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Realistic or Modern Rosemary Beach (Main)

Paris Goulding

As pissed off as Paris was, she did her best to suppress her emotion in front of Carmen. She wanted nothing more than to march over to Sky and Logan, and rip that purple hair right out of Sky's scalp. The girl didn't say much as she reeled in her emotions as they stood in line for the cotton candy, her foot tapping giving the only hint of frustration. Glancing over to Carmen she could see the hurt in the girls body language; tense, not speaking, imaginary steam coming out of her ears. "You know what, sorry for dragging you here, but wanna say fuck it to the fair and go to the beer tent?" Paris finally spoke, the mood for being at the fair suddenly gone.
Taking Carmen's hand, she dragged her off the pier and to the little tent where everyone was flooding to now that they were bored of carnival rides and food. The selections were slim, but nonetheless the girl got two wine coolers each for herself and Carmen, and went to a little seating area just off to the side from the tent, "I know you saw them..." She mumbled as she practically downed the first wine cooler, "I know it wasn't intentional, but she always somehow weasels herself into my relationships, or the relationships I'm building." Paris ranted and finished off the first cooler before moving on to the second. She had hoped Logan would've come there for her, but of course he chooses the slutty nurse after all the weeks she had been flirting with him. She was never good enough for anyone.
"Sorry, I won't talk about it if you don't want to. We can just get drunk." She said, cheersing her cooler, "I say after these we find a real bar, get wasted, and figure out where the night takes us, cause I know I don't want to be here with there a chance of running into them." She said, taking a long drink from the second cooler. Sometimes she really hated Sky. She pretended to be innocent, but she literally slept with anything that had two legs and could walk, she backstabbed her friends, and didn't care about how her actions would hurt others. Now completely over the fair, Paris knocked back the rest of her drink and stood up, "okay, I'm over it, time for real drinks." She said with a nod, showing she was ready to get the hell out of there.

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Haiden Sutton

Haiden could hear Collette singing about the fair all the way from her room. She knew the girl was excited, but Haiden dreaded outings like this. Collette, though blonde with light eyes, looked like Haiden. If anyone inspected too closely, would know it's her daughter immediately. Especially now that Collette is older. She was a mini me of Haiden. Sighing, the girl looked at herself in the mirror and tousled her hair some before applying lip balm. She hated wearing makeup or doing her hair for anything outside of the club. the old guys she did dances for would always have a comment or two on her appearance if they recognized her. Glancing down at her phone, she mentioned something about that cute girl Sam, grabbing a unicorn for Collette. She knew there would be an abundance at the fair, but for some reason she wanted an excuse to talk to Sam.
But, right when she was about to leave Collette got sick. Of course, today of all days, her kid got sick. And of course was crying that she would miss out on the stuffed animals. "I'm sorry baby." Haiden said, holding the devastated little girl, "tell you what, nana will make you some soup, cuddle on the couch, and watch Disney with you, and I'll go and get you all the stuffies." She said and the sad eyes looked up at her, and Haiden smiled, "not to brag, but your mommy is pretty amazing at games, I'll win you a variety, okay?" She said and kissed Collette's forehead. After more reassuring that she will bring more than just a unicorn home, Haiden was on her way to the fair.
The anxiety of people recognizing Collette as Haiden's eased some now that she was going to the fair alone, and even more so when she saw how many regulars were there. Avoiding eye contact with anyone and everyone, Haiden searched the crowed for the familiar brown hair and slender frame of Sam. Soon enough, as if she manifested it, Haiden found same with a short who she didn't recognize, "hey I'm Haiden," she introduced herself to the girl who she now knew was named Calla. Turning her attention to Sam, a small smirk touched her lips, "my niece got sick right before we left, so would you like to be my company while I attempt these games? If all else fails, at least you got me the unicorn." She said with a nudge and a smile, "and the dollar store for the variety." She said with a laugh and took the unicorn, hugging it to her frame, "now I'll definitely need help with these games knowing how good you are at them." She said, hooking her arm through Sam's as she directed the girl toward some games.

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Calla Carleton

When the group dissipated, Calla stood there slightly confused for a minute. These girls were having meet-cute's as if they were in a romance novel or something. Glancing around for a moment, the girl was unsure of what to do now. Maybe some rides? But those would be lame by herself. With a frown she took herself to play a few games before she got bored, giving the few little prizes she won to some kids who seemed like they weren't able to win the games, making sure to keep the first teddy bear she won.
Heading toward the end of the pier to get some hair out of the crowd of people, Calla took the steps down but slipped on the sand when she hit the bottom one. She would've ate shit too if it weren't for the strong arms that caught her, "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" She apologized and steadied herself up to look at the stranger, but when she saw him her jaw almost dropped. While he wasn't some hot super model, his kind eyes and smile practically made her drool.
Straightening up her hair and outfit, Calla gave him a bright smile, "thank you so much for saving me! Sorry for tripping into you, the sand made the step slippery." She said and pointed out the sand covered stairs, "they should sweep those." She said with a frown but looked back at the man with a smile and stuck out her hand, "I'm Calla, it's nice to meet you, hero... But what is your real name?" She asked, as she shook his hand. This man normally wasn't her type... He smelled like weed and looked dirty but not dirty at the same time. Maybe it was because he caught her so easily that made him attractive? She wasn't certain but nonetheless his name made her blush, "uhm my new friends ditched me." She said, not sure what was appropriate or not appropriate now but still wanted to talk to him. She didn't want to go back to the hotel while it was still daylight.

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Summer had gone and done it again, too much cotton candy. She’s already had four cones of cotton candy. She couldn’t control herself. The sugary fluff melted on her tongue in the perfect way but In an instant, the pillowy candy turned bad making her stomach ache. Sam was right the once perfect fluff sat like a rock in her stomach. She’d over done it again.

She stood with Sam and Calla. She placed a hand on her stomach groaning. Her lips were stained purple from the pink and blue cotton candy. She wiped the back of her hand on her mouth trying to get the evidence of her mistake to fade away. Summer started picking at her corn dog, taking small bites. The two other girls started talking about carnival game and prizes she nodded along with them, adding to the conversation when she could. Eventually she finished off her corn dog and lemonade, then threw the trash away.

Just as she went back to stand with her friends she felt a hand grab hers and give her a spin.

“Hey. I made it.” Summer felt her stomach flip flop. He actually came? A stupid grin spread across her face.

“Not to steal you from your friends, but I think it is my civil duty as a man to win you a teddy bear in a game that can't be won with one 5 dollar bill but TWO." Summer laughed, throwing her head back. Daniel grabbed her by the hand leading her away from her friends.

She yelled a short, “bye guys I’ll text!” To her friends, their faces fading fast as Daniel pulled her over to the games. Nobody had ever wanted to win her a teddy bear before. She felt her heart flutter at the sentiment.

“I love teddy bears.” she winced at her stomachache. She had forgotten about her tummy troubles because of all the excitement of Daniel finally being here. She couldn’t believe he actually came. Isaiah didn’t bother to show up but Daniel did.

Summer’s eyes lit up when she saw a pink fluffy monkey. It had long arms with the Velcro so I could hang around her neck. She immediately jumped up and ran over to it.

“Please, Daniel I want this.” she pleaded to him with wide eyes. She winced again from all the movement. She started feeling sheepish from the a burst of emotions.

“If you want to, no worries if you don’t.” Her eyes shifted to the floor, embarrassed.



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In true Charlie fashion she did not let Rowan just run off with his tail between his legs and when he just wanted to be alone, in his town house with out a 5’ angry blonde berating him. His head was pounding, his heart too. He could just feel himself getting angrier and angrier with every word that came out of her lips. How dare she? How could she talk to him like this?

“Are you so unavailable that you'd rather hurt me than be happy with me? This sentence was like a cold bucket of water had been dumped down his back. It sobered him up. What the fuck did that mean? He felt Charlie’s presence closer than before, her eyes staring daggers into the back of his head as he hung his head.

“Or was everything fake? Our friendship, whatever the hell was happening before I left, the years we spent being close, all of it. Was it real, was I just some stupid filler in your life until you found something better?” Everything hurt but she wouldn’t stop, she kept going. He honestly wanted to punch something. This was not the right time to be having this conversation, he should’ve never texted her back. He should’ve blocked her a long time ago but, he didn’t, he couldn’t and now here he was getting chewed out.

Rowan brought his hands up to his temples to massage them. When was she going to done? He needed a fucking shower and a Tylenol.

“Well don't fucking worry, Rowan, because I have fucking nothing now. I lost you, my friends all moved on and have their own lives now, I lost thousands of dollars on a degree that I can't even use because my entire future was snatched out from under me the minute I got the call that my mom was on death's fucking door."

Her mom? Rowan’s eyebrows knitted together. Oh fuck, she was crying. Rowan’s stomach sank. He absolutely hated when Charlie cried especially when he was the cause. He didn’t know how to show emotions. He was taught that emotions were useless. All they had ever brought him was pain, pain and more pain. If he didn’t care, he couldn’t get hurt so why was his heart aching?

Finally, Rowan lifted his head to look at her, only she wasn’t there anymore. She was back at the sliding door. Was she going to leave? Secretly, a small, confusing part of Rowan wanted her to march back over to him and continue to yell at him like he deserved, another part wanted her to walk out of his house. She’d probably block him but it was better than all of the confusing feelings he felt. Rowan felt like he was right back to that summer right before Charlie left for College, a grey area where the lines blurred together. We’re they just friends or maybe something more. A small part of Rowan knew what he felt but he had locked away those feelings and threw out the key. Rowan stared a hole into Charlie’s back for what felt like forever until suddenly it seemed Charlie had made up her mind, she wasn’t done yet.

“But I feel sorry for you. I might be losing everything but at least I had something to lose in the first place. Tell me, Rowan, when was the last time you felt anything? Truly, sincerely, felt something?" Charlie’s tone was eerily calm making Rowan feel a bit taken back. The blonde marched back over to Rowan and motioned for him to stand up, he barely had time to react when she began pulling on his shoulders, making him rise slowly, in his drunken state.

“Because you don't feel anything, Rowan, and I feel sad for you. I feel sad that you don't have anyone, that you've built yourself this world where you're the only person in it. I hate that for you. So feel something. Fucking feel anything, prove you're even fucking alive."

I would hate me too, was the only thought that ran through his mind. Charlie’s words left a bad taste in his mouth. A war waged inside his mind, screaming at him to prove her wrong. He could feel, he felt a lot of things even if he didn’t want to, especially for Charlie but she could never know that, he would never tell her that he was scared.

They were closer than they’d ever been before. The hands on his bare shoulders seared into his skin and the air around them was electric, Charlie’s rapidly rising chest brushed against Rowan’s with every breath she took. They stayed locked in that moment with both of them glowering at each other until her small hand traveled up from his shoulder to his hair, grabbing the back of his head to pull him down. Their lips touch and Rowan feels like his head is going to explode. He brought his hand up to cup her face while kissing her passionately. Fuck, this wasn’t a good idea and yet he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

Rowan titled his head further to side, giving them both more access to each other. He took a step and then another until Charlie’s back was pressed up against glass frame of the sliding door. he hands traveled down to her thighs to lift her legs so they could wrap around his torso. He carried her back into the house and placed her down on the couch, all while still keeping his lips on hers. He couldn’t stop. He’d been waiting so long to have her lips on his.

What the fuck I am doing? He pulled away, suddenly. What the fuck just happened. He removed himself from Charlie completely, running a hand over his face. This was a mistake.
“Charlie please,” he paused, running a hand through his hair, messing it up, “Please leave.” He just couldn’t handle this right now. He was drunk, this wasn’t right. He needed time to think and he could only do that if Charlie wasn’t here.

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Yet again, she was stuck in a other long ass line. This is why she hated the fair so much. It was too much waiting and Carmen wasn’t accustomed to waiting around for anything. She kept her head forward with her arms across her chest, teeth grinding away into practically dust. This was stupid, she had no right to be upset and yet, Carmen was. She was head over heels for Skylar, and the fact that she could just ditch her so easily, hurt. Her stared off into the distance they slowly started to gloss over from not blinking a while.

“You know what, sorry for dragging you here, but wanna say fuck it to the fair and go to the beer tent?" Carmen didn’t have time to respond before Paris grabbed her by the hand, leading her out of the line completely. Her sandals sunk down as she stepped down onto the sand. She groaned, bending down for a second to slip them off. With her shoes in hand, she walked over to the tent with Paris. Carmen stood a bit awkwardly off to the side as Paris went and got them two wine coolers each. Carmen’s stomach protested, but she drank it anyways as she sat down in one of the benches next to the tent.

"I know you saw them..." Carmen only gulped down the awful liquid in response. Paris continued, “I know it wasn't intentional, but she always somehow weasels herself into my relationships, or the relationships I'm building." Carmen really didn’t know what to say, instead of responding she finished off the first wine cooler and moved on the next.

"Sorry, I won't talk about it if you don't want to. We can just get drunk.” Carmen opened her mouth to say something but Paris kept talking. “I say after these we find a real bar, get wasted, and figure out where the night takes us, cause I know I don't want to be here with there a chance of running into them." Finally, the first good idea of the night. She need something stronger than a stupid wine cooler, Tequila, lots of it. Paris stood up first, Carmen followed suit. She grabbed all the trash and threw it into the bin.

“I am all over this idea but this,”she motioned to her outfit, “isn’t exactly a bar appropriate outfit.” Another thing, She didn’t drive here, Sky did. She could call an uber back to her house or she could ask Paris to borrow something of hers. They didn’t have the same style but, tonight, Carmen was ready to step out of her comfort zone.

“Do you have something I can borrow? We can twinsies tonight. I’ve heard guys are into that.”

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Not Meat

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Everest Kennedy

Carlise had started yelling at Charlies friend. A part of Ever wanted to take that as a chance to slip away and maybe go back to Charlies house but she moved too slow and Carlise was looking at her again. Ever stood there kind of awkwardly as Carlise admitted that she didn't hate Ever. It hadn't occurred to her before that maybe Carlise would hate her personally. Just that she would hate the idea of her. Sky managed to ruin all of the good things but at least Carlise wasn't one of them. The girl admitted that she saw her and wanted to be friends while Ever just smiled softly. She didn't really know what to say in response. Her mouth twitched as she thought of what to say.

"Well. I don't hate you either." Ever spoke after a moment, her voice soft. "I honestly try to avoid my sisters consequences. Unfortunately you were one of her consequences. I just don't want you to be hurt since Sky and I are sisters." Ever took a small step back, "We can be friends. But know that despite my feelings about Sky's actions she is my sister. I will defend her if I have to." After she spoke Ever moved a bit closer to Carlise and smiled softly.

"How about we go and enjoy the rest of the fair. Get something to eat and then maybe go and watch a movie or something. I'm sure Charlie won't mind if I come in a little late." Ever hooked arms with Carlise and started walking them to a food booth. The funnel cake booth had always been one of Evers favourites. She stopped dead in her tracks and steered them towards the green onion cake booth after she saw Skylar. She watched her for a moment. She was talking to a guy. Strange. Ever didn't want anything to do with the mess she was causing so she led Carlise away. Once they got to the green onion cake booth Ever let go of Carlise's arm. "What would you like? I'll buy."

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    Michonne Johannes

    Mic nods at Danielle as she shook her hand. "Nice to meet you too, Dani." She looked around at the fair. It seemed that a lot of people from the beach were there. She smiled as she sees people she's been around since she moved here. She wasn't born here, like some of her friends but that doesn't mean she didn't love the beach like she was.

    She went all over the place growing up. Mic and Genie both had careers started for them at a young age. Genie for her modeling, and Mic for her acting and singing. E was honestly just dragged everywhere. She had always felt so bad for her brother, he was often just pushed aside if she or her sister had jobs going on. That's why she tends to hide her issues from her family. She wanted him to have the attention for once.

    Once they had gotten their food, Mic got herself a funnel cake and a coffee, along with anything that Dani had wanted. She turned to her new friend who had asked her if she wanted to go to the beer tents. Mic had just about to tell her that she didn't really drink when she was dragged along without question. She just went along with it. Seemed like Dani really wanted to go to the beer tents. Once they had gotten there, Dani ran off to find whomever she wanted while she left Mic standing there.

    Mic just looked around, seeing the different liquors and drinks. Since she was here, a glass of wine wouldn't be terrible. She was bumped into by Paris. A friend, that she and her sister knew from the rich circles that they both were a part of. "You good girl." As she took her shoulders to both steady herself and Mic, she tried not to let her uncomfortableness show as she was touched without warning. "Moses?" She questioned as she watched Paris drag a male, who was beyond attractive to her.

    This man was fine.

    Mic was about to question her when she flew off. "Yep...same old Paris I see. Nothing much has changed since I left." She said softly laughing and then she turned back to the man who introduced himself as Moses. "Michonne, but everyone calls me Mic." She told him softly as she glances up at him. She laughed at his next sentence. She simply shrugs as she glances around. "Look, I know what I like, and you seemed to talk a big game. " She told him.

    "I'm gonna keep my opinion about my coffee Moses until you back up all that talk with facts. You claimed your shop to be the best coffee shop on the beach. That's some serious word right there." She told him as she glances up and down at him. To be honest he was fine as fuck and was every part of Mic's type but she hadn't dated or even hooked up with anyone for years. She tried after the incident but nothing truly ever felt right again after that.

    Mic glances around and then back at him "Prove it. All I hear is a lot of big man talk. I'm waiting for the proof." She takes a sip of the fair coffee. It was ok but not very good but it was coffee and she needed to prove a point as she took another sip smirking at him. She was challenging him to prove her wrong.

    "Maybe some things can't be fixed. Like me."

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Daniel Charter

Daniel smiled at Summer's green face and shook his head, "you're gorgeous even when you're green. So the pink teddy bear then?" He asked, grinning at her excitement over the stuffed animal. So, after a few tries and trading in smaller stuffies for the bigger stuffies, Daniel was eventually victorious in winning Summer the hot pink monkey, "well m'lady, we have finally won you your monkey." He said with a laugh and hooked the monkeys arms around her neck.
"From the look on your face, rides are out of question, which is cool. I love waves but going round and round on a swing or zipper doesn't really agree with my vertigo." Daniel said with a smirk and slipped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. "There's a band playing a little ways down the beach, we could kick off our shoes and take a walk down there if you want, or makeout on top of the ferris wheel, whatever you want to do is good with me." He gave her shoulder a squeeze and led her away from all the food so she wouldn't faint.
When it was all decided, Daniel led Summer off the pier and kicked off his sneakers when they hit the sand. He hated nothing more than sand in his shoes, and they were off to the music. It wasn't anything big, just a small local band playing on a little stage where the town held plays and music shows. Plopping down on the sand as the music played, Daniel wasn't shy as he pulled Summer down to sit between his legs so her back was to his chest. He was almost instantly bobbing his head to the music. "So, tell me about yourself. Besides the fact that you're friends with my sister and kissed me back on the beach." He joked, half paying attention to her and half paying attention to the music.

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    Carter Kingston

    Carter remembers those days after her mother was diagnosed. The way that Magnolia had shut down, the light in her eyes dimmed. It scared him, so he tried his best to be there for her. For every moment of the journey. He was there for every chemo appointment, for every time where she needed someone there, Carter made sure he was there. After her mother's death, he was the one who got her out of bed. He was there to feed her, and cook for her, and so were his mother and sister. The Kingston family stood by her, during the time when life seemed a little dark and broken for her.

    They had understood where she was, the place she was at. They had experienced it all themselves but they didn't have anyone but each other. The town rallied around them and people came and checked on them, but there were still some days where Carter drank himself to sleep and Carlise was out fighting everyone and everything. His mother was at home, hoping that her children would come back to her one day. They needed someone and they didn't have anyone. Carter couldn't bear to see her in the way that he was, he couldn't. So he became that person for her and would do it, again and again, to see that light in her eyes.

    "I'll make sure my day is completely free for you. " He tells her softly. Carter, to be honest, had yet to visit his own father's grave. Something about going there would make his death a little more real. A little more final. There were days when he thought maybe the last eight years were a dream and his father would be there waiting for him at the shop. Damon would know his grandfather from more than just stories but every time he woke up, the pain was still in his chest. He couldn't face the gravestone that told him the truth, that he had lost his hero, and he wasn't coming back. At least he could go to his girl's parents' gravestone and stand by her side while she does.

    He glances at his family and smiles. "Well..my little man here wants a hot dog, and cotton candy. I can't deny that." He said as Damon signed excitedly to his father grinning. "And my lia needs a funnel cake, and corn dog." He told the person at the food line who was grinning at his little family.

    "I want a corn dog, and a funnel cake thank you. Oh and drinks for all of us." He told them as he paid for everything. Money was never an issue for Carter, and his family due to his father's successful shop, and business workmanship. They were set for life. And their grandkid's lives. So he didn't blink when it came to money. And he doesn't want Damon to worry about it too, so he worked hard at his shop and made sure to bring home a good check.

    Carter gets the food and leads the family to a table so they can sit and eat. He glances at Nollie and softly tells her. "Do you want to have that talk with Damon now? I didn't tell him much, I wanted you to talk to him first. He has knew you since he was 2 years old. You guys have that connection...you just got to let him know that he can acknowledge it now."

    He told her as he sets up Damon, giving him his drink and his food. Carter thought that he would leave it up to Lia to start that conversation. Damon may have been young but he was very smart for his age, and the questions about his mother have been rolling through his head. And Carter didn't have the answers for him.

    Carter hated not having the answers for him

    "I used to think it was just me and him, but then you came along. And all I want is you, me, and him."

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Paris Goulding

Paris was stoked to get out of the fair. She had been so excited about it the few days leading up to it, but now she felt like the ground to the fair was like acid. When Carmen motioned to her outfit, Paris smirked some, "you're right. I look like I'm about to go eat some cotton candy and ride the ferris wheel. I wanna slut it up and make it so guys will fall to their knees for me. Same for you. I got the perfect outfits for us, let's go." She said and led Carmen to her car, sending Moses a quick text before heading over to her place.
Once at the colorful apartment, Paris went to her closet and shuffled through all the outfits. Carmen was a little fuller in some areas than Paris was, but she didn't care if Carmen's boobs stretched her clothes. Clothes were just a material luxury. Grabbing a gold dress and heels from the closet, Paris handed them to the girl then went to her wig collection and tapped her chin as her eyes wandered over the collection of mannequin heads. "I got the perfect one!" She yelled out to Carmen and grabbed her emerald green wig from when she did a She-Hulk look.
"Dress up, be whoever you want tonight. We're going to the city where no one will know us. Grab a hotel room." She said with a smile and started playing around with Carmen's hair so that the wig would sit perfectly atop the girls head. "I wanna get fucked up with no regrets." She stated and went to pack a quick overnight bag while double tasking getting dressed. "I'll pack you some pajamas and a hangover outfit for tomorrow!" Paris said as she struggled with the zipper on her dress, "hey can you help me with this?" She asked, scurrying out of the closet and turned for Carmen to help with the dress, "I'm thinking my lavender purple wig." She said giddily. She was excited to get everything off her mind.

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genevieve johannes.
"Stay still"
Gen hadn't been anticipating Greta's willingness to the whole ordeal. Before she had finished agreeing to help, Greta's nimble fingers were unworking the buttons down the front of her shirt, revealing a trail of smooth pale skin beneath the dark blue fabric. The shirt was discarded, forgotten as something snapped inside of Gen.

Icarus had once again flown too close to the sun.

There was no controlling herself, months of longing and desperation for closure washed over Gen in an instant. The jacket that had been in her hands, much like Greta's shirt, was gently placed over the back of the chair. Carefully, Gen picked up the coiled measuring tape from her glass-top desk and made her way over to Greta. She began to uncoil the tape, the material weaving gracefully down her slender arm as she began to pull apart the length.

Genevieve began at the shoulder, measuring one of the jacket's sleeve before taking the length on the tape and placing it against Greta's bare shoulder. Gen gently trailed the rest of the measured tape down Greta's arm, her fingers grazing softly against the soft skin. Gen nodded to herself before stepping behind Greta, raising a hand to slowly trail up the back of her spine to move her hair away from her neck.

"Stay still," Gen whispered with a smirk, her plump lips dangerously close to Greta's ear, "if you squirm around, we're gonna have to do all of this again and I'd much rather get to the main event."

Gen brought the tape across Greta's shoulders, leaning forwards to delicately graze her lips across the nape of Greta's neck, hard enough to feel but soft enough to leave the touch phantom on her skin. Her lips began to trail down the hollow of Greta's spine as her hands began to work the tape around the front of Greta's torso, carefully measuring the width of her ribcage. The touch was intoxicating and nearly enough to get Gen to completely abandon the careful artistry her pink lips were painting in favour for deeper, more passionate touch.

Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe this would just leave Gen wanting more again. Maybe, she thought, this was the grand finale to their bullshit story, going out as fiery and passionate as they began. Fuck it, she didn't care, or did she want to. Greta was beautiful, familiar, available. That's all that mattered.

In one swift motion, Gen's arm snaked around Greta's stomach and turned her around, pulling her into Gen's body with expert precision. Gen's lips found hers, hungrily clashing together as she picked Greta off the floor and placed her down on an empty patch on the desk. Gen pulled away only long enough to discard her own shirt before attending to a particularly sensitive spot on Greta's neck, a devious grin tugging at her cheeks. Gen returned to Greta's lips, the pair leaning back onto the desk as Gen hopped up, her dark curls spilling around her shoulders.

Genevieve dove back in and the pair melted together once more.

✧・゚: ✧・゚:・゚✧:・゚✧

Her hair was a mess, her lips kiss swollen, mascara smudged at the edge of her soft eyes, yet Greta was still disarmingly beautiful. That's what made Gen get up, carefully walking across the room to grab a silk robe to drape across her shoulders instead of staying wrapped up in Greta's arms like a small part of her heart wanted her to.

Gen, as far as she was concerned, was now entirely over Greta.

The sex had been good, great even, but that soul was missing. Gen found herself wondering if it had felt that way when Greta was all over someone else while Gen was seas away, if Greta had made the same noises, done the same movements. It was cold somehow, what Gen felt towards the girl that she had once found herself entirely devoted to, and yet she didn't care as long as she didn't look too closely.

Gen pulled the black silk robe closed across her chest, wrapping her arms around her stomach for warmth against the cool air conditioning blowing through the room. She carefully bent over to grab Greta's shirt and picked it up, rubbing the fabric between her fingers before handing the article to the girl.

"You should put that on," Gen spoke calmly as if nothing had happened, the fire having burned out as quickly as it had been lit, "wouldn't wanna catch a cold."
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idris demir.
"If you wanted me to stay, you should've just said so."
The water was sobering, the cool water rolling off his skin in perfect beads before dripping to the tile underfoot. The air, lacking steam, smelled like Graham which was surprisingly refreshing. Idris squinted through the water as he scrubbed his hair, nodding to himself. Jasmine, very distinguished. With the soap rinsed from his skin and hair, Idris took the towel that Graham had left for him and ruffled his hair with it before tying it around his toned hips. With the bathroom mess cleaned up, the room as pristine as he could have possibly left it, Idris returned to the bedroom where Graham had been waiting patiently.

As Graham's eyes trailed his body, Idris did the same, softly smiling to himself. Graham was perhaps one of the more interesting people he'd ever been with and even now, auburn curls still damp and eyes still hazy from their escapades moments earlier, he still had a light about him, inviting and warm, that Idris found himself drawn to.

"You should probably stay the night." Graham suggested smoothly, inviting Idris over with a pat to the mattress beside him. "You're a bit too buzzed to drive."

Idris let out a warm laugh, most of the nerves earlier having fizzled away in a cocktail of expensive bourbon and ecstasy, and complied. Idris sat on the bed beside Graham, stretching out slightly against the soft sheets.

"I've driven on worse than a few glasses of bourbon," Idris yawned, looking over to Graham with a mischievous glint in his eye, "if you wanted me to stay, you should've just said so."

With Graham having fallen silent, Idris got up and fetched his pants from the foot of the bed, stepping carefully into them and doing up his belt. He began to search for his shirt, eventually giving up and grabbing the white button down that Graham had been wearing earlier instead, pulling it on over his shoulders and leaving it undone, before sitting back down on the bed. Idris excused himself temporarily, heading to the kitchen to grab two glasses of water, before returning and handing one to Graham who, as far as Idris could tell, was deep in thought.

"You should rehydrate." Idris commented, taking a sip of water between his lips and down his throat.

“... Are you vegetarian?”

Idris blinked a few times, his eyebrows furrowing. "What?"

Vegetarian? What had made him think that? Idris had eaten meat at dinner, after all, and it wasn't as if he had shown a particular aversion to the food... Shit. Idris laughed and shook his head, his cheeks flushing a gentle pink, as he reached a hand up to ruffle his drying hair in an attempt to hide his embarrassment.

"No no, quite the contrary actually. I was nervous, thought you were being suggestive." Idris shook his head, realizing how ridiculous it all sounded as he spoke it aloud. "That's not to say I'm not grateful for the meal, you're a very good cook."

Idris paused, lodging his cup carefully on the nightstand before lacing his fingers together, thumbs tracing one another in thoughtful circles. "Do you do this for everyone? The dinner, I mean. Most people I've been with just want to get right to the point. It's refreshing."
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Moses King

@r e i i

Fair and coffee shop

Moses was a competitive person. He played football all his life up until he got hurt and called it quits. His competitive nature now comes out with coffee. He spent a year learning and traveling to find the best quality coffee beans in the world. He invested money into his coffee shop under the impression that he would have the best coffee in town and hopefully the state. Standing in front of the beautiful girl who was challenging him made him feel alive. Made him feel like he had something to prove. “Mic, I talk a big game because its facts!” He said as he looked her in her eyes, so she knew he was serious.
The sounds of the fair made it difficult to hear, so he stepped closer to him as she said to him to prove that his coffee was the best. He notices her taking a sip of the fair coffee and he knows from experience that it was not the best. She acted as if it was good. That made him smile inside thinking it was cute that she was playing the part well. “Prove it?” Moses says in disbelief. “Ok, Let's go” He turned his back and began to walk towards the exit of the fair. The fair was not that far from his shop, and he did not have a car. He thought it would be an effective way to get to know this pretty girl. “You are coming?” He said as he looked back at her.
On the walk, Moses was surprisingly quiet. He usually is smooth and charming, but this was new... He was being shy. “So uh, you from around here. I do not think I have seen you around before.” small talk annoyed him. “I would of remember someone who looked like you” There he goes that the Moses he knew. They approached the coffee shop, and he opened the door “The best coffee awaits” he says posturing for her to walk in.

“This girl....wow”

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A prickly prick who will bury us all


Graham wasn’t heartless - and maybe that was the important part of everything: if he were, he would have had Idris show up and immediately fall into his bed. And then Idris would either stay and cuddle in silence or he’d get the fuck out before anything got mushy and feelings oriented.

But imagine how selfish that would sound?

No, Graham wasn’t heartless so instead of snuggling in which might scare off his latest fling, he let Idris come to him - dictate the terms.

I’ve driven on worse than a few glasses of bourbon.

“Now that’s just irresponsible” Graham said with a light tsk noise on his tongue. Only sounding like he was saying something half a joke, half somewhat worried about that.

He was told to rehydrate. How nice of him to worry about his general wellbeing. Graham obediently took a little sip of water.

You don’t deserve it. The niceness.

Which was just ridiculous because it was only a glass of water. It was only a glass of water.

The first thing to make Graham feel slightly sheepish: someone handing him a glass of water for his own wellbeing. But he watched as Idris explained… what… he was…

Sorry, what?

“You thought I was being suggestive.” Graham was clearly biting back a smile. And a laugh. “With the most basic dish anyone could ever make.”

A pause. More biting of his lip.

“How’d you like my noodle.”

And so it began.

“Did you like my noodle entering your hole.”

This was going to continue for a while.

“Did you like my balls in your mouth.”

Idris made a fatal error here: allowing Graham to start making dirty jokes.

“Did you like the taste of my sauce”

now playing...

Let's Fall in Love


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the day of the fair...

Nollie knew that her way of coping with the loss of her mother (and, to a lesser extent, her father), was somewhat unusual. But she had cried so many tears after losing her. She had been through this already, so why be sad about it? As much as she hated to admit it, her mother was never coming back. It was just the harsh reality she was living in. But Carter was going to go visit with Nollie on the anniversary of her passing. "Thank you." she murmured, a small smile resting on her lips. It meant the world to her that he'd be there by her side. Of course, she could have called up one of her other friends, but she didn't want to burden any of them with the unbearable grief she was dealing with. Carter, on the other hand, wasn't going to take no for an answer - even though Nollie wasn't going to tell him no in the first place. He had seen her on some of her worst days. If he wanted to go to the cemetery with her, then she wasn't stopping him. It was more of a relief to her that he had offered. She wouldn't dare ask him to - she could have gone alone, but he was such a good guy, someone who truly cared about her feelings...gosh, she was so totally in love with him. Was that bad? She had known Carter for so long, and now that they had established their romantic feelings for each other, was it reasonable for her to be in love with him now? Was she falling too fast? This was her first relationship, and she didn't want to mess it up...she was overthinking things again. She really disliked when her brain did that to her.

Nollie didn't even have to open her mouth to order once they had stepped up to the window. Carter had read her mind when it came to her order - they just knew each other so well. There was nothing better than a salty and a sweet treat. And even though she kind of wanted to pay for her own portion, she knew that if she tried to argue with Carter on it, she'd be shut down. It wasn't a mean thing, of course...Carter was just doing this out of the goodness of his heart. It was him being the perfect gentleman, as he always had been and hopefully always would be. She followed Carter and Damon over to the picnic table that they had picked out for them to eat at, letting the boys take free rein. Carter's voice was low enough so that only she could hear it as he spoke. She would have to have a talk with Damon sooner or later. It wasn't that she was dreading it, by any means, but it was kind of nerve-wracking to her. Damon was a good kid, but what if he didn't want her to be his mom? What if he threw a temper tantrum, right here in the middle of the boardwalk? She'd be completely and totally mortified if that happened. But, she was going to do this. She had to - the sooner, the better. "Of course. You'll be there to back me up, I hope?" That was a pretty dumb question - Carter wouldn't just abandon her if this went in a completely different direction. But it was still nice to get confirmation.

Instead of sitting across from Damon, she decided to sit right next to him. She was going to try to be as gentle as possible with the words that would be spelled out with her fingers. She turned to him, a smile on her face. "Hey, buddy. There's something your dad and I have been wanting to talk to you about." Nollie glanced over at Carter, making sure that she was doing this right. The words would just have to come to her as she signed to him. "So, you know how I'll be picking you up and dropping you off at school, right? And you know that we're going to have that awesome sleepover, too? Well," Nollie's heart was pounding against her chest as she spoke/signed, "how would you feel if you got to call me Mom for all of that? I guess what I'm trying to say is...is it okay if I can be your mom?" Well, it was out in the open now. Nollie couldn't take any of this back now...not that she wanted to, of course. She just hoped that Damon would be okay with all of these changes about to come into his young life. She knew that it would be a lot on the child. Maybe they should have tried to ease him more into it before today. This was something that she was totally, without a doubt, worried about. Of course, she loved Damon like her own, but did he love her as if she was his biological mother? It felt as if the seconds were ticking by so slowly. Had she gone and messed this all up?


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everett astor.
"Took you long enough."
“Shut up.”

Ah, Monroe, as sweet and gentle as ever. With little regard to his being, Monroe brushed past Everett and into the house, leaving him nodding to himself in the doorway. He shouldn't have expected anything less, especially considering how he'd asked her over in the first place, but he still found himself scoffing at her audacity. Nonetheless, Everett found himself swinging the front door closed and following lazily after Monroe, stretching his arms with a few shakes of his hands.

Monroe was already in the kitchen, making herself feel perfectly at home as her slender fingers wrapped carefully around the stem of a wineglass, placing it gingerly down on the marble countertop. Everett crossed his arms across his bare chest, watching her from the doorway that he was leaned up against, his face steady and expressionless.

“Where’s that wine you got me?” Monroe asked in an almost demanding tone. Part of Everett wanted to deny her, see how far he could push her before she snapped and gave in, but a larger part of Everett with a taste for survival knew better.

"Hello to you too," Everett scoffed, making his way over to the wine cabinet.

Carefully unlatching the door, Everett reached inside and took the bottle of wine by the neck and freed it from its spot. After cautiously uncorking the bottle, he reached over the counter and poured Monroe a glass, filled nearly to the brim. To the untrained eye, it might seem like he was trying to get her drunk. Quite the contrary actually, he could tell that she was worked up over something, or someone, that wasn't him and she deserved to have a release in the form of expensive wine. Classy as ever, Everett lifted the bottle to his lips and took a long swig before placing it down on the counter for Monroe to help herself to.

"Long day or something?" Everett asked, returning back to the liquor cabinet to fetch a bottle of tequila. He began to pour himself a shot before grabbing another glass, filling it, and sliding it across the table to Monroe. "I'm surprised that you even showed up, honestly. How'd the little boy take the rejection?"
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    at the fair


    fuck I'm so gay

    Samantha Rose

    Sam was screwed. She was utterly screwed. There was no coming back from this. She doesn't know how she got into this situation. She was just talking to Calla and Summer. She could tell that Summer was feeling sick, and she knew that there was only a matter of time before her stomach started to fight her back on the food she shouldn't have ate. She was about to suggest they sit down, and wait for her stomach to recover from the mass amount of sugar she ingested. It was too late, Summer was whisked away from her by Daniel and then...the reason for her brain fog came up to her.

    Haiden Sutton

    "U-u-unicorn" Sam stuttered out as she handed the unicorn to Haiden. She couldn't think anymore, she couldn't breathe anymore. It was like she completely froze. She tried her best to nod along, not really listening until she felt Haiden's arm in hers and she shook herself out of it. Wait, what was there about a game? Was she suggesting that Sam try to win her these games? The games she had so many problems playing with Isaiah and Summer each year.

    This wasn't going to end up well. Should she come clean? Tell her the truth, about how Calla won the unicorn and not her. Sam looked up at the girl who was the cause of her heart going crazy and the blush on her face. She couldn't let her know the truth, what if she finds out how much Sam really sucks. Sam knew what was needed to be done, she needed to figure out a way to win at these games without actually winning at these games.

    Luckily her parents taught her one thing growing up. Everyone can be bought with money, and she had money. Sam was going to win her nieces all the stuffed animals she wanted, by buying them from the clerks and asking them to act as if she won them. She shook her head, "Yea, I'm a total beast at these games. I'm so fucking amazing, I will definitely get your niece all the stuffed animals. She is my favorite patient along with Damon Kingston." She told her as she prepares her plan.

    Luckily she did bring a lot of cash with her today.

    "Doesn't matter what's in my way, I'm on the way my darlin'."

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ryan murphy.
"I'm goddamn irresistible."
There was always a certain level of sadness that settled in Ryan's stomach whenever someone expressed envy towards a lifestyle with no ties, no anchors, nothing to stop him from just disappearing. Ryan supposed that in a world of so many expectations and demands that the idea of running away and hitting the open road seemed enticing enough. But for someone like him, someone who had only ever known turmoil and the sinking feeling that he needed to escape the idea that he belonged nowhere, there was nothing more tempting than the idea of home.

Home. What would that even look like? His parents wouldn't visit, nor would they want him to. All of his belongings fit in a thick duffel bag to be slung across the back of his motorcycle, not nearly enough to fill the space of an apartment. Besides, Ryan had no friends to host, no passions to display on the walls and in the cabinets, no history to settle into the bindings of a new story to be placed on the shelf. He had nothing.

Home wasn't real.

"Fuck." Eloise's voice pulled Ryan out of his thoughts, his hand reaching down to grab the cup of beer to lift to his lips as he asked if everything was okay. “You live with me, you’re gonna meet my mom as some point…“ A knot formed in Ryan's stomach. Yeah, he wasn't typically the type of guy that most parents wanted their perfect daughters to bring home. Hell, it would be akin to bringing home a flea coated puppy who chewed up furniture and peed in shoes. (Just to be VERY clear, Ryan didn't actually pee in shoes. He was classier than that. Pinkie promise). "God, we can cross that bridge when it gets there, but I think I can guarantee you won’t like her.”

"Listen, moms totally dig the Murph Man," Ryan teased as he hopped up after Eloise, shooting the cup into a nearby trashcan with true white boy accuracy, "I've just got so much radiant charm, I'm goddamn irresistible."

Ryan followed Eloise to the drink stand where he ordered another cup of crack beer and then to the line up for the Ferris wheel. Ryan did his best to quell the thoughts bouncing around in his overactive brain, the darkest parts of his mind focusing in on the idea that maybe he shouldn't be sticking around, the brighter parts hyperfixating on how fucking beautiful Eloise looked in the golden afternoon sunlight. For once in his life, Ryan was uncharacteristically quiet.

The pair boarded the Ferris wheel and the ride began, the cart raising slowly around the diametre until they were near the top. It was only then that Ryan began to laugh, his eyes tracing over all the tiny buildings and peoples in the near distance.

"Dude, this is awesome. I've never actually been on one of these before!" Ryan chirped, wrapping an arm around Eloise's shoulders, pulling her into his side. "This is okay, yeah?"


The ride stopped moving.

One minute passed.



"Attention!" A voice called out over the speaker on the ground. "There seems to be an issue with the Ferris wheel. Please stay calm and seated while we fix the problem and get you back to the ground."

Ryan blinked a few times, nodding to himself and giving Eloise's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

"You afraid of heights?" He managed to ask, though that was honestly the worst question he could've possibly asked. Slowly, Ryan stretched his legs out to dangle over the edge of the cart, his spine sighing in relief from the pressure of sitting perfectly upright. Damn, he needed to work on his posture. "Hey, I'm sure it'll be fine. Some kid probably just stuck one too many pieces of bubble gum to this thing."
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charlie howell.
"I'll go."
[itty bitty tw: charlie is sad and self-deprecating]

Symphonic, that's what it was, the way their bodies melted together as if they'd been crafted for one another. They were singing a silent song, lips dancing around each other as if it was a routine long practiced and perfected, each push and pull of their beings rhythmic and feeding off the other.

Within an instant, all Charlie could feel, all Charlie could think, was Rowan. For the first time in a very long time, her mind was quiet, anxious thoughts and imposing dread silenced by the feeling of her hands trailing his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, the smell of alcohol and aftershave flooding her senses. Despite the fact that this was perhaps the most confusing moment Charlie had ever had romantically, she had never felt more at peace. With Rowan connected to her like this, his arms holding her close, his warmth washing over her, Charlie felt safe.

She didn't want it to stop. She couldn't have stopped it if she wanted to anyways.

So Charlie fed into it, pulling him into her, her hands trailing down his sides to his hips as Rowan placed her down onto the couch, fingers hooking into belt loops to pull him closer. There was no point in fighting it, not after Charlie had already admitted that this was something she'd wanted for a long time, so instead she found herself falling prey to his touch, allowing her heart to race out of control and her body to react to his without thought.

Symphonic. A melody, expertly written by years of what-ifs and craving and silent observation, played by two people who wanted nothing more than each other. It was blissful, intoxicating, and Charlie couldn't get enough.

Rowan pulled away, immediately pushing himself off the couch and away from Charlie. Charlie scrambled to sit up, adjusting her shirt that had began trailing down her shoulders.

"Rowan, are you-"

“Charlie please,” her mouth began to dry, the dread soaked back into her bones, "Please leave.”

There it was, the mighty crescendo, a string snapping and throwing the whole orchestra out of harmony. As quickly as they had fallen, the walls were being built back up around her, blocking her from the world she had just seen behind a curtain that had never supposed to fall.

Charlie wasn't stupid, far from, she knew that what she had felt just moments earlier wasn't one sided childish pining. That — the passion, the need, the connection — was very real, a shared phenomenon between the two of them. That was precisely why her mind immediately began to reel, jumping through every hoop and scenario, wondering where she'd gone wrong. If Charlie could replay the day, pinpoint the exact moment that had gone wrong, she still wouldn't be able to fix it.

As she sat silently on the couch, lungs still heaving and heart still racing, Rowan showed no signs of changing his mind. The tie was severed, lines drawn in the sand, and Charlie was on the side that kept her away from him.

"Okay." Charlie managed weakly, eyes stinging but too tired to cry. "Okay," she repeated, "I'll go." Scooping her phone and car keys off the coffee table, Charlie couldn't bring herself to speak another word until she opened the front door to leave.

"Thank you, Rowan." Charlie spoke softly. "At least you let me know this time. I'll leave you alone. But for what it's worth," Her lips upturned softly, a melancholic grin made to reassure Rowan more than anything else, though it hardly lacked genuineness, "I hope you find it, whatever it is you're looking for. You deserve to be happy."

The door closed softly behind Charlie. She didn't look back as she made her way down the driveway, hopelessly wondering if Rowan would stop her from leaving. She knew better than to think that he would really do that, Rowan had clearly made his decision. Charlie wasn't for him, his life would be enriched by someone else. It made Charlie sick to think about.

There, at the end of the driveway, was the woman from before. There she sat in the afternoon sunlight, touching up soft pink lipstick in a rearview mirror adorned with beads. She was soft, feminine, perfect. Was that it? Was Charlie not enough? That was usually the excuse people gave her: too smart, too cocky, too stubborn, too Not-Good-Enough-For-Anything-Good. Yet there she was, remaining confidently at the end of his driveway, blond curls blowing in the breeze through her rolled down windows, awaiting Charlie's departure from the house so she could return to her escapades. What a life it would be to have the confidence to simply know you were enough for the person that captivated your whole body and soul.

Charlie leaned down through the open window.

"I wouldn't bank on him calling you back," Charlie said tiredly, "but if he does? Treat him well, okay?"

The woman stared back as Charlie offered her the same smile she'd offered Rowan moments earlier, patting the car door softly before walking away to her own van. She refused to look in the rearview mirror as she pulled away from the curb, her blue eyes fixed on the horizon until the neighbourhood disappeared entirely from view.

Charlie drove. She just drove, a task she knew all too well. Gas, brake, stop light, left turn, right turn, indicators. Check your mirrors to anticipate what was coming, blink away the tears so that you can still see the road. Driving was familiar, even with no destination in mind. So Charlie drove aimlessly, past the heart of Rosemary Beach, down familiar side streets, near the busy fair, in pure silence. It wasn't until she found a small overlook to the beach that she finally stopped and let a breath out in time with the tears down her cheeks.

She wasn't sure how long had passed before her phone buzzed. Cole.

r u mad at me

The guilt sank in from leaving him there, though safe in the hands of Aurelian. What a wonderful friend, skipping out when times got tough, abandoning him when he needed it most.

i pucb arilen

The world began to spiral once more.

Within a blink of an eye, Cole hated her. There were threats of violence, fighting amongst people that Charlie held so near and dear to her heart, fractures in the carefully designed structures that held them all together and Charlie, sat on the hood of her van, couldn't do a damn thing about it. She was worthless in the situation, a fuckup to her friends that she claimed to love so much. No wonder Rowan didn't want her around.

Yet there he was, a name on a phone's lock screen, asking her to talk. Rowan was drunk and his texts blurred together in a cocktail of Charlie's own rampaging emotions. A promise to start over, asking to see her tomorrow. Yet none of it felt real, none of it could break through the numbness that had wrapped itself around Charlie in an iron grip.

I’m here

That was all Charlie needed to hear to get back in her van and retrace her steps, near the busy fair, down familiar side streets, past the heart of Rosemary Beach, and right back to his doorstep. It always came back to him.

When Charlie reentered the house, she found Rowan on the couch. Her mouth couldn't form the words needed to express her gratitude, to apologize for her bullshit, to ask for forgiveness for the confusion that seemed to be reeling through his mind. No, there wasn't even a point in attempting to speak. Instead, Charlie walked wordlessly to the couch and sat down. Her legs curled up beneath her as her arms snaked around his torso, her head burying into his chest.


Charlie began to sob.
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Summer felt her heart flutter inside her chest as she watched Daniel try to win her the pink monkey. Her eyes widened slightly with each plush he traded in when finally, he got the pink monkey. Summer almost squealed when he wrapped the pink monkey’s long arms around her neck.

“I’m gonna name her Iris. Cuz, her eyes are shiny like rainbows and, uh, iris is a Greek goddess for rainbows.” She smiled brightly at Daniel.

“From the look on your face, rides are out of question, which is cool. I love waves but going round and round on a swing or zipper doesn't really agree with my vertigo." Summer smiled sheepishly at Daniel as he pulled her closer by slipping his arm around her shoulders. The smell of Shampoo and the salty sea filled her nose and she inhaled deeply.

“There's a band playing a little ways down the beach, we could kick off our shoes and take a walk down there if you want, or makeout on top of the ferris wheel, whatever you want to do is good with me.” Summer’s face hurt from blushing so much today. While the idea seemed, romantic, she opted for the music because she feared she wouldn’t be bold enough to kiss him like she did when she had a little bit too much to drink.

Daniel led them off the pier and kicked off his shoes, summer followed close behind bending down to slip off her sandals. Just off the beach there was a little stage with a small band playing soft music. He sat down on the soft sand and pulled Summer down so she was sitting in between his legs with her back to his chest. The warmth of his chest made her feel content as she relaxed against him.

“So, tell me about yourself. Besides the fact that you're friends with my sister and kissed me back on the beach." Summer felt her cheeks heat up at the memory. She didn’t usually kiss guys, spontaneously, like that but in the moment it felt right.

“Well, I’m going to college,” she paused lifting her head towards the soft sea breeze, “ I wanna follow in my mothers foot steps as a teacher.” The small confession made summer’s heart beat a littler faster. It was so easy to talk to Daniel. He was just so care-free. That’s where he and Isaiah differed. Isaiah was much more reserved, Daniel was bold and summer liked that he wasn’t afraid to show he was attracted to her. But, there was just something about Isaiah that she couldn’t get out of her head.

Biting her lip she tried to stay present and in the moment, “I’ve always thought you were too cool to even notice me. What made you notice me the other night?”She turned her head towards the people on stage and swayed her head with the melody of the guitar.



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MOOD: Exhausted

OUTFIT: See bottom right image

LOCATION: Heather's condo > Hunter's van


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TL;DR Heather needs a way to relaxCOMMENT]

--------don't type anything after this comment--------

I wanna be adored, I'm the girl you'd die for

"Be careful with that! It's worth more than what you get paid in a year." Heather barked at the movers moving her expensive leather chaise. Moving back into Rosemary Beach was hard enough as it was, but the added stress of incompetent movers was giving her a migraine. If they had any idea who she was they'd be better at their jobs. Who was Heather Fallon Paige you may ask? Ms. Paige was the daughter of a high level lawyer in Rosemary Beach and a Model from France. She had grown up quite wealthy and she herself was a budding success story in the model world. Connections always helped.

A few years ago Heather's parents decided to somewhat split. They weren't divorced but they weren't really together either. Her mother lived in her home country of France and her father stayed in Rosemary Beach. When Heather was done with school she decided she wanted to become a model like her mother and moved with her to Paris where she's been living ever since. Now that she was building a successful career she wanted to challenge herself by continuing to build her career out from under the influence of her mother's connections. So she moved back with her father. Her father however no longer wished to financially support her, feeling somewhat betrayed by her original move away. So she was on her own living in a luxurious condo that she could only barely afford on her own. Her mother was still somewhat helping her but only enough so that she didn't have to live 'amongst the riff raff'.

Once the moving was finished, Heather was exhausted and stressed and needed some kind of relief, so she took to twitter to see what the masses were up to. It wasn't long before she got some loser to offer her some weed. She smiled to herself, proud of the charm she still had over others to score some free drugs. Manipulating others was almost a pastime of Heather's, after all the model business was a cutthroat world and you had to do whatever it took to get and stay ahead. Even in her youth she used everything at her disposal to get ahead and stay in the good graces of the 'in crowd'. She owed a lot of that to her family's wealth, not that she'd ever recognize that fact. In the mind of the Paige heiress, she earned everything she had from her own merit and hard work. She never received any handouts nor believed anyone deserved handouts. She was absolutely the type to believe the 'why don't the poor just stop being poor' mentality.

With minimal instruction, another frustrating stressor to her day, Heather went about finding this dealer. She wasn't super fond of weed but she would partake every now and then. Outside of watchful eyes anyway; she had an image to maintain after all. All she had to go on was 'a van in an empty parking lot near where the festival was'. The good news was that that turned out to be relatively easy to find. There was only one empty parking lot near the end of summer fair this stupid town held every year, all of the other ones near it were full or at least mostly full. Heather was glad she skipped out on the fair, to many nauseating scents there and too many stupid people. It was all too much for this princess to deal with.

It was still early enough in the day that people weren't quite leaving the fair yet so Heather had no worry about being seen. Still she was uncertain about this whole exchange. A creepy van in the middle of an empty parking lot was how a lot of kidnapping and murder stories started. Someone as pretty as herself was likely a prime target for something like that. Plus she was wealthy, someone could likely get a good ransom for her. Tentatively, she knocked on the side door of the van. "Hello?" she called out. "It's Heather from online. You said you would be willing to share with me?"
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Haiden Sutton
Haiden smiled brightly at Sam’s stutters. They had a few of the same friends, so every time they interacted it went something like this. Haiden, with her confidence would make Sam nervous. And Haiden kind of liked it? She dealt with guys who wanted nothing more to touch her so Sam’s nervousness was like a breath of fresh air. And the rambling about being great at the games? Adorable as hell.
“Well, you’re her favorite doctor.” Haiden teased, knowing full well that Sam probably didn’t actually win that unicorn with all the rambling. But, it was an excuse to talk to her. She saw how strong and confident Sam was online, maybe playing games, or a little bit of flirting would bring that side of her out around Haiden? She didn’t know but she was determined to coax it out of Sam. When they stopped at the ring toss game, Haiden smirked slightly. This was probably globally known as the most rigged game at every fair, so she bought a bucket of rings for her and Sam to go through. ”Here beautiful, between the two of us we should at least win something.” She said with a smile and started tossing the rings.
Of course she missed almost every single one. But, the few that she did get made her jump as the carnie handed her a tiny little stuffed fish, “I think I’m gonna name it Jimbo.” She said with a smile and showed Sam. Leaning against the booth, she waited as Sam threw the rest of the rings and was handed a small prize, “wanna trade it in or keep them separate so we have matching fish.” She said with a laugh and hooked her arm through Sam’s to head to the next game. One that was slightly easier.
Stopping in front of the baseball bucket one she put her hands on Sam’s shoulders, “okay, there’s a trick to this one.” Haiden said with a pause, to make sure the Carnie wasn’t listening in, “my grandpa taught me this, and it’s probably the only game I’m good at, but if you throw the ball to the lip of the bucket so that it rolls in and you’re not just tossing it in, the ball won’t bounce back out. Watch.” She said and handed the Carnie a fiver and he handed her three baseballs. One by one, she gave them a light toss into the buckets so that they would roll in instead of bounce back out. When he handed her yet another little prize she threw her hands up in victory, “easy done.” She said with a laugh and watched as Sam attempted to. After the first baseball bounced back out, Haiden went up behind the girl, lightly placing one hand on her hip and used her other hand to help Sam get the baseball in, ”just like that Darlin.” She said, her lips a little close to Sam’s ear. But, before she could do anything brave. “Where to, now that we’re the masters at mini prizes?”

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Eloise Evermore
Eloise cringed at the thought of her mother meeting Ryan. She hated men with everything in her, even though she was the one who decided to sleep with a married man then get addicted to pills when he turned her down. Sometimes she hated her mom, for her choices. Like who would willingly sleep with a man who had a wife and kids? Shaking her head she bit her lip, “like, she hates men, with everything in her. She dug herself into the whole she’s in, but refuses to change anything to get out. I don’t even know if I would’ve been accepted if I were born a boy she hates them that much.” She said, her tone a little sad as she walked with Ryan. She adored him, but her mom would never care. She would hate Ryan no matter how much convincing Eloise did.
But the Ferris wheel took her mind off of the anxiety that Ryan and her mother meeting brought onto her. As the Ferris wheel got higher and higher she felt giddy with how close her and Ryan sat. They’re legs touching, and his excitement brought a smile to her face, “yeah this is my favourite part of the fair.“ She told him as he wrapped an arm around her which only brought them closer. Her heart was practically jumping out of her throat. And it almost did when the wheel came to a stop. Looking around and over the edge the girl felt a small panic rise up.
The reassuring shoulder squeeze brought her attention back to Ryan but her heart was racing. She loved the ferris wheel, but being stuck on one wasn’t her cup of tea, “if I throw up don’t hate me.” Was all she could respond to his question about heights. “This thing is almost as old as the town. What if it like, falls apart?” She asked, her hands now slightly shaking so she grabbed the bar to hide it. She didn’t want to freak out in front of the boy she was trying to impress, so she did her best to swallow her fear and did her best to just not look down.
But as the time passed, Eloise couldn’t stop tapping her foot on the edge of the cart, “oh my god, we’re gonna be stuck up here forever.” Eloise said, panic now more evident in her tone. With her nerves already wound up from the date in general, Eloise was sure she would just faint at some point soon. “I’m feeling a little dizzy…” She finally admitted to Ryan and looked at him with a frown. She couldn’t hide her panic now. God why did she have to be such a fucking loser.

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Excitement filled the air, replacing the once tense atmosphere with a an electric buzz as Paris agreed to get all dressed up. Dressing up had to be one of Carmen’s favorite things ever. She could be a different person with just the change of her outfit and that’s what she loved about it. She pretend to be some else, anyone else other than herself.

Carmen slid into the passenger seat of Pari’s car once she unlocked it. She slumped down in the seat while Paris typed on her phone. Once she set her phone down they were off to Paris’s. It didn’t take long for them to arrive. When they were both comfortably inside, carmen sank down into Paris’s soft bed. Exhaustion began to settle into her bones as she relaxed. She burrowed her face into the plush comforter and sighed. Paris immediately started rooting through her closet, pulling out a particularly cute little gold number. Carmen’s lifted her head and began to pull herself from the bed. Her eyes lit up at the luxurious fabric. It was perfect for the vibes of tonight. She handed Carmen the dress and pair of heels to match. Then paris slid over to her large wall of wigs. She contemplated them all, finally landing on a dark green one.

“Dress up, be whoever you want tonight. We're going to the city where no one will know us. Grab a hotel room." This is exactly what Carmen needed, no Skylar and no stress just fun. Paris began piling Carmen’s blonde hair on the top of her head.

"I wanna get fucked up with no regrets." Carmen nodded eagerly, grabbing a lose bobby pin from Paris’s vanity and pinned her blonde hair to her head. Then she slipped on the wig, messing with it until it looked natural. After that, Carmen began undressing, throwing her top on the bed. The air in her bedroom buzzed with excitement, Carmen couldn’t help but feel a little bit giddy, It had been a long time since her and Paris hung out, just the two of them.

Paris ran around the room, throwing things into bags for them. It only made Carmen even more excited, tonight was their night. They could do anything they wanted, no consequences.

“Hey, can you help me with this? Paris asked, Carmen looked over at her. She was pulling at the zipper on her dress. She slid off the bed and stepped over to her. Then, delicately pulled the zipper up, until it got caught. Carmen pulled on the zipper a little harder to pull it free but to no vail. A small curse left her lips as she pulled the fabric way from Paris’s body, her fingers brushing against the small of her back. Finally she un-snagged the caught fabric and was able to pull the zipper all the way up.

“There you go. The purple wig would go perfect with the silver.” She gave Paris’s shoulders a slight squeeze and then finished taking off the rest of her clothes. The gold dressed shimmered perfectly against her pale skin, bringing a small smile to her lips. After she was dressed, she sat down at Paris’s vanity and began playing with her makeup, she went for a green smokey eye with gold shimmer. Once satisfied with her look, she sat back in the chair, turning towards Paris.

“How so I look?” She posed dramatically for her, “I say we use fake names tonight.” She thought for a moment before finally landing on, “Celeste! What about Poppy for you?” she pushed the long green strands of the wig off of her shoulder, gathering it all to one side and stood up from the chair. She sat down on the bed to strap up the high heels. When the look was all completed, she posed for her again.

“What makeup for you? Definitely something silver.” She sat Paris down in the chair at the vanity and started doing her makeup. When she was finished she grabbed her just shoulders and turned her towards the mirror.

“How’s that for your makeup?” she placed a brush back down on the counter, “If you don’t like anything feel free to add more glitter or something,” she laughed and shrugged her shoulders, stepping back to sit on the bed again. Now that they were dressed, all dolled up and packed she was so ready to get fucked up. She pulled her phone out, pulling up a hotel.

“I just reserved us The Fauna, tonight is gonna be good.”

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