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Luna's Concubine
When rolling up stats, use the following rules:
If your base Attribute is a 3d6 (normal for humans), roll 4d6, rerolling 1's. With a 16, 17, or 18, add another 1d6 to your roll. IF that last die is another '6', roll another d6. This can give you a potential of a 30 on an attribute.

For non-humans (such as an Anti-Monster or Atlantian) that has a number like '19 + 1d6', roll the dice indicated, but reroll 1's and 2's.

Here is the Master Skill List for those without books. Some of these skills are not applicable, and all choices are to be approved by me.

Finally, everyone can get one rolled number at max. That can be an Attribute, ISP, PPE, MDC or whatever your character has that is determined by roll of the die. Let me know what your choice is.

If you select one of the advanced Martial Art styles, make the following change to them:

There are the following additions/changes to the systems.
1. At character creation, should a system provide the bonus "Add x to CHI," the character instead adds 1 point of M.A. per 5 points of Chi.
2. When leveling, instead of receiving "One Additional Martial Art Power" or "Zenjoriki Power," etc., the character adds +1 to Initiative, +1 to Strike, and +1 to damage each time they receive that bonus.
3. When leveling, instead of receiving "Double Existing Chi," the character adds +1 to Parry, +1 to Dodge, and +1 to Roll with Impact.

Taking a page from Pathfinder, I am going to allow you to raise one attribute point every THREE levels you go up. This increase can be on any of your attributes.

Ok everyone! After thinking about it for a bit, I'm going to institute the Bonus Point system that has been discussed in earlier posts. As you level up, you get Bonus Points equal to 5 + 1/2 you current level, rounded up. These points do not roll over from level to level, so make sure you use them wisely. This Bonus Point can be used for any attack, defense or skill roll you want. What does a Bonus Point give you, you ask?

In the case of a d20 roll, you add an additional D6 to the result. In the event of a natural 1-4, it still is an automatic miss, so in that case, the BP is wasted.

For a percentile (d100) roll, you add a d6 to your roll, but each point you get is 5%, giving you a potential +30% to your roll.

When you use an BP, you must declare it before the base roll that it is being added to is rolled.
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Luna's Concubine
Attribute Number
: 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30
I.Q. add to all skills . This is a one time bonus +2% / +3% /+4% + 5% / +6% / +7% / +8% / +9% / +10% / +11% / +12% / +13% / +14% / +15% / +16%
I.Q. bonus to Perception +1 / +1 / +2 / +2 / +3 / +3 / +4 / +4 /+5 / +5 / +6 / +6 /+7 / +7 / +8
M.E. save v s . psionic attack +1 / +1 / +2 / +2 / +3 / +3 / +4 / +4 /+5 / +5 / +6 / +6 /+7 / +7 / +8
M.E. save v s . insanity +1 / +1 / + 2 / +2 / +3 / +4 / +5 / +6 / +7 / +8 /+9 / +10 / +11 / +12 / +13
M.A. trust/intimidate 40% / 45% / 50% / 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75% / 80% / 84% / 88% / 92% / 94% / 96% /97%
P.S. Hand to Hand combat damage +1 / +2 / +3 / +4 / +5 / +6 / +7 / +8 / +9 / +10 / +11 / +12 / +13 / +14 / +15
P.P. Strike, Parry and Dodge bonus +1 / +1 / +2 / +2 / +3 / +3 /+4 / +4 / +5 / +5 / +6 / +6 / +7 / +7 / +8
P.E. save v s . coma/death +4% / +5% / +6% / +8% / +10% / +12% / +14% / +16% / +18% / +20% / +22% / +24% / +26% / +28% / +30%
P.E. save vs. magic/poison +1 / +1 / +2 / +2 / +3 / +3 / +4 / +4 / +5 / +5 / +6 / +6 / +7 / +7 / +8
P.B. charm/impress 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% / 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75% / 80% / 83% / 86% / 90% / 92%
Spd . No special bonuses other than the raw , natural ability to run


Princess Psychie

  • MasamuneShirow13 (2).jpg Name: Terra Alvana
    Race: True Atlantian
    Age: 138
    Clan: Draco Amicus

    Iq: 23 - +9% to all Skills
    Me: 26 - +6 vs psionics
    Ma: 18 - 50% inspire trust/intimidation
    Ps: 28 - +13 to HtH damage - Augmented - does 1d4 MD on a Power Punch (takes 2 attacks)
    Pp: 27 - +6 to Strike, Parry and Dodge
    Pe: 26 - +9 to Save vs. Magic/Poison
    Pb: 21
    Spd: 40 - Top sprinting speed of 28mph (approx)

    Level: 4
    Xp: 10,600

    Hit Points: 39
    SDC: 135
    PPE: 109 +2d4 per level

    Bonus Points: 8

    Number of Attacks: 6
    Strike: +9
    Parry: +9
    Dodge: +9
    Roll: +9
    Initiative: +4
    Perception: +5, +1 vs Vampires and the Undead
    Horror Factor: +5 to Save, +2 vs dragons
    Critical Strike on a natural 19-20
    Critical Strike from behind
    Damage: +1

    When Directly Piloting one Automation
    Number of Attacks: 8 / 3
    Strike: +5 (+7 with Sword)
    Parry: +6 (+8 with Sword)
    Dodge: +2
    Roll: +2
    Initiative: +5
    Damage: +1

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Luna's Concubine

Corporal Eric Foss is a Coalition Grunt that is on the run from his former employers. He was exposed to some strange energy from a Rift opening up next to him, and now his body has been transformed into a super strong, Mega Damage being, stronger than a souped-up Borg and better protected. When his change was discovered, the Coalition scientists wanted to perform some very invasive exams of his new body, up to and including dissection!

Fleeing the examination (or worse!) table, Eric finds his salvation with the rogue-ish Trent. The smuggler quickly realized just how handy it would be to have a super strong and nearly indestructible sidekick, and was able to sneak Eric out of Coalition territory. Ever since that day, the former Grunt has worked to repay the rescue that saved his life.
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Kaerri's Man. =)

  • Battle Name: Gradicus "The Red Edge" (Gradicus comes from the Latin Gradus. "He who marches into battle.")
    Birth Name: Valerius Pacifica of Clan Marciniszyn ("Mar-ci-ni-zin" as best as I can make out. Valerius is Latin for "Valiant". Pacifica is Latin "Peaceful, peace-loving, tranquility, kindness")
    O.C.C.: Tattooed Undead Slayer
    Level: 4
    XP: 10,600 xp (21,501 xp for Level 5)
    Bonus (Action) Points: 5/7.

    Atlantean by Chuck Walton.jpg
    (Image credit: Chuck Walton from Secrets of the Atlanteans)

    Race: True Atlantean
    Alignment: Scrupulous
    Disposition: Valiant, strong-willed, stubborn when he thinks he's in the right, honorable to a fault, reliable, prefers teams to going solo, trustworthy, compassionate (much moreso than the average Undead Slayer), thinks before acting most of the time, cunning, creative, brutal in gladiatorial ways, completely unfazed by acts of violence, naive sometimes, grew up fast, loves life, loves saving lives, loves taking evil lives (especially before a crowd).
    Age: 40 years old (23 when he left Tamaerus, 33 upon visiting Japan, just turned 38 when he left Japan, almost 41 at start of game).
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 feet, 4 inches (198 cm).
    Weight: 220 pounds (113 kg)
    Hair: Completely black, usually in a ponytail that reaches the middle of his back.
    Eyes: Volcanic blue (just a little tribute to Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian).
    Other features: Muscular, extremely fit, has numerous scars, most of them from weapons and claws. His tattoos are true works of art. They blend together across his entire body, colorful, meaningful, and rich with trademark Marcinizyn skill. Every tattoo is gorgeously drawn as though a story unto itself - each a vision of imagination.

    I.Q. 16 (+2% to all Skills/+1 to Perception - boosted for reaching 3rd level per Sherwood's character advancement guidelines)
    M.E. 31 (+8 to Saving Throws vs. psychic attack and insanity)
    M.A. 22 (70% chance to trust or intimidate)
    P.S. 32 (+17 to damage. Supernatural - Inflicts 5d6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 4D6 M.D. on a full strength punch, or 1D4x10 on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks - can carry 1,600 lbs/726 kg and lift 3,200 lbs/1,452 kg. Can hurl maximum carry weight 32 feet)
    P.P. 33 (+8 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge. +1 to Initiative)
    P.E. 26 (Supernatural - +22% to Saving Throws vs. coma/death, +6 to Saving Throws vs. Poison and Magic)
    P.B. 23 (65% to charm or impress)
    Spd 24 (approximately 16 miles/26 kilometers per hour)

    M.D.C.: 306 (gains 21 M.D. per level from his O.C.C.)
    P.P.E.: 262 (gains 16 P.P.E. per level from his O.C.C.)

    I.Q. 16 (11 from Dice) (+4 from Atlantean) (+1 for reaching 3rd level in Sherwood's game - See Character Creation)
    M.E. 31 (21 from Dice) (+2 from Zanji) (+2 from Undead Slayer) (+6 from Atlantean)
    M.A. 22 (16 from Dice) (+2 from Zanji) (+4 from Atlantean)
    P.S. 32 (17 from Dice) (+6 from Undead Slayer) (+2 Gymnastics) (+3 Boxing) (+4 from Atlantean)
    P.P. 33 (24 from Sherwood) (+2 from Zanji) (+3 from Undead Slayer) (+4 from Gymnastics)
    P.E. 26 (16 from Dice) (+1 from Zanji) (+2 from Undead Slayer) (+1 Gymnastics) (+6 from Atlantean)
    P.B. 23 (16 from Dice) (+1 from Heritage) (+6 from Atlantean)
    Spd 24 (16 from Dice) (+2 from Undead Slayer) (+6 from Atlantean)

    M.D.C.: 306 (+70 Dice and Undead Slayer) (+10 Undead Slayer) (+10 Boxing) (+9 Gymnastics) (132 from Tattoos, 11 [male] x 13 tattoos [beyond the first 6]) (+21 for every level after 1st)
    P.P.E.: 262 (+90 Dice and Undead Slayer) (114 from Tattoos, 6 x 19 tattoos) (+16 per level above 1st)

    Combat Attributes
    Perception +2 (+1 from Undead Slayer) (+1 for I.Q. of 16)
    Initiative +1 or +5 (+1 from above 33 P.P.) (+4 when using sword via Weapon Mastery)
    Attacks per Round: 6, 7, or 8. (+5 Zanji) (+1 Boxing) (Undead Slayer: +1 attack per melee round when fighting supernatural evil) (When using sword: +1 Weapon Mastery - Sword)
    Strike +13/+16 or +17 with swords (+8 from P.P.) (+1 from Undead Slayer) (+4 Zanji) (+3 when using sword via Weapon Mastery)
    Parry +13/+16 with swords (+8 from P.P.) (+1 from Undead Slayer) (+2 Boxing) (+2 Zanji) (+3 when using sword via Weapon Mastery)
    Dodge +11 (+8 from P.P.) (+2 Boxing) ) (+1 Zanji)
    Roll +6 (+3 Gymnastics) (+2 Boxing) ) (+1 Zanji)
    Maintain Balance (+8 from P.P.) (+1 Zanji)
    Save vs. Magic +7 (+6 from P.E.) (+1 from Undead Slayer)
    Horror Factor Saving Throws (+4 to save from Undead Slayer)
    Awe Factor 13 (12 from Atlantean, +1 from Maricinizsyn Heritage Tattoos)

    Combat Attributes
    Perception +2 (more when fighting Vampires)
    Initiative +2 (+6 with sword)
    Attacks per Round: 6, 7, or 8.
    Strike +13 (+16 or +17 with swords)
    Parry +13 (+16 with swords)
    Dodge +11
    Roll +6 (Automatic Roll and Breakfall from Zanji)
    Maintain Balance +8
    Save vs. Magic +7
    Horror Factor Saving Throws (+4 to save from Undead Slayer)
    Horror Factor 13 (Awe. 12 from Atlantean, +1 from Heritage)

    Atlantean Natural Abilities
    Healing Abilities (special)
    Atlanteans heal at a rate of 2D6+10 (M.D.C.) per 24 hours of normal rest and recovery.
    They recover 1D6 (M.D.C.) per hour of meditation at a ley-line or nexus point; more at a Healing Pyramid.

    Ley-line Phasing (special)
    All Atlanteans are taught how to Ley Line Phase. This is exactly like the Ley Line Walker's ability. It takes a full melee round (15 seconds) to Ley Line Phase and cannot be used during battle.

    Impervious to Shape-Changing/Metamorphosis (see Secrets of the Atlanteans, page 48).

    Operate Dimensional Pyramids at 25% (+5%) (see Secrets of the Atlanteans, page 48).

    P.P.E. Recovery
    Undead Slayers recover P.P.E. at a rate of 20 P.P.E./hour for every hour of meditation, rest, or sleep. 25 P.P.E. when next to a ley line.

    Recognize Vampires by Appearance/Sense Presence of Vampires and Vampire Intelligences (see Tattooed Undead Slayer, Secrets of the Atlanteans, page 66).

    Sense Rifts and Ley Lines (special). Ley Lines can be sensed up to 5 miles away, nexuses up to 10 miles away, open/active Rift up to 20 miles away.
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Two Thousand Club

  • Name: Shaona Elunier, Guard of the Phoenix and former pupil of Ren'Olar.
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Unprincipled - freedom is the foundation of progress

    Exp: 10600/18400, level 4
    BP: 6/7

    Requirement: IQ, ME 12+
    24 IQ +10 to all skills
    15 ME
    13 MA
    14 PS (on 30: +15 dmg)
    15 PP
    12 PE (on 24: +18% vs coma/death, +5 vs magic/poison)
    14 PB
    20 Spd

    24 SDC
    22 Hit points (+1D6 per level)
    121 PPE (+2D6 per level); recovery 4 per resting hour, 8 per meditation hour.
    37 ISP (+1D4+1 per level)
    12+ to save vs Psionics
    +2 vs Horror
    +2 vs possession&mind control
    +1 vs magic (+1 on level 7,10,13)
    +1 spell stregth (+1 on levels 8,12)
    +3 Perception for machines&magic

    5 Attacks,
    +2 strike
    +2 disarm
    +4 dodge/parry
    +3 Pull Punch
    +1 to Strike with heavy weapons/vehicle weapons
    +3 roll with impact
    Karate Punch

    with knives:
    +2 strike (+1 on 7,10,13)
    +2 parry (+1 on 6,9,12)
    +2 strike when thrown (+1 on 6,8,10,13)
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Leap Year, Baby!
I'm not sure how XP and levels work in Rifts - is 3000 enough for the next level? if so, what needs to be addressed from the character perspective?


Luna's Concubine
First off, your xp chart is in your Skills tab down at the bottom. Next, when you level up, you add 1d6 to your hit points, and all of your Skills get increased by whatever percentile is next to the main number. Your combat skills go up for your 2nd level of HtH Expert, and your ISP goes up by 1d6+1


Luna's Concubine
For a good scene with the refugees (thank you, Psychie) and a good bunch of IC posts, I'm going to give everyone 2,000 more points, putting you at 5,000 total. That should be enough to get everyone to level 3. If anyone has any questions about leveling up, let me know.


Luna's Concubine
I forgot to add, for the spellcasters, you may cross train one more spell from each other's spell lists in addition to what you get for leveling up.


Princess Psychie
Hey Sherwood, did you ever come up with an answer to my suggestion of letting me increase the range of my control of my Automations?


Kaerri's Man. =)
Sherwood, that's a neat solution that makes sense! Use skill slots! =)

Plus, we just hit level 4! Wasn't expecting that! 8D


Erratic Adventurer

  • Anti-monster O.C.C.
    Name: Gole (pronounced 'goal')
    Height: 7" 0' (213 cm)
    Weight: 400 lbs (181 kg)

    Iq: 19 - +5 to all Skills, +2 to Perception
    Me: 24 - +5 to Save vs Psionic Attacks
    Ma: 15
    Ps: 40 - Inflicts 6d6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 5d6 M.D. on a full strength punch, or 1d6x10 M.D. on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks).
    Pp: 20 - +3 to Strike, Parry and Dodge
    Pe: 28 - +7 to Save vs Magic
    Pb: 6
    Spd: 90 - Approx 60 mph

    Level: 3
    Experience: 6,000

    MDC: 420
    PPE: 2
    ISP: 3
    Bonus Points: 7

    Number of Attacks: 5
    Strike: +6
    Parry: +9
    Dodge: +9
    Roll with Punch: +6
    Initiative: +3 (+5 against ghouls, vampires and all forms of undead)
    Perception: +3
    Horror Factor - Save: +5
    Horror Factor - Induce Fear: 14
    Magic Save: +10
    Psionic Save: +8

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Princess Psychie
Not that I am aware of. There are just sooo many races and classes available that a character builder would have to be massive in size.


Luna's Concubine
I've seen a character builder a long time ago, but it was very basic and didn't have all the available updates that have come out.


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Malice The Walker
Battle Name: Malice the Walker
Birth Name: Unknown
Level: 4
Bonus Points: 7
Race: Human
Alignment: Aberrant
OOC: Ley Line Walker

Disposition: Quiet, Observant, Studious, Likes to be left alone.

Age: Her actual age is a mystery, But people often peg her as being late 20s early 30s
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 136 Pounds
Hair: White
Eyes: Icy Blue
Other Features:

I.Q.: 20 +6% skills (one time) +3 Perception
M.E.:22 save v s . psionic attack +3/save v s . insanity +3
M.A.:29 Trust/Intimidate 94%
P.S.:28 +7 Damage
P.P.:24 Strike, Parry and Dodge bonus +4
P.E.:25 save v s . coma/death +8%/save vs. magic/poison +3
P.B.:36 Charm/Impress 92%

S.D.C.: 105
P.P.E.: 219

Combat Attributes
Strike, Parry and Dodge bonus +9
+4 Damage
+4 to save vs Horror Factor,
+2 to save vs possession and mind control.
+3 to save vs curses, +3 to save vs magic, +2 vs Poison
+1 to spell strength
+5 on Perception
save v s . psionic attack +3/save v s . insanity +3
Double when on a ley line.

Hit Points: 44
+9 to Roll with Impact
Automatic Kick Attack: 1D8 Damage
Automatic kick attack at first level: 2D4 Damage
6 Attacks per Melee
Body Block/Tackle: 1D4 Damage, and the opponent must dodge or parry, or be
knocked down.
Pin/Incapacitate on an unmodified roll of 18, 19, or 20.
Crush/Squeeze: 1D4 Damage
+1 to maintain Balance
+1 to Save vs. Poisons/Toxins that are ingested, injected, or inhaled.
Kick attack does 1D6 points of damage.
+2 to Pull Punch

Ley Line Walker Abilities

1. Sense Ley Line and Magic Energy: The Ley Line Walker can see and feel the presence of magic, providing all of the
following sensing abilities as automatic powers which do not require the expenditure of P.P.E.

Sense Ley Line: The Ley Line Walker is able to feel whether there is a ley line within the area of his sensing abilities, 10
miles (16 km) per level of experience. He can tell whether it is near or far and follow the feeling to the location of the ley
line. Base Skill: 30% +5% per each additional level of experience.

Sense Ley Line Nexus: Once the ley line has been found, the walker can follow the ley line to as many nexus points as it
may may have. A nexus point is where two or more ley lines cross/intersect. Base Skill: 40% +5% per each additional
level of experience.

Sense a Rift: The mage will automatically feel the sensation of a Rift opening or closing anywhere within 50 miles (80
km) of him. Increase the sensing range 10 miles (16 km) per each additional level of experience starting with level two.
Although he cannot tell exactly where this Rift is, the mage knows if it is near or far and whether it is big or small. Note:
When actually on a ley line, the Line Walker will know exactly where the Rift is located and he can sense one wherever
it is, as long as it is on the ley line or a connecting line.

Sense Magic in Use: The expenditure of magic in the form of a spell, Rifting, or Techno-Wizardry can be felt, if not seen,
up to 100 feet (30.5 m) away per every level of the Line Walker’s experience. The Ley Line Walker will not know the
location nor be able to trace it, but he will feel its energy and know that magic is being used in the area of his sensing
range. Note: This does not include the use of psionic powers.

See Magic Energy: The mage sees magic energy/P.P.E. radiating from people, creatures, objects, and areas, as a faint
aura whenever more than 20 P.P.E. points are present. The sensing ability is so acute that the Ley Line Walker can see
things made invisible by magic and invisible things that are magical, including invisible dragons and other creatures of
magic. This special sight occurs only when the mage desires to use it and focuses on seeing the magically invisible.
However, the effort uses up one melee attack/action per round (15 seconds) that this special sight is willed in place.
Note: Does not work on the spell Invisibility Superior. Range: Line of sight, about 1,000 feet (305 m).

2. Read Ley Lines: This power instills the mage with instant information about the ley line in a matter of moments. The Ley Line
Walker will know the following: What directions the ley line runs (and therefore, his location on it; north, south, east, west, etc.),
how long the line runs, whether there are any nexus points and where, and whether there are any Rifts presently open along the
line. The character also knows about any major natural disasters currently happening along the line, such as a forest fire, flooding,
hurricane, or earthquake. War and magic are not natural disasters. The power is automatic and does not require the expenditure of
personal P.P.E.

3. Ley Line Transmission: A Ley Line Walker can send a verbal and/or visual message directly along a ley line to another
person so long as that person is located somewhere on the line. The best messages are brief ones of under a hundred words to
avoid overwhelming the recipient. Unfortunately, the message is a one way transmission unless the other person is also a Line
Walker or other mage with the Transmission spell. Range is limited only by the length of the ley line and the people’s position on
the line. The time lapse between sending and receiving a ley line transmission is only a matter of seconds. The message can be
sent to one specific person or several people (one person per level of the sender’s experience), or several people at different
locations on the line.
The only danger is that a telepathic individual (psionic or magic) may be able to listen in on the message. There is a 01-20%
chance that any psionic or magic character with Telepathy will sense a Ley Line Transmission coming through, and eavesdrop
(01-31% chance that they too can receive the message). There is no way for the sender to know if others have eavesdropped on his
message. Nor is there any way to scramble the message. This power is an automatic ability for the Ley Line Walker and does not
require the expenditure of personal P.P.E.

4. Ley Line Phasing (Teleportaton): A Ley Line Walker also has the power to instantly teleport from one place to another,
flawlessly, anywhere on the same ley line. By the way, that can be anywhere in any direction (ley lines can be a quarter/0.4 km to
one full mile/1.6 km wide!). including up into the air (ley lines are typically a half mile/0.8 km to two miles/3.2 km tall) and hang
there because Line Walkers can walk a ley line, as in walk floating above the ground. If he teleports up into the air he can stay
there suspended (+20% to Prowl/hide because us ground dwelling humans don’t usually look up). To do a ley line teleport the
mage must concentrate, opening himself to the ley line energy and focusing all of his thoughts to the task of teleporting to the new
location. Engaging in conversation or combat, even self-defense, will break the concentration, forcing the mage to start over. The
process requires 1D4 melees (15 to 60 seconds) of concentration every time before the teleportation happens, so he can’t just pop
out in a heartbeat, but it’s still very, very handy. The teleport is always on target because the Ley Line Walker is one with the ley
line. Of course, unless he can see his destination, he can’t know who or what might also be present in that area and he could
appear in the middle of an armed camp (but not inside one of them or a tree, etc., as is the danger with the Teleportation spell).
Note: Ley Line Phasing is an automatic ability common to all Ley Line Walkers at NO P.P.E. cost, but it does take its toll on
the body. The maximum number of phasings/teleports possible is four per hour. The per 24 hour period is 4 +2 per each level of
experience (6 at level one, 8 at level two, 10 at level three, etc). More than this is just impossible. The only other limitations are:
1) He can only teleport himself and his possessions, nobody else.
2) The location must be along the same ley line as if traveling on
a mystic railway. To switch to a different ley line. the character must travel or teleport to the nexus point intersection where two or
more different ley lines cross paths to follow one of the other lines.

5. Ley Line Walking or Line Drifting: A Ley Line Walker can open himself to the ley line energies and walk or float through
the air along the length of the ley line. The speed factor is a mere Speed of 10, but is relaxing and requires absolutely no exertion
or even physical movement of the feet or body if drifting afloat. NO P.P.E. is necessary for Ley Line Walker to do this, because
he’s drawing on the ambient energy of the line and his attunement to ley line energy make him practically a living part of the line
itself. Note: He can even meditate while drifting down a ley line. Height is typically 1-5 feet (0.3 to 1.5 m) above the ground, but
if he concentrates he can reach a height as great as the line itself. This is dangerous, however, as it leaves him out in the open easy
to see from a great distance. Just below or just above treetop level is common among those who like to be high above the ground.

6. Ley Line Rejuvenation: The character can absorb ley line energy to double the rate of natural healing. To do this, the mage
must concentrate and relax on a ley line, letting the mystic energy fill him and heal him over a period of days. The mage can also
perform an instant rejuvenation on a ley line as often as once every 24 hours, in which after about ten minutes of concentration, he
is completely rested, alert and healed of 20 Hit Points and 20 S.D.C. +1D6 additional Hit Points and 2D6 S.D.C. (or 4D6 M.D.C.
if a Mega-Damage being) per level of experience! Again at no P.P.E. cost, but only possible on a ley line. Note: No P.P.E. or
I.S.P. can be restored this way, only Hit Points and S.D.C.

7. Ley Line Observation Ball: A globe of light, about the size of a soccer ball, can be conjured out of thin air and linked to the
Ley Line Walker like a third eye. The sphere of blue or white light can be directed by its creator to zoom ahead or behind him like
a remote control spy device or familiar. Everything that the ball sees and hears is instantly transmitted to its maker. The sphere
will remain in existence as long as the Ley Line Walker stays within the ley line, or until he dispels it, or until it is destroyed.
Stats for a typical Observation Ball: M.D.C.: One point per level of its creator. Range: Up to 500 feet (152 m) away from its
creator per level of its creator, so a fifth level Ley Line Walker could send his Observation Ball 2500 feet away and a tenth level
mage almost one mile (16 km). Speed: Up to Spd 44 (30 mph/48 km). Bonuses: +3 to dodge. It has no offensive capabilities other
than to buzz onlookers and possibly startle them (not likely). Actions of that sort, however, require the Ley Line Walker to have
line of sight on the ball for him to direct it mentally, each attack/action of the ball counting as one of his own melee actions/attacks.

8. Affinity with Rift & Ley Line Magic: The Spell Invocations known as Rift & Ley Line Magic are most commonly known by
the Ley Line Walker 0.C.C. These spells common to the Ley Linc Walker and although these spells can be important to the
profession, the Ley Line Walker does not start with any at level one (unless a Ley Line Rifter O.C.C.). They are usually acquired
over time.
The Rift & Lev Line Magic spells are: Dimensional Portal (1000), Ley Line Fade (20), Ley Line Ghost (80 or 240), Ley Line
Phantom (40), Ley Line Restoration (800+), Ley Line Resurrection (2000+), Ley Line Shutdown (3000), Ley Line Storm Defense
(180), Ley Line Tendril Bolts (26), Ley Line Time Capsule (15), Ley Line Time Flux (80), Ley Line Transmission (30), Rift to
Limbo (160), Rift Teleportation (200), Rift Triangular Defense System (840), Summon Ley Line Storm (500), Swallowing Rift
Learning them: These spells can be learned by being taught by an elder mage or by communing with the ley line. This can
occur upon reaching a new mystic plateau (new level of experience), in which the character goes off onto a ley line allow and goes
into a meditative trance that last 48 hours. At the end of the trance he knows one of these spells (pick one).
There are two schools of thoughts about Rift & Ley Line Magic. One is the typical Line Walker who feel Ley Line Magic is
useful, but no more important or significant than any other spell invocation. And the smaller camp who feel Ley Line Magic is of
significant and overriding value. This second camp tends to be a silent minority, for they consider themselves to be elitists with
unique and keen insights and whose focus make them special. These mages are Ley Line Rifters who focus on learning all the
spells above and similar energy and dimension types of Invocations (described immediately after the Ley Line Walker O.C.C.).
This focus on ley lines and dimension magic makes them, in effect, specialists in Rift and Ley Line Magic. A mastery of magic
and knowledge that these mages see as a strength and that most Ley Line Walkers and other practitioners of magic regard as shortsighted and limiting.

9. Ley Line Force Field: The Ley Line Walker can also put in place an energy field reminiscent of the Armor of Ithan around
himself whenever he’s on a ley line. This extra bit of protection provides 20 M.D.C. +2 M.D.C. per level of its creator’s
experience. It costs the mage 10 P.P.E. to create/summon it initially, but once it is in place it remains up for the entire time he
remains on the ley line or until he dispels it. lfthe Ley Line Force Field is destroyed, it will regenerate at full strength at the start of
the next melee round! Note: Having the force field up and in place draws upon halfthe ambient P.P.E. of the ley line normally
available (20 P.P.E.) to the Ley Line Walker per melee round. Energy the mage often draws upon to supplement his own spell
casting. This could be a problem in a combat situation and require the character to drop his protective field to tap more energy.

10. Initial Spell Knowledge: In addition to the ley line powers, the Ley Line Walker is a master of spell magic (tends to avoid
ritual magic, but can perform rituals if so needed). At level one experience, players may select any three spells from each magic
Level 1-4, for a total of 12 spells (three from each). Each additional level of experience, the character will be able to figure
out/select one new spell equal to his own level of achievement/experience. So a 4th level Ley Line Walker can select one new
spell from level four, or from levels one, two or three (not one from each).

11. Learning New Spells. Additional spells and rituals of any magic level can be learned and or purchased at any time regardless
of the character’s experience level.

12. P.P.E.: Like all practitioners ofmagic, the l.ey Line Walker is a living battery of mystic energy. He draws upon that energy
reserve to cast his spells and use magic. The Line Walker has the greatest amount of permanent P.P.E. of all mortal practitioners
of magic. Permanent Base P.P.E.: 3D6xl0+20 added to the character‘s P.E. attribute number to start. Plus an additional 3D6 P.P.E.
per each additional level of experience starting at level two.
Supplemental P.P.E.: The Ley Line Walker can also draw an extra 20 P.P.E. per melee round when on a ley line and 40 when
at a ley line nexus point! P.P.E. can also be stolen from living creatures and people by killing them (hence rituals involving human
sacrifices) because their P.P.E. is doubled at the moment of death! However, a character of good or Unprincipled alignment would
never do such a thing (except possibly under the most extreme circumstance). People can also willingly give up a portion of their
P.P.E (See Rift Magic Reference).
P.P.E. Recovery: For the Ley Line Walker, spent P.P.E. recovers at a rate of seven points per hour of sleep or rest. Meditation
restores P.P.E. at 15 per hour of meditation and is equal to one hour of sleep for this character when it comes to recovery from
fatigue and physical rest.

13. O.C.C. Bonuses: +1D4 on any one Mental attribute (I.Q., M.E. or M.A..). +4 to save vs Horror Factor, +2 to save vs
possession and mind control. +3 to save vs curses, +1 to save vs magic at levels three, six. nine. eleven and fourteen, +1 to spell
strength (the number others must save against when you cast a spell) at levels 3, 7, 10, and 13. +1 on Perception Rolls at levels 2,
5, 7, 10, and 13; double when on a ley line.

Ley Line Walker Concealed Armor

Stats for Concealed Ley Line Walker Armor:
Medium Armor: 66 M.D.C. main body; arms typically have 11-18 M.D.C., legs have 22-28 M.D.C.; -5% to Prowl,
Climb, Swimming and other physical skills.

O.C.C Skills:

O.C.C. Skills:
Language: Russian 98%.
Language: English 96% (5%/lvl)
Language: Spanish 98% (5%/lvl)
Climbing: 93% (+5%/lvl)
- Rapelling:
Math: Basic: 81%(+5%/lvl)
Land Navigation:62% (+4%/lvl)
Wilderness Survival: 66%(5%/lvl) (+10%)
Pilot: Motorcycles & Snowmobiles 82%(4%/lvl)
Lore: Cattle and Animals 56%(5%/lvl)
Lore: Ley-lines/ Geomancy 51%(5%/lvl)
Lore: Religion 56%(5%/lvl)
Lore: Phsycics 56%(5%/lvl)
Lore: Demons and Monsters: 71%(5%/lvl)
Lore: Astral 56%(5%/lvl)
Hand to Hand: Basic

O.C.C Related Skills:
- Sense Balance: 98%(5%/lvl)
- Walk Tightrope/High wire: 78%(3%/lvl)
- Backflip: 98% (5%/lvl)
- Prowl: 35%
Botany 51%(5%/lvl)
Use & Recognize Poisons: 42%(4%/lvl)
Massage: 76%(5%/lvl)
Lore: Magic 51% (5%/lvl already added in)
- Recognize: Wards, Runes and circles 41% (5%/lvl)
- Recognize Enchantments: 36% (5%/lvl)

Secondary Skills:
- Work Parallel Bars & Rings 78%(3%/lvl)
- Clib Rope: 84%(2%/lvl)
WP Energy Pistol
WP Energy Rifle
Body Building
Dance: 95%(6%/lvl)
Seduction 68%(3%/lvl) upto 2 targets seduced (3rd lvl)

Credits and acquired Gear:
Credits: 2000
Black Market: 10000

K-E4 Plasma Ejector
A heavy energy weapon inspired by designs from the people at Northern Gun. Like most of their weapons, the K-E4 is a bit heavy and has below average range capability. Comes equipped with telescopic sight; can be fitted with any optic system.
Weight: 12 Ibs (5.4 kg)
Mega-Damage: 6D6 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Standard, see Modern Weapon Proficiency Section.
Maximum Effective Range: 2000 feet (610 m)
Payload: 20 shots standard clip or 30 shots long E-Clip.
Market Price: 60,000 credits. Good availability
3 Long E-Clips

The Starfire pistol is a sleek, elegant weapon designed to appeal to the wealthy more than your typical mercenary. Despite this, the weapon has become very popular.
Weight: 2 lbs.
Mega Damage: 3d6 MD per energy bolt
Rate of Fire: Single shots only
Effective Range: 1000 feet
Payload: 12 shots per PPE Clip
Bonus: +1 to Strike
Black Market Cost: 80,000 credits
2 E-Clips

Level 1

1) Thunderclap
2) See the Invisible
3) Death Trance
4) Blinding Flash

Level 2

1) Turn Dead
2) Fear
3) Shatter
4) Cloak of Darkness

Level 3

1) Armor of Ithan
2) Breathe without air
3) Light Healing

Level 4

1) Cure Minor Disorders
2) Fire Bolt
3) Fireblast
4) Energy Field
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