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Realistic or Modern Romance RPs(ignore post count)

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The Charming Llama
Hey there all my name is Dapper Charmer and i'm back with another idea for some romance rps.


1. Please try and post at least once a day, but I get life gets hectic so don't sweat it too much.

2. Please be as literate as possible. i understand that mistakes happen so this is also kinda flexible just as long as its not too frequent.

3. i don't mind how much you post just as long as you give me something to respond to. I usually like to write about a short paragraph for my replies.

4. Please be open to sharing you're ideas. if you want the rp to go in a different direction or have ideas please let me know. like wise if you want to stop please tell me as well

5. Please be 18+


Dude Looks Like a Lady:

Muse A is a closet gay and has a rather feminine body for a guy. Recently he's started dressing as a girl to flirt with guys at bars. One night he flirts with Muse B and they really hit it of. Muse A and Muse B cant stop thinking about each other. But what happens when the next day it turns out that Muse B is Muse A's new roommate.

Wild Romance (dumb title I know):

The idea is this is a world where there are humans and anthros (anthropomorphic animals). Years ago anthros were slaves to humans, now they are free but are still feared/hated by most humans.

Muse A and Muse B have been talking on an online chatroom and grown to be close friends. They soon decide to meet up IRL, but when they do it is discovered that Muse A is human and Muse B is an anthropomorphic


Muse A has lived in an Amish community their whole life and has always been a good and faithful servant of the Lord. But when Muse B's car breaks down and he's stuck in the Amish community for the next week Muse A suddenly starts feeling emotions they've never felt before. How will Muse A react when face with such a temptation as love?

A.I. Love:

Muse A is a computer whiz and inventor and has created a computer program that should help scientists compile days of research into hours. But what happens when the program grows sentience? Can Muse A help Muse B learn to be human? Or will Muse A accidently teach Muse B to love?


Muse A was as happy as they could be, they had finally found someone that they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. The were in honest to goodness love. So when they came to the amusement park with their partner they never would have guessed that they were going to have their heart broken.

Muse A had just been dumped, apparently because their expartner was in love with someone else. Muse A had nothing left to live for. So when they got on the ferris wheel and it reached its height they prepared to jump.

But then a stranger, Muse B, who Muse A could swear wasn't there before spoke up. "Please don't jump."

Ouran HighSchool Host Club Idea:

A male student is dared by his friends to dress as a girl and visit the Host Club. He doesn't think much of it; eat some cake and chat with some guys then he'll be done. But after a chat with a certain Host, this male decides....maybe he'll come back tomorrow.

-Vampire x Werewolf
-Vampire x Human
-Demon x Human
-Demon x Angel
-Student x Teacher
-Serial Killer x Victim
-Hero x Villain
-Open gay x Closeted gay
-Junkrat x Mei (from Overwatch)
-Adventurer x Giantess
-Sans x Toriel (Undertale)
-Papyrus x Mettaton (Undertale)

I am also extremely open to any plots you might have. So if you have a crazy plot that you've been dying to try don't be afraid to let me know. Likewise if you have any ideas on how to change the plots I have that's also great.

I mostly play male characters so I would want these rps to be mxf or mxm. I also write between 1-2 paragraphs.

Please pm me or post down below if you are interested. XD
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Scooby Demon
Hey! So I’m really interested in The Favor.. it looks really fun to do. I was wondering to hopefully be playing Muse B as I play females...


The Charming Llama
Hey! So I’m really interested in The Favor.. it looks really fun to do. I was wondering to hopefully be playing Muse B as I play females...

That's no problem I usually play males anyway XD. PM me

I'd love to do dude looks like a lady

Great, pm me and we can get started

I could go for dude looks like a lady or wild romance.

Either is fine with me. Send me a pm

I'm up for doing Love can be Murder if you're still looking

I am still looking, pm me please XD


New Member
It seems that there have already been a couple people before me, but I'd be really interested in the Dude Looks Like a Lady one. Of course I understand if you don't want to use the same plot with too many people... but if you're interested just PM me :)


𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘶𝘥 ☁ 𝘨𝘢𝘻𝘦𝘳
I would be interested in possibly doing the guy that looks like the lady 0:


Probably Gone
I am still looking but I'm no longer doing the Favor. It just doesn't have to strong of a long term plot in my eyes. But I can do another plot if you want.
Hm, well Wild Romance sounds alright too.

Or we could do one of the pairings, Vampire x Human - Demon x Human - Student x Teacher, I could do any of those

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