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Newsletter RpNation Newsletter: January 2021


I didn't want to go swimming anyway, baka!
January 2021 NEWSLETTER

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Housekeeping Notes

BlueLokiLex BlueLokiLex ― Featured Discussion
What do you get when you combine two faces together? Find out more!

low fidelity low fidelity ― Featured BBCoder
Scroll boxes? Check. Tabs? Check. Moving images? Check. Find more of what you want here.
Cornflower Cornflower ― Featured Writer
A short set of rhymes Dancing to A Silent Song.

Reid Reid ― Member of the Month
When did you start roleplaying? Where was it? Did you enjoy it at first? How did you discover RpNation?
Hmm. That's kind of a hard question haha. If we're being super technical, I would say that I started role-playing when I was 9 or 10 on an MMO. I didn't know what I was doing was called "Roleplay" but I enjoyed making up stories with other kids, dressing up our characters and using any means available in that medium to 'act out' those stories. So yes, technically roleplay. I loved it, and it inspired me to start writing stories of my own. (In notebooks I still have to this day.)

I'm honestly not sure how I discovered RPN. At the time, I was already in a different community but it was... well, not that great. I decided to look for other places. I suppose I might have just googled "roleplaying" or "role-playing communities" and stumbled upon RPN. Glad I did haha.

What are your favorite genres/settings to roleplay in?
Hmm. That's difficult to respond to at this point in time due to several factors. But for the most part, I enjoy fantasy, supernatural creatures. Romance and Fandom. At the moment I'm knee-deep in a roleplay based on a Chinese web novel/TV show which is largely where my muse lies fixed and unyielding for now. I just... really like universes that are completely different from my own. I don't want to be myself when I'm role-playing, nor do I want a roleplay similar to the world I live in myself.

What are some other hobbies you have besides roleplaying?
I suppose I enjoy video games, I have occasionally painted. Reading and writing. Things that go hand in hand with my interest in roleplay, it seems.

Are you excited about any books, shows, or other related elements of media? What are they?
I really really enjoy Chinese fantasy dramas at the moment. They're so vastly different from the kind of fantasy I'm accustomed to, and the sheer number of episodes means that I have something that will occupy me for a long while. (Especially now, stuck in the house due to the pandemic) I love the intricate plot lines that starts out very confusing but somehow comes together by the end. It's like a rollercoaster that keeps on giving.

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Cats, I suppose. I have a cat. I like that they're pretty chill. Although sometimes they can be a bit stubborn. Dogs are too loud and needy for me haha.

What is your favorite food? Drink?
Rice and beans. Simple, easy. If I'm going out to a diner or fast food, I'll probably eat a hamburger.

What is your favorite part of Rpnation?
The general discussion threads. I like jumping in and chatting with others about whatever. I can usually be found on the discord server as well for this reason. Everyone's super nice here. I haven't had any bad experiences. And I'm glad that RPN gave me the opportunity to meet some very cool people!

If you were to be stranded on an island, what three items would you have and why?
Hmmm. Three items... My ipod (because I know spotify won't work if there's no internet on island and I feel like I would go crazy if I didn't have music), some books for entertainment, and my cat to keep me company.

What era would you want to be born in and why?
The 80s, I think. Because then that would mean I would have been a teenager in the 90s. I grew up listening to a lot of music from the 90s and I dunno, I suppose it seems like an interesting time period. It's interesting to me at least because there is a bit of an overlap between the "before" and the things I vaguely remember from my own childhood several years later. I wouldn't have wanted to have been born any earlier. Any other century or decade earlier would have been scary.

If you could play every single instrument basically or play one instrument completely flawlessly, what would you choose ? If the latter, what instrument?
Guitar, I think. Or bass if I had to choose. I used to listen to a lot of nu-metal that was bass-heavy and I always found it intriguing that they managed to create really bizarre sounds with bass. But then again, I don't know much about music in general, haha.

Would you rather be a background character in a music video that's extremely well known or be the main character in a movie no one has heard of?
Main character in a movie no one's heard of. If I'm well known, albeit a side character, I feel like that would be pretty annoying. Don't side kicks usually have some type of gimmick? I would not want to be the person that is only known for one thing.

Got any RpNation projects that you would like to share?
Not at the moment, no. Nothing major. I've mainly just been sticking to roleplaying mostly.

What advice do you have for the newsletter readers?
Depends on what kind of advice. I'm not really the advice giving type but I suppose I can say something on the current situation: I hope everyone's doing alright. I know things are very difficult now and I'm not going to pretend as if I know the entire scope of the hardships other people are going through right now; only that I hope everyone's doing alright, at least for today. It's the only thing we can do, take every day one step at a time.

What are some of the things that inspired you to create this roleplay?
New Oasis: Gangsters Edition is actually a remake of an original roleplay by user SirBlazeALot who no longer frequents the site. It was called Ninja Gangsters, and it lasted for two good years. I adored the story and the characters, and through reading the Japanese manga Boku no Hero Academia, I just decided that I had to reboot the story. There are many like-comparisons between the two stories of New Oasis and Ninja Gangsters, but I believe that New Oasis has developed its own unique differences thanks to the many wonderful writers who have taken to it!

What has made your roleplay successful?
I would like to think that the roleplay's success relies mostly on the willingness, dedication, and cooperation of the writers involved, but also for our Discord server that keeps us all close and communicative! Every week, there is a recap detailing every character's interactions (what they've done, are doing, and what they intend to do based on OOC discussion). Writers are only required to post once per week period, which starts every Sunday and ends every Saturday, but there are exceptions. The biggest thing I try to enforce is respecting each other's personal lives. I never expect anyone to put the roleplay before their daily responsibilities, and I highly encourage taking brakes from writing. When a writer must take a leave of absence, we work around them respectfully. Also, for such occasions, I encourage everyone to have more than one character in the story--that way, if they find themselves unable to post due to their interacting partner's absence, they have another character to focus on elsewhere.

How did you start roleplaying?
I started roleplaying on an online MMORPG called World of Warcraft, but I later transitioned to more detailed story-writing here on RPNation. I love writing with others through the perspective of different characters because it's like you're involved in a whole new world with all the same possibilities and surprises as the real world. You never know how your writing-partner(s) will influence the story!

How did you discover RpNation?
It was rather simple, actually. I was bored one day and simply decided to search up writing sites. Somewhere amidst an assortment of links and recommendations, I discovered RPNation and have loved it ever since. I've made so many friends and memories that will stick with me forever, and for that I am beyond grateful.

What is your fondest memory of roleplaying?
My fondest roleplaying memory would be my experience with SirBlazeALot's Ninja Gangsters, after which New Oasis: Gangsters Edition was modeled! However, the memories I've made since then are my fondest now.

What are some roleplaying tips and tricks you think others could benefit from?
Obviously dedication is one thing. You have to love your story--but on a site like RPNation, no story is just your own. It becomes a shared story the moment someone joins and creates their own character! You have to give them some freedom! Make their characters important! Also, become friends with your writing partners! It opens up to so many opportunities that just aren't available when you and your partner don't talk.

Do you have something in mind for your next roleplay? Can we get a few hints?
Well, I have been reading some Jujutsu Kaisen lately...

And Doctor Llamabean will like to give a shoutout to (in no particular order);
@Nobody Special
First Rose First Rose
@Anne Boolean
@Galaxy Bear
@Elenion Aura

The wrap-up for this month's joke

Did you hear that the snowman's date did not go anywhere?

Yeah, he said there was no icebreaker.

What does an artist often work with?

Stay tuned for the punchline on next month's Newsletter

Closing Statement

Woo 2020, am I right? It had been a year for the books. New trends, patterns, experiences and so much more were packed into the 12 months of change. There were both bad and good moments, as there always are with the flow of time, but a certain commonality was felt through the majority of the world. We, the RPN staff, hope that everyone has stayed safe and want to wish you all the best for this new year!
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I like to roleplay and use my imagination!
Happy New Years everyone! I hope this year is a lot better than last year, and that before its over, things can return to "normal" in the places were it hasn't yet (I mean places that haven't kept out the virus from there borders).


Congrats to all those featured! Especially Reid Reid you sneaky sneak changing your name and making me think there was someone else into Chinese fantasy shows lol. 🤣
somehow I still can't stop laughing at this XD

Congrats to everyone featured! ✨^33^✨


certified jin guangyao apologist 🧚‍♂️
Congrats to all those featured! Especially Reid Reid you sneaky sneak changing your name and making me think there was someone else into Chinese fantasy shows lol. 🤣
XDD. I thought it would have been obvious I was the same person haha.

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