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Okay, so this is a pretty strange idea, so if you’re not into unconventional r
roleplay methods, this probably isn’t gonna be the rp you want to join.

So, I was looking at some writing prompts, and I though “man, if only there were a way to apply that to roleplaying”. And then I had a weird idea. What if we did something where a small (or large-ish maybe, I’m not sure yet) group made a set of OCs (or just used old ones, either way), and the OCs went through whatever prompts/suggestions people submitted?

Again, this is a weird idea, and possibly stupid, but it might work?

Anyway, that was the basics of my rp style idea. Diving deeper, I’m going to put a very shaky plot skeleton that might be subject to change at any moment.

So all the characters become roommates, and they’re all moving in, when they find a weird book. They open said book and get sucked into whatever is going on in said book. Guess what’s happening in said book? A prompt!

Once again, this is a weird idea. I honestly don’t expect many people to like it, but if you do, leave a post here please. Even if you don’t like it, I am always open to constructive criticism!
Holy guacamole, I didn’t expect this much enthusiasm for this. I mean, yay, and thank you, but wow. I’ll start setting it up as soon as possible (also thank you so much for the positivity, it honestly warms my heart).
“This is a strange idea.”

A bunch of roommates get sucked out into a book and have to play out what goes on in the book?

Oh, I am definitely going to submit a “trapped in a YA novel” prompt.
As of now, yes. I’m planning on only having five roommates, but perhaps adding a second apartment (space for more roommates) at some point? It depends on how the rp goes.

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