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First, we met the boundaries and constrictions of time.

Then, we ventured into the infinite wonders of space.

Next, we unfolded the powers of energy.

Now, we close this chapter with what really matters the most--matter.

Everything you see in front of you at the moment, whether it's a computer, a phone, a mouse, a chair, a cat, a half-eaten sandwich, a toilet paper roll, a cup of milk, or another person, if weight can be measured and space has been taken up, then there is matter. Matter, on a molecular level, are various patterns and combinations of atoms moving and/or bonding together with energy. This is the type of matter we learn in our science classes in grade school. However, there are other meanings to matter.

You matter.

Yes, yes you are a huge conglomerate of molecules held together by strong bonds, but that is not what I mean.

You matter in existence. You matter in significance. You matter a lot more than you think.

It's not uncommon to sometimes wonder existence and one's importance in it. But from one individual to another, your existence is everything. The experiences and relationships from places, people, and things grant us all our own individual lives. And because we each have a unique combination of factors, we are everything.

So with that, I ask y'all an important question;

What's the matter with you?

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roleplay of the month

What are some themes and ideas that inspired you to create ❛Fallen Angels M.C. | In the Zombie Apocalypse❜ ?
I have always been a fanatic of all things motorcycles and the culture that comes from being on two wheels. I grew up watching Sons of Anarchy and wanted to create a dramatic roleplay that upped the stakes with every post. Throwing a broken motorcycle club into the midst of a zombie apocalypse sounded like just the right amount of chaos. In our world, we explore conflict, drama, romance, violence, and of course zombies.​

What is the driving motivator of the plot currently?
We have hit a milestone recently where our characters from Fallen Angels M.C. | In the Zombie Apocalypse have crossed over to another roleplay altogether - fusing two worlds. It is something we have been working towards for some time and I'm ecstatic for the opportunity to explore the relationships and drama that will ensue from this temporary merge. Currently, we find our cast attempting to save a community from devastation. They face hundreds of zombies in hopes of protecting innocent civilians from damnation.​

How do you garner interest for your roleplays?
We are fond of small group roleplays ranging anywhere from 5-10 people. It is controlled and allows for bigger opportunities to explore. Our Interest Check has been one of the biggest driving factors in finding quality writers and cast members. We have also explored offsite communities like Reddit to draw in more roleplayers to rpnation and to join our roleplay.​

What's your favorite part of the roleplay so far?
I love exploring each character's mind. We get to see the internal and external struggles characters face when presented with difficult situations through the art of talented writers.​

How do you maintain stability and comfort between roleplayers that have been in the roleplay since the beginning and new roleplayers that just joined the group? Is there ever a time that someone feels left out? If so, how do you handle it?
We have a system in place that allows us to dive deeper into roleplayers' wants and needs through personal conversations with them. With the help of my Co-Gms, we are able to adhere to everyone and make this as smooth of a ride as possible for roleplayers that have been with us since the beginning and players that join us later on. Discord is a huge help in keeping the community active and engaged, in constant communication, and up to date with changes, time skips, and important plot points.​

That said, how do you transition between fusing the two worlds? Is it something akin to a crossover event much like how they do for tv shows in which the characters come together for one event before separating? One that comes to mind is Arrow and The Flash!
That’s exactly what it is. This is a special event for both roleplays; similar to that of the CW television shows. My crew laid out the foundation of a future crossover since the beginning by creating separate roleplays that take place in the same universe. Characters will eventually return to their respective roleplay by the end of the crossover…or maybe not...​

How did you start roleplaying?
I started roleplaying a very long time ago as a way to escape reality and as an opportunity to express my creativity. Roleplaying has kept me young in spirit. It has given me the privilege to bring my ideas and collaborate with other amazing writers to create stories that would otherwise never be told.​

Oh no! Staff-chan dropped you off in another world! What world would it be and why?
Oooh fantastic question. Drop me into the world of Transformers, but only as a Transformer, please! I have recently awakened my childhood love for the series and have been on quite the binge. An opportunity to be an Autobot and fight the good fight would be a privilege.​

If you created a character based on a colour, what colour would it be and why?
Red. The color symbolizes anything from passion to danger to courage. Seems pretty chaotic and drama-ensuing to me, so why not?​

Do you have any secret guilty pleasures RP ideas?
I fight the urge to start a new roleplay every single day! However, Fallen Angels has taken a lot of my time and effort. I don't want to let my cast down, so we hunker in and ride on to finish this story first. Once I'm done I'll move on to the next thing. I'm thinking, Sc-Fi? Bring on the aliens!​

For upcoming GMs and newsletter readers, what roleplaying advice will you give to them?
We create roleplays to tell a story. However, before we can start sharing and creating, we have to do a lot of work on the back end if we want to be successful. We have to gather interest, create a handful of threads (character sheets, out-of-character, basic information, etc.), answer all the questions fellow roleplayers may have, and then eventually if it all works out you can start creating. It seems tedious and time-consuming - and it is if you want to make things work in the long run. However, if you allow yourself to enjoy the interactions with new people, be amused by the privilege to share your ideas through multiple threads, and ultimately relish in the work you've done to succeed - succeed or not, you'll be okay. Roleplays fail and succeed on a daily basis. I've had many roleplays that do not see the light of day and others that go on to strive for five+ years. Fallen Angels M.C. | In the Zombie Apocalypse is my third attempt at telling this story. Enjoy the process, your time will come.​

Would you like to give a shout-out to your co-GMs, players, and/or friends? If so, please feel free to tag them here for us!
I would love to give a shout-out to my entire amazing cast. Without these guys and gals, none of what we've created would be possible. There aren't many of us, but we have all put in the work, effort, and collaboration to make Fallen Angels M.C. | In the Zombie Apocalypse get the recognition it deserves. Thank you to my club!​

member of the month

Why did you choose your username?
Just a random pair of words.​

How would you describe yourself in three words and why?
Odd, quirky, and fun. I'm autistic, which accounts for the first two, and I always try to keep the mood light.​

Where did you get the idea for your "In Character Interview Thread" thread? And have you learned anything from it?
Honestly, I got the idea from a dead subreddit. Strange how a change of venue can breathe new life into an idea. And it's made me think about some of my characters in a way I hadn't before. And as I mentioned, even pointing out a plot hole.​

How did you discover Rpnation?
I've been around for a while, just forgot the info for my old account.​

Do you have a favorite theme/scene/idea/plot device in RP? What is it?
My calling card is good guys with stereotypically bad guy powers. An interesting way to look at certain mindsets.​

If you could have a pet of ANY kind regardless of what kind, what would it be and why?
Golden retriever. I've already had 3 in my life, and I miss them all.​

What other hobbies do you have aside from roleplaying/writing?
D&D, video games, American history, and dinosaurs. Oh, and I'm a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. My family claims they don't need to look at a scoreboard, they just hear me in the basement and know how the team's doing.​

Shark-chan has bestowed upon you a boon resulting the perfect roleplay, what would the plot be?
Just a good plot with good friends, don't need any more than that.​

What’s a memorable moment you’ve had on RPN or Roleplaying in general?
On another site, there was a witches and witch hunters RP. My necromancer managed to, with the help of some of the hunters, bring a peaceful end to the planned coven civil war arc before it started. Everyone was shocked we managed to pull it off, including myself.​

Are there any other RPN projects you've considered or would like to see others try?
I've got a few ideas, but they need some fine-tuning. Keep your eyes open!​

What advice can you share with the Newsletter audience?
Just keep writing, and if you manage to catch lightning in a bottle, remember that RP forever.​

special announcement
πŸ’₯ September Writing Bonanza πŸ’₯
Coming shortly, we will be posting a thread with further details on what our September Writing Bonanza entails. It'll be challenging, thought-provoking, on-the-edge-of-your-seat-thrilling, but most importantly---fun! This won't be like any of our previous contests. Just an event where we all want to indulge on our wonderful members' own little, imaginative world. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!​


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