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Fandom Riverdale Canon x OC

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AU, Realistic, Romance


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Hi, guys!
The name's Mobius. I've been around the RPNation block for a while now, but back in 2016 I kinda just... dropped off the face of the earth. I returned at some point last year with a different account (for a fresh start), but I've had a lot going on with family garbage and mental health issues so I slacked way more than I should have. Now that life seems to be backing off my abused butt for a little while, I decided to come back. Rather than go back to that account, I decided to return to my old friend here because, well, I have so many good memories on this account, haha. Sappiness and background information aside, I'm here searching for one specific plot: Riverdale FP Jones x OC. I can't begin to tell you all how badly I'm craving this. I have one thread going on another RP site and my partner's gone inactive. I need more of this plot in my life so here I am.

About Mobius
I'm a 21 year old pursuing a professional career in drumming. I have a very wonky sleep schedule combined with insomnia that makes my time zone pretty much pointless, but I'm in the EST anyways. I'll roleplay through PM or thread, I really don't care. Although, I guess I'd have a slight preference for thread because who doesn't want their post count to go up? I'm a mature player with 8+ years of experience. I have no limits, outside of keeping things RPN friendly, of course. I'm more than happy to keep within my partner's limits! I consider myself to be a literate roleplayer. I currently average anywhere from 500-1,000 words. Depending on my muse and what I've been given from my partner, I can write more or less. I used to easily reach 2,000+ words, but it's been awhile since those days, haha. I'm only interested in doing MxF relationships so the OC will be female. I might be anxiety-ridden and anti-social offline, but I love chatting with my partner so I'd consider myself a friendly person to RP with! As far as Riverdale goes, I'm completely obsessed with it. I've seen every episode. I have a Southside Serpents tattoo. Yes, a real one. It hurt a lot, but it was so worth it. My horse is named Jughead. I'm obviously dedicated to the series so there's no lack of knowledge here. If there's something I don't remember, I'll gladly rewatch an episode to freshen up, haha. I'm not the best at playing canon characters, but I've done some posts playing Jughead on the side for the one RP I did of this pairing and didn't do half bad so I'm okay with trying any canon characters we'll need on the side. They just might not be 100% true to character, haha. With that said, I think I've covered everything, but if you have any questions feel free to ask!

About You
Honestly, if you have a working knowledge of the show and the characters that will be involved (FP, Jughead, and the Serpents at least), if you're a friendly person, and if you can write coherent sentences, I want to RP with you. I'm not picky, I'm just dying to do this pairing. I'm okay with short posts, long posts, any length post as long as I can understand what you're saying. So good grammar and spelling is a must. Another thing that is a must is playing FP. I desperately want the OC role and wouldn't be able to play FP anyways so you have to be willing to play FP. You don't have to have seen every season of Riverdale. If you think you'll be able to play FP and do alright with the plot we decide on, you'll be just fine! Just let me know what you have seen so I don't spoil anything and I can adjust the plots I have in mind accordingly. I think that's it, honestly! Aside from the fact that I'll love you forever if you do this pairing with me xD.

About the Plot
I honestly have multiple plots in mind so rather than list them all here, we can discuss them in PM if you're interested in attempting this. Most of my plots involve an age gap of 20+ years between OC and FP. However, I do have one plot in mind where the OC would be the same or around the same age as FP and I'm down with hearing your plots so no worries if you're not okay with age gaps. To save time, just let me know if you're okay with the age gap or not... it'd suck to type out those plots when you're not okay with that, haha. The OC will be female so this will be an MxF situation. While I have several plots in mind, I'd be more than happy to hear yours, too! Honestly, I'm down for most ideas. Conventional, unconventional. Canon, au, or a mix of both. I'm game for anything! Most if not all of my ideas start before season 1 of the show. We can go our own route with the timeline, follow the show's, or do a mix of both. Anything is fine with me. I want to do this pairing so badly I really don't care what the details are xD. Now, one thing that is an absolute must for me is FP and Gladys being divorced. Cheating/affair is a very touchy topic for me (so I guess I do have one limit lol) and I'd rather not touch on that. So if they could be divorced, that'd be great. I'm totally fine with them interacting in the RP, with their relationship being brought up/discussed, and anything like that, but I don't want to deal with the topic of affair and cheating. They can be in the process of separating at the beginning of the RP, but by the time FP and OC start to acknowledge/realize their feelings for each other, everything has to be finalized. Aside from that, I can't think of anything that I'm not okay with, considering fade to black is a must here. One last thing... alcohol and most likely drugs will be prominent at least for a little while. If those are topics you're not okay with, this probably isn't for you... unless you've got an idea for a really au plot that wouldn't involve that kind of stuff.

So to recap: I'm looking for somebody who is willing to play FP in an FP x OC pairing. I have many plots in mind, but would love to hear yours. Extremely few limits. Thread or PM. Friendly Mobius who is absolutely desperate for this. Sound good to you? Post here or PM me! Has somebody already posted? Post anyways! I'm definitely willing to do more than one. Be my hero, do this with me <3.
Side note: I could definitely be convinced to do other Riverdale plots. Canon x OC or possibly even Canon x Canon (FP x Gladys or Young FP x Young Alice or Young Gladys might be interesting!). Just hit me up with your idea and I'll let you know! MxF only.

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Hello! So I was scrolling around and saw this. So FP is Jug-head's father, right? I have a decent knowledge of the show, but my lengths vary, depending on my mood. (If I'm on a Depression, or Manic mood) If you don't want me as a RP Partner, thats fine, just offering my services. I can watch a few episodes that feature FP to remember.


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Hello! So I was scrolling around and saw this. So FP is Jug-head's father, right? I have a decent knowledge of the show, but my lengths vary, depending on my mood. (If I'm on a Depression, or Manic mood) If you don't want me as a RP Partner, thats fine, just offering my services. I can watch a few episodes that feature FP to remember.
Hey there! I would love to RP with you. Yep, FP is Jughead’s father. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss things!:D
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