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July Newsletter
Housekeeping Announcements

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Many thanks to @Fyuri!​
  • Melvil Update Part 1.6 was released and we've opened up the dev site for you to beta test and play around with the soon to be released filter feature.
  • We know that there were some bumps in accessing the site. The datacenter which hosted our server lost power and had other issues which resulted in some site downtime which was out of our hands. We've changed to a new server which you can nerd out over here.
  • Post drafts have been improved! Drafts are now saved to the server directly. You can read more here about improvements to this feature.

Roleplay of the Month

Give everyone a quick summary of your roleplay.
Fairy Tail: Guilds of Fiore is a Fairy Tail roleplay set one hundred years after the battle with Zeref in canon. From there it's really loosely based allowing people a lot of freedom in developing the world around them. It's set in a sandbox-esque way, meaning no plot or arc follows a strictly set path. There are a few keypoints, but what happens is entirely at the behest of player intetaction! The length and theme of each arc varies, though the main villain as of current is an evil Cult wishing to ressurect Zeref and have him wreak havoc on the world of Earthland; aptly named The Cult of Zeref.

Roleplayers can choose nearly any race or magic they want, as well as which guild they want, or even go guildless. Creativity is heavily encouraged!

Why did you choose to do a Fairy Tail roleplay?
I just really love the universe its set in, that's honestly the first and foremost reason. Its the only manga I've ever finished and enjoyed that even comes close to its length. The universe itself allows for so much creativity as well, allowing for nearly any kind of setting imagineable. It's easy to think up a quick and fun plot for everyone to be able to get into and enjoy, and the natural light and quirky theme Fairy Tail in general holds allows for some hilarious moments. Overall, its the universe I have the most fun RPing in bar making one of my own.

What do you enjoy most about GMing?
The ability to come up with various plots that people will, hopefully, like following is part of it. World building and plot making is a huge point of joy in it for me. May sound pretty corny, but being able to have fun with my friends and meet new friends would have the be what I like the most. I've formed many a great friendship through GMing over the years, sure its not all good all the time, but overall its a pretty great experience.

How do you overcome your struggles as a GM?
A good bit of it would really go back to my friends, real good friends I met three years ago when I GM'd Fairy Tail: A Fandom. @LeSoraAmari @The Elder @Jackaboi @Britt-21 and two others who have since changed names or left the site; Kyuubey and Zuka. These guys have helped me make hard decisions on numerous occassions, Sora and Kyuubey even co-GM'd with me on the other RP. While I am a pretty laid back individual and usually do well on my own, they've always been there when I needed help and asked them for it. I definitely owe them a lot.

How did you come about roleplaying?
I started Roleplaying quite a long time ago on Neopets way back when. I wasn't that good at it when I was younger, my sheets were terrible and my grammar sucked. I didn't really care much back then. I tended to do Gifted roleplays and vampire ones back then, fantasy and magic, anything like that. I enjoyed it even if it was more simple roleplay. I've always enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember and doubt I stop anytime soon.

How did you discover RPNation?
Google. After a long while of looking for a place I found it. I can't remember if it was linked on another Roleplaying site as a partner or if I simply found it while googling around for some Roleplaying sites. Had tried out several, even some DND RPG style ones, but they weren't for me or weren't that active. I do use other sites too, but some of my more long standing RPs have all been here.

How long have you been roleplaying?
Roughly twelve years, and it all started on Neopets. I wasn't too incredibly active for all the twelve years, but I bounced around from place to place. I use Roleplaying as a means to hone my writing skills, as I intend on one day writing books. Not quite to my dream job as an author yet, but I have to say the experience has drastically helped me write better.

How do you plan your roleplays?
Honestly? Very minimally haha. I very rarely actually plan out my roleplays any great distance of time. I tend to come up with ideas on the spot, often with some help, and roll with it from there. I've found that I don't get as much enjoyment from following a concrete plan as I do coming up with spur of the moment plots(that makes sense to everything else in the RP, of course). It doesn't always work out, but I've had more success with it than failure.

I tend to come up with a basic plot from there and evolve it as I go along with the story, after observing how its going and how people are reacting. I feel this is the best way to ensure story flows naturally while also ensuring players have a guideline of a plot to follow.

How do you deal with roleplay burn-out?
It depends on my mood as to what I do. I either read, write in certain Roleplays that piques my interest more than what I'm burned out on, watch anime, or play some video games. Mostly the the last three these days, and of those the last two. Most notably Path of Exile, a really fun game that I'm honestly pretty addicted too haha!

Comedy or Tragedy? Why?
Definitely Comedy. I tend to not do that well Roleplaying or reacting to tragedy as much as more comedic moments. Now of course, every good story has to have a little bit of tragedy, so its nice to have too. Overall I simply prefer more comedic moments. Though a nice tragic death scene or something of the ilk is certainly enjoyable as well.

Ultimately it comes down to how both are portrayed, though I have a natural sway towards Comedy.

Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone else?
It would have to depend on the moment, though ultimately I'd have to say someone else. I'd much rather be able to see into someone elses' future and be able to help them or someone else by doing so rather than myself. Both would be rather hard to deal with as well, depending on what was seen. It's honestly a pretty tough choice though I'd likely choose neither if given that third option, I don't do well with stressful decisions...or deciding at all really haha. Therefore, such a thing would likely be wasted on me as I'd be too afraid of making the wrong decision and making things worse for myself or others.

Do you have any other projects in the works you'd like to share?
I have had a few ideas I've been toying with, though nothing I'd be making anytime soon due to my laptop dying and me being restricted to a cellphone only until I can afford a new one. Though among them I intend on remaking a dark themed Magic School RP I attempted a while back, an adventurers guild RP, and potentionally a Pokemon RP. Which one I decide to do first heavily decides on my mood haha.

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Heh. Still can't believe I actually got Roleplay of the month. Thank you very much for choosing me, and congratulations to everyone else who was chosen for stuffs!

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