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Realistic or Modern RP Ideas- darker themed

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Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Platonic, Realistic, Romance

Pineapple Smoothie

~Dancer girl~
Hey all. I am back with another search thread. I should say that this one comes with possible triggers, so please proceed with caution. Thank you! And I couldn't find my other search thread anywhere, may have over looked it.. so I made this one. Enjoy!

My Rules:
*Please try to refrain from using one liners. I understand that muse can get really low, but at least 3+ sentences. I can do without detail/description because I am not good at describing things, so I won't make you do something that I am not able to do myself. I try to give out at least a paragraph per response.
*If romance is involved (since its a must for me!) MxF only relationships.. please. I am not comfortable doing MxM or FxF. I can do either gender, but my preferred role is male.
*Age doesn't matter to me.
*All RPNation rules apply.
*Preferred place to RP: PMs.

*I do not do young x old relationships
*No sibling romances
*Please tell me about any triggers that you may have (I have none)
*As stated above, MxF romances only please as I'm not comfortable with anything else

~Character A falls in love with Character B, but when Character B doesn't return the feeling, Character A starts to stalk them, and then starts killing anybody who takes an interest in Character B, and also starts to kill people who give Character B a hard time.
(Inspired by The Boy Next Door, movie)

~Character A seems like a normal person with a good job, a good family, and all of that, until they meet Character B. Character B is new and lives an exciting life, but has a dark past in which Character A was once a part of. (May need work)

~Character A loves to follow people around and take photos of them to hang up on their wall, but then the people all get kidnapped and held hostage, Character B has been following Character A around and the people that Character A snaps a photo of are the ones that Character B decides to kidnap.

~Character A is killed in a hit and run accident, and Character B is their boy/girlfriend who wants revenge for Character A's death. A few years later, Character A comes back married to someone else after having faked their death all those years ago, Character B is furious at Character A, so what happens when Character A's significant other is mysteriously murdered?

~Character A's significant other has been missing for months, presumed dead, so Character A meets Character B at a party or something and they hit it off. But then Character A's wife/husband returns and is angry that they moved on. But how far will they go to stay married? (Needs work.) (Doubling may be needed for this one)

~Character A and Character B can't stand each other, arguing about everything, until Character A's brother/sister comes to town and spends most of their time with Character B. Is Character A jealous that their brother/sister isn't spending enough time with them since coming to town, or are they jealous because Character B expresses an interest in their brother/sister? Do they like Character B? (Needs work)

~"Your not my mom/dad!" The teenager screamed as they hurried upstairs to their room and slammed the door closed. (Quote idea. Step parent/Step Child, non romantic, not dark)

~"Are you following me?" Character A asked, glancing around in fear.
Character B walked up behind them. "No."
Character A glanced at him/her. "Then why..?"
"Am I following you?" Character B chuckled. "I live next door." (Quote idea. Stalker/Stalked, Dark)

~"Oh, right. I knew I was forgetting something..." Character A chuckled, staggering slightly. "Yah.. they are dead."
Character B spun around to face him/her. "What?!"
Character A shrug. "They are dead.." (Quote idea. Killer/Victim. Dark)

~"Are you suppose to be here?" Character A asked, holding a cigarette. "Wasn't you suppose to quit?"
Character B smirked, chuckling. "Wasn't you?" (Quote idea. Druggie/Alcoholic. Dark.)

~Character A's boy/girlfriend cheated on them with Character B's wife/husband, but when Character A tells Character B about what they saw, Character B doesn't believe them at first, until they come home from a work thing early and catches them. (needs work.)

~A group of teenagers are stranded on a mysterious island. (small group, perhaps? Fantasy..ish. Maybe dark, maybe not. Needs work)

~A young couple break up after one of their exes come back into town and spreads lies about them, about them being unfaithful to each other. (Romance. Needs work.)


~More to be added soon~


Stalker x Stalked
Killer x Victim
Druggie x Alcoholic
Brother's wife x His Friend
Sister's husband x Her Friend
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Murderer x Witness
Employer x Boss's wife/husband
Employer x Boss's son/daughter

A few fandoms:

~Pretty Little Liars (only seen part of season 4)
~7th Heaven (not seen all seasons yet)
~A Million Little Things
~Days of our lives
~Resident Evil (first movie only)
~Eyewitness (2017 movie, not tv show)
~There's more, but this is my cravings. Don't hesitate to ask about something~

Well, that is all for now. Leave a reply below if you want to rp, or PM me.​
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Pineapple Smoothie

~Dancer girl~
Hiya! I’m a dark writer and I’m absolutely Interested in the stalker one which can lead to a kidnap situation. I love the topic of Stockholm syndrome!
I love that too! So, sure! PM me and if I don't message back right away i have probably fallen asleep since its almost 2 in the morning here, but I will message back first thing when I wake up.

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