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A glass slipper, a poisoned apple, a golden gooseโ€“you hear all these odd descriptions but immediately connect them to stories, fairytales to be exact. What makes a story a fairytale? Theyโ€™re tales that take place in a fantastical setting with notable characters of humans and supernatural creatures being present in the same world.

We have Little Red Riding Hood with a young girl dressed in a striking red hood who visits her grandma only to find out that itโ€™s a wolf in her place. Or in another world, a young girl with beautiful, golden hair stumbles upon an empty cabin, eats some porridge and eventually falls asleep on a bed. These are just two examples of the many existent stories categorized as a fairytale.

Thereโ€™s a certain fascination surrounding these short storiesโ€“thatโ€™s another note to make, the format of these tales are often short stories. Dark elements, that we as humans try to ignore often, exist in the mirage of the oddities that are present in the storyโ€“fairies, mermaids, talking gingerbread men, etc. But itโ€™s because of these features of otherworldly elements being present in comprehensible, concise presentations that theyโ€™re memorable.

On the other side of the coin, the lighter elements of fairy tales bring about a sense of awe. The idea of magic and its influence on the story can captivate the minds of others. We have all been told a fairytale whether itโ€™s the more recognized stories to local tales.

From all that you remember, whatโ€™s your favorite fairytale?


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We would love to know more about how you first started roleplaying and why you decided to GM.
Stories are the lifeblood of culture and the ways we speak to one another in ways we can't understand. Breathing life in people who never will and never have existed remains the best medicine I know of. So many issues that plague and define many lives around the world, issues that our understandings in modern medicine simply cannot fix themselves. Stories, narratives are strange ducks. A fiction that breaths more truth than a research paper ever could. And that began why I started this wonderful hobby. I wasn't sure I could handle the mantle of a writer, but I know I could handle this. I wanted to engage the timeless process of our ancestors; making stories. Standing around campfires, feeling the thrill and suspense as to wonder what would happen next. Would the hero prevail?

But, in modern times, we have refined and expanded on the traditions of our ancestors. If we realize it or not, we participate in the traditions that defined human culture and our culture has expanded to incredible sizes because of it. All of the characters and places we've made that feel more alive than what lies around us. Some look at that fact in despair. I don't oddly enough. Humans are simply more than the sum of their parts. And we find a myriad of ways to express that special part, to feel alive, to feel loved. Few find it in the mundane physical and mental work of our lives. We explore the countryside, write music, paint, write a story. We find ways to express what cannot be pointed to, what cannot be seen with magnifying glasses or measurements. And roleplaying for me, has been a way to tie these expressions together in an interesting and exciting way. To make characters and explore the worlds of others. Made by the GM or the one's we make together. Adding music, art, and anything else we can find to add to it.

And it seems through this process, that no two characters are the same. Sure, we put down Patient or Kind, but I have found that those words often have degrees of interpretation alone. And we'd be here all day if I speak on how many degrees there will be when the whole is taken. When you write down a list of traits, that is only the start. People are more than that. They are more than a personality test (despite what those tests may tell you). I have found that every person I've met is different, and it often takes quite a gift or incredible practice to begin to see how far that goes. People often get "heard" and believe that is all that lies within them. I... wasn't so convinced. Though, to be honest, people look at my face and assume to know me based on its "easiness on the eyes". And it infuriated me to no end. And in believing that there is more to people than what many believe, I started to see so much more. And it became an inspiration that fueled my roleplay, fueled my love for the hobby.

But, my experience roleplaying began with D&D 3e + 5e. Moving through with Pathfinder, a dash of Call of Cthulhu, and others, I began to explore the wide landscape of the hobby. And in that exploration, I finally found RPNation. What caught my eye was a interest check from Beckoncall, on his game of Pretenders. I found it interesting to play an up-and-coming god in a world full of a cycle of life and death. It wasn't something I had a lot of experience in before. But, it truly captivated my Sun Tzu enthusiast mind. But, it also sparked me to GM as well. My youngest brother and I built what is known on RPN as a NRP system. And opportunity came for me to test the metal of the system and refine it further among those of different backgrounds and experiences. It was used mostly within my family and close friends. Those who know me well enough that some things may fall through the cracks of their critique. So, I became a GM not only to show some of the world-building and to add a modest contribution to the traditions we hold, but also to refine and develop a system that could be used for those ends as well.

Fractal Realities is a roleplay which places players in a vast multiverse they must learn to navigate. How did you decide to make this setting and what is leading to its current success?
The setting came from the initial idea of adding rogue-like elements to a NRP. The idea for the setting was to incorporate those elements in a narrative friendly way, but also have the narrative also guide what mechanics would be as well. A mutual exchange to fine tune what the rp would be. I felt this would lead to the best design where both work together as both mechanics and narrative are needed to make long-lasting stories.

Fractal Realities remains successful mainly due to its flexibility in what it can provide to players, as well as what situations the players can find themselves in. From time warps to starships to ancient curses, there is not a hard limit on what players may encounter. And I think that enables the roleplay to thrive as it has.

How do your typically find inspiration for your roleplay ideas? What, if anything, do you have planned for future roleplays?
Honestly, I will admit that inspiration does come relatively easy though I do engage in creative pursuits almost daily. So, my creative muscles are quite ready to feed the ideas through. But, I often use Pinterest, stories on Reddit, professional media, and whatever comes through the absolute scatter brain I am. One of the best pieces of advice I received is to think about the assumptions of our physical world and of our society. Think about ideas that could arise from those different visions. Good or bad; it will be interesting and will have a good layer of realism as well since it did come from a realistic point of view.

For future roleplays, I have a couple of ideas. But, I plan for FR to last for quite a while. So, I'm sure something wild will come around. One idea I did have was for players to play different for-profit corporations that are attempting to cure both a zombie virus and an a parasite released by the US Government, set in about 100 years from now.

Why RPNation?
In respect to roleplaying, its almost not a question. RPN is the only community I've found that has a solid foundation. Not to mention the amazing qualities of the site. Its almost no contest. But, let's say there is competition. What I would say would be the defining features of RPN is BBCode, the polish and aesthetic of the site, and the organization & functionality of the site. RPN simply has so much development and polish that other sites can't compete without some dedicated effort. And the site has a great deal of history to read and explore. It adds a nice touch to explore the threads and read what people have come up with. And that's why I chose RPN, its an obvious choice IMO.


When did you start roleplaying? Was it anything like what you do now?
I started roleplaying when I was around 9 years old. It started as in-person scenarios with my family because they worked as professional roleplayers, so they liked to include me in a lot of their fun. It was fun because I always got to unearth old Hallowe'en costumes to play in. Of course, I grew up after a while and it didn't seem as cool to roleplay with your parents in your free time, so I stopped for a little while. But, as always, roleplaying just called me back and I was able to enjoy it once again.

When I used to roleplay as a child, they were always fun and fantasy-themed. From princes and princesses to elf sorceresses and warriors, I loved it all. There was always some form of exciting fantasy that entered my mind. Growing up, my roleplays have become more real, granted while sticking to some fantastic themes, it just gained a sense of "the princess isn't always saved by the prince". While that may sound a bit depressing, it was actually very influential and has given me thoughtful insight into the world. For me, roleplaying has always been important to me in the way that I can not only escape the reality of the world but can also learn so much more about how to survive in it. Roleplaying for me now consists of fandoms everywhere, some modern-dark-fantasy elements, to group roleplaying!

How did you discover RpNation?
Where I'm from currently, roleplaying isn't exactly considered normal, so it was always really hard to find someone around to roleplay with. I woke up one morning and really wanted to take part in a Star Wars roleplay, so I looked up "roleplay forums" on Google and that's how I came across this site! I've been active as much as I can (what with surgeries and all), and most of the time, I'm online daily! I love all of the people I have roleplayed with so many amazing people, made some incredible new friends, and made so many memories here in this community.

What are some other hobbies you have besides roleplaying?
One of the biggest ones is cosplaying. I love to cosplay fantasy characters, especially fauns and satyrs since I have the hooves for them. I also like to read. My favourite series' are the Hunger Games, Divergent, Renegades, Caraval, and Half Bad. I love to make little knick-knacks out of random glass pieces and beads I find. I've made quite a few chandeliers for my friends and family out of colored plastic and glass. I love playing video games in a quiet room and being able to hear the ambient sounds coming from the game. I really enjoy digital art as well! I'm just beginning after a while of leaving the pen dusty, but I've finally picked it up again and I'm working on some requests for people on the site right now!

Are you excited about or looking forward to anything?
Heck yeah, I am! Right when this is going to be posted, my family is going on a vacation to Hawaii! It's our first family vacation (and my last since I'm hospitalized) but I can't wait! I'm also excited for the next season of Ginny and Georgia to come out, and I'm waiting very impatiently for Enola Holmes 2. Every day, I get really excited to play No Man's Sky, especially since I just got back into it. I'm also very excited for the release of season 2 for Inside Job!

What is your favorite kind of Fairytale? (Like Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella, anything of that nature)
Anything from the Brothers Grimm has stolen my heart. Granted, while the Disney-fied versions of the stories are quaint and good for kids, I like to look at the real nitty-gritty of these fairytale characters. The Little Mermaid is one of my favourites, especially since there is almost no resemblance to the film. In all actuality, the fairytales we grew up with as kids were not meant for children and were truly meant for adults when they were first written. I love these stories so much since I love the reality of life depicted in them. Not everything is a happily ever after.

What are your favorite aesthetics/themes/genres?
I personally love the dark academia aesthetic. The intelligence aspect along with the dark clothing, comforting scents, and gorgeous colour palettes are all benefits to the aesthetic for me. If dark academia mixed with a touch of dark fantasy and other magical elements, that would be absolute perfection for me. I love incorporating the fantasy elements into my roleplays. It gives me a sense of comfort and escape.

What are your favorite types of characters, to roleplay or just in general?
When I'm roleplaying characters, I love to mix fandom and fanon if I'm using one of the canon characters as my play. It gives them a sense of personality that wasn't there before, I feel. I typically tend to use my original characters against canons, mainly ones that I have drawn in the past. I love feeling like there is a sense of accomplishment behind my characters, and that is given when I have done something to contribute to the creation of my character. I also love it when some people use my art in their roleplays because I feel like I'm contributing to a cause that I might not have been a part of otherwise.

What is your favorite thing about Rpnation?
My favourite thing about RpNation is how much opportunity is given to anyone and everyone in the community. I love that there is always going to be a taste of a reality escape for every single member and just how much it means to me that this website exists. I'm going through a very rough patch right now, but RpNation has given me so much to look forward to every time I wake up in them morning. I have made so many friends and I love to welcome the new members. I love knowing that I might have given someone a sense of welcome to the community and offered help if necessary! My discovery of RpNation is probably one of the best things to happen to me.

When you get onto RPN on any given day, what's your general routine?
My general routine when I get onto RpNation in the morning is to first check my roleplays in the PM section. I normally get around 2-3 when I wake up, so those are the easiest to answer. I also check to see if any new members have logged in over night, that way I can give them a warm welcome when I wake up. I also reply to my friends in the forum games section. That is where I have made most of my friends on this site. Later when I go on, I always make sure to check for new messages, and I always get really excited when my active roleplays respond.

Do you have any favorite quotes? Funny/Deep/Motivating/etc?
I have a couple of favourite quotes:
1. "The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls." -Edgar Allen Poe
2. "Oh, sweetie. Monsters are real. They look like people."
3. "The sky is so tragically beautiful. A graveyard of stars."
And this one, I created:
"Set me free. Set me free, and you will be able to see just how much I can flourish on my own."

If you could have any story or media piece made or remade into a 10/10 blockbuster movie what would you choose, why?
I would have to say the Renegades series needs to be made into a blockbuster. It is seriously such a good series, and I think it could be one of the most popular movies of all time. Superheroes and villains, undercover sides, drama and romance, action, and basically everything you could ever want in a movie! This is one of the only series that I have read in which the author doesn't lose track of the plot and there is so much slowburn romance. I could read this series over and over again (which I have) for the rest of eternity.

If you were granted 3 wishes what would you do to not get caught by unintended circumstances?
Hmm three wishes, you say?
1. Well first, I would wish to rid myself of my illnesses, both mental and physical. Granted, while I have learned to live with it, they are still pains in my butt and I would love to be rid of them. Being confined to a hospital most of the time is no fun at all.
2. Honestly, I would love to be able to give people exactly what they need at the tip of a hat. There are a lot of people who need specific items, like foods, medicines, and clothing so I would love to be able to help out with that.
3. I not too sure, if I'm being honest. I've never been good with the three wishes scenario since there are so many options, and I'm not sure if I should be selfish or selfless with my response.

If you had to choose a fictional world to be reincarnated into what would you choose?
I would have to say Star Wars without a doubt. There are a lot of fictional worlds that I absolutely love, but Star Wars is just complete perfection. I would totally want to be a part of the Clone Wars and to become a Jedi, blowing up stuff and destroying droids. I feel like it would be sort of like a rage room, but the whole universe is the room.

What would you do to convince an alien invasion to not take over earth and have peace instead? (It can be as nonsensical or silly as possible no wrong answers)
I think aliens coming to Earth would honestly be awesome because they literally have billions of galaxies that they could choose from and even more planets that they could go to, but they still chose Earth. In my opinion, our planet is not the greatest, so I think it's still pretty cool that they would come to us.
There are three ways I would go about this invasion:

1. I would try to convince said aliens that Earth seriously isn't all that much to look at because of all the issues going on, so I would get them to understand that there are so many better planets to colonize.

2. I'm going to say it flat out, the best dessert ever created is tiramisu, hands down. I make a killer tiramisu and I doubt that the aliens would have the dessert from where they're from. If I could convince them to not take over humanity with the best food ever made, then I would be happy in my mind and my stomach. They would just be happy in their stomachs, but either way, it would work.

3. I would just let them invade, maybe even joining their side in the process. Like seriously, I doubt they could make the world worse than it already is, and there is a great possibility that they could make it better.

RPN's Shark-Chan wants to send you on an amazingly incredible adventurous journey; what is the life lesson you learned along the way that would be the focus of your epic tales' retelling?
Well first off, Iโ€™m just glad that Shark-Chan chose me for the adventure! I think the big life lesson I would want to focus on would be that even the murkiest of water can become the brightest and purest of snow. I've always been taught that anywhere you go, you can always find people who have bounced back from their dark times even brighter than before. If I went on a journey, I know that I would see people who have gone through so much struggle. Heck, maybe our very own Shark-Chan is one of them!

Is there someone on RPN you think is really cool? (A friend, or someone who's helped you, or an RP partner/acquaintance, or even a BBcode Designer whose codes you admire, no pressure though this is just a random question I just came up with)
Gosh, I've made so many friends here on RpNation. There are a couple of people that I would love to mention though.
@Simon_Hawk is one of my closest friends on here. They've been ever so kind to me and I feel so welcomed to the site by them all the time. They are also just a very goofy person in general.
@Inspector gg is very special to me on so many levels. They are so sweet and always just the biggest sweetheart. Thank you for being such an amazing friend, Gato ^^

And for my two favourite roleplay partners right now:
Edric Blight Edric Blight is amazing and our roleplay is insanely good! I love OOC talking with them and they are an awesome person. Thanks for being so great!
@Writer_Princess53284 is also amazing. I love both of our roleplays and I enjoy talking with them. Itโ€™s all very inclusive and we roleplay every day!

If you could have a life-long loyal animal companion what would it be? (No limits, size, environment, etc don't matter, except it has to have a magical property)
I would love to have a Bengal Chimera as a pet. Like, bro. Those are gorgeous! They look like Bengal tigers, they have the horns and back feet of a goat, a cobra as a tail, and they look so terrifyingly beautiful. Seriously, if I could have one of those, then I would be the happiest little pink rat that the world could possibly offer.

Would you rather venture into an Alice in Wonderland-like world or a Disney fairytale-like Medieval world? Why?
I would rather travel into the world of Alice in Wonderland than any other world. It was all based on heavy mathematics and I feel like being there could solve all my problems. There is a lot going for the bright swirling colours and all of the mushrooms. I also just want to be in the aspect of all the magic. I feel like that could be a wonderful thing.

Any RpNation projects you're in/working on or thread/activity you'd like to promote on RPN?
Yep! I have a group interest check that I want to go somewhere this time. It is my roleplay search called Oren Delta 13, and I'm trying to gather people for it. I had the idea a little while ago, I wasn't sure how to get people interested in the roleplay. It is a science fiction fantasy set in an industrialised world called Oren Delta 13. A group of workers from one of the factories band together to try and escape captivity. I like to think it's a pretty cool idea and I'm pretty excited if it could go somewhere.

What advice do you have for the newsletter readers?
My only word of advice is that no matter how murky your water is right now, it will always become the brightest of snow at some point. It always does. Things will get better. I know youโ€™ve probably heard it so much before, but you just have to wait. My snow is the brightest it has ever been right now, and Iโ€™m sure it will be the same for you too.


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Red Riding Hood is definitely one of my favorite ones :)


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It's so hard to choose just a favorite! Cinderella's for sure a favorite of mine. The Three Little Pigs and Rumpelstiltskin are up there too.


Iโ€™m gonna steal your candles ! โœจ
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Ariel is my favourite! and Mulan!

Edric Blight

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I gotta say my favorite fairy tale is the one where the witch just freaking tries to cook and eat the two kids, I think itโ€™s a German story.


New Member
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Hmm I like Cinderella I guess. I've also have a leather covered copy of Grimms fairy tale. And I have read one-eye, two-eyes and three-eyes. urm ok


Russian Devil
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I'm not a "fairy tale" person, I've never been into that stuff anyways.


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Thereโ€™s so many wonderful fairy tales out there but I will always love Little Red Riding Hood! Iโ€™m unsure why itโ€™s my favorite but that next to Goldielocks? Classics! Iโ€™ve definitely been Little Red for Halloween a couple of times and it never gets old โ™ก

Charming Primrose

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I always love reading the Newsletter, honestly, and enjoy this one even more. ๐Ÿ˜

I enjoy the sappy, romantic fairy tales the most such as Beauty & The Beast and Cinderella, only to name a couple.

Edric Blight

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Ahh I just got around to actually reading this (instead of skimming) and omg first off, congrats on your member of the month twinkie twinkie ! Well deserved.

Also thanks so much for the kind words about me! :) The feeling is 100% mutual!

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