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  1. I was in a short-lived RP recently where the characters formed a caravan of bodyguards escorting the GM's character. I think a similar format would be good, that way I can have the larger group that I prefer (12 to 15 people), still have people in small groups (maybe three wagons), all while keeping everyone in the same general area (a caravan going across the country).

    And then, the story doesn't have to start with the beginning of the trip. Depending on how well the players work together, I might be able to finangle the RP beginning with the return trip to the capital city with something that the Queen needs to see.
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    I think a good question ask is what is it that magic can not do in the world you created? What are the limits of magic that can't be surpassed, or if they can be surpassed, what is the major cost? Also, does practicing magic have any major effect on the user? Such as a shorter life span, possibly going insane, maybe even becoming addicted to using magic because of the power it offers. And if you want to get really in depth there is the question on what are the laws of physics in the world? Are they the same as ours or do they change to accommodate magic? Really, that doesn't have to be anything that is actually included in the roleplay, but it's a good thing to think about if the topic every does pop up.

    Besides that, my last question has little to do with the mechanics but more of with the classes of mages. Since a Void "seemingly" doesn't have any magical combat capabilities, is it possible for them to also be a Warden and then be used as some kind of anti-magic ground defense? Frankly I'm only asking because I had this character idea pop into my head lmao
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  3. Maybe it's best to give a rough idea of where the limits are for each colour/what it can do. For example:

    Red: mostly Skyrim-style destruction magic. Can't do much very subtly, and it tends to be lacking in control what it gains in power.

    Blue: glyphs, traps, and slow-acting spells. Can't work very quickly, but unrivalled in potential given enough time.

    Black: enchantments and artefacts. Doesn't work on actual people, and tends to be costly, though using enchanted gear doesn't necessarily drain the user at all.

    White: divine and natural magic, similar to a cleric or paladin. Barely any offensive capabilities, but useful for healing and boosting the user and others.

    Sound good? I love your current descriptions Weli, they provide a lot of flavour, but perhaps more rigid definitions would be in order.
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  4. Heal! It can't heal. It's simply not possible to mend wounds with magic. Repair inorganic things, sure, like fusing the broken pieces of a vase together. Broken bones? Nope. As far as reality goes... I know illusions are possible, because they're a big part of blue culture. But I don't think teleportation or bending space or time to push objects through with magic is possible.

    Magic relies on a blood sacrifice, specifically, menstrual blood. That's why it's a women-only thing. On a technicality, men might be able to use magic, but that's a plot point I don't want to discuss too much because I don't want it to be like... the big twist that everyone knows beforehand and then takes advantage of to min-max their RP character. Additionally, women are not able to use magic while pregnant. It's simply not physically possible after that first month (no blood, no magic). At the moment, "going crazy from magic" isn't a thing - mostly because if it were, then magic wouldn't be such a normal part of like like it is now. Even the Queen is just your regular brand of "slightly paranoid and heavy-handed with monarchal power" crazy. Also dragon scales repel magic. That's why it's such a big fucking badge of honor when a Warden is given permission to own drakesteel weapons or armor.

    SAY HELLO TO THE ROYAL EXECUTIONER SQUAD. You're in good company. They're friendly.

    I appreciate the ideas, but I don't want to leave behind the whole "any mana can do any spell" aspect. Of course, you're almost right on the money with what colors are best at. A red witch, for example, will never be able to lay a trap as discreetly as a blue witch (assuming they have the same level of training) because blue mana is just so difficult to detect. I kinda like to compare the colors to Overwatch classes because I'm a nerd...
  5. Well damn, I wish I could use my menstrual blood for magic so that my period can be useful for things other than causing me unnecessary pain. Why is the world so cruel?

    Oh...well..they sound quite lovely ;-;
  6. Don't worry welian, i'm still here and skimming through posts. ;)

    Are there magic insurrectionists within the kingdom who feel that the rule is unjust? This does have something to do with politics, and I am sure that within any society there is some dissenters, correct me if I am mistaken.
  7. wow gay didnt invite me
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  8. Yes, of course! There are pockets of nationalism around the land, although these are based on a shared culture and magic style, rather than ethnicity.

    Maybe your goddesses aren't lesbian enough, idk.

    Because it's discussion thread for worldbuilding! No one needs an invitation to post here. The interest check won't be until, like, August.
  9. Had a good convo with @CupAndCough last night while bouncing ideas off them regarding the potential employment of a mana/stat system. I want something loose enough that I don't have a set list of spells for players to choose, but just detailed enough that players will have to practice some degree of resource management and deal with the consequences of using high-powered spells.

    To that effect, I'm considering a stat system similar to what I currently have in place in Aegis, with mana points that are depleted when a character uses a spell in a post. However, I don't want to have separate stats for women and men (because I'm lazy), so I'm currently mulling over a combined mana/stamina stat. I could justify this in-story by saying that since men and "broken" women are able to use enchanted items, every human under the goddesses is inherently magical - it's just that without that special blood sacrifice, they aren't able to access magical abilities the way witches can.

    Of course, after going so deeply into how magic works, now I'm having second thoughts about Fonts and Voids as character classes... But they're important to the story!! Augh!!!
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  10. I'd be alright with you limiting Fonts and Voids to NPCs only.
  11. That... might be a good idea, at least for the beginning of the RP. There's still some things to consider, like whether or not Fonts and Voids can be Wardens. I see no reason they can't be, as Warden is a profession and not biological.
  12. Are there mermaids in this setting? Pirates? Outgoing bounties on certain denizens of the world?
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  13. No, yes, and yes.
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  14. What about tribal people in the outlying lands? Barbaric savages? Anti feminist Witch killers?
  15. Hue

    On that remark, what about communities of outlaws and/or misfits? How plausible is it for these to make sense in the setting?
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  16. Good questions.

    And what about practitioners of magic that operate outside the matriarchal society of witches? (While still following all the mechanics of magic of course,) And would a woman who uses magic outside of the hierarchy be shunned or frowned upon?
  17. Remember when I said how much I hated RPers who immediately try to work outside my settings that I work so hard to make cohesive, and end up creating characters that ultimately will not be able to fit in with the rest of the group, with complicated backstories that open up several questions that I am unable to address as a GM in a single campaign?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.
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  18. What about legends and tales of mermaids? Those a thing or just no mention of half-woman half-fish?

    Also, I'm not asking because I want to make a tribal guy or stuffs, I just wanna know.
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  19. I'm asking cause I want to make tribal guy and stuffs xD

    Also /me doesn't do complicated.

    No, I don't remember that tbh. But I do remember you saying the current focus was world building and something about dropping players in to their own devices.
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  20. Also, I wasn't aware there was a group that needed to be fit into yet.
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  21. Let's just bear in mind Welian has been developing this Lore for years, with the intention of that lore being what is used. Bringing in random new tribes and stuff just makes things more complicated, and besides, GM Fiat anyway.
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  22. I'm aware. Hence my asking before I go any further and am making no effort to argue my case. It is just a simple case of me looking for a setup for the type of character I would like to make and to what extent such a setup might extend to. And should worldbuilding and culturebuilding still be in effect, then I don't really see any harm in me asking.
  23. Basically what welian means is, "don't fuck with my settings by toying with anti-feminism because I'm trying to narrow down the scope of the RP, not widen it.

    "Feminism" (it's actually closer to matriarchy here) is not so much an ideal in this setting, as it just, doesn't exist. There's no need to "fight for equal rights" in a society you already rule, therefore "feminism" and anti-feminisim is a moot point.

    Likewise, As for "anti-matriarchal" factions as I'll call them. Women in RW's settings are literally better than men, literally. There's no societal viewpoint that they are, they just are. Women can fuck men up without touching them, men are literally a second class of being in this setting. So, on that note, think very carefully before you try to make a men's rights group of people... they wouldn't last long.

    Plus that's not the plot under discussion, it wouldn't be much use to start up a sub plot like that when the plot is focused elsewhere.

    Anyway, that's the harsh bit out of the way.

    What's a better plan is to just work with what the setting provides, and then, like a woman from the times before they had any rights at all, make your man like that. They could be a warden. A fighting soldier with depths of skill with a blade, but they're still going to have to deal with societies expectations of a man, and how he should be strong, dependable, a good husband, pretty/handsome, subservient to his wife, and a good cook. Then, then you can let him moan about it as his Wife goes to elder meetings and runs the country as it's attacked by an unknown evil rotting force.
  24. How about "menimist"? *snort*

    With my questions, I aim to look into the past of my possible character. I want him to have a background in being part of a ship's crew. More or less as one of the lesser deckhands and then slowly distance himself from there to work on the land, gaining a little bit of versatility through doing odd jobs and whatnot before teaming up with a witch and hunting bounties (if that's plausible). I'm not sure what the plot of everything is so until further information is revealed I'm trying to see what I can do with this.
  25. Most of the RP is going to be inland, as the belly of the demon, so to speak, is in a desert.
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