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𝒎𝒚 𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝒑𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆
he / him. twenty-three. 6'2. aquarius. main character.
there's a starman waiting in the sky ...

Those who know Anderson - or Andy, as he prefers - would consider him to be a lovable person who is easy to get along with. He's humble and down to earth, as well as easy-going. Nobody dislikes him as he's not really the type to put up a fight, and doesn't always stick up for himself, but he's still very stubborn in certain situations. Andy goes with the flow for the most part and sometimes does things impulsively without thinking. He's not the type to have a whole plan like some people, he'd rather just go - no matter the consequences. Which isn't always a good thing. Other than that, friends would consider him free-spirited, a deep thinker, trustworthy, creative, and insightful. On the other hand, he can also be overly sensitive at times, too reserved, appears aloof (don't worry - he's not!), and sometimes even competitive.

As for interests and hobbies, Andy likes many things and has dabbled into a lot of different hobbies, such as painting and soccer, though he isn't great at either. One thing he most definitely is great at, though, is music. He not only knows how to play many instruments (some better than others), but also is a decent singer. Overall, he really just loves music, whether it be playing it or listening to it!

Appearance wise, Andy is good-looking. Standing at a tall 6'2, he appears on the more lanky side and is quite thin but not so much so that he looks unhealthy. His eyes are a greenish-blue color, though they are more green than blue. His hair is almost always quite messy and he doesn't really do anything special with it. It's a dark brown color and goes to his mid-neck. Some might consider it wavy, but in reality, it's quite straight, it just appears that way because he doesn't often brush it. For some reason, he likes the "messy" look. As for style, Andy is quite fashionable and always likes to see what his favorite rockstars are wearing so he can try and copy it. More often than not he dresses somewhat fancily, often wearing bell-bottoms, a matching blazer, and a turtleneck. Other times he goes for a more casual look, like a tie-dye shirt and jean shorts. Andy also sometimes puts on a bit of makeup, like eyeliner or a little bit of glitter, nothing too noticeable. He learned from the best: Bowie.
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he / him. twenty-two. 6'0. gemini. side character.
sun is shinin' in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight ...

James - or Jimmy, as he definitely prefers - is the type of guy you won't ever forget. He's incredibly talkative and chatty; you can decide whether that's a bad thing or not. He always is chattering about something rather, but whatever he's talking about is always intriguing, something you'd want to listen to and won't get annoyed by. Since he's an outgoing person, it's hard to tell whether or not he considers you a friend or not, because he's... friendly with everyone. Jimmy is also very energetic and enthusiastic, understanding, affectionate, and charming. As for negative traits, though, he can be inconsistent, unreliable, obnoxious at times, and sometimes even vain. It's easy to overlook these traits though because his positive traits overpower them.

Jimmy likes many things and has a bunch of different hobbies and interests but gives up quite easily. Some of these interests include swimming, tarot card reading, and jewelry making. One thing he is great at though, like Andy, is music. He not only loves it but is also quite good at playing instruments, the main one being drums. Jimmy's been playing and practicing the drums since he was young and has never gotten sick of it.

Appearance wise, Jimmy is quite attractive. He stands at exactly 6 feet and has an average figure. He could be considered lanky but is more buff than skinny. Jimmy has blonde hair that's somewhat wavy, but is overall quite straight, and has a bit of a mullet. His eyes are hazel but look more brown than green. As for style, Jimmy is quite fashionable, the same as Andy, though he likes to bling it up a little bit by wearing rings and such. Earrings sometimes, too. Opposite of Andy, he has a more "edgy" looking style, wearing leather jackets and anything denim. Jimmy also has a few tattoos here and there - done by himself. They're basic and nothing special, but he still likes them and prides himself on doing them himself.
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s e v e n

RPN's goth resident - art: peritwinkle
he/him, twenty-five, 5'9 , virgo , main character
when you wished on the wrong star

...is of course not his real name. A mysterious man with backgrounds unknown, rumor has it that Kane had not always been so, well, "Kane-y". There was a time he had a family, or a place to call home. A shelter from the rain and a dollar to his name. There was no exact moment when "Kane" was born, nor an exact reason. Perhaps life was simply too short, perhaps there was simply a flickering flame deep within him that he could not vanquish, but one day a new name had simply entered the streets.

A lover of penchant and dramatics, seemingly high 24/7, there is very little chance that an event would go so smoothly when Kane is around. Whether a dumpster set "accidentally" on fire, or the whole zoo breaking lose (don't even ask), whenever Kane goes, trouble follows. Some may call him mad- he prefers the term visionary. Progressive. Unpredictable. The spark that the world so dastardly needs, a red ink over black and white.

For this, there is no telling nor a box that could ever contain Kane's true fashion sense. Anything and everything, he might say, though perhaps in the eyes of norm, "anything that gets one kicked directly out of any chapel". Whether a stark pink fur coat, seven-inches high heeled platforms, or peacock for a tail- Kane got it all.
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he/him, twenty-one, 5'10 , cancer , side character
melodious, harmonious, a symphony of the lost

Not your typical good boy gone bad story, neither is he your generic bad boy. In-fact, it is much more so the opposite. Despite stage appearances, Mika is soft-spoken, polite if not a little shy on encounter. It is evident that he was not much used to this part of the world, and one would question his presence in its first place.

There is no other reason to this other than music being his passion. It calls him, and he could not resist. Growing up in a large, yet close, family, they were quick to shoot down his ideas. There was no telling how many nights he had spent sneaking out, shoving his guitar in places tucked away from prying eyes. But the voice inside sings a different song, and the chains that bound him only grew firmer by day, and there was nothing that could stop it.

When the opportunity calls, he took it. Even if it means being in a place with three other men, none the same yet all intimidating. Wave father goodbye, kiss mother while she sleeps- there was no turning back.
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s e v e n

RPN's goth resident - art: peritwinkle


the fallen star - lead singer

“The usual, darling. Please.”

A mad scribble of the pen, followed by a much too aggressive click, a large huff of breath. The dark skinned woman shot her eyes back up somewhat menacingly, slipping the pad and pen down the front-pocket of her apron. Then, she slammed a piece of paper down the table. “You better not mess about this time if you know what’s good for you, boy.”

What followed this had only been laughter from the man, a dismissal waves of hand that only baited yet another glare from the older woman. A single roll of the eye, she left, muttering words under her breath. One hand sprawled against the back of the seat, the other fiddling down his pockets, he fished out a single silver lighter. Click, click- fwoosh!

Kane Starling tilted his head back as he allowed smoke to seep through his lips. White over pale red, swirling and twisting of invisible dancers indulged in blind ecstasy. For a while he had allowed his eyes to close, tasting the bitterness of burnt tobacco consuming his lungs. The diner had been vibrant that night, welcoming citizens of all backgrounds and status. The age of discrimination is at rise, though damn if it had not fallen a shameful defeat in the face of Dellah’s and their magical triple deck cheeseburger. A minute or so had perhaps passed, Kane tapped the end of his cigarette by the table’s edge. A pair of dark eyes stared back.

“So you’re paying, right?”

“That’s right, sir!”

Before him sat another man- or perhaps no more than a stuttering little boy. Curls of chocolate brown locks tied behind his head, not a single piercing nor body-art visible from hind sight. Fiddling his fingers, eyes that dart up and down from the floor. Kane watched him across the seat, and a brief malefic grin crept up his lips. A chuckle escaped his lips, he shook his head as he leaned over to press the cigarette butt by the ashtray. “Don’t call me sir. I’m sure I’m not much older than yourself.”

Dejectedly, the boy looked down and subtly nodded. The woman has once more returned, a large tray in hand that she simply threw upon the table. Enjoy, he had heard her murmur, and soon she was once again out of sight. Honey glazed sandwich, dripping bacon and half-done eggs shoved in the middle. Reaching for the ketchup, Kane smacked the end of the bottle, pouring out just a lot much ketchup than any sane man could ever eat in one sitting. And when he ate, it was as though he had not eaten a single bite for an entire week.

“Tell me,” Kane licked his upper moustache, then sucked on his sauce covered fingers. Perhaps it was not as noticeable before, yet when he spoke now, a foreign accent underlined his words. “What’s your name?”

“Michael,” the boy answered. “Michael Flynn.”

Bollocks.” Kane took yet another bite. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and finally he had turned his focus entirely to his partner for the first time that night. Waving his index finger, shortly trimmed black paint over his nails, he pointed at him. “Absolute bollocks that was. No one goes far with a name like ‘Michael’- who named you, a Christian devoted woman in her late forties?”

“Actually no, don’t answer that, spare me the lecture,” Kane cut in as ‘not-Michael’ opened his mouth to reply. “From now on you are called Mika. Has a nicer ring to it, don’t you think?”

Now-Mika furrowed his brows, and even if he had said no, it was not as though Kane was open to criticism at the moment- or any time at all actually. Then the woman had returned, carrying a large glass of vanilla smoothie, and a plate of waffles topped with assortment of ice cream. Kane had finished eating in the short time they were talking, and now he was mid-way pouring ketchup on the waffles, too. A quick look of panic crossed Mika’s eyes.

“Um, sir- I mean, Mr. Starling,” Mika batted his eyes, uncomfortably shifting in his seat. Kane looked up, popping up his brows in question. “I don’t want to bother- “

“Then don’t bother.”

Another moment of silent proceeds, filled with only noises of munching and those of slurping. Eventually, the bells to the front door rang, followed by a row of footsteps. Tapping a napkin to his mouth, Kane waved his hand towards the men.

“You see, kid,” Kane plopped back down in his seat. Then he smiled. “I like you. If it were just me, I’d have accepted you on the spot, really. But it’s not just me- and I hate that. So let me introduce you to my peers.”



𝒎𝒚 𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝒑𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆

Andy had known Jimmy since they were kids and they'd grown up together; done everything together. They were best friends at one point, though broke apart at different times throughout their lives to be with other people. Their interests didn't always align, especially so in high school. Although they were in different friend groups at the time, they still hung out once in a while but it never was much fun. Jimmy always seemed to have something better to do than hang out with him, Andy could just tell from the way he spoke and moved about. But now in the present time, in their early twenties, they were here together, friends yet again. The two had begun speaking again just a few months ago after realizing they had a mutual friend - Kane. It was a surprise to both of them upon seeing the other, but it was a lovely coincidence nonetheless, and they went right back to being friends. It was easy to talk to Jimmy, they'd known each other for so long, after all. Kane on the other hand was one of Andy's newer friends, he'd only known him for about a year, and even then they didn't hang out all too much. Jimmy had known Kane longer than he had and the two seemed to be pretty good friends, which made Andy a bit of a third wheel whenever they hung out together. But it didn't bother him that much.

About a month earlier, on a warm Friday night, the three had been casually hanging out together, when all of a sudden an idea came - Andy couldn't even remember who it was from - that they should begin a band. It wasn't a bad idea, I mean they all were good at instruments or singing, and Andy wasn't sure why they hadn't thought of it sooner. Maybe it was because they needed another member, though. Having only a drummer (Jimmy), bass player (him), and lead singer (Kane) wasn't enough. They needed a guitarist, and maybe even a keyboardist, too.

So now here they were, in a small taxi, zipping through the crowded city streets to find the diner Kane had invited them to meet a new, possible member. Andy didn't know a thing about him, and neither did Jimmy, but they went with it, trusting Kane. He already seemed to be making himself the head of the band, which wasn't surprising; he had a domineering and controlling personality. That was fine with Andy though, it wasn't like he'd fight it. He always went with the flow of things. Though, he also liked singing and would've made a fantastic lead singer as well. But fighting with Kane was something he didn't exactly want to deal with. So, when the man had mentioned he wanted to be the lead singer, Jimmy and Andy agreed.

The diner wasn't that far away from their previous whereabouts, but it was a Friday night and traffic was awful, especially in the Marina Del Rey area. The taxi was stuffy, even more so with Jimmy smoking next to him. "Cigarette?" he had asked, but Andy politely declined. He didn't smoke. At least not often. Jimmy had only chuckled at this, sticking a cigarette between his lips and lighting it, the smell of patchouli and smoke filling the air - JImmy's signature scent. The drive from there on out was quiet and they didn't talk to each other, only a few mumbles here and there. It wasn't an awkward silence though, and Andy was comfortable, curious as to who this new member was and if they'd accept him to join them. If Kane had the choice, he would've probably made all the decisions himself, but he knew he couldn't do that. Andy and Jimmy wanted a say too. But, honestly, Andy didn't care much if the new kid was going to be in their band or not. He really had no preference for a new member, as long as they weren't too serious about it. This was just something fun to do, and he didn't think they'd get big. Definitely not.

The two made their way to the diner soon enough, dropped off by the taxi driver just a few blocks away. Jimmy throws his cigarette butt to the ground, stepping on it before continuing on their way. Andy looks at him with a rise of a brow, "Littering?" he laughs, to which Jimmy just shrugs.

As they make their way into the diner, Andy spots Kane right away, and they make their way over to him. The other man seems to notice them as well, gesturing wildly for them to come over. Once they come closer, Andy looks at the kid sitting across from Kane, who looks timid and shy, not a day over nineteen. He couldn't be much older; he had such a babyface. The boy had nice features, curly hair surrounding his face, though it was pulled back into a small ponytail, revealing a surprisingly strong jawline. Jimmy and Andy look at him with curiosity and sit down. It's a booth, so someone has to sit next to the new kid - and of course, Andy is just in luck as he watches his blonde friend sit next to Kane. Internally he grimaces, but sits next to the kid anyway, who looks... uncomfortable. Why the hell was Kane interested in this timid little boy? He didn't seem the type to catch Kane's eye, but whatever, Andy was sure that he'd be fine. Maybe he just needed some time to warm up, that had to be it.

"Kane, this poor kid looks terrified," Jimmy begins with a smirk, and turns his attention to the boy, "What'd Kane say to you? Was he mean? I'll have a word with him." he laughs.

Andy doesn't say anything just yet, only rolls his eyes, ignoring Jimmy who always seemed to be joking around. "What's your name? I'm Andy." he asks nonchalantly, not wanting to scare the kid any more than he already seemed to be. "Kane didn't tell us," he glances over at the other man for a moment before turning his attention back to the curly-headed boy next to him.
location: dellah’s diner
feeling: neutral
wearing: this
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s e v e n

RPN's goth resident - art: peritwinkle


the fallen star - lead singer

Last year’s summer, as the east wind blows a bit too hard, or perhaps the universe had aligned in such a way that a star crooked in the skies. Or perhaps it was only an off-string of coincidence pricked from the fabrics of life that gave birth to a man named Kane Starling, bringing together yet two other individuals that could not have been more differently so. And now the third sat right across them.

Kane does not remember –or perhaps refuses to- anything before that day, yet the night in the club had imprinted in the back of his mind unlike any other. Strobing of lights, the ground that rattled under his steps. Scents of sorts lingered in the air, of alcohol, love making, all within the devil’s lair. Deserted souls brought together in a chain of sins, searching for a purpose that has long melded in darkness. A fool’s fata morgana.

Yet the tales of fates work in ways none can comprehend. One event leads to another, the ripples of a butterfly effect. Who would have known that the boy he had stumbled upon that night was also friends with one other he had interestingly encountered in the streets? Two people who knew music, and patient enough to tolerate him. And here they were: a group of misfits, united by the same desire. Or at least, that is how Kane thought of it.

Kane scooted over his seat as his companions made their way towards them, Mika anxiously followed suit. He blinked at Jimmy’s statement, then released a loud snort. “Me? Mean?” He wrapped one of his arms over the blonde’s shoulder, then poked the other by the side of his cheek teasingly. “Impossible. I’d like to see you try baby-sitting for a change.”

There was a brief perplexity that crossed Mika’s expression, though quickly had it dissipated all the same when Andy shot him a question. Then there was a sudden relief- for Lord knows whatever reason, as Kane hadn’t. “Do you actually think I’m that mean?” he asked quickly and turned his attention towards Jimmy, furrowing his brows.

“Mich-“ Mika caught his tongue, wide eyes snapped to Kane for a second before looking back to Andy. “Um…Mika?

The statement came out more similar to a question than a statement, so he cleared his throat and repeated himself. “Mika Flynn. It is so nice to meet you,” he smiled politely, rising from his seat to shake Andy’s hand. Then he looked at Jimmy, hesitated, but still took his hand. “I’ve heard many great things, sir.”

At this Kane had laughed, slamming his hand to the table that caused the things to rattle on top. From the distance, the waitress hushed at them aggressively. “He calls us sir! I told you! Oh my-” Kane giggled to himself, spinning the straw in the glass before tossing it aside, tilting his head back as he gulped down the remnants of the beverage. “Like we’re some bloody pretentious knights from the Great Britain or sorts.”

“Alright alright, I’ll talk.” Kane stashed all the plates aside, then rested his elbows down the table, his chin just on top. “I know I’ve kept you guys in the dark for so long but believe me: this kid is more than just a pretty face- he is brilliant.”

Mika lowered his gaze, a tint of pink blooming by his cheeks. For once, at least it was true. Though Kane is very much more than capable of fooling someone just for a free dinner, he actually had faith in the boy. They have met not so long ago, at midnight strolls on cold pavements. A lonesome boy sitting cross-legged by the bench, a solemn look casted down as locks of curls shrouded his face. And in his hand, a simple wooden acoustic guitar bearing no mark nor brand.

Thin long fingers picked through the strings, and from it a sorrowful bohemian rhapsody. Kane had asked him of the song, and it was his own, as he claimed. Then, driven by curiosity, he had sat down next to him. ‘Play me some more,’ he had told him. And so he did.

The streets became filled in melodious harmony, invisible figures would dance under the street lights, tucking by the embrace of the night’s symphony. They have remained there almost all night, until the birds had all slept and the last car drove through, with no further words shared by the world other than the gentle rustle of wind. The clock then strikes twelve, and the boy went home, joy in his heart and a name card in hand.

“I believe with our proper guidance; he will go places. And I am not talking of gigs- I am talking of records. Concerts. Hell, world tours!” Kane beamed, drumming the surface of the table enthusiastically. “You know how picky I am with personnel, but I can assure you that this is what we’re looking for. This marks our turning point.”

Kane stood up, stepping over Jimmy then made his way to the opposite table where Mika sat. He slid in the couch, then cupped each side of Mika’s face in his hands. Then he squished his cheeks. “Sure, he may look like this, but home-boy ran from his family to join us and I don’t know anything more hardcore than that- isn’t that right, my dear?”

Mika muffled an answer that could not be heard clear enough. Kane lets go of him, then turned towards both Jimmy and Andy. “I say we give it a final shot.” That’s also what he said last time.

“And so, I already booked us a spot in the studio tomorrow morning at nine sharp. We need better amps than ones in the garage and for now renting sounds like a better idea. So?” He grinned. “What do you think?”



𝒎𝒚 𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝒑𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆

Andy takes in his surroundings: a simple, boring looking diner, nothing extraordinary about it. Checkered flooring, beige-colored walls that looked dirty, and your stereotypical red diner booths. He'd never been here before, it wasn't the type of place that would catch his eye. He wonders if this was Kane's first time here, or if he frequented the place a lot. From his mannerisms, though, it seemed to be the latter, he was talking so loud and extravagantly, something no other place would've been okay with. Even now the waitresses were glaring but not really doing much about him. It was just Kane's personality, he probably couldn't help being so... over the top? But Andy wouldn't know if he was always like this, they'd only known each other for a small amount of time, after all. Jimmy was closer to Kane than he was, their personalities just went along together better. Thinking of it, he and Kane didn't really spend much time with just each other... they weren't that close yet. There was always someone else with them, normally Jimmy. It wasn't that he disliked the male, definitely not - he wouldn't be starting a band with him if he didn't like him. But Andy just supposed their personalities didn't really go together. Kane was on the more energetic side, whereas Andy wasn't as much. Maybe as they continued playing together as a band, they'd get to know each other better. Either way, Andy didn't care much.

Upon hearing what Jimmy said, Kane pipes up, throwing a playful statement right back at him, to which Jimmy just chuckles at, rolling his eyes when the other puts his arm around him. His demeanor all but changes just a few moments later, though, asking the question 'do you actually think I'm that mean?' and Andy notices that there's some insecurity laced in his voice for whatever reason. Jimmy sighs, pushing the other male's arm off of him, "No comment," he says in a joking manner and laughs.

Andy leans back, listening to the boy - now known as Mika - as he awkwardly introduces himself. "That's an interesting name," he comments. He'd never heard a name like that before, maybe it stood for something? Andy shakes the boy's clammy hand, snorting when he does the same to Jimmy and calls him 'sir.' That was probably the first time in the blonde's life that he'd ever been called 'sir.' Andy still didn't understand what Kane saw in Mika... he really didn't. He seemed so quiet and docile, the opposite of their group. If they ever played live, would he even be able to play in front of a crowd? He seemed too timid for that. Well, he probably shouldn't judge too harshly. Andy would have to see for himself what the guy truly was like. It was hard to not make assumptions though.

He grins when Kane laughs at the curly-headed boy's usage of 'sir', and Andy watches Jimmy crack a smile too, "You don't have to call me 'sir'. Jimmy, y'know, my name, is just fine." God, they were bullying the hell out of this kid. In a playful manner of course, but Mika still seemed uncomfortable with it. The two buggers in front of him were always joking around, he never saw either of them take anything seriously. Not even Jimmy, and he'd known him for years. Andy learned that the hard way, years ago, when he tried to express his emotions only to be playfully bullied by Jimmy for doing so. From that moment on he knew the guy wasn't the one he would go to to talk about his problems. Andy wondered why he was like that, and if he ever felt any other emotion besides playful. Even after knowing him for so long, he hadn't seen much else from him.

Finally, and I mean finally, Kane calmed down and began to talk about what they were there for: recruiting this new member. Though Andy had the feeling that Kane already was going to recruit him no matter what, and his suspicions are confirmed when he gives Mika a compliment, to which the boy blushes. 'Oh my Godddd' he thinks to himself, giving Jimmy a glance which the other returns with a grin. "Are you guys dating or something?" the blonde says with a snort, and Andy can't help but laugh as well, covering his mouth. He really shouldn't be laughing, he can already tell Mika will be flustered out of his mind. Kane probably wouldn't care, maybe he'd even go along with it.

At the mention of concerts and world tours, Andy can't help but roll his eyes. "Really? You think we'll get that far?" Now look, Andy was the type to be optimistic about things. But this? Becoming famous? That would never happen, I mean come on now. "We've hardly started making music!" he exclaims, but then sighs, "But okay, continue." Normally he wasn't this stuck up, but he seriously just didn't have high hopes for the band. It was for fun, that was all. He didn't expect them to get big. It was just some fun to have... nothing more. Right?

Andy and Jimmy give each other another glance when Kane comes 'round to his side of the booth, cupping Mika's face in his hand, exclaiming that he was in fact the perfect fit. "You guys are just pushing it now," Jimmy adds on, to which Andy gives him a kick under the table and a 'be nice' look, though he himself can't help but chuckle. The blonde only childishly sticks out his tongue and kicks him back, to which Andy only rolls his eyes, not wanting to start some stupid childish game with him.

When he hears Kane mention that he booked a spot in the studio tomorrow, Andy perks up, "Well, we don't have much choice, do we?" he chuckles, already knowing for a fact that Kane had planned something without really asking them if they were okay with it. Andy was cool with it, though. He didn't care much. "Alright, sounds good," he shrugs, but there's a ghost of a smile on his face. Andy couldn't help but be somewhat excited... he loved music. Jimmy nods in agreement as well.
location: dellah’s diner
feeling: neutral
wearing: this
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