with Clover.
Honestly, he wasn't certain if the push was to take his buddy further away from ruining him and Electra's moment or to pull him and Clover closer together, and either way, he'd be happy for the son of a gun. After all, he had kind of sensed from before a slight attraction passed between the two.

Frowning as Darren mentioned spin the bottle, Chris pulled the indication lever so they could stop off at one of those massive stations that tend to have a very limited amount of people at a time. No way in hell would Chris allow Darren to get all the birds tonight - especially considering that he'd probably get some from Clover later.
"We can just stop off here, and then I won't miss out on the good stuff." A smirk appeared on the boys face as the van came to a halt on a secure parking space.
In reality, the concern that freckles had shown to him made him that much more confident that her mind was easing off of the "stolen van" situation - not that it was exactly a big one anyway.

Standing up from the seat, Chris went to the back, along with Electra and he sat down, ready for the game to start. Beforehand, he turned the music down slightly.


Be foolish & have fun
Darren John Davidson
The drunk teenage boy's eyes widened at Clover's statement. That was exactly what he wanted to hear and this was his moment to reply well. His response would have to be subtle yet clear to understand...
Good job Darren. Instead of coming up with a witty one-liner or anything romantic at all he just nervously laughed. Everything was happening quickly and he really wanted to keep up with the pace. The birthmark on the side of his head forehead would have been rubbed away now if possible due to his constant free palm rubbing it in thought... He's going to actually get to fucking kiss Clover. This game was truly invented by some divine being.

As the others came to join and sit down with them, he took his place beside Clover before looking over at the other members of the party.
"Heya. Sorry for falling into you too, maybe I'll kiss whatever I hurt better?"
The statement was mainly aimed at Chris for he thought it would be way too weird to kiss Electra when he much rather fancied Clover. It would be very cringey for him and Freckles. The joke was so much easier to say to them two because there was no meaning behind it but banter. If he was to say it to Clover... It would have more of a genuine feeling behind it. Hence, Darren's nervous laughter just minutes ago.

Looking around he looked at all of them.
"Right I'll be a gentleman and do the right thing... I'll spin first!"
He giggled with glee before allowing a single hiccup to escape his lips. Wow. What a turn on that would be. In his head he said the Lord's paryer, begging anyone in the sky that his spin would allow it to land on Clover. His free hand picked up the empty bottle before he spun it around rather fast. The wait crushed him inside a little. His intentions went easily hid though, for he rather loudly spoke the words:
"Please please please please please."
Soon the bottle stopped spinning and pointed towar- oh fucking hell! Darren looked at his best friend Chris. Hey ho, much less awkward than it being Electra. He puckered up his lips in a joking way before moving towards Chris and closing his eyes.
"Kiss me hard before you go, baby!"
He was sure they were lyrics, he had forgotten the actual song though.

Electra Lee Lamb
The girl followed behind Chris before taking her place with the others. She never really enjoyed this game but, it was a nice group of people. For once, she actually wanted to play it. On her way to take her place she snatched up her bag. Once sat down, she then rummaged through it to find some food she packed. Mainly fruit but, it was food. Electra felt very proud of herself and soon the memories of stealing a camper van were being put in the back of her mind away from the fun game and apples. She took out a red apple before biting into it. Afterwards, a sip of the remaining wine in her glass. She repeated this process a bit before leaving her bag open; a clear indication meaning anyone in the group was free to help themselves to fruit or any other food she packed.

When Darren spun the bottle, she fucking hoped to the stars it was Clover and not her. Electra would be so happy if something did happen between them tonight as pretty much everybody could see there was something between them. The thought of it made Electra silently laugh to herself before she kept on drinking from her glass in the hopes of becoming tipsy, not drunk. She had never been drunk. Electra did like to drink, yes, but only to get buzzed. The bottle was slowing down and Electra's heart raced for a bit. This game always did manage to make her nervous.

Chris? She had to stifle a laugh at Darren's initial clearly annoyed expression. She bit her lip slightly before watching the two and then looking at Clover's reaction. After, Darren was actually up for kissing Chris now and no longer looked like he was going to throw the empty bottle out of the van's windows, Electra smirked slightly at Darren's jokey nature and his song reference before seeing how Chris would react to being the first one bottle-chosen.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
Just there minding his own business while Darren spun the bottle into infinity, Chris saw Electra's open bag to which had a store of food. That's one of the things he loved about her, no matter the situation, Electra was always considerate of others and was practically the mother of the group. And for most guys that would more or so be a turn off, however, Chris was definitely not like other guys. He smiled solemnly to Freckles before paying his attention back to the game - this dreadful game which was just another way for Darren to get his groove on with Clover. Though, you had to give the man some credit.

Rolling his eyes as the end of the bottle finally pointed to him, the boy couldn't help but chuckle to himself as Darren was already coming after him. And to make it worse, a song had joined into the embarrassing situation. Never had he considered any other sexuality other than hetero, so kissing a guy - especially his bestfriend - would be all but an embarrassing moment of nothingness.
"Christ..." He muttered, the sight of Darren's puckered lips a tiny bit disturbing.
Plus, in a way he wouldn't have minded so much if they were Electra's, but they weren't, so fucking unlucky there.

"Wait, hold on a second." Chris reached over to Electra's wine glass and took a big gulp, then put it down.
If he was going to kiss Darren, he'd want to forget about it by tomorrow. With that, he leaned into Darren's lips and gave him a rather frigid kiss on the lips. He was planning to save the proper kissing for later, plus Darren would get his own fair share later on.

Clover Richards

Clover stared desperately toward the bottle spinning endlessly into the abyss of madness. She was begging, genuinely begging to all the Gods in the world that it would land on her - but to her disappointment, the neck of the bottle was clearly facing Chris. As much as the girl knew that Chris was straight, she couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy pierce her heart like a needle whilst watching them kiss. But it was nothing but a game. Nothing but a game. Forcing her normal, playful smile to her lips, Clover took a long sip from her drink until the couple had finished.

"My turn!" She stated, shouting a bit louder than she was probably supposed to.
Grasping the bottle, the girl spun it around more gently than Darren had previously before her. And almost on cue, Clover whispered pleas over and over again, hoping that Darren wouldn't hear them as that would be darn right humiliating - even in her drunken state. The longer the turning points were, the lesser time it was before Clover would smash the bottle with her two, bare hands.

As soon as the bottle finally faced toward Darren, she unexpectedly curled her hand into a fist and punched the air in triumph.
"Yes, bitches!" She screamed, joyous for what this would lead to for both her and her friend.
Oh crap... Now the panic had settled in. What in the hell was she supposed to do? Sure she wanted to kiss Darren - like badly - but would Darren find this too awkward? Would he reject her?
For the first time in her life, Clover cared about what someone else thought of her, and honestly that wasn't so much a good thing.

Turning her body to Darren's, the girl gave him a nervous smile, tucking a piece of her hair away from her face.
"Here goes nothing..."



Be foolish & have fun
Darren John Davidson
The kiss with his best friend meant absolutely nothing to Darren except pure entertainment. He made sure to stick out his tongue to make sure the kiss was purposely gross for his male best friend. After pulling away he chuckled rather loudly before heaving for air. Chris was very hetero and despite Darren being bisexual, he had more of a hetero lean. So, this just made it ten times more funnier to Darren... Not to mention the amount of alcohol he had consumed for such a lightweight. Anyway, he gave Chris one final statement before leaving this part of the game:
"You need to work on your kissing."
Once again, Darren gave his signature wink signifying it was a joke before turning to the already spinning bottle.

Hell. Fucking. Yeah. Darren was just as excited as Clover and he moved closer towards her when she did the same to him. But, it was if she had changed all of a sudden. Her initial excitement was easy to interpret and made the young male very happy indeed however he recognised a sudden reluctance? Maybe not even reluctance, but an insecurity. He may have been drunk, but that didn't mean Darren's first kiss with the girl he had fancied for years would have to be forced. To make sure Clover wasn't embarrassed, he made sure to give another wink to his two other close friends to indicate everything was fine. But, when he moved his head closer to Clover's and set his palm gently on her left cheek, he made sure to whisper quietly before making his move:
"If at any point it's weird, or you want to stop, we can."
It wasn't sex but, even kissing could be intimate. Darren cared too much for Clover to make her uncomfortable.

And after this, he gently placed his lips against hers. This time, it was extremely different compared to how he 'kissed' Chris. This time it was gentle, passionate, and slow. He decided to take the lead seeing he had noticed her sudden slight anxiety at the thought of kissing him. At times, he would grow more passionate for the kissing but was never rough. He made sure to understand her directions. For a boy that had never kissed, he had watched way too many movies to know how to do it. He may not have been the best, but he certainly enjoyed his lips against hers and that was enough to make sure he didn't fumble too much when kissing her. This game was already his favourite ever.

Electra Lee Lamb
After grinning widely at Chris and Darren, her eyes widened when Clover was fortunate enough to have the bottle land on the joker of the group. For Electra, it would have been very unfortunate but this was Clover and she knew there was something between her and Darren. This made Electra smile even more while she took her glass from Chris and set it beside her in case he needed any more after that traumatic experience that was supposedly a kiss. Upon seeing Darren's wink, she tried to catch Clover's eye and give the girl a wink also. She took another bite from her apple before placing it down and observing the scene in front of her.

She was happy for her two close friends. Ecstatic! But, she didn't know what to do with herself while Darren placed his lips against Clover's. She watched at times but would grow embarrassed then look away with a smile. They were cute! Actually, Electra hated that adjective. Even her thinking of it made her want to throw up the bites of apple she had just taken. Instead, she changed her thoughts to analyse them as a beautiful pair. And, indeed they were.
"Erm... I'll think I'll spin?"

She wasn't even thinking when she said that statement. Darren was still kissing Clover and she felt bad just sitting there with Chris just watching. What if it made either of them self conscious? Darren had finally pulled away from Clover however Electra had already spun the bottle and just patted her palm against her thigh. While waiting for it to stop she took off her jumper due to the heat in the camper van. Whether from the kissing teens or the temperature, Electra had stripped down to her jeans and plain old t-shirt. Upon her bottle stopping, she looked up in its direction and was rather happy to see it pointed at Chris. To hide her euphoria, she decided to make sure he was fully recovered from Darren's rather entertaining earlier kissing.
"Are you okay for this, Chris? Or has Darren tainted everything for you."
With that statement, Darren chuckled slightly but she knew clearly his attention was still on Clover, awaiting her reaction from the kiss.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Clover Richards
The unexpected flare of rose redness had arisen upon Clover's cheeks as if she had been turned upside down for a prolonged time on the monkey bars. You would think that someone like Clover wouldn't be anxious about kissing after the many guys she had kissed before Darren, but as cliche as it might've sounded, there was something meaningful behind their relationship. And sure, she probably looked mildly uncomfortable about this round, she was buzzing and genuinely eager for the kiss. Although, she appreciated that Darren had clearly thought about her feelings before his. She nodded her head. In no way would this kiss be weird nor odd, as long as Darren didn't accidentally bit her tongue or something it should all go smoothly. She winked back to Electra before drawing her attention back.

As soon as both of their lips had touched together in unity, Clover closed her eyes and just savored this moment they shared. Darren was slow, delicate with her as if she were a fragile object that would smash at any second - something that not many guys would do actually. Her heart was beating faster by each push forward, plus she had no idea what to do with her hands so alternatively she came to shoving them into her lap. This was, by far the best kiss she had ever received from a guy as no one had ever showed her this amount of affection before. Sure, she had had her fair share of crappy boyfriends, but none of them could stand a chance against Darren and his "ability".

The girl smiled slightly amidst another kiss and now she was settling into the mood, she now knew what to do with her hands. They climbed up to Darren's chest and gripped onto his shirt to which he had only chosen 10 minutes from before. The passion that he was fueling her with almost made her forget about the others, their situation, the crappy van, jeez, it almost made her forget her own name, and that really was saying something. And what seemed like a millisecond had turned into minutes alas, everything was over. They had taken longer than they should have, yet Electra had taken her time to spin the bottle without them. Clover had yet again flushed into all extraordinary shades of red, nevertheless she attempted to hide it by reaching over to Electra's bag and grabbing an orange to eat. She hoped that it would take the attention off from her face and onto the... orange? Great.

As much as she was nervous to see Darren's reaction, she forced herself to not look at him at all - acting as if they hadn't kissed at all, whereas her cheeks were telling a different story. That was so fucking amazing...

Chris Langdon
Chris' eyes shifted awkwardly from Darren and Clover to Electra whom seemed just as uncomfortable as he did. Yes, he was happy for Darren, like, so happy that he'd probably kiss Darren-and-his-slobbery self again, but honestly this kiss was beginning to get too graphic for his licking - I mean liking, liking.
"Yeah.." Chris agreed with Freckles, desperate for the game to go on even if the two other members were sucking each others faces off.
Trying his hardest to keep his eyes on the bottle itself, Chris waited patiently until it stopped at him. Him, he was going to kiss Electra. No complaint there.

"Glad you guys could join us." He spoke playfully to the others before turning his attention to Electra.
Right then, he could have sworn that there was a shock of euphoria within the girl's expression - Chris would know - and who could blame her? Chris was as excited as a kid getting a bike for the first time or an adult on their wedding day - not saying that he exactly wanted to marry Electra (yet), just that he was glad to kiss her out of everyone else. Clover was too "crazy" and tiring for his liking, but her friend was unpredictable, an enigma. Chris had always preferred to not be able to read a girl's mind and the emotions within. Acting was something that interested him about Electra, for example, the way she would be sad and act happy or be loud and act quiet was definitely intriguing in her eyes.

He smiled coolly before he answered,
"The only thing Darren had tainted is my dignity." With that said, Chris took this as a chance to catch Electra off-guard and lean into a pleasurable kiss.
Unlike Darren's-virgin-self, the dark skinned boy decided to place his hands somewhere far more risky than the classic cheek. He confidently placed his hands onto either side of Electra's waist. They stayed there for the time being, testing to see how far he could push the freckled girl's boundaries. His lips as well stayed attached to his "friend's" in a relaxed manner. He managed to keep them gentle against her soft pair, occasionally pressing forward his tongue (please excuse Chris' ugh), yet this kiss stayed careful, temperate as he didn't want to come off much more stronger than he already was. All he could say was that he was taught to make girls feel special. The worst thing in his mind that could've happened would be Electra being provided with the same kiss as Clover - not that Darren's kiss was crap, just that Chris was fond of originality.

After what seemed like seconds, he pulled back, still holding her waist while a lazy smile was on his lips.
"I like the taste of apples."


Be foolish & have fun
Electra Lee Lamb
She knew her and Chris were about to kiss but the fact she had pulled her close so suddenly made her shake slightly. Yes, she had kissed boys - and girls too - but they meant absolutely nothing to her. All had been older than her which she regretted very much so, it was all for the dares from her old friendship group. But this time, she was startled. Electra knew he was confident. By the way he knew how to slowly move his lips against hers and introduce his tongue... He was definitely experienced. Her shut eyelids soon fluttered up once she recognised his hands on her waist which instantly worried her; he could secretly be judging her size. Anxiety was something she didn't want to feel while kissing her crush though, so she changed her tactics slightly.

Usually, she would gently remove someone's hands away from her body and hold them however, she did not complete this action this time. While keeping with his pace of kissing, she placed her hands over his to create the illusion she was very confident with herself and it had actually made her feel more comfortable. She didn't want to be 'just another ordinary girl' so she made sure to follow his direction carefully. It was all exetremely exciting for the freckled girl. No one she had kissed had ever kissed this, well, none had ever kissed this well. It was fun liking people and it was even more getting close to those you liked. The girl had to catch her breath once he broke apart from her. But, she still wanted to create a confident composure. His hands still held on to her waist and her hands on top of his allowed her to forget about her anxious idea that one of her close friends would be judging her. Electra looked up at him, forcing herself to try and avoid her freckled face from turning into any pink or red shade. In all honesty, his smile and statement nearly caught her as off guard as before. It was a rather attractive moment from her attractive friend.

In response, she tried not to fumble and instead smirked before removing her hands from his hands and pulling herself away from him. She went to her bag, avoiding the eyes of the others to prevent a scarlet hue appearing on her face, and grabbed the last apple before taking both of Chris' hands and placing the fruit within them. She then put her hands over his once again and pushed them slightly to grab the apple before she looked up at her tall friend.
"Well, if you like the taste so much you should try the real thing. It's so much better."
Electra was screaming and cheering for herself inside her head, she had managed to handle that as mysteriously and calm as she wanted. Yes, she was one less apple down but, she was one kiss up. And it was a hell of a good kiss.
"Oh and don't listen to Darren's earlier words. I think your kissing is just fine."

Darren John Davidson
Still in a state of shock, Darren needed to consume more alcohol. Instead of looking at him, his crush was admiring an orange. A. Fucking. Orange. However, he thought more into this and assumed that hopefully, by some divine being's law in the sky, that she enjoyed herself so much that she couldn't look at him. Darren was never cocky but, her current colour in her face proved as evidence for his theory. To hopefully regain her attention, he too went into Electra's bag which he previously rummaged through. Two peaches caught his eye. Putting them up to his chest, his childish action was aimed towards Clover in the hopes of making it less awkward between them just after heaven's gift of a fantastic kiss.
"I went from an A to a C. Look!"
Darren cursed himself for such a dull and unoriginal one-liner but hopefully the peaches pressed against his chest imitating a body part belonging to those born a female would save the dead-ass joke. However, when he turned his attention to look at Chris and Electra he dropped the peaches. What. The. Fuck? Darren nearly had to rub his eyes to help wake himself up. Chris and Electra kissing, hah! He would have never have guessed that!

"Woo! Go you! Get in there guys woo!"
His drunk moral support almost seemed like hassling, almost resembling a stray cat hassling a stranger for food. Darren was still focusing on his kiss with Clover though because wow, it was fucking incredible. Seeing Chris and Electra kiss just made him want to kiss Clover again. Chris seemed so well rehearsed and although Darren wasn't the worst, he certainly wasn't the most smooth. Darren's shouting at the kissing couple ended once Electra went into her bag and grabbed an apple. At this point he tried to make eye contact with Chris, giving him a raised eyebrow to see if it was enjoyable for him or just the usual. If it was the latter, he would indeed feel rather awkward but in all honesty, all Darren could care about at the moment was what Clover was thinking about right now. The girl an their experience was now stuck in his head and he vowed to himself to not sip anymore wine for he feared he would forget such a beautiful moment. His hand raked through his hair before he looked sideways to the blue haired girl.

He had forgotten she was wearing his shirt but it made him grin to himself. She could have it for all he cared. If anything, he wanted to see her in it all the time. There was some sense of pride in Clover wearing one of his shirts and he felt ecstatic with everything occurring at the moment. His ears poked up at the mention of his name From Electra though and he grinned slightly.
"Well, Freckles, you were lucky enough to actually get a response from him! Clover is definitely a better kisser than you Chris."
His joke had a hidden message he hoped Clover would understand: he loved their kiss they shared and wanted it to happen some time again. But, to make sure nobody else recognised the undertones and connotations of his joke, he decided to move the game along:
"Right so, who's turn is it next?"

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
To Chris' astonishment, Electra had approved of the placement of his hands, something he hadn't exactly thought she'd be comfortable with considering he had notified himself of her body-conscious tendencies. But he supposed it was exhilarating for the girl to take initiative for once rather than his effort the thing that sealed the can. All along he knew there was something beneath her tight exterior and it was just about time she released it into the open air of the group, Though, it did drive him to the edge as Electra escaped his grip. Her body slipped through the cracks of his fingers and appeared next to her bagful of healthy treats. Whatever her strategy was to make him wanting more, it was working. If he could, he would buy a time machine with all his life savings to just travel back and retry that kiss. That supple, sweet, yet strong kiss.

As love struck as the boy might've appeared, he wasn't a fool. Anyone could see the glow upon his crush's face, and her scrambling through her bag only proved to him that they had shared a successful kiss. Considering her current attitude, Chris wasn't too sure whether she would admit it upfront to him, but the knowledge was nice to have anyway. Eyes still staring to the girl's attractive backside, the flicker of a person had just barely acquired his attention. What was so important that it had to interrupt a man's admiring time? He thought, while Darren raised the was-she-good-brow, and in fact, she was. She so definitely was. Holding up his hand, the index finger and thumb formed together into a circle to make the "excellent "sign. However, in an instant, he dropped his hand down as soon as Electra had turned back around to face him again and as if on cue, Chris came back to his casual self. His chill, layed back, observing self.

He didn't know exactly what to expect from Electra, but seeing a simple apple among her possession was definitely... peculiar in his dirty mind. A fricking apple? That was it?! What was up with these girls and fruit that night? What was so special about them? Perhaps there was a secret code behind all the fruit? Truthfully, Chris didn't know and was genuinely concerned that Electra hadn't felt that spark of electricity between them. After all, is confidence could only stretch so far. He took a hold of the apple, the need to crush it a tempting one indeed, but he retained his frustration as the girl spoke of more. Her touch was a familiar texture of velvet on his.
"So if this is the real thing, then what was that?" He asked, eyes narrow while he looked down to the girl expectantly.
However, as she mentioned the kiss being "just fine" the boy shook his head with a chuckle to join.

"Call my kissing fine, but personally, that kiss was beyond fine for me." Defensive, Chris turned back to the game.
All he wanted was to tell Electra was how he felt about her, how utterly magnificent she was or how convincing she could be at times. However, this would be saved for later.

Clover Richards
A typical laugh escaped the girl's lips as Darren imitated a females chest, and honestly it came to Clover as a surprise that he knew bra sizes at all. But, it was obvious that he was doing this for her attention, and admittedly it did somewhat grab her attention away from the orange. Edging closer toward Darren, she wrapped an arm around his neck so his cheek would press against hers.
"Yay! Now we can be boob buddies!" The girl giggle while the kiss still continued to be on her mind.

Eyes wondering to where Darren's were, Clover's mouth gaped open at the sight of the couple before them kissing. No, not kissing, scrap that, making out. And honestly, this didn't come as a surprise as the two were previously making moves on one another. Plus, there was contact in places other than their lips and at the realisation, the blue haired girl found herself cheering along with Darren.
"Woo! That lip action doe!" She wolf-whistled.
It was funny how awkward Electra and Chris hand found her and Darren's kiss, whereas now, the two were cheering and being supportive. It either had to do with their drunk selves or their darn cute personalities. At this thought. Clover couldn't help but look back to Darren the exact same time he was looking to her. She was a girl who knew what she wanted, and in that moment she knew, except with Darren, it was mentally challenging.When he did mention her being a better kisser than Chris, Clover did frown from confusion.
"You said that Chris needed to work on his kissing, Darren..." She rolled her eyes playfully before looking back to the game.

"Chris, you've had enough lip to last you another five rounds. I dibs your turn." She stated before spinning the bottle halfheartedly.
As soon as the bottle stopped at Electra, Clover wore a smirk before pushing herself next to her bestfriend.
"C'mon, my baby, lets show these
boys what real kissing looks like." Emphasis on the word "boys", the girl had already placed her hand onto Electra's cheek just as Darren did.

(Sorry this is cut short, tired, need sleep and hope you had a goodnight!)


Be foolish & have fun
Electra Lee Lamb
She was still trying to keep her cool about the whole thing. Despite the hands previously being left on her small hips adding another worry to be anxious about, she missed them. Electra missed someone's touch... His comment about the apple made her smirk even more. She felt kinda bad not giving a satisfying answer so she responded again.
"An apple is the real thing, unless you meant something else?"
Obviously she was referring to the undeniable spark she had felt between the two. That was rare for the young lady but she shook her head at the thought before smiling at Chris' words. Well. She fucked it! Now it was her turn to have her cheeks change to a shade of pink. His sudden confession of finding the kids better than her original statement made her feel even more bad then just handing him an apple. Electra couldn't even reply, Chris has blown her cool and mysterious exterior had now shrivelled away, much like a turtle without its shell. She couldn't even reply, she just gave him one last smile before, erm, patting his forearm? She didn't even know why she did that... Electra just didn't know how to react anymore! But, the game had yet to continue.

She made sure not to look at Chris anymore than what she needed to. Freckles went back to sipping some of her wine, actually wishing she had more to forget about her awful fumble and blowing of her cover. Her deceit wasn't anything to do with malicious intent, she just wanted to impress him. Sadly, her confidence in her own ability to show other what she wanted to show them had shot down. This resulted in her not really wanting to touch her apple anymore. Thankfully, the sight of Darren and Clover mucking about brought a genuine grin to her face. Alas, she thought, it would all be forgotten... Except for the kiss.

Clover's turn to spin made her chuckle to herself slightly once it had landed on Electra. Darren was almost giving her a side eye. She raised an eyebrow to him, it could have been worse for all he know... Chris could have swept her off her feet! Playfully, she called out Darren for his clearly jokingly possessive nature over the blue haired girl he had snaked his hand around:
"Don't worry, Darren. I'm sure Clover would much rather kiss someone with such fine breasts but sadly, you've had your turn."
She hadn't brought fruit for body parts but, if that's what floated his boat then she was chill with it. Anyways, she had always secretly wanted him and Clover to be together anyways. Electra now moved closer to her friend and felt her hand against her cheek. She laughed at the situation at hand before moving in and kissing her rather basically. Soft but then harder at times, it was a rehearsed stereotypical kiss. They were best friends so she made sure it wasn't too awkward. Electra wouldn't be surprised if Darren was literally about to pelt the peaches at her but, to her happy surprise, she felt no fruit hit her head and instead put her hand on Clover's other cheek to follow her lead while continuing to press her own lips against her's.

Darren John Davidson

Chris' sign made him gasp to himself silently. Really, him and Freckles? Darren almost laughed his head off at the thought. But, while distracted with his confused mind, arms wrapped themself around his neck. He was happy to see they belonged to the beautiful blue-haired girl of the group. His attention was only on her once a-fucking-gain. The intoxicated brain belonging to Darren refused to process without continueously bringing up the touch of her lips against his and he prayed to God that he would never forgot it. However, Darren focused on the present now. Her words nearly sent him into a state of hysterics before he pulled her in close. There was something so lovely and wonderful about being in close proximity to this girl but- egh... Darren was being too lovey-Dover for his usual self and it was as easy to read as a picture book. His eyes kept catching the observant glance from a slightly red Electra, and the blushing was almost infectious. At the sight of another pair of eyes watching, he allowed himself to separate from Clover before watching her spin. Wouldn't it be fucking amazing if it landed on him again... Well, the puppy dog eyed teen scratched his birthmark before watching the bottle spin around and around. He crossed his fingers due to his drunken desperation.

Alas, it landed on Electra. Clover and Electra seemed up for it and at Electra's words Darren latched on to Clover once again He began to playfully act possessive. Yes, he would prefer he was the one to be able to place his lips on Clover's but he would never be possessive. That just wasn't him. She was human being, she belonged to no one. Clover could do whatever the hell she wanted in his eyes. But now, the pang of jealousy began to develop in his stomach. At least the freckled girl got to kiss the beauty of the group. Darren didn't mean to think in a mean way, Electra was aesthetically pleasing but definitely not his type. He wanted someone who was honest to themselves, someone with blue hair and warm eyes, someone with their name beginning with C and ending with -lover. When Clover moved away to complete the task of the game he moved back towards Chris before looking at him up and down.
"Are you thankful for my amazing idea?"
Sometimes Darren could be so full of himself, especially when drunk!

Upon waiting for his reaction, he turned his neck and head to witness the sight before him. God, for the first time in his whole existence he wanted to be Electra. Kissing Clover was such a privilege and he wouldn't mind having that privilege once again. He bit his tongue slightly before nearly losing his footing again. The boy was so damn clumsy, why would he drink even more? Well, he stopped. As he had earlier thought to himself, he couldn't risk forgetting the memory of his crush's lips paused against his. It was a sweet first kiss and he only hope that she would allow him to kiss her again sometime.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Chris Langdon
Not only was he frustrated by Electra's thoughts on the kiss, Chris felt terrible for shaming her character and forcing it to go back into hiding once again. Plus to make matters all the lot worse, the girl gave him a pat upon his forearm... He didn't know whether Electra was blind or not, but the last thing he wanted from her was a pity pat. Inside, he wanted to tell her how beautiful she was and how she had been since the first day he had met her. If the others were no longer with them, Chris probably wouldn't be able to control himself and another sense of a beast would be bound to take over his body.

With a sense of trouble on his mind, Chris turned back to the bottle which was the core of the game. Occasionally, his attention would drift over to Electra, although he could tell she wasn't going to look back, but that wasn't something that would make him stop. That's one thing you had to give credit to Chris. His determination. He could be ten feet underground in a hole full of shit, but still he would find a way up and no where different. Now, I'm not saying that Electra was the problem, she was no where near - just that he would find a solution to their problems. And hopefully by then the girl would be able to admit that their kiss was more than "fine". Quite frankly, it did the two of them justice, as now, Chris knew first-hand that Electra wasn't all cameras and polaroids.

"Look, Electra--" About to communicate with his crush through words, Clover had interrupted and he was silenced.
Scooching backward to give the two girls space for their lip time, Chris hadn't yet noticed the sudden presence of Darren beside him. The boy had been too distracted, after all, he was studying the mannerism of the kiss between the two girls. Had Freckles kissed him like that? And if so, he would've noticed, surely. Once Darren began to speak, it took him a while to answer and absurdly, he stared at the kissing couple before them. He ignored Darren;s question.
"Why do girls do this? Together you have the most incredible kiss known to mankind and then after, they act as if you ran over their puppy." Whispering this to his bestfriend, Chris inhaled sharply to calm himself down.
The sight of Electra and Clover kissing was getting him flustered and he was ready to boot Clover out of the way and take her place in a heartbeat. Though, by the way Darren was giving Electra the evils, it looked as if it'd be a race to the finish line.

Clover Richards
The kiss was entertaining, especially as Clover could feel both of the boy's eyes attracted to them as it was apart of their masculine instincts. Somehow, she didn't blame Chris for announcing that the two's kiss was amazing. Although Electra attempted to make this into nothing but a "friendly" - which it was - she was a good kisser. Sure, she wasn't quite as good as Darren, but he put a lot of passion, and energy into theirs so it'd be difficult to compete anyway. After a few more seconds, Clover pulled out ever so slightly and cupped both of her hands over Electra's dotted cheeks. She did this to prevent the boy's from hearing her.
"Follow my lead, ok?" She nodded her head while she spoke, eyes devious as they glanced back over to Chris and Darren.

Out of contact from Electra, the girl sat back next to Darren, exchanging a sneaky wink toward her stunning friend.
"Hey, guys! This game is getting a bit boring now, anyone up for some truth or dare?" She suggested, her eyes wide with innocence and pure of deceit.
She, herself wasn't one for playing truth or dare, but at the time, it seemed quite suitable for the group of runaway teens.

Clover looked to Darren, wearing a sweet smile along with her cheeks balling up.
"Truth or dare, Prince Polo?" She asked, the influence of alcohol often taking her to a conniving state while her system worked on sobering her up.
The girl couldn't help gaze down to Darren's lips. Those darn gentle lips had traumatised her, and not only in a bad way.


Be foolish & have fun
Electra Lee Lamb
After pulling away from kissing her female best friend, she chuckled slightly. Usually, it would be awkward for two close friends of the same sex to just kiss for the hell of a it but... They did it. And, judging by the evil looks from Darren and a look she couldn't quite understand from Chris, it seems they did pretty darn well. She wiped her lips slightly before nodding at Clover's words to assure her she agreed. Electra got the kiss she desired, she didn't want to risk kissing Darren. The thought of it made her shiver and cringe. In her mind, he already belonged to Clover. And anyway, it wasn't like Electra's heart had set upon him. Instead, she was feeling more of a connection with the other member of the group. She turned her neck subtly before turning her head too to quickly glance at the brown eyed boy, resisting the urge to smile. Electra had heard him try to talk to her before she kissed Clover but the game had changed and there was no point bringing it up again. Electra gulped slightly. Thankfully, she wasn't too drunk. Instead, she was just tipsy. The thoughts of stress had left her mind momentarily and the freckled girl focused on the new situation at hand. Truth or dare.

She gulped again. This time though, she gulped out of fear. But these were her close friends and she trusted each one too much; this recurring thought was one of the only reasons that fuelled her not to bail out on all of them. Electra looked towards her wrist before pulling off her grey hair band. She admired the colour grey more than any other colour. It was always overlooked in her mind. Not quite white, not quite black, it was even considered just a shade! Alas, Electra still admired it and claimed it to be her favourite colour. In an instant, her hair was lifted from her face in a loose ponytail. She could never do those french plaits everybody else could do but she never really cared too much. Her hair was hair. It didn't really mean anything to her. Electra's eyes gazed towards the window to see raindrops starting to gather. It was only lightly raining thankfully. Although, despite the lack of practicality, stuck in a storm would be rather fun. Her focus soon shifted again back to the others.

She wore a smile as Clover challenged Darren to being the first to take on the game. Their banter and their clear spark did indeed warm her stomach. For a girl that wasn't a huge fan for romantic relationships she did indeed 'ship' them inside of her brain. Within her brain, the locked away thoughts soon began to spill through the cracks and caused her to glance at Chris. Electra had wondered how he would enjoy this game... No, she didn't. She wanted to know if he had felt the same thing she did. At the thought she glanced out the window again, pondering all potential scenarios that could happen with the group now. Hopefully this game would further reduce the fear biting at the back of her head and even beginning to cause her a slight headache. Nothing too dramatic though thankfully. Electra usually thought things through but she had forgot to bring paracetamol. Well, she thought, at least the apples had been brought along.

Darren John Davidson
"I was asking for a thank you not a fucking sob story."
He joked with Chris before realising that may not have been the best response possible. In all honesty, it was just because he had no idea that Chris would be so hung up about a kiss from Electra. If it was Clover then he could understand but, Electra? She wasn't too amazing really but that wasn't the main thought he had put into his mind. Instead, at the thought of Chris and Clover kissing, Darren felt a slight pang in his chest. Jealousy wasn't a common feeling but it was mainly self doubt. The kiss he had with Clover was incredible and she responded well but Darren knew Chris was experienced. Darren couldn't help but feel slightly lesser than his friend in that moment. The young lad had distracted himself before he turned to his close friend again.
"Sorry, dude. But yeah, I understand. I guess girls are just hard to understand."
Darren nodded at his own statement while looking towards Clover. God, the amount of money Darren would pay just to know what was going on inside that pretty brain of her's. A grin had once again escaped when Clover beckoned him and forced his cheeks to rise before showing his teeth off in a wide smile.

At the mention of his new found nickname, he stood up straight in an instant before doing another bow. This time, he only stumbled an inch. In his head, it was the best fucking now he had ever done. Then again, he was on the verge of being very very drunk. His hand raked through his hair before looked Cliver straight into her beautiful warm eyes.
"A prince never backs down from a challenge to win over a princess does he? And I have to say, this princess is so magnificent, I'm going to have to go for... Dare."
Darren had made up his own scenario in his head of him dropping a mic and leaving a stage, he was that impressed by his own mini speech to take up the dare. The young man secretly prayed and hoped this was a do-able dare though, and not one that he would have to back down from though. Although, there weren't many that he would back down from. Darren subconsciously pushed his chest out ever so slightly due to the amount of pride growing inside of his belly. It had replaced the jealously he forced himself to feel.

Darren clicked his knuckles before eyeing everyone in the group. Electra? Most likely shit at this game. Clover? Probably very decent at this game. Chris? Well, Darren hadn't remembered the time they had last played truth or dare together but e just guessed he'd be a fucking legend at it or something. Maybe the truths would knock him down slightly but, everyone in the campervan probably had one bold strength and one vaulnrable weakness Darren could work out during the game. It wasn't out of malicious intent, it was just so Darren could actually get to know the 'deep' stuff from all of his best friends. In that moment, he chuckled to himself rather strangely. God. They were some of the only family he ever had! Darren loved all of them to pieces in such different ways. But, in that moment right there, his focus was on his crush Clover. Hopefully she would be impressed by his choice of choosing dare instead of the safe old truth.

d a n g e r

High as the Beach
Clover Richards
A slight drunken giggle passed through Clover's mouth while she watched the even more drunken state of that Darren was in. His stumbles made him that much more adorable to her keen, brown eyes, plus the consistent smile on his face made her's all that plenty wider till her cheeks touched her bottom eyelids. He seemed somewhat ready for the dare, his ego was clearly increased by the influence and that only encouraged Clover to difficult the dare further. In a playfully manner, the girl began to tap her chin as if in thought of a dare that would rock Darren's boxers off - and not necessarily in a good way. It would have to have a comedic humor to it, challenging, and something that didn't degrade his masculinity completely. And suddenly, her mind sparked with ideas that could possibly tick all these categories. Alas, she was tempted to pull up the cliche "kiss me" dare, but in some speculation herself, that dare seemed far too attention-seeking for her liking.

"Hm, I dare you... to switch clothes with someone on this van." In a way this was a test.
It was obvious that Chris would've been the easiest option and that the girls would've been the hardest, but she still wanted to see whether Darren was as devilish as he had made out to be. A daring look wrapped itself around Clover's face whilst she gazed into Darren's eyes, brows furrowed and ears perked awaiting who he would choose and his reaction. Honestly, considering Darren was drunk she wouldn't be too surprised if he did pick one of the girls as his switch partner, as his morals and senses appeared to be thrown out the window. Plus, an admittedly large part of Clover did want to be the girl who he chose, and since she was already wearing one of his shirts, it wouldn't have made much of a difference. Except for the reasonably tight shirt that she was wearing of hers underneath that she was sure he'd rip, but oh well, she had other shirts that she loved.

But for all the boys knew, Clover had a cunning plan. Darren and Chris thought her and Electra were messing with their heads, just they wait because they won't even see what's coming. And of course, she still had to inform Electra of their plans, but until then, her freckled friend would have to go along with the plan for the time being. Once Darren took his eyes off of her, she winked to Electra faster than the speed of light.

Chris Langdon
He nodded his head at Darren's fair explanation; however girls were never hard to understand from the ones he had experienced beforehand. They were usually the most uncomplicated creatures on the planet... except for Electra. He couldn't see past what she was saying or doing compared to the others of her species, and truly, that caught him off guard. He hadn't adjusted to handling the unexpected yet. And how on this Earth would he get to kiss those gentle, whereas intense lips again? Not that that was the only thing he was looking forward to. In the moment, looking up to the kiss before him only made him frown. He was determined to make their next kiss even better, than the previous one apart of that silly game - although, that was counting on if there would be another, where Chris was certain there would be,

Until the subject of starting another game occurred, which was Truth or Dare, Chris grew excited and not exactly because of the game but what power it had in the name. If he used the game to get the truth from Electra, than perhaps he would be able to find out how she really felt about him. Upon reason that as the girl looked back at Chris, he did just the same. Her face was unrecognisable from any emotion that he had ever encountered. Was she thinking about their shared topical event as much as he was? He would be overly disappointed if she thought differently, and there was no chance of him telling whether she did or did not. His eyes stared into her her's even after she had looked away and shortly, they were forced to shut by the stinging pressure. Who knew a kiss could drive someone to the edge of insanity until they were hanging by a hand.

It was all a matter of madness within the boy's mind, but still, he rubbed at his eyes, the plain, silver ring on his right hand index finger cold against his burning skin. He pulled his body down to the ground into a laying down position, his arms crossed whilst his legs were propped up into an arch. A curl of his hair fell onto the bridge of his nose and all he did was blow it back into the dark, chocolate brown abyss of his hair. The rather loud pelts of rain thudded demandingly against both the roof and windows of the campervan. It was weird to explain, but as a little boy, Chris had always loved when it'd rain outside, however he'd be inside in the warmth, concealed away from the world as his parents didn't let him outside as much as any other kid would.

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