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Realistic or Modern Royal Souls • CS Thread



Character Sheets

**REALISTIC pictures only please!**


Face Claim:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:


Personality: [1-2 paragraphs or 3pos/3neg]
Bio: [1-2 paragraphs]

Theme Song:
Anything Extra (what's your "crime"?):









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Kiravera Morozov
princess of russia
  • i
    full name
    Kiravera Anastasia Morozov
    royal or bodyguard
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Yoda Snek

"Truly wonderful the mind of a snek is" ~Yoda Snek
Kwan Suk
The Blacksmith
  • i
    full name
    Kwan Suk
    Kwankwan, Suk
    date of birth
    October 23rd
    Place of Birth
    Salinas, California, United States
    Body Guard or Royal
    Body Guard
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* dalia sassan

  • req.


    * name
    dalia odeya sassan
    * n.name(s)
    dal, dali, lia, open to more
    * official title
    princess dalia bint idris of jordan
    * age
    twenty-three years old





    * height
    * eye color
    * hair color
    medium brown
    * body mods.
    she has both her ear lobes pierced, but other than that, she has no other body modifications.
    * faceclaim
    yael shelbia





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Caught in a storm
India Eisley.jpg
Name: Aeda Van-Rouge
Nickname: Ada,
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Country: Italy

Face Claim: India Eisley
Eye Color: Blue/Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'6
Tattoos/Piercings/Etc: N/A

Likes: Music/Listening to her Ipod, Being quick and efficient, Skateboarding, Basketball
Dislikes: People who take too long, Liars, Abusive People
Quirks: N/A
Fears: Everyone close to her dying.

Personality: Aeda is a reserved person who tends to deal with alot of anxiety and stress. She personally hates the fact she always felt like everyone else was moving around slower than her and dislikes people who take their sweet time. She can be otherwise normal and is nice to people when they shouldn't deserve it but it's only ever simple politeness as she doesn't seem to show much emotion around others. She can come off as too professonal and doesn't tend to stop and talk about personal issues with others. She almost feels like a robot at times and often feels as if she is speaking into a void.

Aeda was pretty normal for most of her life, a picture perfect normal italian girl raised by normal italian parents. She excelled in basketball in highschool and was the team captain for 3 years of Highschool starting from the Sophmore year to the end of her time at highschool. She never typically hung out with that many people, she was never girly enough to really hang with the popular crew and aside from a few friends that were more popular than her she was otherwise abit reserved and shy.

She did however have one best friend who was quite popular with the other kids in the school, in particular with the girls however she never really saw him as anything more than a brother.
Upon graduating highschool she ended up finding out that he died in a car crash. She had little other ties so she was quick to leave the city as it simply reminded her of his death and everyone that simply pretended nothing had happened. It was really not exactly her intention to become a bodyguard at all and she didn't think she was really experienced in protecting people, a ironic situation she found herself in when she literally failed to protect her closest friend.

Theme Song:
Anything Extra (what's your "crime"?):
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tumblr_ocnryqW0bH1sieljvo1_500.jpgName: Ania Oldenburg
Nickname: Ani
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Country: Denmark
Princess of denmark

Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Ears pierced

Likes: Combat training, Reading, Flower arranging, Horseback riding
Dislikes: Needle point, Cleaning, Cooking
Quirks: Quiet but observant
Fears: The dark

Personality: Ania presents herself as strong and independent. As crown princess she listens well and observes peoples mannerisms in a conversation, always looking for a lie, a flaw, something to use against them. Behind closed doors, ania is rather kind and caring. She is happy to lend a helping hand to those she holds close. However, those she holds close are very few. She trusts very little people as being the only heir to the throne has put her in a precarious spot. Her death means the loss of her families throne. Due to this fear, she is consistently training and spending most of her free time perfecting her ability with the sword. At night, ania must have several candles and lanterns on in her chambers.

Bio: Ania, the crown princess of Denmark. Daughter to King Soren Oldenburg and The late Helena Oldenburg. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was taken care of mostly by handmaids of her late mother who was tragically lost in childbirth. Growing up without her mother was rough, it made her father violent with grief. Though he never struck her, forming a relationship with her father was difficult. As a child ania was met with dismissals, excuses, and often being handed over to hand maidens and maids. Her greatest role model was her mothers handmaid, Vlada.

Vlada taught ania how to be a lady, how to guard herself from those who may want to hurt her, how to read people, how to use words to her advantage. Ania at her core was a kind and sweet girl but she knew in order to be the best queen she could, she needed to be strong, to harden herself and her heart to rule her country properly. Try as she might, she ended up with a reputation of being a cold uncaring princess who would take no king anytime soon if at all. (incomplete, will complete later)

Sheng Ling

Webtoons ;)


fc: zhao lusi


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Nickname: starry.
Age: twenty
Gender: female
Sexuality: closeted pansexual
Country: china
Royal/Bodyguard: bodyguard

Face Claim: zhao lusi
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: black
Height: 5'8
Tattoos/Piercings/Etc. ear piercings, no tattoos.

Likes: storm, money, pretty stuff/people
Dislikes: idiots, people with no manners/class, arguing
Quirks: rubs hands, bites nails, prefer's men clothes
Fears: loving, being overwhelmed, anxiety attacks

Personality: She is puzzling and deep in the sense where her words may or may not hold many meanings to it as it comes with wordplay along when she speaks. She is profound and mature which best suits her age as she is someone that had grown up early without her parents by her side as they had passed earlier on during her childhood. However good she may seem like anyways as what she would look and give off the impression and appearance to others, she is a dark and cruel person deep inside. On the first appearance, one would spot a peculiarly odd, calm yet steady person but if one would look carefully, in the closer glance, they would see someone who is protective and also a person who would risk anything to complete her aims and goals. She is one who hides daggers within smiles and words, she is a deep and complex person. she seemed harmless and childish, at first sight. yet, her calculative and sly self could only be said, if one had ever gone fully against her. an outspoken and placid one where she is much more of an extrovert to an introvert and an even-tempered person who has grown much patience and tolerance. she likes her mind and heart to be stable, steadfast and strong. she does things thoroughly and tidily with the mindset of being observant, rationalising things out from there.

A surname bestowed upon her family long ago by the Emperor of where her ancestors came from. The history of all her ancestors has been told down generation from to generation in vivid detail, yet it is made all unknown to everyone else outside of the members of her maternal and paternal families aside from them who are recorded in the geology book for the families each. Her Mother's and father's side of the family and their origins somehow lacks the information in the historical records yet within the family itself all these events are all known and retold every new generation a very detailed description of their history- not only their families but also of the land they came from. During the time her mother had birthed her, the sky had turned to an unusual shade of bright red. Yet no one could clearly tell whether it was a curse nor a blessing due to this phenomenon. The majority though, says that it was a curse. And pointed at her, shouting, calling her a calamity star without any rational thinking.

She had her life smooth-sailing until she began school. Without herself being aware, she was pressured by the adults in school and her peers. Wanting to do well, she studied and went for her usual tuition classes. In her final year, she was trying to do her best and just focus on her studies but her classmates did not allow that and her life got a bit messy, too. Her parents were involved in an accident whereby they were accused of charges of stuff they did not do of. For that, she had to go into hiding and change her identity from HE ZHUXIE to HE XINYU. She could have been considered a popular kid in school with her being an active outdoor person and a person who can get along with people rather well but it was too bad she had to stop studying in public schools. With her parents and friends and everyone no longer by her side, she must stand up for herself and she did so, desperately. She slowly stopped her ways of socializing and studied furiously, scared of her grades dropping. She only became even quieter. Even when she began a new year at school, she was still rather introverted. People questioned her several times but to no avail. She just took in the information and advice she had received from them without much care at that time. And only properly understood what her parents really really meant after a couple of years passed.

Theme Song: Sigh(Legend of Yunxi OST) - Ju JIngyi


Stay Cool
Anthony Richards
Special Bodyguard
full name
Anthony Jadyn Richards
February 12th
place of birth
Santa Monica, California, United States
6'0" (1.83m)

175lb (79kg)

Anthony Richards has a mid-fade lineup cut with 180 waves.

Anthony Richards has upturned and nut-brown eyes.

Anthony Richards has a killer aesthetic physique, having a broad chest and shoulders with a shredded set of abs and obliques. Richards has an intense strength and conditioning training regimen. He is always looking to gain muscle, build strength and stay consistent with his clean eating meal plan.


face claim
Ethiopian-British model Addis Miller.

If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize.
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Lucy Weasley.jpg
Name: Alina Aleksandria Volk
Nickname: Lina/ Aly/ Anything you can think of
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Country: Ukraine
Birthday: October 13th
Crowned Princess

Face Claim: Katerina Sitak
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5'4
Tattoos/Piercings/Etc. N/A

Likes: Animals, Reading, Music, Ballet, Autumn, Coffee
Dislikes: Inconsiderate people, rainy days, being used, keeping secrets
Quirks: Twirls her hair or picks at her lips
Fears: Not being good enough

Personality: At first glance, Alina comes off as a bright bubbly girl. After all, as the Crowned Princess, she must be loved by all and loved in return. "Nothing good comes from a quiet ruler," as her parents say. Behind the "perfect princess façade" however, is a very shy and awkward girl. When alone, Alina has a terrible habit of tripping over her own feet and accidentally sleeping into the late morning. She is very passionate about her hobbies and loves sneaking out to explore her country.

Alina is also extremely insecure. She sees the wrongness about her that has somehow fooled her whole country. Her hair isn't the right color, or her eyes seem nothing like her parents. Would the people accept her as their leader if they knew the truth? Would her parents abandon her should the secret get out? Why did it have to be a secret in the first place? Alina will always push her own insecurities down in order to help out a friend. After all, she is grateful for the life she was given, she shouldn't be questioning it.


There was never supposed to be a Crowned Princess of Ukraine. Queen Sofiya was unable to provide an heir. As far as the Royals knew, their next in line would be a nephew. And then one rainy day the young rulers announced the arrival of baby Alina. The country was thrilled with the news, going as far as to celebrate the Princesses birth for an entire week. Some questioned the sudden birth though, for the Queen had never showed signs of being pregnant. However, with no other explanations the suspicions were dropped over the months.

It had a lie of course.

An infant Alina had been found crying on the side of the road one fall night. A palace worker had been on their way back from town when they heard her. With nothing else to do, she was taken to the palace and presented to the Volks. The idea of her being adopted among the young maids had been passed around briefly. Until King Maxim had suggested the impossible. If they adopted the young girl, there would be no need for their family to give them an heir. No one would have to know she was not of royal blood.

And so Alina was raised as a Princess. As she grew older though, she noticed the small differences .Why didn't she look like her parents? Why did they get anxious when guests stared at her for a moment too long? Why was she never allowed to go out and explore the country? When the questions got to be too much she finally confronted her parents. It was then she found out the truth. Her adoption had been kept a secret as to protect her families name. After all, what would the people think if they found out a regular girl had become a princess over night. Worse, what would neighboring countries think. No one would take a second glance at Alina if they found out her identity. With no other choice the young princess simply accepted the lie.

Hiding the secret was more work than Alina had originally thought. Once she hit her teenage years, the resemblance to her parents was few. Alina showed up in the media less and less. She spent her days listening to lectures, reading books, ballroom dancing. Anything to be the perfect princess her parents, and country expected her to be. On the rare occasion she was in the media, Alina tried her best to be bubbly and warm. Whenever a reporter would ask about her appearance Alina would simply say genetics, after all, her grandmother had red hair ( they got lucky there) and no one was willing to argue.

It was her early adult years that Alina had finally had enough. She was sick of being stuck within the property, not allowed to talk to anyone except the workers. Alina was able to enlist the help of her lady in waiting, Marie, who felt bad for her. It wasn't like she asked to be adopted into royalty, so it wasn't fair she had to tip toe around everything. For months, Alina explored all the wonderful places her country had to offer. She visited the small towns, woods, fields, wherever her feet would take her. What she hadn't expected was for them to notice the little things. Her locking herself in her room for hours on end, sleeping well into the day. Not wanting to talk about the responsibilities she was set to inherit. They felt they were losing their daughter, that she would want nothing to do with the path in front of her. Their image would be ruined should the Crowned Princess suddenly decide she doesn't want to rule, worse, she could come clean to the country about her identity.

Alina is called into her parents room late one night where it is announced she will be shipped off to another country for a conference. There, they told her she would be tested. What that test involves? They refused to say.

Theme Song: Slowly - The Altogether
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  • 04
    full name
    Cal Durand
    date of birth
    August 19th
    place of birth
    Detroit, Michigan, USA
    sometimes you gotta feel the thorns

    Inmate/Body Guard

    theme song.
    “It Ain’t All Flowers” - Sturgill Simpson

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Andrei Kuznetsov
  • i
    full name
    Andrei Lee Kuznetsov
    none that he likes
    royal or bodyguard
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black magic and cigarettes
fc etienne.2.jpg
Etienne Louis Dior // Royal
Twenty-one, French, Male

Face claim : Austin Butler
Eye Color : Blue
Hair Color : Blonde
Height : 5'11'

Likes : being at home/being undisturbed, cooking and collecting recipes, being well dressed, studying other languages, reading, poetry, and beautiful places, unpredictable (spontaneous) people.
Dislikes : Being crowded, obnoxious/loud company, shallow conversations, poorly prepared food, violence, stale atmospheres.
Quirks : Needs exactly six hours or more of sleep to be functional (less than that results in his usual laid back demeanor being compromised), has a strict eating schedule (which also results in foul behavior when interrupted), and he has a tendency to space out when bored.
Fears : The dark, losing his sense of self, failing to meet the standards set for him.

Personality : Always the philosopher in his own mind, Etienne is certainly not as smart as he thinks he is, but he is still wiser than his years and a very intelligent young man. He enjoys learning, whether that is from his studies and books, or the world and people around him. He is always watching and collecting little details, and his impeccable memory always serves him well in being able to recall those details and use them to his advantage at later times.

Beyond his intelligence, which is the most notable personality trait once you start talking to him, Etienne is also a reserved, quiet type who likes his space. He loves being alone, and is extremely selective of who he allows in his personal space when he is able to make the decision for himself. Indeed, he has spent much time in the public eye, and he's not terrible at it. He is no great speaker, but he is charismatic enough to get the job done without offending anyone.

Alone, Etienne is truly himself. His mind is allowed to wander to all those places he is otherwise always holding back from, and he gets to utilize his time to do things he enjoys. He doesn't hate everything about being a prince, but he cherishes the time he does get to be himself.

Etienne is nothing if not honest, another reason he likes to keep his own company, as over the years his honesty has gotten him into certain social blunders. He isn't rude or ill-behaved, but a lot of what he has to say can be difficult to digest. As he gets older, he has just learned to say less and listen more. He supposes in time, one way or another, the people who are meant to be in his life will come into it and stay, regardless of his rather contrary nature.

History : There is no doubt that Etienne deserved to be the prince of France even if he often felt, growing up, that he did not want to be. Being raised as a prince was not the only reason he so loved his country, but he in fact had always found it a beautiful and magical place that extended to him nothing but happiness in his childhood.

He was not then, nor is he now, perfectly matched to his position. Always a few steps behind where he needs to be, Etienne struggles with meeting the standard of every aspect of royalty. While he is especially skilled in some areas, they're not always the ones of importance. So much has been true his entire life, and his parents and tutors have spent twenty-one long years struggling to get him on track.

Even then, he never acted out of rebellion, Etienne has always desire to be good at what he was born to do, which has made it all the more frustrating when he has failed at things which were expected of him. Years of quiet, little resentments had built up to a breaking point when he was a teenager.

There was a period of time just before his adulthood that Etienne had, or so he thought he had, accepted that he was never going to be perfect or live up to the incredible expectations of his birth, and he stopped putting out effort. He never had it in him to demonstrate true rebellion, but he quickly learned that being passive might have been an even worse way of acting out.

He had no siblings, so the threats from his parents that he would be removed from the family lineage and inheritance for his incompetence meant nothing to him because he knew they were just that, threats. Empty ones, at that.

During his period of ambivalence toward all things prince related, Etienne regularly evaded anyone who was meant to be keeping him safe, his quiet and reserved nature tricking them every time. He even had a brief, romantic relationship with a less than desirable suitor. His parents found out about it, and kept it from the public. A commoner? A commoner boy at that? They would not have anyone finding out about it.

Etienne was so discreet that, even though they were aware of his relationship, they were never quite able to prove it, and he ended up breaking things off on his own after some time had passed without any intervention from his parents. He had grown up some, and finally decided to return to truly caring about his responsibilities.

He still cared for his ex lover, and would occasionally contact them in some way to make sure they were doing alright. At some point, they altogether stopped corresponding with him, and when he finally looked into it he discovered they were the victim of an extremely violent crime.

This disturbed Etienne so much that he threw himself into his responsibilities even more to distract himself. He had multiple conspiracies going through his mind all the time concerning what happened, all of which he kept to himself. He felt that he was somehow to blame for the incident, but never voiced that fear to anyone.

Even though he had started working hard again, he was emotional and distracted more often than not, and has not been doing exceptionally well at his job as a prince. He is aware of his parents very apparent failing confidence in him, as they are always trying to get him to comply with "help" from mental health professionals. His refusal has kept him on their bad side, but they have so far not forced him, unwilling to make their family look bad in the public eye. Thus far they have been able to keep Etienne's troubles a secret from France, and the world.

Recently he was informed he was attending a conference of sorts, and he's learned by now that he has little choice in matters concerning his parents wishes.
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