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Other Roleplay or writing?


sewer rat
Been leaning towards just writing for myself lately, though RP'ing is a very unique experience and creating a story with another person is a lot of fun!
Why not both?

That Mystic Writer

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It really depends on what kind of story I am doing. If the story has a lot of characters in it and a loose plot line, I usually like to make it a roleplay. If the story is more specific with a detailed plot line with few characters, than I prefer to just write it on my own. But I think both ways are a good way to express your creative thoughts.


I do both.

I like to role-play because it’s interactive and it introduces me to new ideas and new people. It’s a very social form of writing. Very refreshing.

I write alone when I have thoughts that need expelling. It doesn’t necessarily have to be under anything specific. It can be inklings of a plot or a character, poems or journalling, or just streams of consciousness. This tends to be more self-indulgent and something I’d like to explore on my own.

I think writing with another person is great when you want to bounce ideas off each other and have a sounding board. It also adds a sense of urgency since you’re writing with a partner. While writing by yourself, on the other hand, requires a little more focus, but at least you move leisurely at your own pace. Both has its pros, cons, and times of utility.

Shai Hulud

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Most of my ideas start out as role playing ideas, but when it takes too long to find a suitable partner sometimes the story starts to take on more shape, and I end up feeling it's better to work on it on my own.


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I can relate. I began my current work in progress fantasy novel because I just couldn’t stand the wait for the next player to post in the RP. So, I scratched the creative itch by writing a short backstory for the character I was RPing, and that took on a life of its own and became a whole novel all of its own. These days, I find I crave RPing as a sort of muse to get the creativity flowing so I can work on my novel.


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I enjoy the collaboration roleplay has to offer with the right people. I also do like writing on my own. Both have their advantages. I think at some point I have felt how you felt.

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