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"Sleep is not a waste of time. It's a time to recharge your batteries and dream new dreams" -Unknown​

What is sleep?

Sometimes, an ironic, rhetorical question used when someone's sleep-deprived.

But, what is sleep?

Sleep is a state characterized by altered consciousness, inhibited sensory activity, and reduced muscle activity. It is beneficial to our physical and mental health as it's a way to re-charge our 'battery' and have energy for the new day.

In the quiet moments between waking and dreaming, where reality blends with imagination, sleep can be a temporary escape from the waking world, a sanctuary where worries momentarily fade, and the soul finds respite. Yet, it can also be a double-edged sword, a realm where fears and uncertainties can manifest, haunting the stillness of the night.

How does the concept of sleep influence your roleplaying adventures? Do your characters find solace in dreams, or do nightmares fuel their quests? Are you a night owl or early bird?


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roleplay of the month

What is Superpowered Asylum about?
Currently, my players know that they were able to build a no-limit character with any lore they wanted.​

In game, the characters explore their powers in different settings.​

What are some of the things that inspired you to create this roleplay?
One episode in Smallville that decided to worm its way around in my brain for three years.​

What do you think has made your roleplay successful so far?
Having players I’ve worked with before is a big success factor. We wouldn’t be a roleplay without the players. We talk a lot outside of game so we are able to discuss potential plot points, character relations, things like that.​

What's your favorite thing in the roleplay at the current moment?
The anticipation of what I know versus what the players don’t. I love seeing their theories or reactions. I love all my players and their characters so I’m always excited to see what they put up.​

Has it been moving along like you envisioned at all?
Yes! While waiting for posts, I generate a large GM post that will involve a response for everyone who’s posted.​

I reach out after about a week from the last GM post to the players I haven’t seen a post yet to get an idea on their timing.​

After I get a sense of schedule, I warn the players when I will be putting up the mass GM post and we keep the cycle. Everyone gets a GM response at the same time, it’s easy to track, and no one has the potential to feel like they’re waiting any longer than another group.​

If you had the choice to adapt your roleplay into a different medium which would it be; comic book, novel series, TV show, movie, or video game, etc etc? And why?
It would be interesting in a comic book with different art styles for each character. If it gave off Spiderverse feels, I think that would be amazing and well suited for what is going on in the roleplay.​

How do you maintain stability, comfort, and community between roleplayers?
We have a discord server we talk in. I give each player their own channel and opportunity to talk 1-to-1 if they want anything interesting to happen to their characters. Though, we’re all a group of friends from various previous roleplays that it’s not really been necessary. I’d like to think they trust me with their characters. It shows considering my one special rule I’ll be writing about below.​

How did you start roleplaying? / How did you discover RpNation?
I started roleplaying on a little Bobby Jack chat group when I was a lot younger. I was probably 12 years old (maybe younger)? It then grew to another chatroom site that I can’t place the name of. Migrated to Gaia for a while and ran a 200 page, 2 year long roleplay with my friend at the time. After Gaia, I jumped around sites until I found RPNation in 2020.​

I think I’ve been roleplaying for about 16 years now. I honestly have lost track at this point. :)

What are some roleplaying tips and tricks you think others could benefit from?
The absolute biggest thing is to HAVE FUN. If I don’t enjoy what I’m writing, I wonder β€œwhat’s the point?”​

Personally, I’m someone that shies away from pages and pages of lore. So, I won’t write my characters with pages and pages of lore.​

I start with the bones and flesh them as I go. It helps keep my characters past open in case someone wants to insert a past event for character building.​

Are there any interesting ideas or jucy plot points you have cooking up for the narrative?
One of my rules for joining me was β€œThere is a twist to this roleplay. Do not get upset at the GM when it happens. She warned you β™₯️”​

I can’t talk about that twist yet. Stay tuned and check in if you’re interested. I can say it’ll be damn obvious.​

Everyone in my player base! I never would have imagined running this specific role play without them due to my special idea.​

member of the month

How did you come up with the username, Dreamtique?
It’s a combination of β€˜dream’ and β€˜unique,’ β€˜dream’ + β€˜unique,’ and we get 'Dreamtique’ , that's the algebra, somehow…​

It sounded kind of nice back then, while my ~13-year-old self tried to come up with a nickname in Minecraft. Now I like to use the nickname 'Dreami/Dreamy/Drimi'; the name just sticks now. I’ve met more fantastic people online behind this nickname. I’ve even received a nice gift of art by a talented artist to share.​

Hotline Miami-inspired art by the talented traditional artist Horned_Hut/Oskari Bow.

Hmm. To do a bit of reading into the meaning of it, I guess, being a sort of idealist by nature, a dreamer, the word resonated. The world of roleplaying attracts dreamers, so it makes sense to choose a nickname in the spirit of this.​

How did you get into roleplaying?
Everything started here. The date I created the account is the date I learned what roleplaying is (19 Dec 2015, apparently). RPN is my only window into the world of roleplaying. It really is my secluded, happy place. People have their tunnels through the garden wall and crystal-lined cave passages behind the waterfall into fairytales, for me, it happens to be RPN, haha. It won't make sense to state it blankly now, but it is not an understatement to say that discovering roleplaying changed my life.​

I really can't imagine my life without being able to give stories some sort of form and have a reason to think about these stories, knowing that a piece of your fantasy is out there. Back in my school days, I was an extremely closed-off person; I was (still am) shy and nervous, I had problems with socializing. School felt unbearable because nothing felt quite right; in retrospect, they indeed are not quite right. Engaging in fantasies, sharing ideas and stories online brought me a lot of joy in those rather bland periods of my life.​

But even back then, I was aware of this blurred dichotomy between fantasy and my life, β€œI felt more alive and present in my fantasy, is that really good for me? If fantasy and reality felt equally 'real' to me, where to draw the line? Why even bother drawing the line?” My attention to this blurry dichotomy proves to be quite important to me down my life.​

To pinpoint what made me seek out roleplaying, it was my tendency to indulge in comforting fantasies and stories, and my desire to be engaged with the world of fantasy more deeply. The idea of 'immersive/collaborative storytelling' just came to me; I didn't even know roleplaying is a thing back then. When I saw what people had been doing on RPN through googling, I was extremely invested.​

It was silly, but I still remember vividly, me taking hours to type merely a few lines, posting, and then sitting there waiting for replies through the night until birds coo and the sun rises outside, having no idea of the conventional posting frequency of forum RPing back then.​

What’s your favorite aspect of roleplaying?
I enjoy storytelling. I appreciate all forms of art, and storytelling is a fantastic outlet for creativity. Conceptualizing and researching for inspirations and ideas to create characters and stories are extremely enjoyable for me. Crafting a character or story gives me a reason to engage much more deeply with music, visual arts, and of course, other stories.​

It's funny to admit now that in my nearly 8 years on this site, I have actually done very little roleplaying. I am not an efficient writer, I am a slow person. Most of the process happens in my head.​

What storytelling means to me is to give the experiences, feelings, and thoughts I find beautiful a form. More importantly, through stories, I give my internal discussions, dramatic monologues, and debates a form, as stories. Viewing and exploring these stories always means exploring myself as well, and it's a magical process to me. I grow, sometimes alongside my stories and other times because of my stories.​

I still remember, deep into the night, I was distracted from studying and was listening to 'Moon River' and 'Fly Me to the Moon,' and I just cried, from thinking about my own story. It was a story about an illusion fox that traps himself in an illusory world after losing his friends and hometown to a hurricane. (And that’s why Zoroark and Hisuian Zoroark are among my favorite PokΓ©mon.)​

The story is ultimately a journey about stepping out of a fantasy that blinds and traps you instead of bringing light and joy to you.​

To rephrase Danganronpa V3: Like a good lie, good fiction has to contain some truth in it; only then can fiction move people in very real and meaningful ways. Reality and fantasy, neither of them inherently deserves to be treated as more 'true'.​

In the anime 'Sonny Boy', the protagonist along with a group of high school students drifted into an alternate, abstract world for thousands of years. In the end, the protagonists decided to return to the real world in the last episode. After all this apparent aimless drifting, dealing only with the abstract, nothing had changed in real life when they returned; the same gloomy life remained. β€œWe can't change the world anyway, so don't worry about it.” It sounds like a pessimistic remark, but it is a reality. 'Drifting in the abstract' alone changed nothing around you. The protagonist chose to carry with him only the memories during his 'drifting'β€”an aimless but deep pondering of the world, even though ultimately nothing changed in real life after his pondering, and everything has to end in reality just as it should be.​

(Very sorry to digress, but 'Sonny Boy' is one of the most interesting anime I've watched. Do try to watch it if you are interested. It was a beautiful experience for me.)​

I think stories and fantasies born from the purest intuition are something rather magical; they are reflections of the mind. Stories and fantasies shape and move us in many subtle ways. It is irresponsible to think that fantasies are just disconnected from reality, or to pretend reality is not the foundation of all fantasies when there is a subtle but intricate connection.​

[Sorry about the length, will try to keep reply length reasonable now, am okay with reduced number of questions as I already gave more answers than asked, haha.]

You’ve shared that you enjoy anime like the show, β€œSonny Boy,” what other shows, books, video games, etc. inspire your passion or serve as your favorites?
Oh, off the top of my head, I can think of a few ones that I very much enjoyed. I generally enjoy watching cartoons and animations a lot.​
Animated Show: Over the Garden Wall
This show is great, the aesthetic, the music... it speaks for itself. Watch it if you are interested~!

Movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Isle of Dogs
I enjoy Wes Anderson’s movies a lot. His movies are distinct and beautiful; the dialogues and jokes are so fun to follow. The Fantastic Mr. Fox is very whimsical and fun, and Isle of Dogs is equally fun and wacky as well.

Anime: Odd Taxi
Odd Taxi is interesting to watch. You don’t often see middle-aged protagonists in anime, and I think the protagonist is handled very well. I love it. I love and crave crime/mystery all the time as well, so that’s a huge plus. Oh, and I always say if you are not interested, at least check out the OP song, it’s so smooth and catchy!

Animated show: Bluey
I'm not that old, but still a bit too old to enjoy some cartoons meant for a way younger target audience, haha. It’s a guilty pleasure. But it’s another story for Bluey, it is an established fact that Bluey just makes grown-ups cry X'D. I think the creator wanted to create a show where adults can watch along with their kids, and they freaking nailed it. It’s genuinely a good show.

Animated show: TMNT Rise
A very stylish show! All the characters are extremely lovable, and the dynamics of the turtle brothers are so fun! I love the humor in the show!!! I think you can tell the creators really put a lot of love into the characters. I heard people dislike this rendition of Splinter, but in later episodes, he’ll quickly be revealed to be an extremely lovable and interesting character. (Oh wait… do I actually have a thing for well-handled middle-aged characters that I am not aware of until now?)

Movie: Everything Everywhere All at Once
It’s nice, experimental, and messy, but the message is simple and clear with a lot of humor that I love as well. I love when middle-aged characters receive much care and love from the writer. It already got the recognition it deserves, haha.

Short Story: The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
I don’t actually read a lot, but I do enjoy short and thought-provoking stories like this. It is very condensed and effective.

I don’t get to play a lot of video games. Despite of that, I am aware that there are many video games that are incredibly inspiring and compelling, and I am inspired by many video games all the time as well.

I’ve noticed that the creature, Dragons, frequently are associated with your persona. What’s the story behind the dragons?
Hmm. My first profile picture on RPN was a crow, and then at some point, it became a dragon. It always felt more natural to me to use creatures as my profile pictures or as a sort of persona, and dragons, being an icon of fantastical creatures, just make sense, as they always seem very majestic and chill to me. Their vibe feels right. I like dragons. I guess in the end, it is still motivated by my affinity towards the fantastical. I’ve always loved creatures and anthro characters in fables and fantasy; there is a friendlier quality to them, I find them very comforting.​

Eventually, dragon was incorporated into my fursona. So, to not beat around the bush, I am a gay furry. Me finally starting to mingle with furries gave me some of the most cathartic moments ever. Queerness is inherent in the furry fandom. My own experience dealing with suspecting, unhappy parents and homophobic brother was not exactly nice. Talking with other gay furries gave me an outlet, and I am extremely grateful for it. But let's not make this longer, and I'll just be very biased and say that furries are some of the friendliest, most creative, and talented people I've met, I experienced some of the most touching work of art in the fandom.​

As for my custom title, 'Here be dragons', it is apparently what marks the unexplored and unknown on archaic maps. I find that simple phrase to be very beautiful because it evokes a sense of wonder and invites imagination. I also learned after the fact that there is a poignant SCP entry fittingly named 'Here be dragons.'​

Aside from roleplaying, what other outlets of creativity do you enjoy partaking in? Or perhaps just other hobbies in general?
I enjoy drawing a lot. What got me into drawing is the prospect of being able to present my characters and stories, art brings me a lot of joy in general. I'm not that good at it though. I would love to continue learning to draw. I just upgraded to a tablet this year and am very excited about learning and doing more digital art. :3 Composing music sounds fun, but I've never tried it. I can play some instruments though. (Oh, I learned to leaf whistle cuz of that PokΓ©mon movie with Darkrai and the song Oracion, my musical leaf sounds a bit like a musical fart though : D)​

Most of my time, I have to dedicate to learning physics. I enjoy it greatly when I'm not under time pressure. I'm very fortunate to be given the opportunity to do what I absolutely love as a research student. But it is admittedly a little sad that this means I won't be able to participate in things on here as much. That's how I gradually became a 'lurker' on this site. But ultimately, the sentiment of 'smile because it happened' applies especially well here. I've actually always been able to do the things I love, and I am just being a little greedy about the time I have; too much I wanna do, and too little time.​

But I'll certainly work on my time management though. I always dream about having a creative project of my own as well. I think if I could have a clone of myself, I would certainly have him try to finish at least one creative project.​

What is your favorite part of RPNation?
Definitely the people. RPN is concentrated with extremely friendly and creative people, there is no doubt about that.​

People gather here with the simple intention of having fun, to RP, or just to connect with people who love RP. I think that simple intention is what makes the people here so kind and inspiring.​

I constantly try to learn from the people of RPN. Your effort, creativity, and talent never cease to amaze me, so please continue to have fun and inspire people!​

I would like to especially thank the member Juju as well. From the very beginning, they have always been there to show me kindness. I am very fortunate to have Juju welcome me into the world of RPing. They are always willing to involve me, and their ideas and writing are always highly engaging. I've learned a lot from them.​

Juju’s kindness always drives and motivates me to create and participate. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to feel the warmth of RPing as I do now! Juju is an awesome person, and I am sure many will agree with me. So, thank you! And stay Juju!​

What has been a favorite character you’ve made?
I've mentioned the illusion fox PokΓ©mon Zoroark, named Sirius, whose story affected me quite a bit. I always imagined him to be bleached and tattered when he woke up from his 'long slumber', so when the official Hisuian form was released (now a Ghost/Normal type, in between life and death...), it shook me a little, but I am weirdly happy that Zoroark received some renewed love.​

He trapped himself in his illusory hometown after its destruction and decay, now a literal ghost town inhabited by 'people' who are figments from his memories. When he dragged the consciousness of unfortunate passersby from the real world into his illusory world, he was forced to either convince the β€˜outsiders’ to stay in his world forever or to confront the reality he locked away unconsciously.​

It's extremely heartbreaking, sorry to draw such a depressing parallel, but he always reminded me of a loyal pet dog that has lost its owner and just chooses to stay wherever it expects to find its owner again. I would personally give him a long, good hug... :' ) (I should probably get a plush...)​

To cheat and sneak in another one, in terms of concept I find intriguing, one that comes to my mind is a severely sleep-deprived man who experiences the 25th hour of a day, when the world turned static, and when he absolutely cannot fall asleep (he knew if he did something bad will happen). I’ve conceptualized him for a roleplay about anomaly/paranormal investigators who themselves are afflicted by 'anomalies’. However, I've never had the chance to participate in the roleplay as it closed before I could join. D:​

I've always been fascinated by the 'glitch in the matrix' type of powers, powers that are meant to break common sense or are just blatantly an affliction and liability. In fact, I have a roleplay idea about people living in a simulation who gain 'powers' and face challenges as their reality slowly falls apart. Maybe he can find his place there.​

What has been a memorable roleplay you’ve participated in?
I don't have much experience in actually participating in RPs. I have so little experience that basically anything major I’ve done I can remember very clearly. But there are a few that are certainly extra memorable to me, particularly the ones I hosted.​

The first obvious one is the roleplay involving the Zoroark, Sirius. I enjoyed planning the roleplay a lot, although it never fully took off and the players never got to see much of it. I've poured a lot of my love for starry skies, jazz, and bossa nova into it, creating my fanmade 'PokΓ©mon region', so to speak. I like to imagine that it is a starry and romantic place to be in. :') The characters that once inhabited that place, from astronomer to UFO hunter to ghastly violinist, all I find extremely lovely as well. I have my own Ghost/Normal type for that fan region as well, a sort of SchrΓΆdinger's cat-inspired PokΓ©mon, hinting at the true nature of the β€˜region’.​

I participated in a Danganronpa roleplay once and subsequently hosted my own Danganronpa fandom roleplay as well. It's basically about a group of high school students who are trapped, and forced to commit murder and get away with it in order to escape. There is a lot of teenage angst and drama, but I enjoyed planning the murders and setting up the mysteries the most (back then my search history probably made me look like a psychopath). Through this, I discovered my love for detective noir and murder mystery. While I'm not well-versed in the genre, I did enjoy 'Murder on the Orient Express’ decently. And I know 'Disco Elysium' and 'Paradise Killer' are cool, I enjoy detective games of this nature the most. I would love to get some recommendations for good noir and murder mystery. :>​

Do you have a favorite quote of all time? Or perhaps a recent colloquialism that has been a current reflection of your life?
There are certainly a few quotes I find particularly interesting. One is from the game Outer Wilds, which I recently shared, and it caught my attention:​
β€œAs a child, I considered such unknowns sinister. Now, though, I understand they bear no ill will. The universe is, and we are."
From what I know, Outer Wilds is a game about the end of the universe, where the survivors or wanderers are stuck in a sort of time loop. Essentially, they are all small grains in the great changing tides of the universe.​

I see this as a reminder that the world is never against us, and the world doesn't promise us anything either. Not because of anything, but because things are just the way they are.​

An extra one from the movie 'Isle of Dogs':​
'Will you help him? The little pilot,'
'Why should I?'
'Because he is a twelve-year-old kid. Dogs love those.'
I see it as an important line in the film. Between the simple mind of a dog and an innocent 12-year-old kid, even the simplest 'reason' is enough to motivate them to share love and compassion. Sometimes humans just overcomplicate things, or even create reasons to discriminate and hate.​

And an extra, extra one. A short and sweet one from 'Fantastic Mr. Fox':​
'For survival!!!'

What project(s) do you currently have or are planning for on RPN?
I always have way too many on the back burner. It's somewhat sad, but I can't foresee hosting any RPs, especially now on RPN. In terms of creative projects on a broader scale, there is a particular story I've been thinking about quite a lot lately. If I can, and ability is not a factor, I would absolutely love to turn it into some sort of comic or novel. At the very least, I want to create some art for it. This story is one that I also have a particularly strong emotional attachment to.​

I've always been fascinated by stories about dystopia and the idea of a very subtle and quiet 'apocalypse'. The basic premise is this: In a town where everyone is hardwired to live in the name of something greater that they worship, the people are informed, indisputably, that this 'greater force of love and meaning' they worship has abandoned them. A sort of anti-gospel, if you would. In an inherently 'religious world’, how will the people react when cosmic indifference is proven to be the absolute, irrefutable truth? That, indeed, 'nothing really matters'?​

It's β€˜collective depression’. I imagine a world where the people feel a quiet, looming despair all the time as the world around them rusts and crumbles with entropy. People just don't care anymore.​

The town stops being functional, and there are no laws, no rules, no purpose. Will they stay in gloomy denial, turn perverted, violent, and primal, or rush to crown new gods, or even claim that they are the new gods? Or can they even find any reasons to see another day anymore?​

The idea of people trying to get by in such a town (from their perspective, it is their 'world') is very interesting to me. I believe there are many fascinating perspectives for the story, but I particularly like the perspective of a pair of unlikely friends who grow closer with each deep conversation they have about their feelings and 'what's next' amid this quiet apocalypse, when the static noise of cosmicism is always in the air and in their minds.​

What advice do you have for Newsletter readers?
I've always seen people stressing about losing steam or their creative spark. I definitely empathize with that sentiment. Those of us growing up roleplaying will certainly have less and less time to engage in the things we love and enjoy as work and real-life obligations become more prominent.​

I don't have any particularly good advice, but I would say don't worry too much when you don't feel like doing anything 'creative'. Just have some fun in your life, and when you find a sense of excitement or joy you want to express, come back and 'be creative'! I think creativity is in fact always derived, so having fun and experiencing the world is always more important.​

So, just have a lot of fun!​

(Or just acknowledge that green is not a creative color! : D)​

(Please get the reference so I don't sound offensive. I am so sorry, green lovers :’D)​

I see you’ve shouted out one member of RPN, are there perhaps others you’d like to mention?
Juju Juju - Stay Juju!​

Parrot Parfait Parrot Parfait - Thank you for your cool music thread and to the people who share their music there! It gives me a reason to come back from time to time, even when I am extremely busy, to post a few songs, so I wouldn't completely fade into the background as an RPN lurker. Through sharing music, I've also learned that we enjoy quite similar things : D​

The thread is kind of like a randomized playlist, but hand-picked. You can discover a lot of surprises there. Shoutout to all the people of Parrot's Phonograph!​

Life. Life. - Thank you for bearing with me and giving me an opportunity to be open with my feelings. Please forgive me for always going a little off track in my answers, but I just want to show that I am sincere about this opportunity, and I cherish this as a present.​

November is also the month of my birthday, so thank you!​

Nothing but love and best regards to the staff and members of RPN as well. Cheers! ✨


November Donation Badge by @gxxberkit
Congratulations to all those mentioned. We are soon coming to a wrap on this year. Happy November all!

And a happy early birthday to Dreamtique Dreamtique ! Once again it was a pleasure getting to know you.

And for me personally, I couldn’t really say I’m either night owl or early bird. Just more of a struggling sparrow on trying to get enough rest.
Also happy november and the month where we stuff ourselves silly xD

Dreamtique Dreamtique It's been really fun seeing your posts on the phonograph along with everyone elses! I hope to continue seeing your's and everyone's post as I make my own posts :^D
"Green is not a creative colour." I caught that reference. =P Well done getting employee roleplayer of the month, Dreamtique Dreamtique , and happy early birthday!

I am both a night owl and an early bird. I have a restraining order regarding Hypnos, god of sleep, and we have tightly limited contact windows. Blessed are you all that can get along with him.
Wowie, Look who's all famous now! :bishiesparklesr: Dreamtique Dreamtique

8 years? Man has it really been that long? Time really flies when you're having fun. Thank you for all your kind words, Dreamy. It's been an absolute pleasure to have ushered you into the world of RPN :ghostuvu: Hope to see you around here when you have more time to spare~
What is sleep?

Sometimes, an ironic, rhetorical question used when someone's sleep-deprived.

But, what is sleep?​

What is sleep? Sleep is for the WEAK!!! INSOMNIACS ARISE!!! ANGER AND HATE ARE ALL ONE NEEDS!!!
I normally sleep 5-6 hours a night. I go to bed at 12:30-1AM, then I am awake at 6:30 -7:30 AM. I am both late to bed and early to rise. Nor do I take naps. I've not really worked sleep into a part of a text based rp, and rarely have seen it in use. There was one RP of note on another site that dove heavily into a dream sequence and that period took so long and was the focus of the RP, till the point it overstood it's welcome and like most RP's it died. I find it works alright for Tabletop though, more so D&D type games which has a realm devoted to such usually and all players sleep at the same time.

Also, gg/congrats to the RP and Members of the month.

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