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Dice Rifts Adventure OOC



Four Thousand Club
No recommendations on my end, I believe. They're all either present, or too short on time. As for Dann's suggestions: jaydude doesn't ring a bell right now, though I've seen the name around, but the other three left good impressions. Don't think that there's necessarily a need for more players, but there aren't any objections for those four if they fancy joining us.


Four Thousand Club
For what it's worth, I concur with Sil. All four are good people, and I have no objection to them joining if they have the time. Overall, I don't feel a need to add more if everyone ends up busy though.


Luna's Concubine
Thank you all for your feedback. I will ponder my options, but at the moment, I will keep the game running as is, and not send out any feelers to see if any would like to join in.


Luna's Concubine
So you don't want new folks in now? Okay! Game on! =)
I was thinking that we may be in need of a new body with us, but I am not going to force everyone to accept a new player if the general consensus is that we are fine with the numbers that we currently have.

Don't mind me. It was just a general feeler post to see what everyone thought of the idea. Carry on!


Kaerri's Man. =)
Heya folks!

Okies, let's beat this dead horse again for the chance at a heartbeat. It's been months since we've gotten it and this stuff still isn't divided, or is it? I'm not looking for reasons it hasn't been done - I just want it out of my head, one way or another, please. Can we just take what we're not using and convert it to cash? What are we doing? Speaking only for myself, once I know, I can better focus on the Lone Star mission we've got ahead of us, but as it stands, I think it would be kind of dumb for us to not have divvied up, converted to cash, and spent some of that cash in preparation for taking on part of a major Coalition base.

How about you? What'cha thinkin'?

I've added "The Fraggle Rock Sword" and the Bowl of the Winds to Snowy's Character Sheet, the first as a personal item, the second as a Party item.

The Tech Department
6 Glitter Boy Type 7 suits - Daisy, Snowfall (would like 1), Eron? 1 Snowfall?
2 Triax Ulti-Max Powered Armor
4 Hunter Mobile Gun Assault Mecha
2 X-545 Super Hunters
"Along with the powered suits and the mecha, there are a number of different hover vehicles, including jet bikes and hover cars and trucks."

The Magic Department
Anti-Magic Device - Daisy
Splugorth Staff of Power - Terra
Sword 1 - Manannán Mac Lir's sword of Truth - Fragarach - Snowfall
Looking over the swords, the first looks to be a Roman Gladius, but a closer look shows that it is covered in Celtic runes, marking it as having an Irish or Scottish origin. Like other blades of this design, it is a heavy weapon that is good for chopping and thrusting, but lacking the same finesse as a lighter blade.

Looking at the gladius first, there is an inscription on the blade written in old Celtic of just one word: Truth. It does not take Zephiron long to be able to remember a hint of lore, telling you that this blade is Fragarach, the Sword of Manannán Mac lir, one of gods of the Tuatha De Danan of the Celtic pantheon. This blade has served many great heroes over the years, and besides having the traits of a lesser rune weapon, Fragarach has one other unique ability: When the blade is pressed against the neck of a person, demon or god, they cannot tell a lie.

In addition to its earlier posted ability of preventing someone of telling a lie, it will do 5d6 MD in a melee strike, provides a +1 to all Saving Throws, and it is semi-intelligent and is able to communicate with its wielder with feelings and emotions.

Sword 2 - The demon-slaying, good-aligned, very-intelligent, psychic-power-providing mostly otherwise normal longsword. =) Zephiron
The second is a traditional longsword. Well balanced, it is designed to be wielded with one or two hands.

The longsword is also a minor rune weapon, one that can only be used by a person of good alignment. It is a demon slayer, doing extra damage to their ilk. Certainly not something that Salnesh would want hanging around.

Despite its rather simple appearance, the second sword has a few nice goodies to it. It will inflict 5d6 MD in melee, but does 10d6 to demons, provides the same +1 to all Saving Throws, and it possess psionic abilities of all Sensitive and Physical abilities, plus these three Super Psi powers: Hydrokinesis, Electrokinesis, and Mind Block Auto Defense. It has a battery of 100 ISP to fuel its powers and is highly intelligent.

Sword 3 (which I'm calling Valere's Greatsword until someone else comes along with a better name - "Sword 3" is just... bleh. =) ) - Eron?
The third sword doesn't look to be very well balanced, but it is certainly heavy enough to be considered a two-handed greatsword. Made with fine golden metal, it seems to glow in the sunlight.

The third weapon is also covered in runes, with the inscription with the word in old Dragonese: Valere. With that hint, both Terra and Zephiron both know that Valere was the name of a dragon from a very long time ago, one that was a master craftsman of fine weapons. The pinnacle of his career was a large sword that, in addition to being a powerful rune weapon, could change shape and size. It can go from being a massive two-handed blade down to a tiny penknife! But that's not all. It also provides the wielder an extra level of protection (basically extra MDC) and can sense beings of supernatural evil around it, no matter what form they try to shapeshift into.

Does 5d6 MD, provides the same +1 to all Saving Throws, gives the wielder a bonus of 50 MDC when in combat up to 1x per day for a duration of 10 minutes, and glows red in the presence of supernatural evil with a sensing range of 50 feet.

Miscellaneous and Party Items
The cache of gemstones is in the 10-25 million credit range, depending on where you go to find a buyer. Evenly distribute between the 5 of us?

The Bowl of Winds - Party Item
There have been only three of these bowls made, and the Kitsune believes that you are all looking at a Bowl of the Winds. If it is truly one of the three, it is a powerful item capable of manipulating the weather! It can perform simple changes quite easily, such as making a light rainfall come down in the middle of a cloudy day. But it can do much more than that. Given enough time to prep the surrounding area, it can whip up tornados and hurricanes just as easily as a blizzard or a drought.

But, be warned. Without a full understanding of just what you are doing, it is possible that you could cause disruptions in the weather all around you that can take years to straighten out. Truly a powerful item.

The Bowl of Winds is something that will take several minutes of time of working the magic into it to get it to work; far longer than any combat would take place. In order to make any changes to the weather, it takes an infusion of 100 PPE to get it to work, and the range of the effects cover an area in miles equal to the level of the person putting the PPE into it. More than one person can donate to the cost, and this has an added benefit of increasing the effective level of radius that the Bowl has, making ritual magic with multiple people very powerful with it.

The garage
All military grade internal combustion engine trucks and jeeps.
4 Hummers
2 large flatbed trucks
4 large panel trucks
4 motorcycles
1 tanker truck
2 semi tractor cabs
10 empty semi trailers


Princess Psychie
I don't want to be greedy, and with my character's Automations and that Staff of Power, I have a good of ass kicking lined up for whatever it is that we decide to take on. But having the credits for the goods doesn't sound bad. We may be able to get a good price for the powered suits once we make the rift jump back to Dweomer, and then be able to split up the credits equally. I have no problem with the current split of goods so far.


Kaerri's Man. =)
Thanks for the quick reply, Psychie. I'm okay with the split, too but I think i'm at a stage that I want to be trading, selling, and buying stuff especially if Brazamal needs us to become something we mostly aren't.


Four Thousand Club
A suit of armor. A shifting sword. A few credits to improve my blade, given the opportunity. Looks pretty good from my perspective, like I've probably mentioned before. Don't think Eron has any use for stuff that doesn't immediately help his fighting, so all those vehicles etc would best be turned into cash from his perspective, I'd say.


Four Thousand Club
When Brazamal realizes that Snowfall has real knowledge of what he is working on and not just talking out your ass, he happily puts you to work assisting in the prep work for the ritual, aiding him in drawing symbols around the mobile fortress to help focus the rift on it when the spell is cast. As all of this is going on, the group of were-jaguars that wish to leave the jungle aid in the work of loading the supplies from the bunker into the fortress, all with Sir Allen's aid and watchful eye. It will not be long before the ritual is ready.

Silanon Silanon , Psychie Psychie and Rykon Rykon What are the three of you doing during this time?
Not entirely certain on this one, but probably studying the effort to generate and manipulate a Rift. Otherwise, likely assisting with any heavy lifting. I'll see if I can get a more thoughtful post out soon in IC.


Kaerri's Man. =)
Psychie Psychie
Terra faces the assembled team and says, "For those that have not had the pleasure of dining at Lord Brazamal's house, I just wish to assure you that he does put on quite a spread." Then, she says to the elder dragon, "Thank you, sir, for the wonderful offer. I look forward to seeing the hospitality of your home once more." She then wonders, With the amazing job we've just done in getting this fortress back to Dweomer, I wonder, what kind of bonus should we expect for this? She grins at the thought, then gathers up her Automations and starts off for the city to the garage where she can park her three toys and not worry about them squishing someone by accident as she walks down the streets of the city.

Now that you have arrived, Brazamal casts a spell to let his assistant Olsen know that everything has been successful in getting you and the fortress to the city, and to have him prepare to have guests arrive. At this time, the elder dragon extends his invitation to all of you to join him for dinner at his home before having you go running wild in the city, doing some shopping for goodies.

Psychster? I am under the impression our team is expected to go to Snazzy Brazzy's Fun House prior to Dweomer?


Four Thousand Club
And here I was certain I had responded already - sorry for the wait, all of you, and thanks for the tag.


Four Thousand Club
In case someone read my post earlier - I changed a thing since I figured it'd work out better this way. It avoids some unwanted confusion now, at least.

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