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Fandom Roleplay with the Vampire [ Louis x ? ]

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Hello, hello, hello! So, in case it isn’t obvious, I’m looking to play as Louis de Pointe du Lac against some other Vampire Chronicles canon character. I would prefer someone who has at least read the first three books of the vampire series, but if all you know about the series is from the movie Interview with the Vampire, we can work with that! I myself have read up to Armand’s book, so I believe I know enough to know how to (hopefully) portray Louis by now!

Now, as for who I would like to write against, I would love to find a partner willing to write as Lestat or Armand, as those two simply make most sense to me. But, I’m certainly open to other relationships as well! Some may take a little more convincing than others, but I’m all ears, as I just really want to try my hand at writing as precious little crybaby Louis!​
Now, obviously, the plot will vary depending on who you choose to play as. However, I would like whatever we do to be some sort of modern ‘AU’ of sorts, so we have liberty over what happens.​
Also worth noting that I will not be going off of Brad Pitt as Louis’ face claim, but instead will be using a man named Miles McMillan for Louis’ appearance. Feel free to choose a face claim for your own character of choice, just make sure it makes sense! Lestat wasn’t a 5’5” tall redhead with an eyepatch or any such nonsense, so all I ask is that whoever you choose matches up with the character!​
We can plot over PM or Discord, but I would really love if we could write the story out in a thread so we can make nice-looking posts and keep track of everything easier. This is negotiable, though.​

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