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Fandom Ringing the Bells of Despair [Looking for 1-2 More!]

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Meta, Mystery, Romance, School


The Purple Soul

  • The Bell Strikes Once.

    You're Invited!

    The day that you have both dreaded and almost over-prepared for has come. You and a select handful of others have been selected to be part of Bellchime Academy, one of the finest insitutions in Japan, with only those that are the best of the best getting excepted. Somehow, you had been chosen, and now as you walk onto school grounds you tense up as the thought of confronting the school year ahead troubles your thoughts.

    However, something much more sinister looms within the shadow of the school than meets the eye...

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The Purple Soul
I'll be keeping this Interest Check open for a short while longer, but for now, welcome to Bellchime Academy, students!

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