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    Will the Royal's win or will the Rebel's dethrone them. 

    Section for the Royals and when fights between Royals and Rebels happen.
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     Celeste had been up for hours already, she was sorting through some papers of previous sales and marketing. Their advertising was doing wonderfully at making good sales to bigger businesses but she also wanted to get smaller companies to buy their products unlike her parents who only ever thought that big money business's should be allowed to have their advanced technology. A man stepped in, "Madam Zeral it is almost time for you to get going to school now, please worry about that later." She sighed, "I know John....but I just want to get everything done and ready." John nodded, "Yes I know ma'am..." he smiled at Celeste she had always been a good girl. Following what her mother and father said but she was much kinder than her mother and father combined.

    Arielle heard the door open to her room and buried under the covers more, "Please let me sleep a little bit longer...." she groaned, the covers were pulled off of her."Milady you need to get up and go to school you have friends there and you get to learn." "in what way does that sounds like fun.."
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    Elijah had stayed at the academy overnight, spending his time organizing everything in the library. His book floated beside him as he occasional wrote down notes during his work. He didn't bother to sleep, or eat. He was simply biding his time until classes could start. Elijah needed a new objective, having read everything in the academy many times over already. "Normality.... I could work on that. Become similar to the others in the academy." He spoke to himself, writing more in his book. "What is it they do anyways...?" He stopped, looking right at his book. Elijah flipped through the pages before pointing to one section, "Girlfriend and/or boyfriend..." He read slowly. "Shut in loser, with no life or awareness beyond that of own goals..." He blinked and looked around. "I get out... Sometimes..." He mumbled. So that was it, Elijah had to make friends. Maybe he could be friends with those little fairies or one of the witches or something. Once classes started he would get to it, until then he continued organizing.
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    "Rise and Shine my darling! Today's the day! You don't want to be late." 

    Beau woke up to the voice of his mother. Normally it would be his brother or a butler coming to wake him but today was important. He was transferring from being taught by private tutors to actual teachers at an Academy. It was his father's choice as nothing the private tutors could do could improve his Werecat powers. His family hoped the Academy would work for him.

    His mother spoke in a cheery voice, "Now, get washed and dressed. The chefs have made a special breakfast for your special day. Today is going to change your life. I'm sure of it." 

    She he left the room and Beau woke up. He rubbed his tired eyes and stood, stretching and walking into his en suite bathroom to shower. He only took a quick shower and brushed through his messy hair, trying to look his best for today. He knew first impressions were everything so he had to look, sound and act the part. He slid over to his closet and changed into a white button down, his best sweater, purple jeans, and white and black converses. He topped of the look with a skull pendant and a white rose flower crown.

    He ran downstairs and ate a full English Breakfast with his family. They only had it on special occasions but Beau couldn't really see why this was a special occasion. Sure, he was going to the Academy but that was all. He brushed it off and ate wth them before his brother took him to the Academy in his car. He hoped he didn't screw this up fro himself.
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         "You better behave." Whispers Trinity's nursemaid and best friend, as she fixes creases on the young girls dress. With a soft smile on her face, the princess looks up and places her hands on the hands of the nursemaid. 

         "Now when have I ever misbehaved?" The young maiden sighs. Trinity has never broken a rule, never done any wrong. The only thing on her mind has been her studies and her people. To that, the nursemaid just laughs and nods with teary eyes, knowing quite well that Trinity would always do as she's told. Wiping away the nursemaids tears, Trinity takes a hold of her bag and starts down the path towards her new school. She feels a bubbly sensation at the bottom of her stomach. She imagines herself running towards the academy, feeling the wind in her hair and the floor moving beneath her feet. The urge to run almost takes over, but knowing that she is still being watched by her guardians, she takes a hold of herself. A princess should be respectable and proper, not running towards a school due to excitement. 

         Turning back once more, she gives a small wave and enters the school building. The halls are long and the ceilings are high, it's absolutely beautiful. Looking around, she starts searching for someone to help her find her way around. Trinity was quite early, which would explain why there didn't seem to be too many people around the academy. Nonetheless, she walks along the glorious halls, hoping to run into someone who can help her find her way.
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    Elijah, after having organized the library like a freak, left to wander the halls. He heard a faint echo break the deafening silence. This was his chance to make a friend. Elijah's steps were completely silent, almost like he wasn't even there. After a moment of following the sound he spotted Trinity from around the corner, coming up in front her. He barely avoided bumping into her, taking a step back. He looked at the girl, taking note of her apparel, "Hello. My name is Elijah." He introduced himself. His book remained floating beside him. "You're here rather early are you not?" He commented. "May I ask why?" He made sure to keep himself from sounding like he was accusing her of something.

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    Beau stared at the Academy before the car came to a halt. His brother and him got out of the car and walked towards the trailer. Beau remained staring at the Academy whilst Zachariah got his stuff for him. The elder spoke, "Now I know you don't like me right now but I'm doing this for you. I care about you and want you to aspire and be a true Grayson like me. Dad cares if you don't graduate. I, however don't, so feel lucky."

    "I've never been lucky..." He said in a self-deprecating but not funny tone. 

    His brother rolled his eyes, "Just because Dad doesn't love you doesn't make you unlucky. Mama loves you to pieces and would do anything for you. We don't care if you fail your classes; we just want you to turn into a WereCat."

    Beau was starting to get angry with his brother, "We don't even know if I am a WereCat so stop enforcing it on me." He grabbed his suitcase and guitar, "I'll see you when I have to." He sped off and walked to the dorms. He already knew which one was his and moved in quickly. He didn't want to be bothered with anything else today. 
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    Arielle glared at the maid as she pulled the covers off of her, "Fine I'm up..." she growled to the woman. She got up a dressed quickly, "What's for breakfast?" "A cup of warm blood and pancakes miss." The girl said with a slight bow. Arielle nodded, "I guess that sounds good." She sat down and took a drink of the blood before turning to her pancakes.

    "Ready to go Madam Zeral?" Celeste nodded, "Yes John..." she grabbed her school bag and then a couple of hot pockets that had been warmed up for her. She munched on one as she got into the bullet proof limo. She really did hate traveling like this...
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         As Trinity walks around the school building, she smiles, taking it all in. This would be the first time she has really left the borders of her kingdom. Suddenly, a person appears in front of her. The princess drops her bag and stumbles back for a moment, looking up at the person before her. A short laugh escapes her lips and she realizes what almost happened. She quick to recollect her things and assume her proper stance for a greeting. 

         "Pleasure to meet you Elijah. I'm Princess Trinity Verona of Lynwood." She says, bowing her head slightly as she was taught. Noticing a book levitating next to him, she stares for a moment before focusing back on him and what he was saying. Trinity chuckles at his question. 

         "I guess I am pretty early, huh?" She says, "I don't know, it's my first time being so far from home, I'm quite excited." Her eyes sweep the area again, everything about this place fascinated her. 

         "What about you? It seems like you've been here longer than I." She says, looking at him as if she is studying his features. 

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    Elijah watched her before responding, "Allow me to return your formal response with my own." He bowed his head slightly. "High King Elijah of Sheol. In my... Culture, we do not hold last names. Our last names would be the name of the first born in our immediate family. Being a triplet though, it is determined by the strongest. But my brothers are dead so I do not need a last name." He reintroduced himself and explained a bit about who he was. "Yes I have been here organizing all the books and scrolls and such." He addressed her question. Elijah fixed his mask a little, "Is it now? Your first time away from home? Well, if you would have me, I would very much like to be your first friend here. I have little to do in the form of entertainment that would be considered appropriate and safe." He stood there waiting for her answer. Normally he wouldn't really want to even follow through with having a friend. But this girl was VERY... Proper. "Definitely the doing of the parents..." He mumbled, thinking out loud again. "Body language indicates stunted social flexibility.... Amazing..." His book opened and he began writing in it, still studying Trinity. After a moment he blinked and stopped himself, "Forgive me. I get lost sometimes."

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         Trinity smiles as he returns her formal introduction. Having only been exposed to the formality of the royalty of the kingdom, meeting someone new and so very different is quite intriguing. As he reintroduces himself, her smile starts to fade as he mentions his brothers. She soon finds her hand covering her mouth, at a loss for words.

         As he explains further, Trinity recomposes herself, not wanting to reopen any old scars. It baffled her how he could bring it up so casually, but her bafflement will have to be suppressed. At the mention of the word "friend", she looks up meeting his masked face. Her smile returns as she nods. 

         "My first friend away from home." She says, almost in a whisper. She chuckles as she notices him thinking out loud. 

         "Yes, it was the doing of my parents, but I wouldn't say my social flexibility is stunted." She laughs, although, as she thinks about it for a moment, maybe it was slightly stunted. 

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    "Do not worry, the death of my brothers doesn't bother me. I am sad that our family name will die out but it is not a bother." He reassured her. Elijah crossed his arms and eyed her slightly, "You have great excitement for your new opportunity but you catch yourself before you can express it." He spoke. "Humans and humanoids were not meant to live such contained lives. I have met few races in my travels who are naturally disposed to it, this world has none of those." He explained. Elijah uncrossed his arms and stood there realizing what he just said. "Umm I mean this land. This land, yeah." He tried recovering. Eh, whatever, it would be okay if at least one person knew some of his secrets. "So... Friends?" He held out his hand. Hopefully the claw looking attribute of his fingers didn't put her off.

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    She took a bite out of the pancakes, "These are thanks for that." The girl bowed once more, "Thank you miss." Arielle finished her food and drink and stood, "Well I guess I should get going you may stay here and tidy up the room or whatever...." she said before walking out of her dorm room and down the hall to a set of stairs.

    As her car pulled into the front of the academy and to a stop she got out with a sigh. She really just wanted to be normal and live at the dorms but that couldn't happen, she had her parents business to run. She looked around at the school, "Maybe I'll be able to relax here... possibly." 
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    Beau was easily getting bored in his dorm so he left and walked outside. It was a nice day so some fresh air would do him some good. He brought his guitar out with him for some light entertainment. He thought of a song and began to play it. Hopefully he wouldn't screw up and embarrass himself.

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        "Well, I was always taught to maintain my formal tone even outside of the kingdom. When inside the borders, I should be the respectable princess that my people can look up to. When outside the borders, I should be a pleasant representative of Lynwood. Nowhere in there calls for any sort of.. Excitement." Trinitys says as if she's said it a hundred times before. Her eyes look down to the floor and she brushes her light hair away from her face. 

         Listening as Elijah speaks, one word jumps out at her. Thinking about it for a moment, she decides put a pin in her thought, storing it in her memory. As he holds out his hand, she looks at it. It was a structure she's never seen before.

         "You are very interesting, Elijah... Friends." Trinity says, putting her hand in his with a soft smile on her face. 

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    Elijah took Trinity's hand. He lifted his mask slowly as bent down to kiss the back of her hand. He of course put it back on straight as he let go of her hand regained his posture, making sure what remained underneath stayed secret. "Thank you." He responded to her comment on him being interesting. "My culture's view on formality between royalty is a very different one. Personally I do not bother with such things. My kingdom was not one I based on formality. But I made sure to study plenty on the rituals and customs of all the races I would be associating with while staying here." He spoke. "Perhaps you can teach me more. I'm very out of practice."

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    Celeste faintly heard music and followed the sound, she came around a corner and saw a man playing a guitar. She listened carefully to the tune and began to hum along with her eyes closed. She smiled as it relaxed her, this is what she was looking for. 


    Arielle sighed walking toward the main building where classes were held. She ran a hand through her thick blue black hair. The jeweled band on her forehead glowed slightly as she got closer. There was magic in the building and she wanted it all to herself.
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    Beau spotted a girl in the corner of his eyes watching him. He immediately stopped playing. He was kind of nervous around new people and being out in he open like this was a bad idea. He waved hesitantly and glanced down at his guitar. He was now the opposite of how he wanted to feel. He hated embarrassmant.
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    Celeste stopped humming when he stopped playing, she blushed as she opened her eyes. " I'm sorry I just... well you play wonderfully..." she said fidgeting with her fingers in front of her.

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    Beau quickly realised he was making her feel uncomfortable. He put on a smile and pretended to be happy, "Oh. Well, thank you for the compliment. I normally don't play in front of people," he stood and walked over to her. "I'm Beau Grayson. My father told me to make interactions with other regales formal but I don't listen to him."
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         Her cheeks become slightly flushed as he kisses the back of her hand. Although, others have placed their lips on her hand before, it has never happened so quickly. Inside, she considered herself silly for being flustered over a greeting. Recomposing herself, Trinity, once again, looks up at Elijah, meeting the eyes of his mask. She felt it slightly odd that he wore a mask, but it wasn't her place to have an opinion on it.

         Nodding as he thanks her, she thinks about his name, trying to remember if she read about his kingdom before. For a princess, she knew little about other kingdoms that weren't fairy kingdoms. She had planned to learn more about others while studying at the academy. 

         "For someone out of practice, you are highly well-spoken. I don't know how much I could teach you, but I'd be happy to nonetheless." She says, smiling and chuckling. 

         "Maybe you could teach me how to be a little less stiff, and maybe show me to where the dormitories are located?" With that, she pics up her bag and awaits his response. 

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    Elijah nodded. "My brother Veril was the loose one. But, I was the one who brought eloquence and true civility into the people of my... Um country I guess you could call it. So I know plenty of ways to loosen up." He flipped through his book, not looking at the pages though. "Your teachings would be giving me the knowledge of your kingdom and the current customs of any cultures you are aware of at the moment." Elijah stopped turning pages before looking down at his book. He scanned the page, "Unfortunate... Hmmm." He sighed. He closed his book before looking back at Trinity. "Allow me, milady." He held out his hand for her to take. "The dorms are not far."

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    Aura woke to the smell of blood as it filled her room. It brought a smile to her face, her fangs poked out of her top lip. She was hungry, there was no way to push it aside. She needed to feed. Wasting no time, she flashed out of her room. The door closing behind her softly. Letting the smell of blood pull her down the long and winding hallways. Her long hair flowing out behind her. The closer that she got the stronger that it became. Upon coming to a full stop at the kitchen door. 

    pushing the door open, there on the table was a glass full of warm blood. Licking her lips, feeling the pain throb through her fangs. 


    Stepping up to the long wooden table. Her brothers and father must be out or doing some kind of busy. Not that she was worried about that. They would be home before she would have to go to school. Knowing how big of a day that this was for her. They wouldn't miss out on something like this. One of the butlers walked into the kitchen. He smiled at her as he bowed low at the waist. 

    "My Lady, I wasn't expecting you for a little longer. Please forgive me for not being here for you." 


    Aura smiles, "Its alright, I get up early. Please worry not." Bowing once again, "Yes My Lady." Walking over he pulls out her chair. Nodding her head in thanks she sits down at the table. Talking the napkin from in front of her. Her lips pressing to the glass. The thick blood rolls down the long flute glass. As it washes over her tongue she almost lets out a moan. As the warm thick liquid coast her tongue and throat. The butler bowing as he stepped away from the table. 


    As she set there alone at the table. Looking at the empty chairs before her. This is what it would be like once she went away to the school that her brothers and father went to. It was now her time she was nervous about it. But they all knew that she would do good and rise above. It was in her blood to do just that. It was what her family always did. No matter what came at them. Always standing together as one. 


    As she sat there lost in her own thoughts. Her ears started to pick up noise of boots falling on the hard wood floor. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips. It was her father and brothers. They walked into the kitchen, smiles upon their faces. As they all looked upon her. Looking over her shoulder at them a smile spreads across her face. Her father stepping forward, "Aura." Without question she stood from her chair. Walking into her father's arms, wrapping her arms around him. Hugging him as tight as she could. "Hello, father." He smiles kissing the top of her head. "Its a big day for you." Pulling back and looking at her father as she smiles. "Yes, father. I'm ready for this day." He reaches up and strokes her cheek. "Yes, yes you are." Jarlath smiles, "Of course she is. She is are baby sister." Peeking up over her father's shoulder to her three older brothers. They all towered over her, strong and handsome. She was proud of her father and brothers. She just wished that her mother could have been here this day. But that was a dream that would long be forgotten. "Come it is time to go." Nodding her head, she walked out with her family. It was time for her to start what all three of her brothers before her had done. The drive to the school was long. But one that gave her time with her family. For how ever long that she would be here. Upon pulling up to the school. They all got out, hugging each other. The stood at the car, watching her walk away into the school. They were all so proud of her. 


    Sitting in the main hall, people walked around her. A book laying upon the table before her. Coming out of her memory, smiling. She had been here for awhile now, but she missed her brothers and father very much. Tapping her pen on the book as she didn't look at the words. She didn't know a lot of people here. Having seen some in passing. But she was always more worried about her study's. That didn't let her many friends here. But she was a hard worker, having been taught that from her family. And she carried that with her to this day. Playing with her some as sat there looking around the room some. Well, maybe this would be the year that she found someone to be friend. Only time would tell. 
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    She took a step back unknowingly, she had been that way since the death of her mother and father. "Celeste Von Zeral,  if you've seen anything on the news as of late I no longer have parents." She gave him a small sad smile and shook her head, "Anyways it's nice to meet you Beau. Your a werecat like me right?" The inside of her felt like it had been clawed at from the inside out.
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         "Your country sounds interesting. My home, my people are very.. Agreeable. We are a happy bunch, not big on causing any sort of trouble. Although, we have our exceptions. Our women adapted from a "don't speak unless spoken to" sort of manner, nowadays it's more "speak what you feel, but speak pretty"... If that makes any sense whatsoever." She laughs at her explanation. 

         "Why thank you, good sir." Trinity says, taking his hand. Noticing his book, once again, she stares a little longer at. Curiosity floods her mind, but she holds back the urge to ask, nervous that it could be disrespectful to ones privacy. Although, soon enough, her curiosity gets the best of her. 

         "That book, might I ask, is it a journal?" Her eyes were curious, but her face showed nervousness, the last thing she wanted was to be rude or disrespectful. 


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