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Hello! I have a few different ideas for rp’s whether it be from a certain fandom or something realistic! I have no real preference for length or replies I would just like them not to be one word answers. A few sentences minimum is perfect with me!!

Now for some of the things I’m into! (Bolded is what I would prefer to play as)


Harry Potter:

  • OC x OC (Really Craving the Hufflepuff and Slytherin pairing but it isn’t necessary. How ever I would Prefer your character to be male for this. My character is a Hufflepuff and is Female)
  • OC x Draco Malfoy (Same thing with that silly Hufflepuff x SLytherin pairing LOL)
  • Lily x James
The Legend Of Zelda:

  • Princess Zelda x Link
Most of my Characters are Male and Gay so if you’re looking for a MxM pairing, this is the section for you! I do have a few different characters and different ideas for prompts. I wont give all the ideas here mainly because I don’t want to fill this whole thing with nonesence. But If you are interested in hearing some of my LGBTQ friendly prompts or some of my characters, Send me a PM and we can figure something out!

Superhero AU:
This one would be in more of a High School setting, I have a teenage hero Who's father is a well known Hero and his mother is a Villain. I do have more to go along with his backstory and more characters for this AU so send my a PM if youre interested!!

Thanks for taking the time to read. Im sorry if some of this is vague. I want to be able to work with potential partners about some plots without it all just being revolved around me. I gave the ideas, now we work together to build the story! I'm also sorry if this is just a bunch of word vomit, Im not used to writing for multiple things at once, but I'm trying LOL. Anyways! If youre interested in any of these ideas or even have your own you would like to throw at me, Just shoot me a message and we can work it out! Thanks again <3
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