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Multiple Settings Roleplay Partner Search (First search hhhhnnggg!!!!)

H3770 7here, 3ar7h1ings! Alright, I'll drop that weird typing thing. So, I'm new to this website, but I'm very familiar with other roleplaying sites so I think I'm ready to jump right in, but let me know if there are any improvements I can make ^^ I am looking for literate writers who can do 1+ paragraphs only, and no one liners unless otherwise specified. Please, please, please have proper punctuation. I do not care which gender I play, and I'm okay with all gender pairings, but you must let me know what you want.

Here are some pairings I have, some of them have some prompts, but others do not.

Realistic/Modern Day--

Famous person X Bodyguard
Famous person X Interviewer
Roommate X Roommate
Lawyer X Defendant (On same side or other side)

Modern Fantasy--

Mythical creature X Hunter
Mythical creature X Scientist
Vampire X New person in town

Medieval Fantasy--

Mythical creature X Ruler
Mythical creature X Ruler's child
Mythical creature X Ruler's child (On a quest!)

Post-Modern Day--

Survivor X Survivor
Survivor X Survivor (Zombie apocalypse only)
Space Cadet X Alien
Space Cadet X Space Cadet (Left behind on a planet to die, maybe?)

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you and I look forward to good roleplays!

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