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The smiley one
Hey! How are you today? I hope everything is going well!

It's my first thread here, so it might look just super basic... well, sorry for that.

Something about me:

I'm Rozzy, I go by she/her pronouns and I'm 19 years old. I'm into role-playing for 6 years now, but I've been doing that only in Polish. Now I want to get into rping in English because it just gives me more possibilities to meet more people who share my interests. Please don't be scared. I'm trying all my best to improve my writing with every response, I use dictionaries to help me with role-playing. That's why my responses can take a bit longer, but I want to be sure that everything is readable and enjoyable.
If you would like to create something with me, I want to ask you to avoid shortcuts (or prepare for explaining). I just don't understand most of them.

I enjoy (the most)...

- original characters
- any pairings
- fantasy
- modern fantasy
- science-fiction if well explained (I can be dumb when it comes to sci-fi)
- romance
- isekai
- something connected to the water
- humanoid character
- dragons
- aliens/unknown species
- gaining powers
- Sky: Children of The Light universe
- school themed rp (sometimes)
- strangers to friends/lovers/good adventure partners, etc.
- slow progression
- environment descriptions
- miscommunication, working on communication between characters
- maximum 2 characters per writer
- making playlists that fits rp or character mood (hey, it's fun, don't judge!)
- third person past

I would like to avoid...

- roleplaying in a thread. It's more comfortable for me to do it via DM
- canon characters
- dark fantasy
- horror and gore
- historical
- war
- 100% modern
- slice of life
- impatient partners, we all have our lives. But if I'm inactive for longer period of time without telling you, feel free to poke me. I will do the same when you will not tell me you will be away.
- my own jokes, they are pretty bad and cringe sometimes, sorry...

When it comes to length I'm trying to fit my partner, but it of course will depend on what is happening and how fast in role-play. Usually it's 2-4 paragraphs, but can be longer.

Don't be afraid to ask about anything not included here! I will be glad to answer any questions.

My DMs are open!

Take care!
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