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Newsletter RpNation Newsletter: July 2021

Work hard, play harder!

Life is filled with routine. Whether the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to check your phone, lie in bed and groan about your busy schedule ahead, or get up and get ready for the day, we, as humans, are constantly moving and grooving. With all that happens in our daily life, whoever has time for a break? To stop and smell the roses? Or even have a chance to relax and wind without having something weighing over our head due to stress?

With school letting out for some parts of the world and less work piling on as days pass, family and friends are marking their schedule and starting their vacation! Time to uproot this mundane routine and add a little spice! It’s about time we safely allow ourselves the ability to get away from the world around us! We deserve it!

That said, what is your ideal getaway? Is it a vacation at the beach? Or is it an island getaway where you have an island to yourself? If you choose an island getaway, what is your ideal island? What will you do on the island? Is it bathing in the sun and drinking fruity drinks? Feeling the sand between your feet? Or hearing the crashing of the ocean in the sea? Tell us in the comments below!

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Music that Escapes

We asked our community to share their Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands with us to gear us up for the Summer. Here are the stunning results!

@HappyHedgie ― Featured Artist
@xxrarewerewolfxx ― Featured Writer

@butterfly aubade ― Featured BBCoder
Thanny Thanny ― Featured Discussion

Zerachiin Zerachiin ― Member of the Month
When did you start roleplaying? Where was it? Did you enjoy it at first?
My first exposure to roleplaying was definitely playing "warrior cats" on the playground and with webkinz plushies, but I soon switched to roleplaying on Animal Jam. After my Warrior Cats stint was over I got into Undertale and roleplayed on google+. Once I ran out of fandom content I figured, "hey, I can roleplay with my own original characters!", then I did so with my close friends over text. All this to say, I've pretty much been roleplaying my entire life, I don't think there was ever a period where I thought it was weird or didn't do it.

How did you discover RpNation?
I was really, really desperate to roleplay in a certain fandom's canon and none of my friends were interested. I wasn't keen on using discord for RP so I figured I'd try searching up roleplaying websites and apps on google. I found this website a little further down in people's top picks, but what drew me in was the "no ERP" rule, no other website or app had specified that- so I knew it was the perfect choice for me! After I got my fix for that fandom, I found I really loved forums and enjoyed how friendly the community was along with the variety in interests, now this is my home.

What are your favorite genres/settings to roleplay in?
*insert unsubtle Omori mention* Hmm... I feel like I haven't expanded my reach into enough genres to have a true answer but I very much enjoy fandom RP in which I get to continue or remake the lives of the canon characters and original settings that have a darker psychological aspect to them, lots of anime boys for me to ponder and take place in East Asia. I hope to try my hand at Sci-fi and Fururistic settings once I have the time, seems like the best fit for my (many) bug-humans.

What are some other hobbies you have besides roleplaying?
I absolutely love music, cannot play it or make it but I will listen to it for hours. I'm listening to music as I'm writing this! Reading, writing, drawing, gaming, animating, sculpting, programming and sleeping are complementary activities to my music-listening. I recently took up embroidery and merchandise collection as well, I firmly believe I can't hate something until I try it, so my hobby list is essentially an endless pit. I wanna put together one of those evangelion model kits next and try kit-bashing!

What is your favorite part of Rpnation?
I like seeing the strange things people write in their profile posts, but I also really like how civil and open-minded the community is. Typically I would be a strictly roleplay-only person but everyone here is so kind I couldn't resist being a liiiittle sociable.

Do you have any favorite literature pieces? Or maybe a beloved TV series?
I'm legally obligated to say Omori despite it's status as a video-game but aside from that I adore all of S.E. Hinton's works ESPECIALLY "That was then, this is now." I'm also a big fan of the kind of books you are forced to read in highschool (farenheit 451, lord of the flies, you get the gist), does that count as Stockholm Syndrome? I can't lie, I don't watch much TV and will not touch live-action but anything that Masaaki Yuasa puts out is an absolute win. I like cult classics and hidden gems, unsurprisingly I'm a sucker for psychological themes! Alien-Nine, Evangelion and Kaiba come to mind.

If you were to be stranded on an island, what three items would you have and why?
If it weren't for the lack of internet and air conditioning, this would be a dream come true for me! I'd probably bring a swimsuit, functioning computer and something to filter water with. One of those water-filter straws maybe. Will my choices help me survive? Maybe one of them, but this is my only chance to be completely alone on my own little planet! I sure hope it snows on this island...

What era would you want to be born in and why?
I'm actually very satisfied with the era I was born in, I have modern medicine, technology, domesticated animals and the social climate is pretty safe for me on a micro level. I'd have to know what my options in the future look like to have preferred another era, only dual citizenship opening up in Japan could sway me.

If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, which color would it be and why?
It'd be black, I rarely wear any other color in the first place and it's my favorite. I don't put very much effort into my outfits everyday in the first place and you can never go wrong with black! ^u^

Got any RpNation projects that you would like to share?
I'm GM-ing my first group roleplay, "Roller-Skating High-Schoolers against the Vast Expanse of Space"! It's based off the anime and manga of Alien-Nine. I have a LOT of ideas in store for it, and I hope I can bring them to fruition in a satisfying way. We're just starting out right now, but it should quicken pace once we reach the second day, I'm anticipating opening it to more players once we reach the summer-break section since I just got some help to run the project. Other than that I'm pretty much just chilling.

What advice do you have for the newsletter readers?
Kindness is not a weakness. Whether it be having respect for others, listening to others, being non-judgemental or simply smiling. You will meet a lot of people you absolutely hate, but you gain nothing by hurting them, either ignore them or embrace them and tell them that they're okay and things will get better. Everyone deserves to feel loved no matter what mistakes they've made or life they've lived.
I'm in one of the roughest patches of my life right now and I'd say it's only extrapolated by the lack of love I've been shown by those around me. I can't do much to help myself, but I can tell all of you to tell someone you love them today. Friends, family, strangers- it doesn't matter. Make someone's presence feel appreciated and needed.

BoomersAndMash BoomersAndMash ― Roleplay of the Month
What inspired you to create Humanity Stands?
I was actually reading a webcomic called "Sword Interval". It has the same ideas with the supernatural and humans living in the same world, with hunters and an organization that watches out for the humans. I love those ideas with the "What if the supernatural and humans did indeed have to coexist? What would happen?" I also took some ideas with the organization in the RP Athena, where both humans and supernatural work together and use their skills to aid each other from another RP I was doing with a friend. We were doing something similar to this RP. I'm also a fan of having two or more factions clashing with each other.

What do you think got your RP to the point it's at now? (What's kept it from stalling/keeps it going?)
I honestly don't know how it got to this point. I think what keeps it from stalling is there is free range on what you can pick for your character. I don't limit as to what supernatural you can use when you create a character, or that if you want to make your own faction to go against the premade ones then I'm all for that. I think what keeps it going is how the world is growing. Like for example the faction, The Hive, I did not create that faction. That was a faction created by another member, Neo Alice and I think it's an excellent addition to the world.

How did you advertise the RP and did you do anything to make it seem more enticing?
So for advertising I really didn't do anything flashy. I just wrote an intro and hoped that it would catch the eyes of people that would be interested in it. I just tried to make a title that would fit the plot of the story and clicked "submit" and waited. Nothing really special.

How/where did you get into roleplaying?
I actually got into roleplaying with a friend of mine in middle school. Back then I didn't realize it was roleplaying, I just thought we were passing notes with our made up characters and making up stories. But that was my first taste of roleplaying. It then grew and any forums I would join I just had a tendency to make a persona for myself. What really took it off was when I joined Gaia and they had a roleplay section there. I started off small with the beginner role plays of one to two sentences but then began to expand myself out in joining more advanced roleplays/making my own.

How/when did you discover RpNation and how has your time here affected your RP ability/experience?
I discovered this site after my roleplay partner and I, who have been roleplaying together for close to 10+ years now, parted ways. I wanted to keep roleplaying but didn't know where to turn or who would actually want to roleplay with me, since I haven't roleplayed with anyone else besides my one partner, so it was scary at first to try and find a group. I found RpNation by Google searching roleplay forums, and was greeted with many other forums, including this one. What caught my eye to this one was how active and welcoming the community was. I was nervous to start all over again and didn't know where to turn but when I was looking at some of the posts by other members I knew this place was for me. I've been enjoying my time here greatly and I hope that the more I stay here the better I can get at my writing skills with details and emotions. I just enjoy the fact that everyone is willing to help each other out and give out helpful advice to improve their skills.

What's your favorite roleplay? (Or which one has had a special quality, be it a character, plot, world-building etc, that makes it special?)
Oh this is a tough question but the one roleplay that sticks out to me has to be one that I managed back on Gaia called Iron Hands. It was a very popular roleplay where again two factions were against each other. It was set in a dystopian world where the government had complete control over everything and ruled with an iron fist, hence the title. But there was a group that sought to bring truth to the web of lies that the government was spreading. Each side had their own special units. It was a lot of fun and managed to have 2 spin off roleplays after the original. It went so far even that someone made a city map for it and I was creating a music playlist for everyone to listen to the music that was being mentioned by any of the characters in the roleplay. It was just one of the best memories I'll have.

What is your ideal RP? (Even it doesn't seem like something that would work out or be popular)
An ideal RP? I thought the last question was hard but this one is the hard one. I'm not too sure to be honest. If it's about wordage wise then I'll say having it be a few sentences is ideal for me. Doesn't have to be a book full of details, I don't want the person to feel like they need to write a chapter to roleplay. That's not to say one liners are bad; I'm just that person who tends to enjoy reading what others write and I love to see what others have for ideas. Roleplay itself, I think my ideal roleplay would be to have a large group of people to roleplay with. And I can already see the troubles with having a large group. But I love meeting new people and also just seeing the interaction with the characters is fun.

What advice or tips would you give to new or rising players?
Just have fun and don't worry about post size. The old saying goes "Quality over quantity." Also don't be afraid to ask for some tips if you're feeling like you're hitting a roadblock with your writing. But I honestly think having fun is the most important thing. You'll find your groove when it comes to adding details. Just don't force it.

Anything in an RP that sucks the fun out of it? Any rare and or subtle things that make your mouth water?
What can suck the fun out of it for me is attitude. If someone has a rude attitude that sucks the fun right out of it. Subtle things that make my mouth water is when a person's character picks up on subtleties that either I or someone else might use and brings it up in a later post. Those are always fun because subtle details are sometimes dropped "carelessly" to be used for a bigger plot point later but we don't want to just shout out "Hey! I want you to use this plot point now! Right now!"

How do you feel about Humanity Stands...As it stands? Has it sparked any new ideas for other things?
As it stands right now? I'm pleased with it though I know there is always room for improvement. But as it is right now I couldn't be happier. Those who have joined are wonderful folks to write with and it's just been a blast to see how the world unfolds. It has indeed sparked some ideas for other RP's and I also hope that maybe it can continue to be its own entity and perhaps have it's own continuation. We shall see. For now I'm just going to enjoy roleplaying with those that have joined and see where it goes from here.

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Bardbarian, the Divine Chordia of Concordia
Admin Appreciation
I’m really thankful for the admin team for providing a platform where so many people from around the world can come together and join in their love for writing. Had it not been for rpn, I wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing people in the world who have completely changed my life!
weldherwings weldherwings

Thank you so much for being so welcoming as I've started out at RPN! I've already made some great bonds with people that will hopefully last long, and I'm excited to dive more into RP! Thank you for being supportive of my ideas and dreams, and helpful with my questions and needs. Thank you for creating such a wonderful community. I'm so glad I found this site, and I'm so glad you guys made it so exciting and beautiful so that I can continue to enjoy it! You guys are the best!
Yoshi-kun Yoshi-kun

"Throughout my time here, I've heard a long list of criticisms and judgments regarding how this site functions. That being said, I have boundless faith that you guys take every single piece of feedback to heart. I know for a fact that you guys, the admins of RpNation, work diligently to make our site a better place, even whilst dealing with the beast of real life. I know you constantly worry and stress over how to make the site a better, safer place, and I know that you care deeply about our userbase. I've witnessed as much, myself.

Not only are you a great team of administrators, you're all great friends, too. I feel safe knowing that whatever concerns, rants, or excitements I have to express will be accepted and listened to free of judgment, regardless of whether or not they center around site matters. I know that I can be myself around you guys and I think that's important.

Lastly, you lead a wonderful site that has been a gargantuan part of my life. I've met some of the greatest people on this platform, a few of which have truly changed me as a person. Without RpN, I would be so unbelievably different, and without the admins here to carefully mold the forums and make the difficult decisions, RpN wouldn't be here either.

I also know for a fact that the duties you perform tend to be thankless, and that sometimes it's difficult to see how much people appreciate you, but I hope you at least know that I, among countless others, are deeply indebted to the work you've done and the smiles you've put on people's faces.

Thank you for everything!"
Daisie Daisie

"I'm pretty bad at being elegant about these kinds of things, so plain and simple, RpN saved my life. I don't really like to talk about it much, but before RpN, and even for some period of time after being shown RpN, depression controlled my life. I was, for lack of less specific words, suicidal. RpN helped distract me from all the negativity in my life, helped me express and get out of my head all the things running through my head. I no longer had to worry about trying to get peoples' attention, much less get them to read what I had to say to them, I simply just had to worry about what I wanted to tell them, what I wanted people to read, what I wanted to express. It was, and still is, the greatest feeling of my life, knowing the only thing I had to worry about when interacting with people was what I wanted to express, rather than whether or not I'd even be allowed to express it.

Without DWiz, without Kaerri, without Ghan, without the great Cap'n Hespy or the mythical Gilzar, and fine, I guess I have to thank the despicable Fyuri too (jk i love you <3), RpN wouldn't be the wonderful place that it is now, much less would it have been something I'd be able to call /my/ wonderful place. RpN is somewhere I can always come back to at the end of the day and know I have friends who'll be there with open arms and a spare pen when mine runs out of ink. Some of you, I met before you were admins, and I believe I even met some of you before you were even moderators (though I might be misremembering that bit), and I met every single one of you before I was even a helper for that like, one or two months before I somehow earned DWiz's terrifying invite xP. Every single time I saw any of your names anywhere on the site, it made me smile.

Every time I got to partake in an RP with any of you, it was the best RP of my life, not because the roleplaying was the best, not because the characers were the greatest characters ever, but because the people I was roleplaying with were the kindest, friendliest people ever that truly cared for what they were a part of. As of writing this, I've been part of RpN for one month short of eight years, and I don't regret a single moment of my time spent on the website. Thank you for all the time and effort you've all put in to running and maintaining this site and creating a place for me and many others to call home. No matter what anyone says, this site has undoubtedly saved at least one life, and nothing can take that away from all of you."
Kiyoko Tomoe Kiyoko Tomoe

You are, to me, The Nomarchs of our collective Imagination. The governors and facilitators of wishes and dreams, the mortar that holds the bricks of creativity so numerous and heavy together on this site. I have had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with some of you, but every one of you is loved and respected for the work you put in and the guiding hand you keep with the community. I raise a glass to you, and wish you tenfold back in grace what work you put into this fantastic site!
Beckoncall Beckoncall

There are many things the Rpn Administration does for all of us here on Rpn that we cannot quantify the amount of appreciation we have for all your hard work, dedication, and love you put in the site and its users. From greeting new members to ensuring a comfortable environment for all users to maintaining the background processes of data management. We don't showcase our appreciation often but it's always there from our silliness in forum games to seriously formatted dice roleplays. Thank you Rpn Admins for all you do, we all really do appreciate it even when we don't say it enough.
Life. Life.

"Where do I begin? I joined the site back in 2015. Over the years I watched as they helped keep the site going, helped keep it fun, and more importantly showed that their positions didn’t get to their heads. Truly it’s one of the few times where I’ve see that having such a high rank didn’t cause them to turn into power hungry snowflakes. Instead they interact with the community, make it a point to help us and become our friends. Help us just by being there when we needed someone. Not as an admin, but as a human being, allowing us to lean on them, cry into their shoulders, or just even giving us words of encouragement and support. Truly they are our friends.

Over the years I’ve spoken with quite a few of the admins, couple I’ve befriended, and honestly they are just wonderful people. You wouldn’t even be able to tell that they were admins, people in charge. Which to me is a good thing, shows they don’t flaunt their rank, their power, their control. They only exercise it when needed, and honestly I’m fairly sure that only happens when they’re answering a user report.

Now the very first admin I ever spoke to was Kaerri. Such a sweet, kind and gentle soul. Never have I ever met anyone more sweet than she is. So no surprise that she was someone whom I considered a friend fairly quickly. She was here for me, but she was also there for others who needed it. Her constant supportive words and kind demeanor has been a blessing on the site in my humble opinion. Kaerri, if you somehow read this, I wanted to say thank you, for being a good friend.

Dark wizard, aka D-Wiz, D, or Wiz to others. We never really spoke much at first other than a plausible rp (that didn’t take off due to characters being too diverse). But, then the destiny 2 clan came around and that’s when we really got to talking. The dude is patient, but he has also shown he is protective us. Many times I’ve seen him defend Rpnation and it’s community, quite a few times I’ve seen him take concern on the health of individuals, making sure they’re ok and doing well. In my eyes Wiz has earned his position, and he’s earned my respect, he’s like the big brother we all need.

Fyuri, I joined before you did, but when you did join i do recall us getting along quite well in the beginning, quickly becoming friends. And then you became mod, and not a single thing about you changed, you stayed the kind friendly individual you are. Only difference was now you were better able to help others if they had issues on the site. And then you became an admin, and things stayed the same. And even now you are still the same kind and funny soul that I met back in 2016. Stay you Fyuri, you’re a good friend and a good person.

Ghan, we’ve spoken maybe once but don’t think your efforts haven’t gotten noticed. I know when it comes to keeping the website afloat, you’re at the helm of this ship. Your deep understanding of Rpnation and it’s workings have helped keep this site alive, have helped keep the community strong and going as we’ve hit turbulent spots in the past. From maintenance, to server issues to the recent server literally getting flooded with water. You’ve helped keep the site together, backups, repairs, code fixes and all that other technical stuff I myself could never hope to comprehend. You are the back bone of RPN, I dare say you are the glue that keeps us whole, that allows us to have to the fun that we have, and that allows each of us the community to interact with one another. So for that Ghan, I thank you.

Gilzar, I honestly don’t know much about you. We’ve interacted maybe once, but I have always recognized your iconic bear across the site. I’ve seen (based on what few interactions I’ve witnessed) that you are just as kind as your fellow admins. You take care of us like the rest, you roleplay with us, help us feel welcome and confident in our writing abilities. You’re a good bear Gil, thank you for all that you do for us.

And then there is the Cap, the Captain, Capitan, the one I speak of is Captain Hesperus. An admin who’s cat profile pictures are something I always look forward to seeing. Captain like their fellow admins is just as kind and caring. I think we’ve interacted a few times, but I can say each one had no issues and was pleasant. You’ve helped those around you and like your admins work from the shadows as you answer reports and the like. You’ve roleplayed with others, you get along with everyone, you’ve shown that your position doesn’t get to your head, exercising it only when necessary. You’ve maintained your integrity, you’ve earned your rank and place. Keep up the good work cap, thank you for all you do.

That’s all I’ve really got to say on the matter, I’m not as good with words as much as I’ve used to be, so here’s hoping my fellow Rpnation community can pick up my slack and really show what a true staff praising looks like. Thank you Admins, for making my joining and stay on Rpnation such a long and pleasant one, and here’s hoping to more years to come and continue this enjoyment.

Everyone’s Favorite cybernetic Robot.
The Mechanist The Mechanist ."

No words would be enough to express my gratitude and respect I have for the site's Administration. The site is a very safe and welcoming place, and it was made possible by everyone's individual efforts as well as amazing teamwork. Thank you for creating RPN and making it into what it is today!
Onmyoji Onmyoji
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Dannigan's Lady
Thank you, lovelies, for the kind words! Any minute now Dann's going to come ask me what I'm crying about and I'll just point to my screen. Happy tears, truly! It means so much to read this.


Hibernate and vibe
I am honored to have made it here. I'm still stunned about this but thank you all for the support! Everyone apart of that RP deserves all the credit and love too. It wouldn't be what it is without their help. Much love to everyone.

Todd Howard

Congratulations Men and Women!

As for my summer,
I will be attending something along the lines of Military Academy for my own good, To get a GED early and much other choices but at a large cost:

My Humanity.

Anyways, Before I send myself there, I will be fading in and out for the next month or so, and take a one-week trip to Military Academy (Or maybe this is an early April Fools...?).


The Destined Undestined
Wow, I made it to a feed? Sweet! Thank you for selecting my topic out of the number of them; I greatly appreciate it. =)


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