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Fandom RP partner search cc x cc//oc x oc


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Hi! I'm new to this site, but have been role-playing for 5+ years. I thought I'd just jump right in and list my RP partner application/requirements. Maybe we're a perfect match!

My requirements for you:

Please be around 17-25 years old, as I'm 18 myself and not comfortable RPing too young or too old.

Carry an equal weight as me when we build the story/plot, I don't want one person making every decision.

Write at least one quality paragraph per response. And include character thoughts/motives/feelings because that's my favorite part!

If we are doing a cc x cc RP, please know the character well and try to keep them in character >.> no hate to headcanons, I just usually like a character for their canon personality!

Be kind and don't be weird or pester me for constant replies, I will give you the same space and respect ^^

And I don't usually roleplay super heavy topics in detail (I'm not a fan of whump/extreme angst) but let me know your triggers/discomforts and I will steer clear!

My RP info:

I range from semi lit to advanced, depending on my partner and how much there is to describe. I won't unnecessarily pad out my response, but I also don't skimp on the details if I really want to describe a scene!

I looove romance and prefer it in most of my RP. Though it doesn't have to be the main focus, and I can totally mix in other genres. I also love AUs, usually more than the source material hehe.

I do GxG BxB BxG and any nonbinary pairings with no preference for what gender I play. As long as the characters have chemistry and are engaging :^)

My Fandoms and ships:
(Note that some of these are old Fandom, where idrc about the source material anymore and just like the characters)

**[Bakugo] x [Todoroki]**
[Midoria] x [Uraraka]
[Eraserhead] x [All Might]
[Ashido] x [Uraraka]

**[Tsukishima] x [Kageyama]**
Hinata x [Kenma]

*[Kirigiri] x [Makoto]*
*[Kirigiri] x [Byakuya]*
[Byakuya] x [Makoto]
*[Kirigiri] x Celeste*
[Sonia] x [Gundham]
Nagito x [Hajime] (sometimes)

Steven Universe
[Pearl] x [Amethyst]
[Peridot] x [Amethyst]

Ouran High School Host Club
**[Kyoya] x Tamaki**

Sooo there's my old Fandoms I still haven't let go of yet ^^;

I also do OC x OC roleplay!! That will just take more discussion to gather whether we have any compatible OCs, or if we wanted to create some for a story.

PM me if we seem like a good match! Or feel free to ask any questions abt my rules or ships. This is my first ever time using this site, so forgive me for any mistakes :p​

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