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Multiple Settings Roleplay search made by a dumbass(limited fandoms atm)

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Your GaY sibling

2D men hit different
Hello, I'm riley, here are a few things about me before we start. I'm in high school and a minor. I have triggers: Self harm and eating disorders, talk of things like supernatural being real triggers my anxiety so please be careful about that! I can write 1-5 paragraphs. I have trouble understanding some social cues so please be aware of that

Some things about you. Please be younger then 20, match my length, put effort into the plot and dont ghost me tell me if I did something wrong, be respectful of my triggers, tell me your triggers

Fandoms (i mostly do ocxcannon or ocxoc)( . A star means I have a plot. Only craving fandoms with a heart atm)


Ouran High Host club
Assassination Classrom

Maze runner
Avatar ❤✨
Percy Jackson ❤⭐
Harry Potter
Hunger games
Umbrella Academy
Shadow Hunters❤

Non~Fandom Pairings/Ideas
Best friends to lovers❤
Enemies to Lovers❤
Soulmate Aus❤

Prince/princess x lower class

Pm if interested
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