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Realistic or Modern Roleplay 1x1 (A lot of Storylines Inside)


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Credit goes to rightful owners. I either play female or I will double up.

♚Best friend x best friends

♚God x Goddess♔

♚Bad boy x good girl♔

♚Bad boy x bad girl♔

♚God x Human♔

♚Wolf x Human ♔

♚Vampire x Human♔

♚Stuck in an elevator together♔

♚Hand Cuffed Together♔

♚Opposites Attract♔

♚Secret Admirer x Admiree♔

♚Band Mate x Band Mate♔

♚Band Leader x Rival Band Leader♔

♚Masquerade/Costume Party♔

♚Shakespearean Play♔

♚Paranormal Activity happening to Couple and Ghost Haunting the Couple Falls In Love With Girl♔

♚Boyfriend Possessed by Spirit in Love With His Girlfriend♔

♚Seven Sins All Love The Same Girl♔


☾Plots That Are Detailed☼

♚Plot One♔
A married couple lives the perfect life with a nice house, couple of kids, and the dream jobs. When Muse A meets a handsome/beautiful new worker at work, they slowly begin an affair. Muse B would clueless to this all, having an affair with the man/woman Muse A is cheating with's brother/sister. When the two siblings invite their new lovers to a family dinner, the couples realize the horrible truth and have to choose between their new love, or their marriage.

♚Plot Two♔

After being in a terrible accident, muse A’s apartment is put up for rent (belongings and all) and muse B takes the place. but it’s all too good to be true, because muse A is a ghost who doesn’t remember what happened to them, doesn’t realize they’re a ghost, and does not appreciate a stranger living in their apartment. muse B tries everything (exorcism, cleansing, rituals) to get rid of the stubborn ghost, but muse A doesn’t budge. - romance starts to blossom blah blah blah. luckily (or unluckily) for them, they’re not really dead, but they’re in a coma in the hospital on the other side of town.

♚Plot Three♔

Muse A encounters Muse B one afternoon as they're making their way to the bus, Muse A cant help but stare with envy watching Muse B mount their motorcycle- able to ride off whenever and wherever they please. Muse B catches Muse A staring and offers them a ride, Muse A accepts happily accepting their first taste of freedom. Muse B decides that they quite like Muse A and takes them to one of their favourite places, a place that most people don't know of (a secluded waterfall and waters) As Muse B and Muse A get to know each other and hangout Muse B being a rather outgoing confident person goes in to make a move on Muse B, what happens next?

♚Plot Four♔

You go to a normal human high school didn't really care for anything just went through the same old routine of watching the human race fail, then a human girl switched into the school she was different then other humans, she actually has a heart it seems, over time you fall for her. Does she feel the same? Will she find out? And if she does, how will she react?


This new girl the scent of her blood has been driving you insane you don't know what it is, you try to refrain but the scent gets stronger, what can you do?

♚Plot Five♔

She was anyways a troublesome princess she rejects her destiny, she wants to be free to live life in her own way on her own terms, you the prince of the neighboring kingdom need to find a way to win her over to unite the kingdoms, but she's just so unpredictable, you have to find a way to get her but how? Also you are only marrying her for advantage but what is you avtually start to love her?

♚Plot Six♔

Just out on a midnight stroll turns into a battle with a vampire hunter she is well known one of the best, but you get the upper hand on her what now? Turn her or kidnap her, but over time you both fall for one another.
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Pretty much up for anything if ya wanna give me an rp XD especially any pregnancy related plots

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