1. Zurgus let out a low growl and started walking towards the objective. He nodded at the medic as he past but did not slow. "Copy that lead next time we see an enemy squad well just run at them and hope we don't die. Back up is overrated anyway." With this last comment he brought up his arm data pad and check his suit cams and data feed where still working before bringing the map up on his HUD. The IR smoke gave off a faint signal that showed on the map. The signal was coming from what appeared to be a small outpost and a faint friendly IFF tag was showing. Zurgus broke into a slow jog as he slipped his shotgun from his shoulder and reloaded the shells. He racked the shotgun and started to sprint.

    Terrans. Always fighting. Bloody Terrans.

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  2. No matter how hard he looked, Lebowski could never find out how to remove the gauntlet. It wasn't as simple as breaking a lock or anything like that. Xenos always loved to overcomplicate things, no matter how simple the tool was. And no matter how hard he tried, Lebowski wasn't getting anywhere.

    "I guess we'll just have to use excessive force, then." Lebowski grabbed the xeno's corpse by it's lifeless, still hand. He adjusted his grip to the wrist. At this point, he forced his mechanical muscles to work. He pulled on the carcass's arm until it finally came straight off with a geyser of blood. "The package is secure. I hope you enjoy the added bonus."
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    During the briefing upon the deployment ship Zoka had remained silent towards the cockpit of the aircraft. Not one for conversation before an important battle her presence was washed out by the chatter of the others. Once the command to strap in for pod launch was given she clicked the carbon fiber clasps into one another securing her shoulders against the interior pod, with a grunted lean she pulled the hatch closed with the launch proceeding shortly after. The brief moments of complete solace inside the pods was always just enough time to collect her thoughts before a battle. However her silence was suddenly interrupted when her HUD lit up bright red // WARNING: TRAJECTORY OFF COURSE a small hiss of annoyance escaped her lips as the Pod spiraled off course, upon contact her head slammed against the back of the Pod's seat, it wasn't enough to Jar her brain but was sure enough to hurt like hell.

    The once illuminated window of the pod was now completely black. Where she had landed she'd only find out once she secured her position. With a momentary click alongside a swift and powerful kick she had unbuckled her 8-point harness and watch as the pod door slammed against a rocky surface and tumbled uncontrollably down a rocky wall into a bottomless pit. She hadn't even heard the sound of the door hit the ground yet. As she stepped towards the edge of the pods opening she looked down... as expected nothing but blackness all the way down. She adjusted herself inside the pod and looked up; a hole where the pod had entered the cliff side, allowing a bit of natural light to shine in, wasn't much help though seeing how it was night time.

    The pod creaked under her weight and in the next moment she found herself fisting the cliff wall as she watched the pod disappear into the abyss as well. Hanging like a marionette on the cliffside she quickly pulled her weight upwards. She could hear distant gunfire as she continued to climb, no doubt the rest of the squad had already landed carving a path of corpses towards the objective. Every now and then she could hear bits and pieces of what was being said over the comms but it wasn't until she was at the cusp of the hole her pod had made that everyone's voice began coming in loud and clear. She pulled herself up and out sitting on top of a cliff before brushing the dirt off the Poleyn of her armor. Luckily her weapons were still firmly holstered and suffered no munition or firepower loss.

    She kneeled down placing a hand on the edge of the cliff overlooking the entire area, this had been a lucky spot for the Pod to land and would give her and her squadmates the 1-up on the enemy seeing how they couldn't be flanked anymore. Her HUD lit up scanning the canyon, it highlighted her squadmates but more importantly revealed every single enemy in the canyon to the rest of Sigma Squad, even ones dug down into trenches. Nowhere was safe for the enemy down there now. She allowed herself an amused laugh before taking her lighter out of it's pouch, and the blunt from her ear before lighting it with an electrical stream current. Clicking the lighter closed and putting it away, she took a long drag before snuffing it out on her boot.

    She brought her modified GSM-40 with a NV-72 scope to the front of her person, shifting it's weight in her hands and effortlessly cocking and arming the weapon, placing the scope into her eye. She watched as Marius tore through the battlefield before turning her mic on.

    "Sigma 8 confirming location. You guys should see a lot of enemies highlighted down there. I got lucky when my pod went off course and landed up on one of the cliffsides. It's impossible to rendezvous until you guys get closer there are enemies all around, and we've got a good vantage point. Requesting new orders, over."

    The last part was a bit of an exaggeration but truthfully she couldn't see any enemies if they were on the other side of her cliff. She continued to watch Marius for a moment before moving her eye to the other squadmates.

    "And uh... Major... you might want to take it easy, we actually need you alive this time."

    She hoped that brought a smile to his face.
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  4. With the 'package' all secured, Lebowski was now double-timing it to whether the rest of his unit decided to hole up. He remembered how easy it was to fight these guys back in the day, when the weren't such a major threat to galactic security as they were now. Lebowski had known rookies come in fresh and go out frozen. It seemed as if the numbers of casualties was only rising these days.

    "This is Lebowski. Approaching your location, watch your fire. Avoid shooting at my head, if possible. Out." Without a helmet anymore, Lebowski was now eligible for the 'One Shot, One Kill' scenario. He'd have to be careful, else he too would be going home all frosty too. He didn't desire a closed casket funeral.
  5. Marius could feel the pain lessen to a dull throb as the pain killers flooded his blood stream, the Bio-gel creating a synthetic skin to stop the flow of his cobalt blood. Getting to his feet, the Major looked about at the assembly of Paladins, in a field of corpses. "Takahn, Ostrogo, Yayanara, Itera, rondevous with Corporal Tebor. Lieutenant, you are team leader. Make sure they come back alive." He said over his comms, before turning to the others. "The rest of you are with me. We'll converge on the third gun when Yayanara's team destroys the outpost. After that, If we survive, first rounds on me." The Major said with a bit of a jovial tone, partly being the pain drugs talking. Hefting his GSM-40, He began making his way towards the second gun. "Reese, you have point. Move out."

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  6. Lucienne gave a glance at knife ears and a low growl before turning around and following Kyda. She looked at her equipment testing if any of it was damaged by the explosion, gas nozzles seemed fine, same with the ionizer for the hunk o' junk on her arms. Grabbin her shotgun she filled it back up full of shells and keeping it on seeing how shes about to go on a small trek with the others. Walking next to her flat faced friend that had briefly enjoyed her body on him, albeit with a grenade next to them, and nodded to him. "you doing good?" Without waiting for a response she showed him the side where she absorbed most of the ka'boom on and asked. "Hows it lookin?" @Pavan @Fanaa
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  7. Well, at least the painkillers he'd mixed seemed to be doing the job, Marius already seemed a bit too happy after such a recent rage, and as he gave groups and began walking towards the cliffs in the distance, the Private looked over at Zurgus. And saying a little wish he followed Marius, Medkit secured to his back and weapon in his hands as he looked at the still image of the cliffs the AI had so kindly provided, well... Snipers or not, at least he'd get to put all this agility to more use than dodging shots and battlefield advantages.
  8. Lebowski rode down a slide of rubble. A slide, that conveniently led to the rest of his unit. Perhaps it had been through the will of a benevolent being who wanted to skip a bit of effort and get straight to it, but that thought just seemed ridiculous at that point.

    He approached his comrades. They too seemed tquite have seen a bit of conflict, judging by the newly forming scars and dents in their armour. "I picked up dinner. I heard this stuff is pretty exotic." He tossed the bloodied and lifeless limb to the floor. The gauntlet was still attached, much to Lebowski's dismay. "So, AA guns right? I think they took out all our ships, condiering how long all this took."
  9. Zurgus Picked up the limb from the ground before falling into step next to Lucienne. "I'm fine." When Luci stop and showed her armour Zurgus stopped and took a minute to examine the damage to the armour plates. "You might want Kyda to take a look at your suits booster pack after the mission but everything looks fine for now." Mike gave her a quick smile before turning his attention back to the gauntlet-ed arm. Zurgus planned to give it straight to Kyda but figured that he should try and remove the arm first. He pulled out a small spray bottle with a thin long nozzle. He sprayed the powerfull corrosive just where the arm and gauntlet connected melting the armour and flesh. The smell was foul but the arm eventually fell loose leaving the shield projector undamaged. Zurgus turned and handed it to Kyda. "Maybe you can figure out how it works."

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  10. With their orders, the two teams quickly set off to fulfill their objectives. Well, not quickly enough, as two Deacons ambushed Red and Blue Team, both gunning down Zoka Itera, as the sniper quickly learned he was not so well hidden as he had thought. Plasma burned and ripped apart the human sniper, until only his charred remains stood. "Woodard, Take them ou-...." Marius began to bark only to be cut off as the second Sniper of the group quickly hit the floor, a glowing red shard of steel protruding from his visor. "Fuck... Get To Cover!" The major roared, sprinting towards the burnt out husks of what used to be dropships.
    "Lebowski, Takahn, Light'em up with those M-233's now!" The major cried, firing a burst from his GSM-40, the rounds peppering their shields. Not even a day in, and both snipers were downed. This mission better be fucking worth it. He thought while continuing to lay down cover fire for his remaining brothers and sisters.

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  11. “Christ!” Lebowski cried as he slammed into cover. He had just witnessed two of his subordinates get taken out before he could even start thinking about granola bars again. There was a common myth amongst the regular infantry that a Paladin could never killed by anything tossed at them. The scene that had just ensued was solid proof that such a thing was a myth, and only a myth.

    The Sergeant Major ripped off a bandolier of an incendiary grenades. A little something to balance out the charred remains on both sides.
    “Heads down! Lighting the barbecue!” And with those words, Lebowski stripped the grenades of their pins and tossed them over. The chatter of gunfire was swiftly replaced with alien screams as ignited oil stuck to their bodies before dropping to the floor. Sweet, sweet karma.
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  12. Well it seemed like all things were going, but soon enough the way they were showed its ugly head as the Deacons showed up and promptly laid waste to the two snipers, it was quick, not really any notable screaming, but the sight was something to remember and not by far in a good way. If it hadn't been for his instincts kicking in as soon as the fight started, Riktor would have joined the two snipers in whatever waited everything after death, because the moment he slammed into cover he was frozen. Both hands gripping the GSM-40 in his hands as the remains of two of his squad-mates stuck themselves front and center in his mind, the charred remains and burning foliage and ash surrounding the first, and the destroyed visor and blood coming from the second. He already knew about the impact war could have on the mind, it was part of his medical training, to spot the symptoms of they so arised, but luckily for him this was only going to be a nightmare for future nights of horrid sleep.

    Still holding his back against the small pile of rubble from a crashed ship, and his hands rigid on his weapon as the Deacons turned to screaming, his HUD made note of the passing vitals of the two Paladins for records sake. He was not any help during this fight, he knew that, he also knew that casualties were a part of war, he knew that well, but to see such a thing his first foray into it he wasn't planning on disconnecting from that rock anytime soon.​
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  13. Lucienne jumped to the front pulling Kyda back preferably throwing her to the lizard and let loose both of her flamethrowers at the deacon. "get back!" she yelled behind her. When it was apparent that she wasnt doing much to it she started to back pedal hoping the plasma flames keep it distracted and busy.
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  14. Zurgus took one large step forward putting himself to the right of Lucinne before pulling a satchel from his belt and hoisting it towards the Deacon. Zurgus turned and wrapped his arm around Lucinne and pushed hard droping them both into a foxhole before shouting, "FIRE IN THE HOLE" He held up a small detonator and triggered it. The satchel charge erupted sending dirt, shrapnel and bits of deacon flying. As soon as the explosion cleared Zurgus jumped out of the hole and scanned the area. He couldn't see anymore deacons. He also couldn't see the engineer that was only a metre behind him before they arrived. "KYDA WHERE ARE YOU?" Zurgus didn't like this. The enemy was still coming, they had already lost both snipers, and now he was beginning to panic.

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    Lucienne was about to get fucked when she saw the deacons gauntlet rear up for a good o'l punching but she was 'saved' when Zurgus, her flat-faced friend, grabbed her and pulled her down with him. While her plasma throwers were still going off, she had to quickly shut them off unless she wanted to melt the lizards scales off and the rest of him and his armor before hitting the floor. She didnt even hear him yell when as when she hit the ground it was followed closely by a large 'boom.' Well, that was second time she was next to an explosion and survived relatively intact in less than an hour, that had to be a record right? somewhere? Paladin leader boards? maybe? Groaning she followed the scales when he got up and started yelling for Kyda their acting commander.

    She Stretched when it seemed safe and clear of hostiles and looked around for any bird brain tech that she could probably use and keep as a momento. But she couldn't find much especially with Zurgus's yelling, so she walked over to him, clearly seeing that he was starting to panic, and bonked him on the head. "Shut up, you're annoying." Watching the spikey headed friend hold his head she looked around the small battlefield they had with the deacon it was fairly empty with Kyda not being seen anywhere. "hm, must've thrown her farther than i thought." Looking back at the lizardy lizard she reassured him. "Look, Horn hair's probably lost somewhere in the woods, if we get to our objective we'd probably meet up with her, got that?" She slapped him on the back to set him straight.
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  16. Between the incendiary grenades, Plasma jets, and high explosive rounds, the two Deacons were quickly reduced to nothing but smoldering pieces of meat and chitin. To say the least, they were dead. Very very dead. With the death of the two snipers, Marius was forced to send a mental command to Malevolent Intent to call in for reinforcements ASAP. Looking up at the three pyros, he sent them a flurry of hand gestures translating to Get Moving, before once more taking point and leading the others towards their primary objective.
    "I have three paladins being pulled from cryo. they'll be here in T-minus ten Minutes. Stay alive Major." The Sociopathic AI said as the team continued it's trek. It didn't take long for them to reach the cliffs, as they leapfrogged the entire way. half of the squad would use their jumpjets while the other half covered their six, alternanting between jumps. It was a standard practice they would use during raids, and this mission would be no different.
    Minutes passed as they quietly skirted the cliffs, moving towards separate vantage points, to better disorient and destroy the entrenched Talakan forces.

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