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Realistic or Modern Rosemary Character Sheet for Thaumatic Warriors

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An RP about a college/military school for soon to be government licensed Magical Girls.


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Note: Do not post your character sheet in this thread unless I approve it. Thank you.

Magical Girl/Boy Categories Explained:
There are three categories of Magical Girls/Boys: Powerhouse, Defender, and Wild Cards. The three categories are described below:

Powerhouse: Powerhouses are defined by their strength. Their abilities are often combat based and, as implied by the name, powerful. Don’t mistake them for meatheads, though. Many of them can be quite cunning. The symbol for the Powerhouse is a fist, though not all Powerhouses use their fists.

Guardians: Guardians have primarily defensive powers. Guardians aren’t usually the most useful in straight up combat but with clever execution they can hold their own. Of course, the best and most frequent use of their powers is the protection of others. Sure a Powerhouse can smash an incoming boulder but a Guardian can protect people from the leftover pieces. The symbol for the Guardian is, of course, a shield.

Wild Card: Wild Cards are Magical Girls/Boys who don’t fit into either of the above categories. Their powers tend to be out there and sometimes don’t even appear to be useful. But, at the same time, even the most useless seeming of Wild Card can be powerful. The symbol for the Wild Card is a classic card game Joker.


Age (17+):


High Concept (a brief one line description of your character's basic concept):


Items (things that you carry on you at least most of the time):
Personal Items (Things that are really important to you. This is optional):
Skills and Abilities (non-magical things you can do):
Civilian Appearance (what do you look like in your civilian guise):


Theme Music (Civilian) (optional):
Theme Music (Magical Girl) (optional):
Voice Actor (optional) (who would play your character in a theoretical animated adaptation of this rp):
Tropes (optional) (tropes that apply to your character):
Quote(s) (optional) (things your character has said that exemplify them as a person):
Other (optional) (anything else we should know?):


Magical Girl/Boy Appearance (What do you look like in your guise as a magical girl/boy):
Transformation Trinket (a small item you might have that you use to transform. Optional):
Powers (what powers do you get as a magical girl/boy):
Weapons (what weapons do you get as a magical girl/boy):


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Name: Feliciano Ælred
Nicknames: Fel
Codename: Joker.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bi-sexual


High Concept: A magical boy who lives by the aspect of being a joker. Do not gamble with him I REPEAT DO NOT GAMBLE WITH HIM.

Feliciano is a self-motivated individual who has accomplished everything in his life through his ability to rely on his own choices, skills, intelligence, and power. He has never had access to the world's miracles and believes that anything good that has happened to him is due to his own or someone else's efforts on his behalf.

Feliciano is known for his fun-loving nature, always partaking in a laugh and appreciating a good joke. This joking nature frequently seeps into Feliciano’s battles, where he is quick to annoy his opponents, who clearly do not appreciate it. To add to this, he always has a casual smirk on his face, as if he knows something his opponents don't, which is often the case. Even when Feliciano is serious, this smirk never seems to fade. Many people mistake him for a weakling because of his casual demeanor, but they are seriously misled - something Feliciano likes to throw in the faces of his opponents after this revelation.

Feliciano, in addition to being a jokester to his friends - and opponents - is possibly the most sarcastic person anyone has ever met, with nearly every word that comes out of his mouth heavily dunked in a bowl of sarcasm. Feliciano‘s sarcasm knows no bounds, as he has insulted a high-ranking officer. People have come to know him as "that sarcastic little brat," a title Feliciano wears with pride, because of the amount of sarcasm he spews out of his mouth. Feliciano is, naturally, incredibly obsessive; when he likes something, he obsesses over the thing continuously, never wavering from what he wants to do with it, but also to the point that he will put all of his effort into it, often leaving him drained and exhausted. This has a constant trend of making him fairly odd in relationships, and he often ends up coming off as slightly 'crazy' to those who don't know him all that well. His main obsession has been gambling for the past 10 years.

Feliciano has a serious demeanor, despite the fact that he rarely displays it. This side is rarely seen, appearing only in the most difficult battles. However, this does not last long, as the boy quickly reverts to his usual sarcastic, fun-loving self. When he is in his "serious mode," as Feliciano refers to it, he is extremely stubborn and bull-headed, sticking to his claims to the end, even if these claims are mere snap judgments, which frequently gets the young man into trouble, especially when judging a being of higher authority.

Feliciano’s final distinguishing feature is his excessive self-esteem. He is a self-described narcissist who frequently rants about how he considers himself to be more important than others. As a result, he is slow to make friends, as Feliciano’s narcissism prevents him from establishing a friendly relationship with anyone he hasn't already befriended. This trait frequently puts his comrades at odds with him, rendering them unable to work as a team when Feliciano believes his abilities exceed theirs. He quickly returns to his normal self, believing himself to be no more important than a common peasant. Despite his varying levels of importance, Feliciano remains as friendly as ever, even in his narcissistic state.

Feliciano was born and raised in New York City's Little Italy and had never known his mother; in fact, he had spent his whole life being nurtured by his father. His father was a compulsive gambler and having a kid didn't stop him from going into the shadiest of locations to earn a quick buck. Feliciano had seen more of the insides of casinos, underground gambling dens, and bookmakers before the age of ten than he had of school. Needless to say, it didn't take long for Feliciano to get involved in the family business. Feliciano's father, Sal, thought at the age of eight that what better way to get some practice in than to teach Feliciano how to play Poker. The little youngster seemed to be a natural at it; he understood when to fold, raise, and check, disguised his tells, and located his fathers tells very instantaneously. Despite the fact that Feliciano was only eight years old, his father could see that he would be helpful in earning money, so he began to teach him various skills. How to card count, bottom card deal, second card deal, rig a deck from an apparently legitimate shuffle, and many more techniques to get an edge.

Feliciano had never planned to become a Magical boy; in reality, he became a Magical boy as a result of gambling. Feliciano had just finished school and had been taken by his father to yet another underground gambling house. Feliciano was taking part in a low-stakes game instead of his father. He was on a winning streak, and every hand seemed to be going his way until a new player arrived at the table. It was as if Lady Luck had abandoned him and given all of her good fortunes to the newcomer. He had ankle-length hair and a wicked constant smirk. The table gradually emptied as either Feliciano or the long-haired guy seemed to win every hand until there were just the two of them remaining. "Let's up the stakes a little." Outside of his turn, the other guy spoke for the first time. "Everything in the pot, of course, you have more than I do right now, so I'll toss this in as well." At first sight, it seemed to be a standard deck of cards, but upon closer investigation, there was something special about it, something tempting that drew Feliciano in. Feliciano went all in with a nod of his head.

As the Cards dropped, it seemed like something out of a movie. Feliciano's hand was a royal flush of spades, while the long-haired man's hand was a straight flush of hearts. Dispute losing the long-haired man just grinned. "I see Lady Luck is on your side; take care of that deck of cards; its worth is beyond your imagination." The figure vanished as fast as he appeared, never to be seen again. That deck of cards turned out to be a trigger for Feliciano to activate a Magic boy state; his father worried at this discovery and, unsure of what to do with the youngster, suggested him to Rosemary Academy for Thaumatic Warriors, despite Feliciano's desires. Feliciano had no option but to attend the school. He has had very minimal training with his new skill set but understands the basics and theory behind his skills.


LG Prada -
“I need to upgrade? Wanna bet?”

Wallet - Usually full of cash.

A bag- It’s more of a briefcase with backstraps on it, similar to a messenger bag.

Personal Items:
A deck of playing cards:
He always has a deck of playing cards on him at all times and while 99% of the deck is a standard deck has kept a single Joker in the deck. The Joker is unique and while the back matches the rest of the deck the front has a different art style than the rest. The joker shows a single figure dressed like a clown sitting holding a large red scythe, while the rest look like a standard pack of bicycle playing cards.

A little black book: Inside is a mixture of random notes along with names and numbers. If anyone saw inside his bag they would see roughly 43 more of these with dates and years engraved on them. It’s a mixture of a journal, notebook, a ledger telling him who owes him anything, his accounting, and his current wins and losses over the past 10 years. He wishes anyone that steals any of them luck in reading it.

Skills and Abilities:
Card counting -
Feliciano has learned how to count cards to a remarkably high level, whether it's the influence of his power or just the way he is he has taken to card counting like a fish out of water. I REPEAT DO NOT GAMBLE WITH HIM.

Gambling - Feliciano is a gambling machine it was almost like this boy was born to gamble and in his father's eyes he was. Feliciano has been in gambling dens since the age of 7 and will gamble for everything and anything.

Lying - Comes hand in hand with gambling.

Slight of Hand - Feliciano has never claimed to be an honest card player and can do several things that is very much classed as cheating. He’s very skilled with his hands and while he’s never tried it outside of cards he could probably put it to good use.

Bi-Lingual - Speak Italian along with English.

Civilian Appearance:


Theme Music (Civilian):

Dramaturgy (English Cover) - Will Stetson

Theme Music (Magical Girl):
Yobanashi Deceive (English Cover) - Will Stetson

Voice Actor: Steve Blum / Spike Spiegel

Card Sharp
Death Dealer
Monster Clown
Sinister Scythe
Brilliant, but Lazy
Sarcastic Confession
Combat Pragmatist
Jerk with a Heart of Gold
Perpetual Smiler
You Didn't Ask

“Dice, Cards, even Chess. I play it all, so long as money is involved.”
“Let’s see what lady luck has in store for me today?”
“What? Scared what’s in my hand?…you should be.”
“Oh no my hand is terrible, let me reshuffle.” *Wink*
“Sometimes it’s hard being this perfect.”
“Me, Sarcastic….Never”
“What do you mean it’s no good? Run if your that much of a coward I got this, you’ll just be in the way.”

Magical Girl/Boy Appearance :


Transformation Trinket:
A deck of playing cards.

Powerhouse / Borderline Wild Card

The 53rd card (The Joker) -
This is a power that lets the user use a deck of playing cards to make his attacks stronger and more effective. Depending on the cards drawn, the user can also get different effects. Most of his attacks are done by a second entity that looks like a clown; he refers to this as the Joker. His attack strength range in power occurring to a hand of poker. (I will be drawing from a website called Random.org, which provides me with a date and timestamp as well as the ability to draw a hand; I will screenshot and post the image at the bottom of every post involving the cards.)

Shuffle - Feliciano will shuffle his cards and take five cards. The 5 cards will be graded according to hands in poker, and Feliciano can use them as an attack. The better the hand, the greater his attacks; the greater his attacks, the more energy they take out of him.

High Card (2–10) / Knife Thrower - His most simple card attack. Feliciano draws a card between 2 to 10 of any suit; depending on the number drawn, he determines how many cards he gains. These cards all contain a picture of a scythe on them, unlike his normal cards. Upon being thrown, the cards stop whenever Feliciano decides they should stay in the air or on the ground for up to 3 minutes. During the 3 minutes, Feliciano can choose to activate them, in which case a scythe erupts from the card, attempting to impale or slash his opponent. So long as these have not been activated, they can be moved twice.

High Card Jack, Queen, King, Ace (except the ace of spades) / Juggle - As with his normal High Card, he gains a number of cards equal to the royal card he drew: Jack is number two, Queen is number three, King is number four, and Ace is number five. These cards are joker-style cards. Identical to his normal High Card, these will stay in the location that Feliciano chooses for up to 3 minutes. These cards have the opportunity to be telepathically moved a total of 4 times (the initial movement taking up one). Upon two being set, Feliciano can unleash "The Joker," a clown-looking individual wielding a dagger, to travel between the cards. It can travel a total of five times between each card, slashing at anyone Feliciano designates as an opponent within its short, arms-length range. If this is done by drawing an Ace, Feliciano can use two jokers simultaneously.

Should cards still be in use from High Card 2-10, this ability causes them to "raise the stakes." For every five cards in play, another joker can be summoned, up to a total of 4 (one from normal summon, one from Ace, two from High card 2-10). The Joker is a weak but fast card that moves quickly between cards and can attack twice with quick but weak attacks. They can be destroyed by simple attacks hitting them, in which case the card it came from disintegrates, leaving behind a Joker corpse. When their time is up or they can't use them anymore, these cards stay where they are until the Ace of Spades is used or they are destroyed or taken away by hand.

Pair / Joker’s Pranks - Feliciano gains two joker cards that he can place in his immediate area. This card summons a joker when an enemy gets close and attempts to grab them. The summoned Joker lasts for five seconds and will either chase an escaped target for this time or keep them restrained for this limit. They can be destroyed, in which case they leave a Joker corpse behind.

Two Pair / Projection - This ability grants Feliciano two cards, allowing him to create a copy of himself or an ally. This copy moves just as it's original would but cannot do any damage. a bad hand to be dealt in the middle of a fight.

Three-of-a-kind / Clown Car - This is Feliciano, one of two hands that can be fully stored for future use. Drawing three of a kind grants Feliciano three joker cards similar in appearance to his juggling ability. These three, however, can be used in two different ways. The first allows three Jokers to be summoned, all of which are summoned with daggers and attack a target designated by Feliciano. The second allows them to be used alongside juggling, bringing juggling's limit to a total of 7. These jokers are more durable than some of the others, taking a few hits before they will be defeated. They last a total of 30 seconds and, upon either being defeated or running out of time, will leave behind Joker corpses.

Straight / Jack in the box - A straight grant Feliciano a single card with the picture of the Joker’s face on it. This card has a simple ability. Upon being thrown and activated by an opponent or Feliciano himself, the card changes into the appearance of the Joker’s head with razor-sharp teeth emerging from the depth below. The joker attempts to pierce Feliciano's target with its teeth in an attempt to both injure and restrain his foe. This joker, like all the others, can be destroyed and leaves behind a joker corpse; however, due to its size, it is the most durable joker. Against very weak mob-type opponents, this attack will eat the opponents.

Flush / The Jokes on Me - A simple ability that grants Feliciano a card with an X across it. This card simply transfers the damage that Feliciano should have taken from an attack onto a joker; as a result, the joker dies, leaving behind a joker corpse. This is the second hand that can be stored in order to be used at a later date.

Full House / The Magician - This grants a passive ability to manipulate his in-play cards freely, telekinetically controlling them and any cards he draws for the next minute. He can use them to attack, defend, or reposition them as he feels is needed. This card also amplifies the strength of the cards themselves, making them as strong as bronze.

Four-of-a-Kind / Grand Circus - Grand Circus summons four jokers, each of which is slightly different. The first is riding a unicycle while wielding a dagger, focusing on speed. The second is smaller than the rest, armed with throwing daggers; this one's focus is limiting his opponent's movement. The third is a larger Joker armed with a fanfare; this one's job is to deflect any ranged projectiles along with knocking off his opponent's balance. The final one is the most similar to a normal joker armed with a simple dagger; this one is the main damage dealer of the group. After four of a kind are drawn, Grand Circus is activated. They swarm down on Feliciano’s target and attempt to take it out using combined attacks. They last 40 seconds in total and, upon being defeated or timing out, leave behind four Joker corpses. Their durability is nothing special, going down in two or three hits.

Straight Flush / The Joker - Despite having a 0.0015% chance of being drawn, the effects of this hand are the most basic of any of his possible hands. This hand summons a joker that is the same height, similar size, and nearly identical to Feliciano in every aspect except his very obvious clown clothing. Simply put, this ability is a body double of Feliciano's that is physically linked to him and that he can send commands to instantly. It wields whatever weapon Feliciano has in his hands at the time of use and wields it effectively if Feliciano decides to leave it to its own commands. Compared to the rest of the jokers, this one is much stronger and can take a beating. It lasts for 2 minutes and leaves a dead Joker behind if you beat it or the time runs out.

Royal Flush / Clown’s Song - Obviously Feliciano’s strongest ability, with only a 0.000154% chance of ever being used. A Royal Flush grants Feliciano a deck full of 53 cards. Each of the cards contains a joker inside of it that activates upon getting close to an opponent, reaching out and slashing at them. Once 52 cards have been activated, whether by being thrown at an opponent, dropped, or however else, this ability's true capability takes form. Throughout the fight, any damage Feliciano has taken is multiplied 100 times by his opponent upon receiving an attack from Feliciano. This attack leaves behind 52 Joker corpses.

Ace of Spades / Pantomime - Despite not being overly powerful, this ability is one of his strongest depending on the situation, and it can mean the difference between winning and losing in long, drawn-out fights. This ability makes use of the Joker corpse’s many of his other abilities left behind. behind. Each of the joker corpses spawns a smaller joker, barely half the size of the original joker. They can only follow one command, and Feliciano has only two choices: to ambush or attack. The ambush command leaves the smaller jokers inside the corpse of the original joker, and they only attack when an opponent gets too close, acting as a surprise attack. The attack command is as simple as it sounds: all the small jokers leave the corpses and swarm Feliciano's target, each doing one attack before disappearing. The attack command is as simple as it sounds: all the small jokers leave the corpses and swarm Feliciano's target, each doing one attack before disappearing. These are remarkably weak and not durable at all, all having much more strength in numbers than anything.

Fold - As simple as it sounds, if a hand is useless in a certain situation, Feliciano may opt to throw his hand. The cards do not cause much damage, but they are sharper than a standard playing card and can cause damage, drawing blood, and, if thrown in the right spot, can cause long-term damage such as severed ligaments. The cards do not cause much damage, but they are sharper than a standard playing card and can cause damage, drawing blood, and, if thrown in the right spot, can cause long-term damage such as severed ligaments. He sometimes does this when he can't be bothered thinking tactically about how to fight, opting to just keep throwing cards until he gets a great hand.

A scythe, and cards.
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  • Name: Sergeant Major Shanon DeLila
    Nicknames: None
    Codename: Gun Bunny
    Age: 40
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Sexuality: Heterosexual/Heteroromantic but currently uninterested.
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  • Name: Marie "Mare" Mizutani
    Nicknames: Mare
    Codename: О̄kami
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Sexuality: Private

Gundam Watcher 27

Gundam? Gundam.

  • 20220909_091231.jpg
    Name: Dalton Lee
    Nicknames: Red (Based off of civilian outfit). Faffy (In Magical Girl form)
    Age: 24
    Pronouns: He/Him/His
    Bi sexual


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Ilega la lluvia para limpiar las heridas...
Voice: Anya Taylor Joy...

CC - Cherish Courage Hart - "The Bombshell"


Tripsi, Cherry, Dimples
She/Her | 24yrs | 6'1" | 190lbs | Blonde Hair | Grey Eyes | Brown Skin
Guardian (kinda' Powerhouse too) | Personal Bodyguard | Lesbian | #CCBombGirl

High Concept: Big, loveable, sweet girlie yet tough as nails. Get in her way and, oh yeah, she will absolutely wreck you.

This is CC...


CC is a big, and very muscular, girl who likes to show off her tight bod. Normally she has her hair done in regular box braids but is often seen with corn rowed double buns done up. Minimal make up to no make up cuz she loves to work out or swim a lot on the daily. Big smiles, bright eyes and boisterous laugh is CC. She has to reiterate that she is a girl by wearing pink all the time. Style wise, she has to dress in dark, unrestrictive yet professional gear and wear a full face concealing mask as a bodyguard. But other than that, she has a 'street but sweet' look about her and mixes up military look with a touch of sexiness or tight athletic-girl-on-the-go look. And yes, she is typically seen sporting different styles/types of kicks for each day of the week. Loves to show off her arms, mid-riff and legs fo'sho!!

Ears, septum, tongue and hood pierced. Ink done on back, back of arms, calves, ankles and feet. Scars on her arms and belly from knife wounds. GSW scar on neck.

Items: wallet chain, phone, wireless headphones, lotion, hand sani, hair ties, Nindento Stitch!!
(On duty: taser, ankle .22, hair ties, collapsible baton, comms, Armada Inc. mask.)
Personal Items: trinkets on her keychain from her family back home, bandanna from first love, half-moon pendant around her neck from her bestie DJ, switchblade with 'Your Name...' etched onto the titanium blade

Outdoor sports (climbing/swimming/surfing/snowboarding), Basketball!! Combat Martial Arts (unarmed and armed), Shooting, Dangersense, Bodyguard, Minor Automotive, Understands Spanish but speaks Spanglish lol.


+ Easy-going, Friendly and Light-hearted
+ Honest, Polite, and Sweet
+ Loyal, Dependable, and Encouraging
+ Heroic, Honarable and Hard-working

- Not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer, Aims to please and Easily Peer-pressured,
- Over-protective, Stubborn in beliefs, Only tries to see the good in her mates
- Acts first before thinking, Overcompensates being girlie, Romantically Gun-shy.
- Sees Red; Becomes Bull, Needs Directives, Fight always before Flight.

+ Likes - Working out, swimming, climbing, flying, basketball, spicy food, DJ, her car, chatting, family, Nindento Stitch video games, pink n' camo prints, cute girlies.
- Dislikes - Exteded Quiet, long runs (workouts), sitting still for long, parties/big social gatherings, complex ideas, mind games, older/know-it-alls, mean people.

  • "Daaaaaang...!"
  • "That is soooooo sweet! Tanx!!"
  • "Wut...?! No, I'm not flexing and posing... I din't even see the mirror...!"
  • "Wut...?! No, I was checking out the {car, dog, sign, etc}!! She just surprised me by walking past so I smiled.
  • "Wait. Wut...? I dun get it. Can you explain that again...?"
  • "More than brilliant...!"
  • "Ay, rolera/o... just keep running your mouth..."
  • "Oops... well, that came out wrong... hahahahah...!"
  • "¡¡Oh, que linda/o, que linda/o, que linda/o, QUE LINDA/O!!"
  • "Mmmm hmmm that's right! Just got sexified up in here!!"


  • CC is half-Caucasian and half-Mexican. She is an only child. Parents were low-life scammers and 2-bit crooks that ran a small deli that was a front for their racket.
  • Even though they were scammers, parents were really good to CC and raised her as best they could and kept her out of criminal activities. Nicknamed "Tripsi" as in Triple C's; Cherish Courage Cutie-Butt.
  • Her name really is over the top sappy but she loves it because her parents told her her name were the two things they wished for her to be.
  • During her teens, she became a local star athlete in both basketball and women's MMA. Nick named "Cherry Bomber" by the growing fanbases. "Dimples" came up as a nick too because of her dimples on her always smiling face. But actually started off by haters. They referred to her as 'Dimples' which was code for 'Dim' or Stupid, but the nick became just a cute, friends-only thing in time.
  • Actually earned scholarship to play basketball at Uni but could not keep it due to her grades and dropped out. Turned to MMA circuit full time and excelled as the darling "The Bombshell." Most of her prize money she gave to her family so they could afford to get out of the ratty upstairs housing of the diner.
  • One of the girls she used to train with at the climbing club, DJ, was a ToBeYou poster and had a meteoric rise in fame for her 1st person vids of her climbs and aerial performances. DJ was signed on by Armada Inc's globally popular, Circle of the Sun aerial performing troupe as one of the 'Angellics'. Their 1st person POV live performances cams became the next big thing.
  • CC was requested personally as DJ's bodyguard after an 'incident' happened with the old bodyguard. CC was trained by Armada Inc's people and was signed right away.
  • The bodyguard and the celebrity became fast besties and CC was loving her new life and was sending lots of money back home. She hoped to stop her family from needing to commit crime to pay off dirty debts and make ends meet.
  • As per contract, Armada Inc. had CC wear a mask in public whenever she escorted DJ, 'The Face' of the Angellics. Just in case another 'incident' happened, she could be replaced with another with similar build. Fans of #theOnlyChaser started calling her 'Sexy-do Mask' and shipped DJ as 'Sailor Chase.'
  • Then the day of the bus crash. Everything changed. The Circle of the Sun shows were cancelled due to deaths to 2 performers and 2 crew. All suffered major injury too... except for CC and DJ. It was the first time CC shifted and created a silvery-blue forcefield saving them both. And soon enough, her Magical Armour Outfit began to show signs of glowing blue... and she started floating too. Armada Inc. put her on Official Leave.
  • For the next few months, the young woman began to get used to her power and discovered that she could fly, create an impenetrable glowing silvery-blue bubble around her, and crash into things without any harm to herself. But then one day she realized how it just 'Took Over' and she just could not stop crashing into things; she was on a destructive frenzy.
  • With the help of some string pulling from higher ups in Armada Inc. her bestie DJ managed to get her enrolled and paid CC's tuition at the Thaumatic Academy. DJ swore to always keep in touch and would visit when she could. She was even there to walk CC around during orientation week!

~Magical Girl:

Y en la calle estamos ready...


Guardian Theme: "The Bombshell" - Ballistic Flight Armour

Trinket - Half-Moon Faced Pendant

  • Flight - without her Armour at sub sonic speeds. With Armour and peak form, potentially up to Mach 5.
  • Indestructable Shields - surrounding her is a silvery-blue orb, centered from herself and comfortably extending out 5 feet in each direction. Any further, the more stamina it saps from her. The more opaque the stronger it becomes.
  • Enhanced Strength - she is 10 times stronger than her civillian form.
  • Repusor Blasts - short range energy blasts that shoots massive concussive force. Also used to multiply her strikes into Enhanced Superhuman blows.
  • Armour regeneration - even if she is struck with her shields down, her Magical Girl Armour protects her and regenerates when damaged.
  • Ballistic Bombing - When inside the orb, it is like an hyper shock absorber, meaning she could survive a devastatingly high fall or impact. And so knowing this, this is her major offensive use of her Magic; basically a human cannonball.

  • Flight - anything past Mach 2 and she needs to put up her orb. At Mach 4 she is flying blind.
  • Indestructable Shields - when invulnerable it is completely opaque. Limited by air supply, the more people inside, the more air used up. Flight is almost 2nd nature to her but the shield requires concentration.
  • Enhanced Strength, Repulsor Blasts and Armour Regeneration - all dependent on the condition of her Magical Girl Armour, the more depleted the less effective these 3 abilitites. Will back off/take to the skies to re-coup if she has to, affecting her self-esteem and frustrating her.
  • Ballistic Bombing - the destructive nature of the impact is intoxicating. She is prone to going on a bombing frenzy in a heartbeat, randomly launching herself repeatedly at random targets like a pinball until completely spent.



Life blooms like a flower
  • PiHO5nV.png

    Name: Saskia Wynter
    Nicknames: Snow
    Codename: Yuki
    Age: 17 (actual), 20 (forged)
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Sexuality: Heterosexual... supposedly


omnipotent empress.

Gale Delafontaine
Nicknames: Azalea (family exclusive), Cold Prince (classmates), Pretty Boy (bullies)
Codename: Nightingale
Age (17+): Nineteen and a half
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Masculine [He/Him/His]
Sexuality: Demisexual


High Concept: A docile man that resembles a deer with a timid and gentle disposition.

Personality: Gale is a quiet individual with few words to say. It's assumed that he is shy or unable to speak well but in reality, he is just a space cadet. He gets lost in his thoughts or stuck cloud watching for a long period of time, never quite all there. Don't assume he is stupid though; his grades will tell you he is highly intelligent with a logical understanding of information provided to him. Gale has a plethora of gifted talents in literature, art and music beyond the average student earning him a teacher's pet position. This has caused him to be a target of bullying by his peers. No matter the insults hurled a him or the amount of times he is tripped, Gale rarely -if at all- displays any sort of anger, irritation or disdain towards the culprits. He'll just dust himself off, collect his bearings and continue on his way. His greatest strength lies in this trait that allows him to keep calm under pressure and quick with choices based on what is needed in that moment. It has earned him a moniker of "cold prince" -beautiful on the outside and cold on the inside. Whether he is offended by the name is unclear.

He doesn't go out of his way to seek friendship because of a lack of understanding social cues. Gale does his best to figure out what people are seeking from him though the signals get muddled. It is his wish to make friends with others, he just finds the whole ordeal difficult when others build so many misconceptions about him. Gale is fare from being considered cold. His emotions have been repressed a long time and if anything, his heart is the warmest you will find. There is always a sparkle of kindness with him such as giving a flower to a random passerby, helping an elderly person carry there groceries, tutoring younger students and so on and so forth. He makes an effort to give back to the community and do good in the world where he can. Sometimes to his own detriment and spreading his time to thinly. Gale cares so much about others that he often forgets to care for himself.

In privacy, Gale is able to relax and truly be himself which is a guilt ridden and traumatized teenage boy. Not being allowed to indulge in childish things as a child has erupted with a vengeance in college. He watches cartoons over live-action television, collects plenty of pink plushies and wears clothing that are otherwise meant for a young boy. Gale is more than timid of sharing the things he enjoys, he's terrified so he keeps his secret close to his heart.

Background: Helene Ambrose was the only daughter of a wealthy family. She grew up with a silver spoon with her parents spoiling her rotten with luxury clothing, decadent Michelin food and anything else money could buy. As a the popular girl all through school, Helene went on to college to become an actress, entering the entertainment world with a big splash. Modelling gigs, advertisements, movies and tv shows flocked to scoop up the young star. At twenty-six, during a shoot in Italy she ended up co-staring with famous singer, NICo, or Calanico Delafontaine, his given name. The two were a hot topic throughout the industry with a whirlwind romance; within eight months, they had "the wedding of the century" attended by family and friends alike. The two enjoyed there combined fame for three years before deciding to step out of the spotlight and focus on there relationship.

Helene became pregnant at thirty years old but tragically miscarried within a month. A viscous cycle began with her falling pregnant and miscarrying within a month or so. She went for fertility treatment after this happened five times; the treatments caused many side effects on her yet she continued through with them at the insistence of her parents wanting grandchild. Finally, at thirty-four, Helene gave birth via C-section to Gale Delafontaine two months early. While she was successful in her ordeal, the treatments and overall birth ruined her mind. Before the age of three, Gale was primarily raised by his father and grandparents. His mother went under mental health treatments during this time. He was five when she first hit him.

After she was given the all clear, her relationship with her son was awkward. She missed so many important stages in his life and had no idea how to "love" him, the child that took her beauty and her mind. Gale had been trying to reach a cup on the counter but dropped the glass on the floor, cutting his gentle baby skin. Rather than ease his pain like any mother would, she smacked him across the face for breaking one of her dishes. Calanico was not home at the time but it initiated a toxic pattern. In front of her husband, Helene was a doting mother to her son but behind closed doors and whenever he was on tour, she would leave bruises on him where nobody could see. She got a sense of happiness that he could feel the pain she felt. At eight, Gale began to attend a private school of his mother's choice. Time was spent enduring teasing at school for having his nose in a book and receiving beatings for anything less than an A+.

Gale joined the orchestra in fourth grade as a means of escape from his mother at least for one more hour of the day but instead of enjoying music in a way a child should, the teacher praised him for his natural talent on the violin and called his mother to encourage he get lessons outside of class. Helene found another thing to nitpick at. She would make him practice until his fingers bled and if he dare cry or complain, he would only be hurt more. His childhood from ages five to fourteen was stolen from him by his mother in a way that can never be replaced. The abuse finally came to an end when his father came home earlier than normal one day and caught Helene in a normal state of screaming at Gale and beating him around for doing something wrong.

The wave of media backlash that followed was unstoppable. Helene and Calacnico divorced quickly where she faced child abuse charges alone. Gale had to openly testify and have images of his bruised body displayed to the jury, driving his trauma further. The entire ordeal lasted a year and a half but Gale was fifteen years old and saw his mother sentenced to prison. Life went along decently after; his father got him medical care and a therapist to help work through the worst of the trauma though to add injury to insult, Helene had been stabbed by inmates within a month of her sentence. The knowledge caused Gale to trigger his Magical Boy state while grasping his violin to the surprise of his father. It took some juggling and time to allow him time to heal more from the damage his mother had caused but at eighteen, after he graduated from the academy (his classes were attended online from home as an exception was made due to his circumstances) his father helped him get enrolled in Rosemary where he has been since.


Items (things that you carry on you at least most of the time):
A book (either Grimm's Fairy Tales, Canterbury Tales or some collection of children's fairy tales)

Violin (he never leaves it behind and always packs it carefully in it's white case)

Three ribbons (usually stuffed in his back pocket to tie his hair up if need be)

Personal Items (Things that are really important to you. This is optional):

A pink rabbit plushie - This worn little stuffed animal was the first ad only gift given to him by his mother.

Skills and Abilities (non-magical things you can do):

Bilingual - speaks fluent English and Italian

Speed Reading - can read up to 500 wpm; well above the average student

Perfect Pitch - the ability to recognize the pitch of a note or produce any given note

High Pain Tolerance - years of abuse has numbed his pain receptors a good deal

Civilian Appearance (what do you look like in your civilian guise):



Theme Music (Civilian):
Left Broken - Sheldon Riley

Theme Music (Magical Girl/Boy):
Tears of Gold - Faouzia

Voice Actor:
Xie Lian from Heaven's Official Blessing (VA: Jiang Guang Tao)


Magical Girl/Boy Appearance (What do you look like in your guise as a magical girl/boy):

Transformation Trinket:
His violin

Category: Guardian

Powers (what powers do you get as a magical girl/boy):
Weapon Manipulation - Gale is able to move, shape and manipulate his shield without holding it. Movements with his hands or wings will move the shield around as he wishes. It cannot leave more than five feet away from his body.
Flight - his wings allow him to to take to the air as a better means of defense though he cannot go much higher than 100 feet.
Shriek - one of his more uncommon abilities; Gale can emit a high pitched scream from his vocal chords. It can cause opponents to have nosebleeds, bleeding from the ears, vertigo, nausea or even fainting. It can also backfire though and cause similar effects to himself.

First Chair - changes his shield to his primary weapon and allows him a high defense but low offense style of fighting.
White Melody - gently sliding his rapier against the shield creates a flowing wistful song that grants a shield to allies within a twenty foot radius. It can be broken with enough force but can withstand anywhere from five to ten hits.
Requiem - quickly slicing his rapier against the shield causes violent soundwaves to radiate outwards, pushing back enemies and inducing vertigo when exposed long enough to the horrible noise. Can affect allies if they are in front of the shield.
Sweet Dreams - by placing his shield around a wounded ally, he can perform minor acts of healing (close small cuts, stop bleeding, etc) but cannot fully heal broken bones or grievous wounds.
Encore - requires a lot more energy to perform this move; he is capable of throwing his shield overhead and expanding it to cover allies and himself from large aerial attacks or debris from explosions. It can be pushing to a size of ten feet which is over the normal limit.

Conductor - changes his rapier to his primary weapon and sets his shield in a passive state where it will naturally protect his blind spots. High offense but lower defense style.
Chorus (passive) - his rapier is constantly emitting a low soundwave frequency that doesn't seem to do much at first but with enough strikes and exposing it close enough to an opponent, the soundwave will eventually disrupt his opponents balance and induce vertigo.
March Time (2/4) - a two slash attacks done in an X shape followed by a low swipe.
Waltz Time (3/4) - a basic box step is done in quick succession with two high, two medium and two low strikes delivered in any sort of pattern.
Four for Four (4/4) - his swiftest attack that consistent of a flurry of four strikes coming from all four sides of his opponent.
Final Bow - a large energy move and often a finishing blow; by thrusting his rapier into the ground, he can create powerful soundwaves through the ground to known his opponent off balance. Once they are thrown, the rapier is removed from the ground and in a rapid backwards spin, thrusts it forward to strike the downed enemy.

Weapons (what weapons do you get as a magical girl/boy):
Silent Lullaby - His beautiful white-and-gold violin is also his trinket that once activated transforms into a sword and shield combo. The large shield can change shape anywhere from three to six feet. His violin bow shifts into a delicate but sharp rapier.

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