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Caffeine Addict

Hey there ladies and gents. I'm looking for someone to start up a Red Dead Redemption roleplay.
Would prefer something set more around the second game and the characters involved in that. I have a few ideas in mind for them. It ranges from playing canon characters to OC's to a mix of the both. I would love to have a partner, or two to help me get some cravings out and going.

Please PM me if you are interested in starting something up. Its my preferred way of plotting and figuring out if we would be good partners or not.

Lets cover a few things I'm looking for in a partner before I get to ideas and other things.

    • Now, I am looking to get into some darker themes and not shy away from the feeling of the wild west. Violence and foul language, the use of 'medicines' that were nothing more than what we count as illegal drugs now. Other sorts, I would prefer to RP with people over the age of eighteen.
    • Its a 50/50 work between both of us to make a good story. I might have some story ideas, but please bring your own to the table so we can work together and make things we both want to see in the roleplay.
    • More than happy to double, triple, or whatever.
    • I am willing to play AU and any form of pairing time, so long as if its canon x OC that you return the favor for me.
      • canon x canon
      • canon x oc
      • oc x oc
    • I am a friendly person, I like to chat in OOC.
      • happy to chat on discord
    • I do have a life, I am just starting to transition out of a 7 month long medical leave. My weekends can busy and I might just be to exhausted from going back to work to reply, but I can still be active in chat.

Again if you are interested in starting something up. Shoot me a PM.
I am super happy to work with you, super chill on how often to post, can use Discord, love to chat, and just want to have some roleplays to keep my brain in a healthy spot.
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History Nerd at your service//I Miss Hugs
I know the main focus here is Red Dead, but how down for a Castlevania rp are you? Or The Witcher, preferably the Netflix adaptation as I am way behind on the games and have never read the books, sadly.


Caffeine Addict
adding two three ideas to a new plot section.
Also added links to my two OCs along with small blurbs about them.
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