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The Dark Wizard

I lost interest a while back when peeps stopped getting on. Time zones were also difficult to setup around for raids. This hasn’t been our most popular game to get together on. FFXIV at least lasted a few years and I still return regularly.

Out of all the games I’ve tried to setup for RpN this was the least popular one, I would constantly be asked why I picked this game over others that exist on the market.


I am the one who flakes
Oddly enough I found it incredibly hard to find West Coasters. Almost everyone I picked up was from East/Central timezone or somewhere in the EU.

Makes it hard to schedule raids for people who play around 10 pm EST :closedeyescryingfrown:

Cazimir X

the Mad Cat
I used to play fairly avidly. I only played it because I had really mlg friends but eventually even they didn't give me enough traction to enjoy it. But friends do make it more enjoyable!


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I just downloaded Destiny 2!

A friend and I were going to give it a try -- I happily commit my faith and loyalty to the brother and sisterhood of this site! Once I get stuck in on the game I'll see what I can do to join the group and hit the pavement running!

Cazimir X

the Mad Cat
I got back into the game for the new season, trying to get caught up. I used to play for titles but I don't think I'm quite in that deep this season.


I am the one who flakes
Season of the Arrivals has been pretty cool, it's slowing down now but seeing actual changes in the world that are progressing the story has been awesome.

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