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Multiple Settings Rps for the lusty month of may

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Hiya I'm looking to make some beautiful stories with another beautiful brain! Here's my recent cravings all on once spot.

A bit about me:
You can call me Lu! I'm a groovy 21 year old she/they bisexual with a love for the arts and history. I aim to go into screenwriting and comedy so I tend to have very snappy dialogue and fun wordplay even in dramatic rps. I love drinking chocolate malts and thrifting.

What I'm looking for
1. I'd prefer partners 18+
2. Semi-lit-to literate style. I've been averaging 4 paragraphs per post so something around that length is best but quality over quantity.
3. Let's plan together and communicate story plans
4. I'd love if my partner is pretty active but I understand when life gets in the way and if ghosting eventually happens. We've all been there.
5.There will be romance but we should strive for complex motivations and relationships between character besides the easy connection of a romantic interest. LGBTQ+ welcome
6. I'm new to rp nation but not to rps so have patience with me as I figure out new culture and formating

And now . . . THE PROMPTS!

Robin Hood in love

An RP based on the classic hero, exploring how he and Marion first met and their adventures together. (I'd also be open to a mxm oc love story about Robin and one of his merry men.)

Secret identity

Character A is shocked to learn that their partner is a spy when their date is interrupted. Character B Is forced to bring their cover-civilian date on a wild globetrotting adventure. B is nothing like the person they were before, and A battles feelings of betrayal and confusion as they set out on the journey of a lifetime.

Lady and the Liar (1950s)

A charming thief meets a rich young lady and takes her on a whirlwind evening date, before stealing her checknook and writing himself a generous donation. The man was never caught, and a year later they meet again on a cruise ship. Does she try to catch the crook red handed or confront him?

Office Affairs

YC starts an secret affair with their boss (mc1), but is later found out by their close friend and co-worker (mc2). YC is thrown into a complicated triangle.

Willkommen in Cabaret

1930s Berlin, At a Cabaret club, home to pleasure seekers and performers queer and otherwise. Inspired by this classic setting, I want to build characters to play out a romantic drama.

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