RpNation Monthly: November 2016

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    NOVEMBER 2016

    I'm gonna be honest - while I certainly am overjoyed to be part of the RpN community and while I think we're gonna do amazing things this month, the best part of November by far is going to be Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie hype is real. That said, I have a strong premonition that the epic ongoing tale of the nation of creation will be a close second blockbuster! The only question is... will it be a gritty action adventure? An enthralling romance? A hard-boiled noir? The answer: all of the above. RpN is your nation of creation, and you can be whoever you want to be, tell whatever story that sits well in your heart. ONWARD, INTO TIME, MY MINIONS FRIENDS!


    Music Character Contest

    The winners are here! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! THE WINNERS ARE HERE! Wothout further ado...

    Genre - Username - Character Name

    Pop - @Ambela - Sirus Reece

    Rock - @Pretzel Heart - Mary Gillory
    Alternative - @RubyRose - Taylor A. Yablonski

    Instrumental - @Whale - Joseph A Davis

    Foreign - @jinkx - Lauren James

    The grand winner will soon be revealed in a separate announcement soon™!

    Donation Badge


    Boo! Pinky took time out of her busy schedule (which mainly consists of beating the shit out of some fat yellow guy and his wife) to pose for us, and as a result @Ghost has created a spooooookily adorable badge for all those who donated in the month of October!


    Okay, I'll admit it; I'm extraordinarily excited about the talent displayed this month, far moreso than usual. I'm also excited because we are featuring poetry this month, not prose! WHAT'S MORE, the character feedback forum was not dead this month, so we have a feature from there too! BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL! You know the forum games secton? Yeah, we have a feature from there as well. It's truly a superlative month, and that's thanks to all of you.

    Featured Poetry

    I'm inordinately pleased to introduce you all to this month's poet. Their work is frank, exorcising and thus genuine on a very basic level, and in equal parts defiant and despairing. @thegreathero is definitely in the making, so to speak, and you should check out their thread melodramatic poetry and junk.

    Featured Art

    There wasn't a shadow of doubt as to who deserves this month's art feature. This mixed media thread slipped in juuust under the knife for the October newsletter, so I have been waiting all month to write this! Varied, whimsical, and full of talent, @Alexandra's thread Fine art and illustration has so many patterns and images that are absolutely enchanting, exponentially moreso in conjunction with one another. Give her a click.

    Featured Forum Game

    In the mood for fun? How about chuckles? Help folks over in the #forumgames forum create a silly story, one word at a time. That's right, this month we'd like you all to pay close attention to @JPax's thread, One-Word -> Story.

    Featured Discussion

    It's November, which means Turkey Day is fast approaching! The holiday may be viewed by some as racist, BUT, we can always draw one sappy feelgood lesson from it, which is thankfulness. @tiedyedunicorn's thread Something you're thankful for today :) is a great chance to unload some corny gratitude. Tis the season!

    Featured Character

    This month we can at last bring featured characters back into the mix! I am so so pleased to see how much more traffic Character Feedback got in the month of October. That said, this month's featured character is really refreshing because they are not a special, gifted protagonist set apart from others; the character has average skills and struggles with meeting the expectations set for him. Check out @Harmonic Chaos's character, Alvar Bryjar.

    Featured Blog

    RpN is, fundamentally, a community for roleplayers of all varieties, and this month's featured blog reflects that. Follow @Shmuel as they work to create their own system for roleplaying using d20s, the most sacred implement of the old roleplay shamans who lurk in basements gleefully describing the way a rock falls and wipes out the entire party. You can view their blog here.

    Roleplay of the Month

    This roleplay has been kicking around RpN in various iterations since 2014! Given it's long history, now that it's a stable fixture it's rather overdue that we pay it some mind. I'm particularly excited about this because it's a type of roleplay we have never featured before - Colosseum. Colosseum RPs are the realm of battle! Of glory in combat! Of bloodshed and violence! Well, they might come in other flavors, but combat is indeed the main focus, often in the form of tournaments. They are the Hunger Games of RpN, essentially. This RP in particular features alternate personalities, dreamworlds, and all kinds of good times! Interested? Well, don't let me distract you any longer. Congratulations to...


    And now a word from the GM, @Flip Jester Boy:

    my reaction when I received this PM:


    Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Flipside?

    A: Well, to be honest, it was an idea that I *clears throat* borrowed from another user from another forum which may or may not be dead anymore, so I decided to take it upon myself to try to revive it. After several tries, I was finally to get it up and running with people that seemed to have taken the concept of the RP pretty easily (Shoutout to @LittleSilver, who surprised me with a different take of the flipside possesion).

    Q: What is it that has made Flipside successful?

    A: What made it successful? Usually the old copy-pasta tricks works most of the time. I also neither confirm nor deny spamming the RP link on the pages of new users. Otherwise, probably the little paragraph which was cut off because text restrictions on the "short description" presentation.

    Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing?

    A: Strengths? Well, I suppose I'm pretty lenient with what people do, giving them room to wiggle around a bit. I also like to give my assistance when people need help.

    Q: How about weaknesses?

    A: Weaknesses, let's see... My leniency, but mostly outside of text RP and more on Tabletop (I'm the DM for my Pathfinder session with friends). Sometimes I give people too much room to wiggle around, resulting in broken things because I OK'ed it.

    Q: How do you garner interest for your roleplays?

    A: I usually try to come up with a description that pulls people in, a.k.a. click bait (which is probably what everyone tries to do). I also try to make interesting scenarios and situations where characters have to fend for themselves and leaves a lot of room for character reaction and interaction.

    Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN?

    A: I first got into roleplaying through a little info/gaming site named Terraria Online. What got me into RP'ing was none other than the first iteration Flipside, but it was already on the verge of dying. After a few weeks of inactivity, the RP died, so instead I joined another RP on the site known as The Islanda fantasy open-world RP where characters are left to their own devices after waking up on an empty beach with no clothes and no memories of how they got there. I discovered RPN through another RP on Terraria Online when the RP's creator announced he/she was moving to this site. I decided to follow along, stumbling upon this wonderful place and have remained here ever since. #NeverForgetShoutboxlandia

    Q: What is the most unique roleplay you remember participating in? What stood out most?

    A: Ooh, the most unique RP? Well, I wouldn't say unique as I would one of the more memorable ones I've been part of, which would be @welian's fantasy highschool RP that never really moved along past the first chapter. But it was the name, which I can't recall, was what stood out the most just because of how long it was.

    Q: What's your saddest memory of roleplaying?

    A: Eh, I don't have any sad memories, really. I shed a man-tear at the loss of the Shoutbox, though :^)

    Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying?

    A: Most of my fond memories are just the great interactions I've had with my partners in my 1x1's.

    Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing?

    A: Tips and Tricks? Tip number 1: Make the character that you like to play. Sure, there might already be another character with the same personality or power, but don't fret. Try to make a variant of it which makes it so you can still enjoy the character while not encroaching on another's. Tip number 2: Do it, no balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Tip number 3: Make it memorable. Sure, the RP might get slow at some points, but always shoot for the best character interactions and reactions you can think of.

    Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they?

    A: My one pet peeve: People that leave or don't reply without saying a word, though I will confirm that I'm guilty for this act as well. >.>

    Q: What would your personal Flipside powers be like, if you were in this world?

    A: If Flipside were real, my power would probably be light manipulation. Light has so many properties to it that it'd be easy to abuse, such as bending light around a subject to render said subject invisible, or to concentrate it enough that you can make a platform made of solid light.

    Q: Do you have something in mind for your next roleplay? Can we get a few hints?

    A: I have had an idea floating around which involves a take on Pathfinder's Summoner class. Stay tuned for more details

    Member of the Month

    You might have seen this month's member of the month helping people out in the Site Q&I, or perhaps they're on your radar for roleplaying. You might even have seen them in the Discussion forums, or in Creativity offering their services making floor plans! If you haven't guessed by now, I'm happy to inform you that the November Member of the Month is...


    And now a word from our MotM:

    Q: When did you get started roleplaying, and how?
    A: I didn't start till I entered high school.  I had some friends who played Dungeons and Dragons.  We weren't serious about following the rules (at first) and mostly did it for fun.  I loved it and pretty soon found myself engaging in more types of RPs; chat, forums, etc.
    Q: You make floor plans and mentioned you've done cartography as a hobby. Care to tell us how you got into that and what you enjoy about it?
    A: My mother used to work for an architect firm and I would help her at work every now and then.  I would literally hang out with the architects and watch them as they created blueprints.  I even at one point wanted to be an architect.  However, I developed more of an interest in science and thus I am working on that degree, hehe.  As far as cartography, it goes back to playing dungeons and dragons.  I helped create maps for custom campaigns that my friends wanted.  My first map was pretty bad, but you can only improve if you keep practicing.  I can spend hours and hours on a single map and never get bored.  There is just something about creating fantastical realms and all that goes with it that I love.  I even have the GoT official book that has all the maps created for the book and show.
    Q: What are some hobbies you have besides the above and roleplaying?
    A: I tend to go to the more artistic and craft side of things concerning hobbies.  I like to try various things; origami, knitting, crochet, graphic design, HTML/CSS coding, etc.  Some things I stick with; such as CSS/HTML which I've done since I was about 12.  Other things, like knitting I gave up because I couldn't even knit a scarf.
    Q: Any book or show or other such media that you've been excited about recently?
    A: Oh, I am a bibliophile.  I read very quickly, but still manage to have a backlog of books to read.  I've not really read anything recently, mostly because my life has been super busy.  As far as shows, I'm a Asian Drama fan and have been trying to keep myself from binge watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.
    Q: What is your favorite letter of the alphabet and why?
    A: That's a hard one.  I've always been asked about colors and numbers; never letters!  Hmmm.  I would have to go with G.  Specifically capital G, not lowercase.  I like how looks in both cursive and print.  Would it be weird for me to say that I like writing it in both cursive and print as well?  Just the order of the strokes of the pen perhaps.
    Q: Got any projects in progress? Tell us about them!
    A: As far as RP projects, I was a bit ambitious and created my first forum-based group RP; Eitoku Academy.  It's been a huge learning curve for me since I've never run such a large RP group before, but I am trying my best!  It's a slice of life high school RP based in Japan.  I'm sure some J-Drama fans know where I pulled the name from too.  It has just recently started so not too much has occurred just yet, but there are plans to have RP events for some variety.  I also have been in discussion with a friend from my deviantArt days about a RP project that never went beyond initial planning.  I want to keep it a bit of a secret, but I can say it's along the lines of assassination, espionage, and subterfuge.  
    Q: What does your ideal Thanksgiving dinner look like?
    A: Can I just say "all the carbs?"  Joking.. kind of.  We make our own bread rolls and they are always delicious.  My plate would pretty much have white turkey meat, mashed potatoes with gravy, a variety of veggies, and bread rolls.  I'm not a cranberry fan unfortunately.  Then there are the deserts.  I can't make pies sadly, but I love pumpkin pies and pecan pies.
    Q: What advice do you have for the readers of this month's newsletter?
    A: Experiment!  You'll never know what you like or are capable of doing until you give it a shot.  Some things you will find you actually enjoy and other things might just fail at.  Either way, you tried!

    Closing Thoughts

    Remember, everyone, you can suggest content, roleplays, and members to be featured in the newsletter using this form! Thank you all for helping to make every month great for RpN. As the newsletter comes to a close, I'd lke to remind all the readers to be good to each other. Everybody should feel welcome here, and your actions - yes, your actions - reflect upon RpN. We're a little better or a little worse for you being a member here, so you might as well make us a little better!



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