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Master Of Time
Hey everyone Jayden here. I don’t know why but I’m still bored out here so I, hoping someone can RP with me

About me:
So. Some information/rules about me. I am Male. I just want to get that info out there. I don't take the whole thing super seriously, but if you manage to catch my attention, you're definitely going to keep it for at least a while. As for romantic pairings, I do M×F and MxM. I like to be friends with my partner. Now, for some pairings.

⭐⭐Spiderman into the spider-verse⭐⭐
Soul Eater
⭐Camp Halfblood⭐

Non-Fandom Pairings:
Bartender x Customer
Best Friend x Best friend
⭐Maid/Servant × Master⭐
⭐Warrior× Warrior⭐
⭐Apocalypse Survivors⭐
⭐God × Mortal⭐
Fantasy Adventurers
Angel × Demon

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