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Fandom Rising Rocket (Pokemon RP)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Pokemon


One Thousand Club
The Letter Operation:Rising Rocket

Dear Receiver, Thank you for taking interest in our organization Team Rocket We are looking for individuals with a certain skill set, and you have proven yourself through one way or another, legal or illegal. Now that you have proven yourself worthy, we must insist that you fill out this application form.

Current Pokemon:
Reason for Application:

Once you have been accepted, further information will be bestowed upon you, Thank you for your time.

"Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket."
Team Rocket Doctrine

Basically this idea surfaced, after many a rp of merely being trainers, not many that I've seen focus on being on the other side of thing so to speak.
Anyway, further details can be discussed if there is any interest, but the general idea is that Team Rocket has had a resurgence of sorts in the Kanto region, and are attempting to take it over to their former glory and perhaps even further. Naturally this will not be an easy task, as there will be police, trainers, ect to deal with along the way, there is sure to be struggles, triumph, and action for the journey.

People will start out as grunts and have the opportunity to rise in the ranks if they desire throughout the rp, (Though if you'd like to start higher up feel free to ask) The RP will progress incrementally, starting out with people arriving at the base of operation, there they will have time to interact, get settled in before things get going in terms of missions. Mission difficulty will correlate with rank for the most part, higher ups being trusted with more important dangerous tasks, while grunts are given less high risk missions in general. There will also be some down time in the rp, where it won't be mission orientated so other things can occur.

Regards to post length: At least a a paragraph would be preferable.

In regards to posting time: I am willing to work with people whether they post everyday or once a week.

In regards to leaving the rp: Please let me know, if you intend on leaving the rp, it makes things much easier for everyone.

I will create a CS and OOC if there is any interest generated, for now though feel free to ask questions and discuss stuffs, and please let me know if you are interested!

Thank you for your time!


One Thousand Club
zerozero zerozero Well originally I was going to have it be the likes of commonly found pokemon, the likes of Rattata, Koffing, Ekans, though I'm open to there being some starting with others, particularly if there's specified reason, that works with story. ((So if you had anything in mind feel free to ask, it's not too rigid here))

Also there will be many ways to obtain pokemon legit in RP whether it be through event, catching, or even stealing. (Though theres always the chance a HR will want you to give it up for the "Good of the group" If anyone tries to get something particularly powerful, which allows for conflict in it's own right.))


Top-tier Avian Master
I have an idea that seems a bit big, so I was thinking of GM approval of it first.


Potato Patata
this looks interesting 👀 i'm wondering what the feel of the rp is tho? is it going to be more serious or comedic or something in between? considering it's team rocket, there's a lot of potential for either.


Dark Lord of Creativity
So which Pokemon generations are there going to be? Because I think it'd get out of hand if we included all of them.


Always Confused
Oooo, i'd love to play a bad team rocket member. I'm interested as well.

Also, would the pokemon that we pick as our starters need to be considered "evil pokemon?" Like i'd love to have ones that aren't necessarily considered evil or ones that a team rocket member would have, but that's just me
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