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Realistic or Modern Rival Gang Romance RP?


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Wesley Montes




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Alley in San Francisco

IDEA (lmk if you are interested or have any additional thoughts/ ideas): Wesley Montes(my OC) is a member of the gang moonlight who operates out of his workplace Moonlight mechanics in San Francisco. One day on his normal patrol of the alleys and blocks surrounding their base of operations he stops in an alleyway that looks as if it had been recently tagged by Moonlight's rivals, Solstice. As Wes studies the tag he notices a drop of paint slide down the concrete wall, it appeared to be only minutes old. He looks around and doesn't notice anything particularly odd or any signs of movement besides the soft scuttling of dumpster rats and the distant honking of horns. The alley appeared to be completely isolated. He feels secure enough to pull off his backpack and starts to unzip it, showing off his assortment of spray cans. Little does he know (your character) has silently appeared at the end of the alley, the one responsible for the tag.

A very rough and basic idea but was just going for some plot building a bit which will continue if anyone is up for roleplaying or throwing around more ideas before jumping in
Romance is M/M btw

to the moon and back, right?

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yaaa guey ;p
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I'm hooked and down. I'd like to plot build with you if you're open, pm?

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