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Fantasy Roommates Group RP

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LGTBQ, Platonic, Realistic, Romance


Nya~ I'm a kitty!
Hello! I have been doing more modern fantasy roleplays with a roommates plot, and then I started wondering, how would it be with a whole group?

The plot is a classic roommates plot with a slight change. It's a whole bunch of people instead of two or three. And with the fantasy element, it'll be different. So far, I have not done this type of roleplay yet.

Example of a character sheet:
Name: Oakleaf
Species: Neko
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'8"
Age: 19
Oakleaf is a neko that has a secret. Her ears and tail are brown, and so is her hair, which falls to her shoulders. Her eyes are light blue. She's very shy and introverted, but she’s friendly once you get to know her. She doesn't want others to know the truth about her, so she hides her ears and tail using magic.

If you would consider joining this roleplay, that would be amazing! I would personally like to wait until we have at least 5 people. But if not that many people want to join, then I guess it'll be whoever we can get.

Look forward to roleplaying with you all,


Nya~ I'm a kitty!
I never specify these things... It's in a small house. Like splitting the rent for an apartment sort of deal.


Nya~ I'm a kitty!
I believe so, and one of our members quit, so if you would like, I could send you an invite to join.

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