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RULES OF NATURE - Cyberpunk Espionage Action

Dice System


Dialectical Hermeticist

I'm seeking five players to take on the roles of officers in Lightning Security Solutions; professional soldiers fighting for a better future. Characters will be maimed. They might die. Sometimes the price of justice is sacrifice. Sometimes that sacrifice is your humanity.
The system is easy enough to learn, a dice-pool system that's easy to use but has mechanical depth if you want to engage with it.
No prior experience with this game or dice games required. All skill levels welcome.
One post a week is ideal, once a month is acceptable.
No set post length - just post what you feel is necessary to move things along.


In the bad old days, Magi ruled the world; cruel and capricious sorcerer-kings who set themselves above ordinary humankind, wielding arcane might by raw effort of will.
Then Samantha Klein invented the revolver and things got a little more equal.

Two-hundred and seventy years later, the Imerian Federation officially bans Magi from public office. All legal citizens are tracked by use of the Redline - an enchanted chip that contains their personal information. Ostensibly to keep Magi from going rogue and to offer more convenience to the rest of humankind.
But here's the trick: denied thrones, Magi discovered boardrooms can be more powerful. Politicians can be bought. Police can be bribed. The massed poor can't do a thing about legal business.

Corporations rule the world. The government exists purely to maintain the illusions of freedom and choice. Forget Magic - money makes the world go 'round. Corps operate like sovereign nations on their own property, with employees heavily monitored, often paid in company Loyalty rather than real money, free to kill or imprison as they see fit.
Worse off still are the Blacklines. The poor, the downtrodden, the unprofitable. No legal rights, no protections unless they can pay private police companies. Grist for the capitalist mill.

Enter Lightning Security Solutions, LLC. A private military company with a conscience, founded by former police captain Lexi Smoke. They've put their money on a brave new world - the city-state of Fortune plans to implement a socialist democracy, putting fetters on the corporations and power back into the hands of the people. LSS jumped on the contract to assist and protect Fortune's current mayor from corp assassins, the city from espionage, the people from the depredation of vengeful corporate powers.

18 months in the making, today Fortune declares their new constitution and secession from the Imerian Federation. Now is the time the corps will strike, using anonymous PMCs in a show of force to make an example of Fortune.
It's on you, soldiers of LSS, to save the day.


I need:
  • SUB-COMMANDER: Commander Smoke's second in command, leader of the initial player group.
  • MCM SPECIALIST: Magical Counter-Measures; an expert in technical and sorcerous systems, a hacker and anti-mage in one.
  • STRIKE COMMANDER: The consummate soldier. A front-line combatant who knows the value of teamwork and individual action both.
  • INFILTRATOR: War is not the ordinary world. Morals and valour are comforting illusions best left at the door. A knife in the dark is worth a thousand swords at dawn. [please note: this character is preferred to have a history as a child soldier for over-arching plot reasons].
  • ARMOURED COMMANDER: You are the shield for the men on the ground, employing advanced war-machines and powered exoskeletons to take out enemy artillery and armour.
More information will become available when a quorum of players has been achieved.

This RP will be supported by a dice-based mechanical system, but do not be intimidated - pre-written character sheets will be made available and rolls will be kept to a dramatically necessary minimum. Prior experience useful but by no means required.

This RP would benefit from at least one post per week, ideally up to three. There is no requirement for minimum wordcounts* or arbitrary notions of literacy: if you can communicate clearly, play with the group, and maintain a character, you are welcome.

Please post if you would be interested and ask questions as you like; I am happy to answer them.

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*I prize concise, effective prose and may politely request toning it down if you routinely go over 1k words per post.
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Dialectical Hermeticist
Nice. Feel free to ask questions and pitch character concepts; it keeps us bumped.

Kingly K Duel

Guy with many thoughts and Ideas
Well, speaking of character concepts, I was thinking of Armored Commanders being tanky units inside either humanoid or animal-like mechs aside from, such as a familiar face we all know: The Rhino (the mechanical version of course)


Of course, they're likely to be lots of variations between models, some more humanoid others more exotic.

Possibly individual IC credits could be used to further augment or upgrade the mechs or the chars depending on the level. The more Exotic and deadly, the more expensive the aug. But thats just me here, you do you.

Though the big question is the character format sheets. Name, age, gender should be obvious of course, but do species and other things like background boons and cons come into play? Just asking bc im curious.

Sorry for the blurb, but hope this RP kicks off!


Dialectical Hermeticist
Oh as it happens I have some examples - numbers slightly outdated.



Dialectical Hermeticist
I designed it myself and I do not have the graphic design chops to make a nice sheet.


Dialectical Hermeticist
Thanks! We can worry about the raw numbers and how they're allotted once we have five players and can get somewhere, before I try make anyone learn the system.

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
I'm interested, although i want to know if using magic in some way is possible? I like the MCM Specialist role

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