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May Newsletter
Housekeeping Announcements

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Many thanks to @Fyuri!​
  • We updated the software of the site to 2.1! This comes with a few changes which you can read here.
  • We've started getting ready for our new filter system! You'll now notice you'll need to select a sub-genre or dice system for your roleplays and that custom tags are no longer permitted. You can read more of the Part 1.5 update here.
  • We've changed alerts a bit and members should be able to go back to alerts nearly 7 days old. This may be why some users think they are missing alerts and we're hoping it helps.
  • Why yes, the BBCode Center does now have brackets for the forum icon!
  • The next writing event of 2019 has started! Music May!

Roleplay of the Month

Give everyone a quick summary about your roleplay.
Nexus Academy of Magic (Reboot) is a roleplay set in modern day in which were magic really exist and as young men and women come of age are invited to attend the worlds foremost school for learning the ways of the arcane arts. The students have to adjust to the idea of magic being real while trying to understand the new world that they have been brought into. All this while trying to not get killed by the mage hating group called the templar Order of St. John. All in all if you like fantasy school settings mixed with action and a little romance this one can be very entertaining for you.

What made you decide to reboot this roleplay?
I wanted to give it another try when it happened to fail very quickly the first go around. Besides that I knew that this had a lot of potential and I wanted to give it a try again. If not it would just be another one of my ideas that I gave up on and never gave second chance on.

What do you enjoy most about GMing?
I love figuring out what is going to happen later on throughout the roleplay. I might spend many hours thinking about what might happen as things progress. Besides that I like working with others on coming up with ideas for roleplays that I might have never come up with.

What do you do when you struggle running a roleplay?
I take a step back and take a breather so as to not feel overwhelmed. I find it easier to deal with anything that might come up that way. Although I do find it helpful to always communicate with those that you roleplay with. Most of the time I find that many are willing to help if there is a problem needed to be solved.

How did you come about roleplaying?
I actually started here really on RPnation when I just wanted a new outlet for my love of writing.

How did you discover RpNation?
It was a pretty good stroke of luck after just making a search for role-playing sites. It was the first one I picked out of all the searches available and never looked back.

How do you usually go about planning your roleplays?
Planning.... That is a pretty difficult question since I don't really know myself. If I had to say something, I just think what would be something fun to role-play and I think about what would work well with the main idea. After a few hours of back and forth and trying to figure out what should be on the CS I'm pretty much done. After that I tend to expand on my ideas as the role-play goes on.

What struggles do you have when you create a roleplay?
I find it really difficult to come up with different ideas for role-plays. I tend to always have the same ideas constantly and have to think about what were other things that I would like to use instead of my older ideas.

What are some roleplaying tips and tricks you think others could benefit from?
Always read the lore for the role-play you are in, it saves a lot of time with post not fitting in right. Many times have I seen someone write something that didn't fit well and it slowed things down because it had to be fixed. All in all it saves you from spending extra time on something you have spent tons of time on already.

What is your favorite part about creating a roleplay?
I love the process of making characters for role-plays. There is just something about trying to come up with a new character with a new backstory, personality, and heck if the situation suits it new powers. Every character I make feels like it is a new beginning of something I have never tried before.

What is your favorite flower? If you have one.
Actually, this might sound super predictable but I really do love roses and I'm not normally one to share that.

Do you have any other projects in the works that you would like to share?
I don't have anything that I'm currently making at the moment but I do have another role-play that I have/had been working on. Although, I'm more or less taking a break from that one now to focus on Nexus.

More Features

Featured Discussion

@Galaxy wants to know Discord Roleplays: Yay or nay?. We know that Discord is highly popular with many roleplayers. Perhaps it is due to a comfort with a more chat-based format or the shiny roles you can give to yourself an others. You can come share why you are for or against Discord rolesplays.
Featured Artist

Axeykins doodles dump features many traditional works done in pencil and pen, hosting a variety of interesting characters from skeletal to feathered; it is interesting and dark. You can even see them work on drawing various facial expression and other practice pieces mixed into their works.
Featured Poetry

Long-distance friendship can be hard to maintain, but it's a wonderful feeling when you know someone is there for you, even if miles away, as beautifully shown in a poem by @hostage. Other poems in La Vie en Rose collection are also reminding us about simple things and experiences that one could treasure.
Featured Character

Harian of Kadesh is a shapeshifting Djinn who favors the form of a young woman. She tackles her challenges with creative use of shifting, fire magic and her trusty handgun. though brash and bitter, she is surprisingly patient and has a secret soft spot for the truly kind-hearted. Overall, she's a deep and very relatable character.

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  1. Previously featured members for Member of the Month or Roleplay of the Month cannot be featured again for that category. This means if a user has already been featured in a certain section of the newsletter that they cannot be featured in that section again.

  2. Please do not spam multiple suggestions or messages.

  3. Remember that not all suggestions are going to be accepted. While your suggestions are appreciated there are limited slots in each newsletter. If your suggestion isn't accepted please do not let it make you disheartened; there is always the next newsletter. Additionally, some suggestions may not meet the requirements to be featured in the newsletter.

  4. Please do not expect or anticipate a response to your suggestion. This isn't to be rude but rather Staff having limited time.

  5. All suggestions will be kept anonymous, meaning we won't be sharing who suggested who/what for the newsletter.
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Trivia Time!

The answer to last week's trivia is Petrichor!

"What were the last words spoken in The Empire Strikes Back?"
Please use a spoiler tag if you want to answer in the thread!

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Hikari Chan

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It is not a prank, I clicked on the Music May link and it works fine for me :)

by the way: Congrats to the roleplayer of the month ^^


Darkness (Favorite Food: Steak)
The last words were uddered by Luke Skywalker where he said to Chewbacca and Lando: "May the force be with you." However! The last official piece of dialogue was done by R2-D2... but sadly does not count since he doesn't speak in more then "beeps" and "boops" XD


This is a legitimate question here. Is there any way I can enter th the Roleplay of the Month thing.
You can read the section about suggestions. There isn't a "ring" but rather a review of suggestions for the newsletter and from there one is selected.

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