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Serpent queen
Lit - Descriptive rp (whichever you can do is cool with me just no one liners please.)

Action, Horror and Romance
i dont do * or - or any of that

I do cc x oc ships (me as the OC unless we do doubled up rp)
Have legible Grammar (i know sometimes some words be messing up I get it, happens to me)

Whatever we come up with together and please add something to my idea and vice verse, I do have a few ideas for rp plots

im pretty much on unless i got online classes, doing hw, I’m working or sleeping. I do have a life outside rp.

Fandoms and the ships I do:
Star Wars: Rey(me)x Kylo Ren, Padme(me)x Anakin, OC(me) x Din Djarin (open to double ups)
The crow: OC(me) X eric draven
Riverdale: OC (me) x Sweet pea (open to double ups)
Fast and Furious: Letty(me) x Dom (open to double ups)
horror rp: OC(me) x Billy Loomis, OCxOC
The outsiders: OC(me) x Dallas Winston (open to double ups)
Victorious: OC (Me) x Beck Oliver (open to double ups)
Sons of Anarchy: OC(me) x Jax Teller, OC(me) x Opie Winston, OC(me) x Chibs Telford (open to double ups)
Supernatural: OC(me) x Dean Winchester (open to double ups)
on my block: OC(me) x Spooky (open to double ups)
Peaky Blinders: OC(me) x Tommy Shelby (open to double ups)
Stranger things: OC(me) x Billy, OC(me)x Eddie Munson (open to double ups)
Twilight rp: OC(me) x Paul Lahote, OC(me) x Jacob Black (open to double ups)
Stand By Me: OC(me) x Ace (open to double ups)
The Walking Dead: OC (me) x Daryl Dixon
(Started to watch it only at season two and open to double ups)
Rumble Fish: OC (me) x Motorcycle Boy (open to double ups)
Breakfast club: OC(me) x John Bender
Mayans MC: OC (me) x Angel Reyes (open up for double ups)
Cry-baby: OC (me) x Cry-baby Walker (open up for double ups)
Cobra kai: OC (me) x Johnny Lawrence, Tory (me)x Robby
DC universe : OC (me) x Batman, Harley(me) x Joker open to double ups)
Marvel universe: OC(me) x Bucky, OC(Me)x Tony stark (open up to double ups)

I have other fandoms just ask and maybe I’ll be able to rp that fandom

Pm me if you are interested to rp c:

#bxg #longterm #drp #romantic #horror #drama #gxb #sweet #advanced

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