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Fandom Rumors and Gossip / Manchester Academy Plotting + Chatting


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A plotting and chatting thread for my High school roleplay thread.

If you happen on this and like Soul Mate aus and Highschool roleplays, click this link; Manchester Academy Signups (click)
Be sure to post your characters on the Signups!

Wanna jump into the roleplay?; Roleplay thread (click)

My characters are Viola Brock and Hayden Kolt should anyone who joins wanna plot.

We now have a google doc! I may add more information to it eventually but right now it has the start of a mega-character list, a roommate list and a soulmate list.
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okay so i took a quick gander through the various applications to look at plot ideas posted and these are the ones i've seen so far that i have some input on and wanna hear what others have to say about them.

Maybe there is a group of students who decide to reject their soulmates, even before meeting them?
I personally really like this idea. A clique of persons, possibly some seers and non-seers, that are just against the idea of having a soulmate or maybe have personally feelings against the idea of a having one. I think both in real life and in roleplay this is a thing and it is a very plausible feeling for the characters to have. Some may just not be ready and thus afraid. Some could just have a low self-worth and think they aren't worth it (which could add to character development with their Soulmate slowly proving them the opposite). But yeah, i wouldn't mind seeing this in the roleplay.

Perhaps the school can be connected to many different worlds and dimensions with dorms being based on the dimension/world you come from with students from the same or similar worlds/dimensions often rooming together for their comfort. Despite this, students from vastly different worlds are encouraged to interact, not only for soulmate reasons but also to see how the new knowledge and perspectives attained can help the students in the future.
So, technically the school is already connected to different worlds. Hayden is half elf and belongs to the royal family of a separate world.

However, i personally prefer students being thrown out of their comfort zone a bit. They're use to being around those like them. Going to your dorm in a school is nerve-wracking as is and to find out the roommate you have is of a complete other species than yourself? that's an entirely new experience for some (not all) and it'll definitely cause some confusion, shock and maybe some not so positive reactions. It's good as it brings character development, builds relationships and helps characters interact and actually start their school reputation somewhere. How will (A) react to (B) being a (insert specie) and vice versa. Will their opinion and reaction bring one's reputation down or will others agree with them?

What does everyone else think though?

Perhaps seers are often held highly in the school and society, leading to them often having to take separate classes to train to become a professional seer? I feel like it could be interesting especially with characters like Samuel possibly not wanting to be a seer so he won’t be separated from Nessie.
I actually was thinking something similar! I would definitely think that Seers, above all, would be held highest. They'd have a lot of expectations placed upon them. However, i think the separate classes would be optional as not all students would want to train further in their abilities for varying reasons that could relate to their backstories. However, i do like this idea but i am curious on what these classes would be named. The only names popping into my head at 1am are.. incredibly uncreative lol.

As for Samuel maybe a teacher urges him to take the classes as they see a lot of potential in him as a seer. or perhaps their father signs him up for the classes without his knowledge?

edit; also gonna hold off on making the roleplay thread until i make a few more characters, for one, and also work on pairing up some soulmates
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I’mma just comment here to get notified

I do definitely understand the idea of students being purposely thrown out of their comfort zone! Good thinking!

Exactly! That’s what I was thinking! And hm... so far I’m thinking they’d be like one or two classes on strings afterschool or before school that focus on the study, creation, and destruction of strings? That’s all I got!

I think it would be a teacher urging him. Like he accidentally reveals he’s a seer (I can imagine him honestly forming strings just to perform small tricks/illusions with them) and reluctantly joins to get them off his back and hide it from Nessie, not wanting things to change.


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i managed to get my new characters up and i'm *dead inside now* almost 4am so i'm probably gonna head off to bed soon.

maybe the class could take place in the free segment they have from after school ends? like an after school activity kind of thing for seers?


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Adeline and Elliott are open for any plotting ideas.
I think Adeline would envy the seers for not having a soulmate, due to the extra complications it brings. She has an intense fear of rejection already, so the protentional of the person she is "meant to be with" choosing someone else. So, she may be a part of the group that rejects their soulmates. Elliott, on the other hand, is aware that he probably doesn't have a soulmate and agonize over that. The idea of having someone that was meant to love him would have comforted him as a child, so he probably would have had some issues when he discovered his power.
The twins do have an unusually close bond, which is partially due to their home situation, but mostly due to their feelings about soulmates. Even if neither of them ever fall in love, at least they have each other. This will probably mean that they would be incredibly protective of eachother, especially when it comes to one another's soulmates or romantic relationships However, the two of them are very different and probably wouldn't be a part of the same friend group.
That’s what I was thinking for the seer classes!

And eyy! Another pair of twins. I can imagine Samuel definitely relating to their feelings of having a soulmate, definitely wanting Nessie to find her’s so she can have the company but afraid of all the changes it could bring, making his ability as a Seer kind of like a curse. Meanwhile Nessie is just sort of mixed on having a soulmate, having had social struggles but also being a hopeless romantic and adoring the concept. She just doesn’t want to mess up but also has this optimistic view that either way, her and Samuel will stick together, just as they always have.


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Leah is now finally open for plotting ideas!
I personally can wait to finally rp with you guys, so I'll be waiting for a plotting idea.


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So i'm currently here thinking on soulmates.

What i've got so far is.. well jumbled. I'm thinking on potential soulmates for each person so *inhale* let's begin..
Leah - They have similar interests, and have some traits in common in terms of their personalities. They each have issues they could help one another get over. With Leah, her short-temper, and with Alexis her depression and sorrow due to losing someone she deeply cared for and, in connection, her view on men. Thread color would be picked by the respective roleplayers.
Aberdeen - Aberdeen's ability to read others well could help alexis a little as aberdeen may be able to read her a little easier and maybe help her realize she doesn't particularly need fixing really and could be a good person for Alexis to open up too and help sort out her feelings with. However, interests wise i don't think they have very much in common aside from Gaming (which is better than absolutely nothing or everything).

Alexis (look above)
Aberdeen - Like with Alexis, Aberdeen could do Leah some good. She could help her to maybe become less aggressive/short-tempered and maybe offer her someone to talk to in order to vent out her frustrations to therefor lessen her aggressive response to others. Aberdeen could be her clarity and the one who helps Leah grow a little and become a mature person that doesn't let her emotions get the best of her. While leah could potentially help aberdeen open herself up to the idea of friends.

Alexis (above)
leah (above)
Hazelia - Due to Aberdeens personality, i can kind of see Hazelia showing interest and wanting to get closer to see if Aberdeen is the 'one' but upon learning Aberdeen is a seer, realizes she can't just have a thread made. As a result Hazelia will have to go out of her normal comfort zone and actually try building a friendship. Or maybe she at first approaches aberdeen pleading her to tie a thread between Hazelia and someone else and Aberdeen offhandedly comments that 'that isn't how soulmates work' sparking interest from Hazelia whom begins to inquire on what soulmates are actually about. Nonetheless, if these two got together, it'd be a slow process for Aberdeen to slowly work with Hazelia to stop her from her serial romantic ways and Hazelia's personality is considerably outgoing so, she'd be persistent enough to keep asking Aberdeen to talk about herself and would likely be able to get aberdeen to open up over time.

Adeline - Personally she is my first choice here because of her 'i wont take your bullshit' personality. I can imagine her being the one to try and get Ares to accept his nature and realize that change isn't that bad but in a very blunt fashion. I can see Ares helping her with her insecurities while she aids him in acceptance of change. Who knows, maybe Ares could also help her not to believe the worst in everyone and everything..
Jasper - Cat and dog? Jasper is a straightforward person, he wont beat around the bush and if he is interested? He's interested and he'll make sure you know it. I can see him showing interest in Ares even if they aren't soulmates simply because of the fact he's a halfling- Part werewolf and part incubus? That's definitely interesting. As soulmates, i imagine Jasper would give Ares his space at first, allow him time to think about the whole soulmate thing on his own a bit before jasper would approach. He isn't the romantic-type but flirting means he's the center of attention- and that is something Jasper likes. Jasper could help Ares in regards to his concern of how a soulmate might change him and also in regards to his werewolf abilities. The fact they are both inhuman could also offer some reassurance to Ares knowing that while he could potentially hurt Jasper, it won't have the same lasting effect as it would on a Human. Jasper would heal, probably very quickly at that in comparison to humans who take a while to recover.

Also, if interested, i think it could be interesting to make the trio above a triangle. As in (for example) Jasper is soulmates with Adeline who is also soulmates with Ares. I think this could be interesting to play out - Who will end up with who? Will someone end up heart broken? or maybe they end up as a poly group?

Aberdeen (above)
Nessie - I think, if anything, Nessie could help Hazelia learn of what soulmates are and the two both being non-seers means there is a third person Hazelia would need to run to in order to get a thread tied. Hazelia would probably be interested in Nessie's daydreams about romance and would probably try to (later on) make some of them real if she can. Nessie and Hazelia both seem to be Daydreamers seeing as Hazelia fell in love with the idea of falling in love, and her only reason for being a serial romantic is to actually find the one, they are on a similar level but choose to go about it differently. Hazelia is actively looking while Nessie is considering her ideas and dreams and to be simply fantasies and that she needs to focus on work - Hazelia could help nessie realize that focusing on work isn't healthy and sometimes you need to follow your heart as well.

Ares (above)
Levi - Personally, i think Levi would be drawn to her personality above all else. If interested, i had a plot of levi in which he is seeking out the reincarnation of his past soulmate, Verona. Maybe Adeline is her reincarnation. Maybe that's why she 'assumes the worst in everyone/everything' because of her past life nagging and influencing her despite her not remembering her past life. They're both sarcastic, which could potentially result in some interesting conversation. Levi's proper personality would likely help her to realize that not everyone is as bad as she may think, with him being a demon most assume he's attempting to get them to sin or something of the sort but in reality? He's quite proper. If she feels insecure, Levi would definitely be there to reassure her and if someone were to bully her in some way? He'd be quick to defend her. He has a short fuse when it comes to those he cares about, but doesn't hold many in high regard. I can also see him attempting to prank her in hopes of getting a smile that isn't sarcastic or patronizing.

Not done but this is what i've considered so far

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I'm definitely excited for the roommate situation with Hayden and Ares. Ares being the overly comfortable and unruly type would probably make Hayden a little more awkward than usual. Thanks to the closeness of packs, he has no sense of personal space with strangers outside of his soulmate. May the bromance begin!

I also love the possibility of a love triangle, could bring out a lot of possessiveness that would in turn make things even more confusing and interesting


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I'd be down for a love triangle with the three of them. Addy probably wouldn't end up in a poly relationship, just because she would constantly assume that she's a third wheel. If she ends up being the one with two soulmates, Elliott will absolutely give advice to whoever he likes more (probably Jasper due to Ares' player vibe).

I think Addy and Selene could become friends and maybe Selene would take her under her wing? They could bond over their reluctance to have soulmates. Addy would probably try to get her roommate to open up and have a bit more fun.

I think Samuel and Elliott would have an interesting dynamic as roommates. Elliott would probably try to help him hide his powers, if that's what he wants, but would also encourage him to accept himself (though that's pretty hypocritical). The two of them are quite different, but very similar to each other's sisters so I think that could make things interesting
In my case, I am also up for anything with Nessie and Samuel. I'll need to go through the list to make specific choices but I definitely think it will be fun to explore the possibilities with of relationships between them and anyone here ^^

Speaking of, I definitely think it would be interesting to see Samuel's and Elliott's dynamic as well. I think Samuel will try to brush off his seer abilities around Elliott unless Nessie is there, not necessarily wanting this to become public information out of fear of the change that will come with it. So I definitely think it could be quite interesting with Samuel definitely pointing out the hypocrisy behind Elliott's words if Elliott begins going to far with the encouragement
Speaking of, I definitely think Hazelia and Nessie could have a sweet dynamic, possibly being at odds at first with Nessie attempting to remain grounded and Hazelia fully being a dreamer. Over time, them discovering that they're not as they seem could be very sweet with both balancing each other out whether it be romantic or platonic. I also can imagine Hazelia being hurt by a joke by a third party and Nessie is here like >:0


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You took the words out of my mouth. That was what I was thinking for Alexis and more. I can work with that.


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Ah yes a bromance. The first of many i'm sure.

Viola will probably be curious as well but she'll save her questions not wanting to jump the gun in case her roommate isn't the friendly sort. Viola, after all, is just here to finish school (and maybe find a soulmate but that's not her goal, that's the goal of her adoptive parent.) and also learn more on her abilities and who knows, maybe she can figure out a way to lose her abilities. She'd probably be most interested in Leah's past and her interests, hoping that they may at least share something in common since they're going to be spending the year together in the dorms, they may spend a lotta time together and awkward silence isn't the best way to spend it.

Selene would definitely be hesitant on getting close to Addy, and would probably ignore her attempts at first but will eventually relent and definitely take Addy under wing. I can see Selene quickly becoming protective of Addy as well. I can see this friend group possibly spreading to include Nessie and probably Hazelia.

In terms of friendships, Samuel might get along well with Jasper? Jasper's hard to offend so they would both take solace in knowing they can't offend the other. They are also both charismatic individuals, and where Samuel is skilled in trickery, Jasper loves messing with people using his cat form which i think they'd both take mild amusement in as well. I don't know. What do you think?

Also had an idea, Selene or Viola could potentially be a good potential soulmate for Samuel.

Viola and Samuel both have issues showing their emotions so, they could potentially be an interesting pair as they'd have to push themselves and eachother to show some emotion. However, thinking on it, Viola might be too much of a downer for Samuel.

Selene on the other hand could help him convey his emotions better, and with Addy helping her to also learn to let go a little could potentially be a good match. She could go to addy for advice, just as addy might go to her for advice. In any instance, i think Selene would be hesitant at first and would need some urging (likely from Addy or Nessie, maybe?) to actually go for it.

Both Viola and Selene wouldn't really be affected by his flirtation (Though, both would probably grow to offer at least amusement or flirtatious responses (even if they're poorly made) to him).

As for the Triangle, I imagine Jasper wouldn't really take much regarding it seriously. He'd probably need a darn good reality check (which could potentially be delivered by addy who is just Done with his BS) and thus he'd need to grow a little to realize that hey love isn't a joke and that he'll need to take his situation seriously. I imagine he'd eventually begin wondering who would be a better fit for Addy. Him, a cat without any ability to protect her- or the Werewolf-incubus mix (with him probably leaning towards Ares).


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Speaking of, I definitely think Hazelia and Nessie could have a sweet dynamic, possibly being at odds at first with Nessie attempting to remain grounded and Hazelia fully being a dreamer. Over time, them discovering that they're not as they seem could be very sweet with both balancing each other out whether it be romantic or platonic. I also can imagine Hazelia being hurt by a joke by a third party and Nessie is here like >:0
What IF she has Aberdeen make a string for her and Nessie & then somewhat falls for Aberdeen but is still attached to Nessie and has to make a decision :0


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I've added some headcanons onto my forms, as well as a link to a pintrest board I made to develop their personalities more. I've also had an idea, that maybe all of the people who don't want soulmates (and those who don't have them yet), throw a party in secret, as a last hurrah before they are trapped in a commitment. Then maybe those who weren't invited could find out about it, so it could cause drama with the soulmates and get everyone in trouble with the seers? It's just an idea though.

I think Elliott and Hayden could be friends, as they are quite similar. They are both rather soft and I think they could get along quite well. That being said, if Elliott finds out Hayden in a prince, he would feel quite betrayed and create distance between the two of them.

Though Levi and Addy aren't going to be soulmates, I think the two of them could be best friends. They would create absolute chaos and Addy did have a pet snake at one point (though I don't know if she'd be allowed to have him at school).


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I've also had an idea, that maybe all of the people who don't want soulmates (and those who don't have them yet), throw a party in secret, as a last hurrah before they are trapped in a commitment. Then maybe those who weren't invited could find out about it, so it could cause drama with the soulmates and get everyone in trouble with the seers? It's just an idea though.
I really like this idea of the party. Perhaps it's held around the holidays and could be like an annual holiday tradition that the students just have. Maybe it we were to play it out in the roleplay we could have this year be the year they're caught for the ~angst~


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Maybe for like an all-inclusive plot we could do like.. An Autumn Dance or festival? Maybe at the dance the students are kind of.. urged to get costumes as it's more a halloween dance ?

I just noticed the head canons and was like "Oh neat i wonder what they are" and started reading

"The type to apologize when he bumps into an object"
I'm lowkey cackling.

Well, i imagine that as long as it isn't incredibly dangerous to keep the school wouldn't mind. (i.e, i doubt they'd allow her to keep like.. a Giant king cobra lol) Levi himself has a small pet viper he keeps.
And yeah, i can see them getting close as friends if nothing else.


Hey all! I just joined with my girl Trinity. Please let me know if she interests anyone. She has a pretty complicated backstory, but I'm hoping she'll find someone to love her. :closedeyescryingfrown:

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