Newsletter RpNation Newsletter: March 2023

โ€œLuck is where opportunity meets preparation.โ€


It can be presented at any moment, with any action, decision, or consequence that an individual participates in. An opportunity. Can it be from luck? Or was it due to chance? Well, everyday we are all faced with various situations whether they are challenging or simple. How we decide to approach them can bring about many outcomes. From there we can either take it as an opportunity for something to come out of it. Some may simply not have to acknowledge the opportunities they were presented and ride along with what they feel is luck but as Seneca said, this may just be them being prepared for those opportunities.

So if a chance appears, what will you do?

Do you feel as luck will be on your side this year?

What opportunities are you hoping to embrace in the future?


๐ŸŽฒ Staff Contact Ticket System
Users can now enter in tickets for assistance to staff members. This will help for faster response time. You can access this system at the top menu of the website, under โ€œImportant Linksโ€ on the homepage or here.​

๐Ÿ€ Return of Old BBCode Tags
Certain codes are now back and good to use! Check out the BBCode guide here and here and here!​

๐Ÿช™ Official RPN Merchandise
Be sure to head on over and see what available products we have for our users!​

โ™Ÿ๏ธ Badge Resolution Change
The resolution of the badges have been increased to upgrade its overall quality.​

๐ŸŽฑ Distress & Crisis Resources
RpNation now provides a Distress & Crisis Resource thread for your needs. Click here to learn more.


The Kingsword Will Stand by viloxii viloxii

What are some themes and ideas that inspired you to create The Kingsword Will Stand?
Some driving themes for "The Kingsword Will Stand" would be certain movies, and TV shows that I like, mixed with dreams I have. I figured having a small group of people taking back a kingdom from unrightful rulers would be pretty interesting.​

What is the driving motivator of the plot currently?
I think it would be the idea that this small group of people are so connected to each other and are all willing to help each other.​

How do you garner interest for your roleplays?
I would probably say the roleplayers I play with. It's pretty great to see how well they post and portray their characters.​

What's your favorite part of the roleplay so far?
So far my favorite part of the roleplay would be Vail finding out who he actually is. It was pretty neat.​

How do you maintain stability and comfort between roleplayers that have been in the roleplay since the beginning and new roleplayers that just joined the group? Is there ever a time that someone feels left out? If so, how do you handle it?
We actually experienced a player or two dropping the roleplay. It was a little sad. They will be missed. But I have made it a point to include the opinion of everyone and we hardly ever make any changes without taking people's opinion into consideration. If there ever is a problem, players are encouraged to speak up about it. In response, a conversation is had so that we can properly attend to their concern <3

If you had the choice to adapt your roleplay into a different medium which would it be; comic book, novel series, TV show, movie, or video game? And why?
That is a very hard question. I am a writer. I always dreamed of turning my writings or roleplays INTO movies. For this particular one, I think a novel would probably be best. With the plans I have for this roleplay, the budget would be astronomical if it was turned into a movie.​

What is the most interesting roleplay you ever participated in? What made it different?
I think the most interesting roleplay I have ever participated in was YEARS ago. It was really neat. It was based off of Egyptian mythology and I hadn't and still haven't seen anything like it in the 6 years since I was participating in it.​

How did you start roleplaying?
I started roleplaying when one of my friends showed it to me. I got into it pretty fast. My life got pretty complicated and I stopped but then I saw another one of my friends started up again and I was like. Dang, I really miss roleplaying. I am going to start again :)

How did you discover RpNation?
I discovered RP Nation years and years ago in a Google search. I prefer this site over any other when it comes to roleplaying. The community and the layout is just top tier compared to all the other sites I've seen.​

For upcoming GMs and newsletter readers, what roleplaying advice, tips, and tricks do you think will benefit them?
My tips would be to have a good, well thought out character sheet, that way you can understand all of the characters. Another tip is to go ahead and have an idea for as much of the plot line if you can manage, keep it basic but share it with your players. In this roleplay, I have the next several months worth of plot planned out. We don't have to follow it, but it definitely prevents writers block or any pauses.​

In the upcoming newsletter, would you like to give a shout-out to your players? If so, please feel free to tag them here for us!
I would love to tag the other players. They have had a massive part in participating in the roleplay, as well as helping me manage it, and helping it continue and flow.​


Parrot Parfait Parrot Parfait

Where does your username come from? Does it have any certain meaning behind it?
The parrot part comes from the fact that I like birds. For the parfait part, I was probably hungry or something. Also, โ€œParrot Parfaitโ€ is a pretty cool alliteration.​

How would you describe yourself in three words? Why those words?
Three words: Unfashionable, Excitable, and Distracted
Unfashionable: Because of three reasons: Donโ€™t care how I look, love comfortable, and am the person who says โ€œthis clothes is fineโ€ when it has 50 holes in it. I also like hats. (I think I wore half a watermelon for a silly hat day).
Excitable: My activation energy for getting expressive is fairly small. When the ball gets rolling, I start rolling.
Distracted: My mind wanders off a lot. I do have good concentration, but only when it wants to be there. When itโ€™s not, uhhโ€ฆ​

When did you start roleplaying? Any embarrassing or amazing moments?
For me, roleplaying goes back far into my childhood. As a child, whenever my older sister and I went to our grandmaโ€™s house, weโ€™d pretend to be adventurers (I was an archer) and go around the house completing quests, brewing potions, and whatnot.
Later on, in highschool, my brother (much older than me) decided to do impromptu rp-sessions. Heโ€™d make up a world on the spot with me as a character in it. At some point, I moved online in search of RPs.​

My most memorable and embarrassing moment was when I was roleplaying with my brother. I was a defender and had taken up an escort mission. For some reason, it didnโ€™t occur to me there was a time limit despite my brother giving me clear signs. I managed to barely complete the mission, but I was kicking myself afterwards since I couldn't get any additional rewards. The coolest part of it was when I sledded down a hill with my tower shield.​

How did you discover RpNation?
Google. Before RPN, I was actually on a different RPing forum, but that forum didnโ€™t have as much activity, so I moved here after a quick Google search.​

What are your favorite genres/settings to roleplay in?
As you can probably tell, fantasy. I kinda like old-feeling stuff, so fantasy fills that want pretty well.​

What are some other hobbies you have besides roleplaying?
Hmmโ€ฆ I guess it would be playing indie video games and reading manga. (Usually isekai and/or fantasy genres)​

What made you decide to post in the music thread and what are your favorite genres?
Before I started the music thread, I actually started posting music in a private discord. Later on, while on the site, I wondered why I couldnโ€™t do the same for this site. That, and at that time, I had school, so it was a great way to keep myself from forgetting to check the site.
As for my favorite genresโ€ฆ orchestral, weirdcore, lofi, VGM, and anything thatโ€™s pretty chill. Though, Iโ€™m usually up for listening to something new, like Irish Punk bandsโ€ฆ which apparently arenโ€™t always Irish xD​

What's been your all time favorite character/world/project/etc you've created?
My favorite project has got to be my tea-time roleplays. Meeting up with OCs has been an interesting experience to say the least.​

What's been the most memorable roleplay moment you've had?
My most memorable moment is more of a memorable RP. It was my first tea session done in a private message. When the magician began talking about her home world, I was struck by how beautifully crafted the world was, especially since parts of it incorporated music.​

Got any music you'd like to share for the Newsletter?

Iโ€™ve already posted it in my music thread, but this one has a fair bit of significance for me. During that time, my school district was having a district wide โ€œjudgingโ€ of different bands. My high school has two bands, one normal and another advanced with me in the normal one at the time. I attended the advanced bandโ€™s performance and was blown away by how well they played this piece. Later on, I listened to this specific recording and judged that they played it as well as the professionals.​

Is there any advice or things you would like to tell newsletter readers?
Forum based roleplaying requires two things, communication and patience. There are many reasons for that, but a good reason is that real life often gets in the way, creating situations where you or another canโ€™t post. However, people canโ€™t read minds, and because of that, can often assume the worst things (calling myself out). As such, itโ€™s important to tell others your circumstances and to be patient when they tell you theirโ€™s.​

Any shoutouts you would like to mention?
Shoutout to Wolf Rawrrr Wolf Rawrrr , Kaerri Kaerri , and Rekai Leon Rekai Leon in the Amaranth RP, and shout out to the peeps posting in the phonograph thread (particularly Dannigan Dannigan , @Dreamtique, @Murdergurl, Kaiju Cat Kaiju Cat )!​


March Donation Badge by @merrbles


Kaerri's Man. =)
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Hooray, hooray for Parrot Parfait Parrot Parfait (and hey, that rhymes)! Congrats to one of RP Nation's friendliest members! You are not only fun to roleplay with, but your music thread is a constant source of fresh joy and wonder.

It is people like you, Parrot, that make RpN my favorite website. Thanks for being such a warm person. You have one thing in common with the clothes you described; you're just so very comfortable to be around!

Congratulations for making RPnNation's member of the month! You really deserve it, buddy!

Honor and fun,
Dann =)


Dannigan's Lady
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Aww, thanks for the shoutout! Wasn't expecting that. ^33^


๐˜ด๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐˜ต ๐˜ฎ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฎ๐˜ฐ๐˜ณ๐˜ช๐˜ฆ๐˜ด

(i had to and was obsessed)

Congratulations to our Member of the Month Parrot Parfait Parrot Parfait and Roleplay of the Month viloxii viloxii ! The shout-outs are always so heart-warming to see and one of the reasons I enjoy being part of this community.

The introduction definitely made me ponder a lot for a hot second. I've always been the type of person to think, "This won't happen again, gotta take that risk before it's too late". However, I do need that little push and nudge to make it happen. It's always scary when it comes to taking risk but with five seconds of courage, I just do it! As someone who loves organizing, there's always a "I need to be prepared, just in case" moment and by happenstance, it tends to appear. So, as they say, fortune favors the bold.

Sending all luck and support our way this month!

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