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Creating a world from scratch can be difficult. Being inspired by a favorite book, show, or movie you love and researching and having information on an authorโ€™s work and muse can help brainstorm concepts and ideas for your world.

By constructing questions about the world we want to build, like a jigsaw puzzle, the world can come to life little by little! Is the world in space? On Earth?

As roleplayers, we have the best ingredient imagination. As writers, we can weave words together to carve details. Will flowers bloom as you walk across the desolate land? With a touch, will the gates open and buildings appear?

For this month, we challenge you to create your world. What will it look like? How will it flourish?


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What are some of the things that inspired you to create this roleplay?
I just really enjoy group RP's, especially if they involve a bunch of original characters thrown into some fantastical epic adventure. I like the camaraderie and 'found family' vibes, and you get to meet lots of players out of character too.​

What are some things that inspired you to create RWBY: Grimm Wars?
There are quite a couple different things that brought up the inspiration to making RWBY: Grimm Wars. The main reason for creating it however probably has to be just my general love for the RWBY series. Although I enjoyed the series, I wanted to make something different from it while connecting another series I enjoyed which 'Bleach' with the whole thing with mask. Since the RWBY series is still ongoing and incomplete, I felt as though it gave me an opportunity to grab what was already in place and mold it into something similar by grabbing some points off of it while also creating a little bit of a different scenario here and there.​

Are you satisfied with how the roleplay turned out? If so, what aspect of the roleplay do you think helped with the popularity of the setting?
I am a bit satisfied with it. While there are a few things I feel like I should've done a bit more research into it prior to creating it, I am happy as to how it came out to be and is going. While I know it's bad to think negatively about your own roleplay, I wasn't expecting it to last as long as it did. I've attempted to create and recreate this roleplay multiple times in the past, all of which have ended up in failures, so the fact that it got as far as it did this time is quite the shocker.​
Part of the reason I feel as though the roleplay was much more popular this time was the change of starting location, rather than the same old beginning I normally went with every other irritation of the roleplay. The other part is the help from my fellow roleplayers, I cannot stress enough how much they have helped me through creating and forming the world as to where it is now. While I did have my own plans for where the roleplay would/should go, I have always been open to the opinions of others and take into consideration what other people might want to do or have happen.​
So, with that I decided to change up a few parts here and there as well as add in parts that people have brought up to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.​

What keeps you going to consistently write for RWBY: Grimm Wars?
This somewhat goes back to the first question. I have a love for the RWBY series that is still going strong. I am currently waiting for the next season to release with increasing hype as to what will happen next in the show. Because of this, since the roleplay is also based off the show, my excitement to see what happens next in the roleplay is equally as high as it is for the show. Considering I want players to feel and know that they can add in scenes or events out of the blue whenever they want, the mystery of what one roleplayer or another might be planning keeps me fully interested to see what might happen next.​

For those who are looking to start their own roleplay with hopes of it becoming successful, what are some tips you think would help with their endeavor?
My number personal rule when creating a roleplay is to always be open to new ideas from your fellow roleplayers. No matter how detailed you might have your story and lore written out, don't be afraid to leave it open here and there for other players to add in their own opinions on the matter. Also, after the roleplay has started, even if you might have a set plotline set in motion, I would suggest not to always focus all your attention mainly on that one thing all the time. Give players some freedom to create their own side stories and then every once in a while, reconnect everyone with the main plotline. This will at least let other players know that aside from the main story, their own characters have a life too.​

Do you plan on releasing new roleplays in the future similar to your current one?
But of course! While the future roleplays might not be based on RWBY, I always have plans to create new roleplays with my same rules put into place.​

How did you start roleplaying? How did you discover RpNation?
Roleplaying kind of came to me by accident. I started roleplaying around my mid-teenage years and originally it did not start with writing. I originally started with attempting to learn how to draw characters and I was constantly made fun of when my drawings were seen by others which caused my own self-esteem to drop severely. Eventually, due to my low self-esteem, I stopped drawing all together and for while did small stick figure comics. Some people saw this and took an interest into my comics since they all had stories to them and soon enough some people were waiting for me to finish 'chapters' so that they could read more. One day, while I was roaming through the internet, a few sites showed up around 'forum roleplaying' and at the time, the advertisements had shown Avatars and how the more you wrote, the more you earned gold to dress up your avatar.​
From there, I started writing. It wasn't until I started did I realize just how much I enjoyed writing stories. While I was horrible at first, I learned through example and mentors to get to where I am now. I found RpNation a long while ago while I was searching for other roleplaying forum sites. I have to admit, I am surprised how much has changed since the beginning of RpNation but I have still happy to be here even now.​

What is the most interesting roleplay you ever participated in?
Hm, that is a bit of a difficult question. I think my most interesting roleplay I had ever been in was one of the very first roleplays I had ever joined when I started writing. This one lasted several years and only recently ended because of a disbandment between what are now 'ex-friends'. The roleplay did not actually have a name because it did not ever have a single set plot in mind and was moreover just always had something random and new happen at all times. All the characters were personal OCs that was to relate to our own real lives while at the same time mixed with any fantasy creature we felt that closest resembled us. From there, we would discuss between each other how our characters would react in one situation or another and other times we would just play out these situations rather than just talk about them. There was always something new that happened, and nothing was ever predictable.​

Do you secretly like any unpopular roleplay ideas as guilty pleasures?
Honestly, I'm not too sure. I don't think any roleplay ideas are ever really 'unpopular' since there is always an audience for every kind of idea out there. While there might be more interest into one idea than another at times, I think it might be a stretch to call the idea that doesn't get as much attention as 'unpopular'. For example, most people who join roleplays prefer to either join/play in stories that have either a fantasy, sci-fi, or even slightly futuristic modern time period. While roleplays that have to do with actual current modern times normally does not get much attention as usual (in my opinion). I have to admit though, those roleplays that deal with current modern time periods is something I quite enjoy sometimes, the idea of playing as an ordinary person during modern times in world that you know that you can do anything you want that you could never do outside of writing has always been quite an interesting concept to me.​


When did you start roleplaying? Where was it? Did you enjoy it at first?
Well, Iโ€™m not proud of it but funny enough, my earliest roleplaying memory was when I was like 8 and apart of the Super Mario fandom on Instagram for some reason. Cringe yes, but it is technically when I first started when I was young.​

I remember enjoying it because it was just a bunch of other kids like me lonely and with nothing to do, but we all liked Super Mario. It was this big group chat and weโ€™d all RP. I bet it was a mess but I honestly donโ€™t remember it too much.​

I never roleplayed again until I think 2020 when I got my first real official on Reddit. That site sucked so in early 2022 I moved to RPNation and havenโ€™t looked back since. My favorite and only RPing platform.​

How did you discover RpNation?
Funny enough, I learned of it from one of my first and only good real roleplaying partners on Reddit. Heโ€™s on this site but I donโ€™t know if he wants me shouting him out haha. Iโ€™ll do it anyways though since I credit a lot of my growth in writing to him. Probably now one of my best internet friends ------ introduced me to RPN after I told him my grievances about not being able to find any good RPs and good partners on Reddit. He suggested I take a look at RPN and after a shaky start, I eventually got used to and learned to mostly love RPN. So big shout out to him, he rocks! Gotta be my best buddy by far. Such an excellent writer and just a genuinely good human being.​

How did you come up with your username?
That one explains itself. When I first started roleplaying on Reddit and when I made my account here in early 2022, I was SUPER into this Disney show called The Owl House, maybe some of you have heard of it. I absolutely ADORED that show and was obsessed with it and really wanted to do a ton of TOH RPs. Plus my first RP on Reddit with my good buddy Kella was a The Owl House themed one.​

I came to RPNation originally with the hopes to find good partners for an Owl House RP. I quickly learned, like on Reddit, TOH was a VERY niche community and hard to find RPs on. But I eventually learned to branch out and do other RPs, like original modern and realistic plots or Harry Potter fandom RPs. But the username is heavily influenced from that show.​

โ€œEdric Blightโ€ is one of the side characters in The Owl House show and although his role is SUPER minor, I just loved him and was obsessed with him. My love for the show has since died out but I keep my name and profile picture in honor of Edric Blight. Disclaimer: my real name isnโ€™t Edric.​

What's a memorable roleplay experience you've had?
Iโ€™ve gotta say so far, the two great RP TOH stories I completed over these past two years with my good buddy Style Kella. Had to be one of my favorites if not my favorite story to play out and write for. Even though it wasnโ€™t on this site, in terms of memorable RP experiences, world building and fleshing out the two stories in the Owl House fandom with him were some of the most fun times Iโ€™ve ever had roleplaying and writing. Iโ€™ve also just enjoyed a lot of the few RPs I have going steady and just making friends with some of the great people here on this site. Thereโ€™s a few gems of people here on this site and for that I am thankful for.​

What's your favorite part of RPNation?
Oh where do I begin? Thereโ€™s literally SO much to do here and this site is organized enough and easy to use where you can find things were you need to. Regardless of the people on here, the very fact this site exists and functions the way it does is amazing in of itself. I swear this isnโ€™t a paid advertisement for RPN but when I was on Reddit, it was incredibly hard to find RPs and just good partners on that site in general (Iโ€™ll let you do the math- essentially, Redditors arenโ€™t necessarily the nicest people lol).​

Here though is an excellent sanctuary for us wild breed of role players dedicated specifically for that- our hobby of roleplaying. Site is easy to use and organized like I said and thereโ€™s so many places to potentially find all different types of RPs for any genre or type. Like if you like large group RPs set in some wild fantasy world, you can find that or even create that for yourself. Or maybe youโ€™re like me and like a mellow and casual slice of life plot with only one person to take place in PMs. Well, you can do that too!​

Thereโ€™s just so much to do and a lot of friendly people and good people. Yes thereโ€™s a couple not so nice ones but thatโ€™s no one at RPNโ€™s fault- weโ€™re all human so itโ€™s bound to happen. I just love this site and how itโ€™s a place specifically designated for role players and roleplaying. Also another feature I love, thereโ€™s different forums separate from RPs so that you can talk about certain things with other members of the community. So itโ€™s not ALL just roleplays, thereโ€™s a true community here and Iโ€™ve met a few people from outside of roleplays and became friends with one or two cool dudes that I just talk about stuff with in forums but have never roleplayed with once. Thereโ€™s a real strong community and this site Iโ€™d say is pretty well run.​

Do you have a go-to character or just even a go-to personality for roleplays?
Yes, I do usually. Iโ€™m much more flexible now and Iโ€™m not as stubborn as I was when I first started roleplaying. When I first started RPing and even coming onto this site, I would ONLY do the cliche โ€œshy and timid introvert kid.โ€ Sure I still do it from time to time but itโ€™s not my go to and only one anymore. I fell into the trap of playing a BORING character. No one wants to have or interact with the character that is shy and too scared to do anything in the RP. I learned that fast and for the last year Iโ€™ve learned how to play the shy type character better and more convincingly so I can give everyone something to work with.​

So yes Iโ€™m still fond of playing the shy but secretly sweet and friendly kid, but I do branch out sometimes. I now know how to play a good shy kid personality, so I do find myself going to that many times. I always find it cute and funny to play a shy little dude against a confident extroverted character. Thereโ€™s a special โ€œartโ€ to playing a shy introvert right, you always have to give your partner something to work with though so Iโ€™ve enjoyed evolving the way I play that personality in a character.​

Other than that I do sometimes enjoy playing the confident, bold, maybe a little too in over his head athlete or jock. That can always be fun. Iโ€™m not talking like the jerk or the bully jock but the crazy confident and sometimes arrogant at time kind of guy who needs someone to reel him in a bit. So I find both this and the shy character fun to play.​

As for a go-to specific character, no, I donโ€™t have one. I guess if you REALLY want an answer to that one Iโ€™d say Draco Malfoy from HP. But I must say I do tend to enjoy OCs rather than canon characters in fandoms.​

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Talkative (teetering on annoying haha), compassionate, hard working. Iโ€™d like to think those are three words truthfully that do describe me.​

Are there any future projects/plans you have planned for RPN or even outside of the site?
As of now, no. I think for now Iโ€™m going to stick to the occasional 1 x 1 RP but I have no real big plans to start anything too big of note. I also donโ€™t get off of this site much in terms of RPing so no, nothing offsite. Always taking 1 x 1 slice of life modern RP partners though.​

What advice would you want to give to the Newsletter audience and all those passing by?
Thatโ€™s a good one. Hereโ€™s the advice I wish I would have given myself in early 2022 when I joined this site. This piece of advice I guess has a lot to do with RPing, itโ€™s culture and this site in general. Basically, itโ€™s cliche but never give up. What I mean by that is never give up in terms of the search for partners. I remember quite frankly being quite shocked as a new role player and someone new to real roleplaying sites in general to learn how common ghosting was. Ghosting is a huge issue on its own but hereโ€™s my specific piece of advice, this mainly goes for new role players or people new to this site.​

Ghosting is inevitable, itโ€™s part of RP culture. Itโ€™s something we sadly have to deal with. But you canโ€™t let yourself get too worked up about it. There were times when all Iโ€™d get was ghosted every time I tried to start an RP to the point where I wanted to quit this site and drop this hobby of writing that I so dearly love. But hereโ€™s what I did and I think is a good mindset to have- never give up, never stop searching.​

Yes you will probably go months without finding a stable partner after searching but I swear to you, when you eventually do find those one or two or maybe even three partners that are willing to stick with you and continuously respond and plot and roleplay with you, it makes it TOTALLY worth it. Like seriously, just keep searching. Eventually youโ€™ll find a few gems in the rough. I know it will be tiring and demoralizing, Lord knows I wanted to quit after months of no success. But when you finally do find that partner and RP it makes it so worth it, sweet and savory.​

So my advice is never give up- keep on searching and putting yourself out there. Actively look for new RPs and partners. Eventually youโ€™ll find one even if you go through 80 unsuccessful attempts. But always keep in mind, put your mental health first. Best of luck.​

Have any person(s) you'd like to give a shout-out to?
Shout out to my good buddy @Style Kella. You rock dude.​

And a big thanks to all of my other RP partners. I wonโ€™t list any since I donโ€™t wanna forget anyone!​


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