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Rifts - The Thirteenth Mystery

@Gears you still interested?

Anyone else, if you've got a buddy who knows the system (or is willing to learn and tackle the reading), ping them over here. 😁

We have about 4 players so far "for sure". Given pbp attrition rates, I'd like to have 6-8.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!
I know that Psychie Psychie likes Rifts . . . I'm kinda surprised she hasn't jumped on this yet.
I haven't had the best track record for play-by-post games in the last couple of years. I've just assumed anyone I've played with before who isn't jumping on this, is understandably leery. Hence my disclaimer up in the opening post!

So far, as in this very example, Discord and its notification system is working really well for drawing me to seeing posts to reply to. I'm cautiously optimistic this game will go better.
Someone has called my name and summoned forth the great power that is . . . Psychie! Mwuhaha! I am surprised that I didn't get tagged in this sooner. If there is still room, I'd enjoy a shot at this. I'd just have to decide on what to play. Perhaps a Cyber Knight.
I'd be glad to have you! Given there's an entire book on Cyber Knights for the Coalition Wars, it'd be nice to have one in the game. But feel free to think about concepts first, no need for a hasty commitment.
In a Coalition Wars campaign, how can we not have a Cyber Knight in the party? It is a no-brainer to me. Besides, I like playing paladin-type characters, and a Cyber Knight certainly fits that role well.
In the unlikely event we have players who use Discord, Esbilon has graciously given us a channel in their server. Feel free to join for more 'real time conversation' although I expect most OCC communication will remain forum side to avoid excluding people.

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