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Luna's Concubine

Badger Military Strike Vehicle
NG-BAD202 Badger
Military Strike Vehicle
The Badger might be thought of as the super-sized, armored version of the Big Boss ATV or a baby Mountaineer. As with most Northern Gun vehicles, the design team led by Ron Guest, Jacob Healy, Charlie Hughie and Alexander Heck, have created a vehicle with a wide range of applications. Though primarily thought of as a combat vehicle that is a cross between an ATV, APC, and a tank – complete with cannon, secondary weapons and good armor – the Badger can be used to carry small squads of infantry troops or power armor, transport cargo, patrol borders, engage in long-range reconnaissance, or function as an exploration vehicle for adventurers. In fact, it serves all these roles very well.
The Badger has a rail gun and mini-missile launcher in front, clustered right next to each other. For the launcher to fire, the armored lid flips down, missiles are launched and it flips back up to protect the ordnance. The rail gun can move side to side and up and down 30 degrees and provides good defense against enemy ground troops. Of course, the weapon that cannot be missed is the big, tank-style cannon turret on top. It can rotate 360 degrees to fire in all directions,
has a 30 degree up and down arc of fire, and unleashes a considerable amount of damage at long range, especially for a Northern Gun design. Sensor and communication arrays are mounted on the left, next to the armored pilot’s cockpit. The big cannon turret has its own independent gunner, as does the rail gun. The pilot usually launches the missiles.
The Badger, just released in the spring of 109 P.A., has several unique features above and beyond those noted above, most notably its interior design. It has two levels. The lower level is generally left as a wide open cargo bay with bench seating that can rise from the floor and lower into it. The bench seating is for travel with a large adventuring group or a squad of 8-14 infantry or power armor troops with enough room to stretch out and accommodate plenty of field gear. The upper level is a combination sleeping berth and gunners nest. Ceiling height is only 5.5 feet (1.7 m) so most people have to walk around bent over. The 10 individual sleeping berths are similar to those found in the cabs of semi-trucks for long hauls and are little more than a bed and locker, each with a ceiling light, a monitor and mini-computer also in the ceiling for watching movies, listening to music and accessing data files and video from the vehicle. Each berth is enclosed and fairly soundproof, providing some measure of privacy. Five berths are stacked on top of five; all located in the center. A circular walkway/hallway goes entirely around the upper level and there are long window slits showing the outdoors. Each window is covered by combat plexiglass, but in combat the heavy plate shields can slide into place to completely cover them. In the alternative, the plate shielding can slide up, the plexigass windows slide down, and the slits can be used as gun ports; an instant gunners nest from which crew members, onboard troops or passengers can engage the enemy as if they were shooting from a mobile bunker. There is a chair at each gun slit that unfolds and pulls down from the ceiling. (When not used for the chair, the pole functions as a handhold when walking the hall or looking out the windows while the Badger is moving.) Each gunner sits in the chair, supports his rifle on the bottom edge of the gun slit and fires away. There are 10 slits; four in the front, four in the back and one on each side.
This truly unique layout and combination of weapons and mobility have made the Badger an instant hit amongst adventurers, explorers and mercenaries of every stripe. For reasons not quite apparent to anyone, the Badger seems to have tremendous appeal to Crazies who seem to love the vehicle. Then again, Headhunters and Combat Cyborgs also seem quite enamored with the big vehicle. Adventurers and explorers can save themselves 3.5 million credits by leaving off the big top mounted turret (no rooftop cannon). Likewise, they can opt to purchase and add a modular, rear mounted “observation deck/balcony” that attaches to the rear of vehicle. This open-air platform comes with two and a half foot (0.76 m) tall railings, and may function as an observation deck, meeting area, a place to carry additional cargo, or as a weapon platform; two large, heavy weapons or three light to medium weapons can be mounted on the platform and still leave space for 3-4 people to stand. The observation deck is circular platform seven feet (2.1 m) in diameter. Cost of the platform is 230,000 credits. Weapon systems are a separate and extra cost. Of course, some adventurers and explorers sacrifice the interior cargo space of the lower level (9 foot/2.7 m ceilings) to create a living space or laboratories, all at additional cost. The armored pilot’s cockpit is unique too. The pilot sits low in the nose, the co-pilot, communications officer and two gunners above and behind him. Though there are design elements suggesting windows, the standard combat version of the Badger is entirely armor plated and there is a reinforced, inner pilot compartment the same as robot vehicles. If adventurers would prefer, the armor panels can
be removed and plexiglass put into some or all of them; 99% of purchasers pass on plexiglass windows.

Also known as the “Big Bad.”
Model Type: NG-BAD202
Class: All-Terrain Armored Personnel Carrier and Exploration Vehicle.
Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot, one communications specialist, two gunners, and as many as five additional crew members or teammates. 8 power armor units (depending on their size and bulk) or 14 infantry troops can ride comfortably in the lower level cargo compartment, as many as 12 and 20 under cramped conditions.
M.D.C. by Location:
* Gun Slit Plexiglass Windows (10) – 40 each
* Gun Slit Exterior Plate Coverings (10) – 50 each
* Side Door Hatches (2) – 120 each
Ion Cannon Turret (1, top) – 220
* Ion Cannon Independent Sensor Array – 35
* Rail Gun (1, front) – 50
* Mini-Missile Launcher (1, front) – 100
* Headlights (6) – 10 each
* Dual Spotlight (1, left side, front) – 15
* Sensor Sphere (1, left side, front) – 20
* Main Sensor Array & Antenna (1, rear) – 100
* Winches (2, one front and one back) – 20 each
* M.D.C. Armored Wheels (4) – 50 each
Optional Observation Deck (1, rear) – 120
* Reinforced Pilot Compartment – 100
** Main Body – 345
* A single asterisk indicates a small and difficult target to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “Called Shot,” and even then the attacker is -4 to strike.
Destroying one of the wheels reduces the vehicle’s speed by 35%, imposes a driving penalty of -25% and may damage the vehicle more by riding on the rim. Destroying two wheels renders the vehicle immobile until they can be replaced. Requires a Called Shot, same as above.
** Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the vehicle down completely, making it useless.
Ground: 90 mph (144 km) maximum on paved streets, dirt roads, gravel, rocky deserts, grassy plains, shattered roads and rough terrain. Half that speed (or less depending on conditions) on sandy deserts, and driving through water or snow deeper than one foot (0.3 m) up to 10 feet (3 m) deep. Woodland environments and thick underbrush are likely to be impassable by this vehicle unless there is a well-traveled path to take; maximum speed is likely to be less than 10 mph (16 km) if passable at all.
Maximum Range: Unlimited, Solid Oxide and nuclear.
Penalties: None on paved streets, grass, dirt roads, gravel, stony deserts, and shattered roads. -5% to piloting skill on sand and gravel, -10% in mud as deep as two feet (0.6 m). -15% driving through water or snow deeper than five feet (1.5 m) up to 10 feet (3 m) deep, or on ice. Forests and dense vegetation are likely to be impassable. This vehicle can ride across sand dunes and through shallow water.
Flying: None.
Water: Can drive through water up to 10 feet (3 m) deep.
Statistical Data:
Height: 20 feet (6.1 m) tall.
Width: 13 feet (4 m).
Length: 32 feet (9.8 m) front to back. Add 8 feet (2.4 m) if the rear observation deck is purchased. The addition of the deck also provides the option for additional weapon systems or carrying cargo (5 tons).
Weight: 19 tons, empty.
Cargo: The cargo bay inside measures 8 feet (2.4 m) long, 5 feet (1.5 m) wide, and 9 feet (2.7 m) high to the ceiling. On the second floor are the sleeping berths with space for a couple of rifles, two backpacks and a handful of other small items. The cockpit has space for a backpack, canteen and rifle behind each seat. Extra cargo can be strapped down on the observation deck if it was purchased (5 ton maximum weight capacity).
Power System: Solid Oxide or nuclear with a 10 year life.
Cost: 22 million credits nuclear, 19 million Solid Oxide. Reduce price 3.5 million without the ion cannon. Observation deck costs 230,000 credits extra.

Weapon Systems:
1. NG-BAD202 Ion Cannon: The main gun is a massive ion cannon – another new design that is still considered a bit experimental. The big gun is built into a turret able to rotate 360 degrees, but only has a 30 degree up and down arc of fire. The weapon has superior range and decent damage. The turret has its own independent gunner, but in a pinch, can also be fired by the pilot or co-pilot. The gunner sits in the crew compartment, not the turret.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Armor and Anti-Robot.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Monster and Assault.
Range: 4,000 feet (1,219 m).
Mega-Damage: 6D6 M.D. per blast.
Rate of Fire: Each single blast counts as one melee attack.
Payload: Effectively unlimited.

2. NG-BAD203 Rail Gun: The nose gun is a rail gun that faces forward but can be moved 20 degrees in any direction and has a good payload. A dedicated gunner mans this weapon system. The rail gun can move side to side and up and down 30 degrees and provides good defense against enemy ground troops.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Personnel and Assault.
Secondary Purpose: Defense and Anti-Armor.
Range: 4,000 feet (1,219 m).
Mega-Damage: A burst is 40 rounds and inflicts 1D4x10 M.D.; can substitute with special anti-supernatural rounds when applicable.
Rate of Fire: Each burst counts as one melee attack.
Payload: 3,680 rounds for a total of 92 bursts; 1,840 rounds or 46 bursts in each of the two detachable drum magazines (accessed from the sides).

3. NG-BAD204 Mini-Missile Box Launcher: The launcher is located next to the rail gun on the passenger side of the vehicle. To fire, the armored lid flips down, missiles are launched and it flips back up to protect the remaining ordnance inside.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Missile and Anti-Armor.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Monster and Defense.
Range: Varies with type.
Mega-Damage: Varies with type. Standard launcher and payload is mini-missiles. Any type of mini-missile can be used, but standard issue is a mix of 60% high explosive (1D4x10 M.D.), 30% plasma (1D6x10 M.D.) and 10% smoke.
Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two, four or six. Firing a single mini-missile or a volley counts as one melee attack.
Payload: 42 total.

4. Gunners’ Nest (top): As noted in the description, the Badger has a second level with 10 long gun slits. There is even a pull-down chair at each to give the shooter stability to make Aimed/Called Shots when the vehicle is stationary or moving at a slow rate of speed (20 mph/32 km or slower). A second kneeling or hunched over shooter can fit to shoot from the gun ports, but it makes for cramped conditions and adds a -1 penalty to strike for both shooters. Note: Shooting from a fast-moving vehicle is the equivalent of shooting wild without benefit of bonuses to strike. It is very difficult to get an accurate shot off when the vehicle is moving and bouncing.

5. Communications and Sensor Suite (1): Mounted on the back of the Badger is the main communications and sensor array. It contains the sensors, radar, and communications systems, including a long-range communications transmitter and relay dish – 200 mile (320 km) range and capable of transmitting radio and scrambled radio and video transmissions. All sensor systems are advanced, military grade with enhanced radar, sonar and communications systems suitable as a mobile battlefield communications relay station. All data collected by the Badger can be transmitted to other combat vehicles and troops within its range of transmission.
Moreover, transmissions can be “bounced” from one strategically located Badger, Bigfoot robot, or mobile command base, or communications relay tower, etc., to transmit communiques and data over a greater distance. If positioned right, this can create a mobile relay network that can stretch for hundreds, even thousands of miles. This makes the Badger especially valuable to large mercenary companies, armies and defenders of kingdoms and territories with long borders to transmit real-time battlefield information and targets. Likewise, it is handy for groups of adventurers who may have gone off to investigate and explore in two or three smaller groups in different directions. It is no fun being cut off from your teammates in a hostile environment. This alone makes the Badger more than just another combat vehicle.

6. Sensor Systems and Features of Note: All those standard in giant combat robots, plus the following. Note: The cockpit and crew compartments are sealed environmental compartments, the cargo area and second level gunners’ nest are not. The ion turret is not manned, it is operated by an independent gunner in the crew compartment.
a) Enhanced Radar: Can identify and simultaneously track up to 120 different targets. Range: 100 miles (l60 km). Note: Includes an extensive Identify Friend and Foe (IFF) database. This system can identify a target and assign it priority based on known abilities and threat level. Provides bonuses to all combat robots, tanks and power armor within a one mile (1.6 km) radius of the Badger receiving the data transmission: +1 on initiative and +1 to strike. This bonus also applies to the Badger itself.
b) Communications and Data Relay Capabilities: Wideband and directional radio communications system with built-in scrambler that transmits both audio and video from the cockpit, communications suite and battlefield video. Effective range of 200 miles (320 km); one third that range in the mountains, underground, and during storms. Includes the capability of sending and receiving scrambled/coded audio and video transmissions.
c) Tactical Cameras: There are two dashboard-style cameras concealed in the Badger’s nose and another in the spotlight. In addition, there is an advanced camera in the independent sensor array of the main turret, and two in the backup sensor sphere (located on the left side). Each advanced camera has a telescopic lens with 10x magnification (range 2 miles/3.2 km) and a macro lens with 12x magnification, and the sensor sphere camera includes passive nightvision capabilities. The advanced cameras can record 96 hours of video and 8,000 still pictures. The dashboard cameras can record up to 48 hours of footage into memory. Video footage and still images can also be transmitted live to one or more receivers, or stored and sent at a later time. Such footage
is usually used for combat analysis, field studies and combat training.
The camera in the sensor sphere is in a ball-turret and can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees up and down.
d) Dual Spotlight: The pillar-like appendage on the left side of the vehicle is a dual spotlight/searchlight. The top light is a high powered halogen light and the lower light is infrared. Both can move within their housing 20 degrees in all directions, plus the entire light housing can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 45 degrees up
and down. It also has a concealed dashboard-style camera.
e) Optional Observation Deck: A balcony-like platform can be added to the back of the vehicle to serve as an observation deck, additional weapon platform, or for hauling additional cargo (5 ton limit).
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Luna's Concubine
For those that have not been in a Palladium game before, here is a quick rundown of the rules for combat and how I run things in the PbP system.

Everyone gets a number of attack actions that are listed on your sheet. As we go through the combat, I will keep track of how many actions you have used in the fight in a running chart that I will post with each person's action. It will look like this, and will count down the Initiative count for who is next up in the fight:

21 - Mark <====
18 - bad guy 1
15 - bad guy 2
12 - Steve
8 - Mary
7 - bad guy 3

In the example above, Mark has a initiative of 21 and goes first, and the arrow indicates that it is his turn. He declares his first action, and makes a to-hit roll. For sake of saving time, you can also post your damage at this point, and if you hit, I'll mark whichever target you hit with the damage. If you miss, I just disregard the damage to the enemy.

The to-hit roll is a d20. A natural 1-4 is a automatic miss, no matter how many bonuses you have, and a '1' is a fumble of some sort, and it can result in you having to clear a jammed weapon or some other effect that is appropriate for the scene and what you are using. On the flipside, a natural 20 is a Critical Strike, and will always hit and do double damage. Some martial arts and combat styles have an extended Critical Strike ranges of 19-20, or even an 18-20. I will do my best to remember which character has this available, but I am juggling a bunch of players here, and in the end, it falls upon you to keep track of what your character can do.

As everyone attacks, I mark off their actions:

21 - Mark [2]
18 - bad guy 1 [2]
15 - bad guy 2 [2]
12 - Steve [1] <====
8 - Mary [1]
7 - bad guy 3 [1]

This shows that everyone has had their first actions, and Mark and bad guys 1 and 2 have used their second attacks, and now Steve is up.

When you are attacked with a ranged weapon, you have the option to dodge the attack. The downside to this is that it uses one of your actions. It can burn through your actions quickly and if you don't watch out, you'll run out of available actions.

In melee combat and you are attacked, you have the added option to parry. The advantage to this is that it doesn't use an action, but Steve with his sword can't quite block a bullet or energy blast, so there are times when the only options are to dodge or let yourself get hit.

21 - Mark [2] <====
18 - bad guy 1 [2]
15 - bad guy 2 [2]
12 - Steve [3]
8 - Mary [2]
7 - bad guy 3 [2]

See how Steve has used up three of his actions and everyone else has only used two? He used one to dodge.

When everyone has used up all of their actions, that round is over and a new one begins.


Luna's Concubine
The four escapees.

"Now, you did ask for some information on the four refugees I am asking you to rescue. First is Habbattar, a elf Stone Master. Second, there is Ragnar, a Dwarven Artificer. He has forgotten more about making artifacts than I have ever known. Third is Mellar. She is a human, and is a rather accomplished Seer. The fourth, well, the fourth is how the others got free, and may be a source of stress to some of you. He is Garran, a Kydian. Also known as a Overlord. He has rejected the rule of his masters and has decided to make a run for it. Garran is one of the very few members of his race that have ever gone rogue, and his knowledge of the plans of the Splurgoth will be invaluable."


Luna's Concubine
Items that I am introducing to the game:
In a old Pathfinder game I was in, or Storyteller was taking a set of magic items from his old DnD game of magic crystals that could be attached to a weapon to give it an elemental property of either fire, acid, electricity or cold. I will allow Gradicus to get some of these to boost your sword performance. These crystals came in three strengths, so I'll give you the choice of the same here.

The cheapest crystal will cost 500,000 and add an additional 3d6 MD damage to a weapon.
Next level up will be 1,500,000 and that will boost your damage by 6d6 MD.
The highest level will be 5,000,000 and increase your damage by 1d4x10 +10 MD.

PPE Batteries are a rare commodity, but the one place you can get them is in the Federation of Magic. I will assign a cost of 750,000 for a 50 PPE rechargeable battery, and 2,000,000 for a 100 PPE battery.


Luna's Concubine
New Psionic Powers
The following new psionic powers may be added to the existing the psionic power lists in the Rifts® RPG main book (page 115) and the Rifts® Game Master Guide (page 85). All are available to any psionic character classes (R.C.C, or P.C.C.) with normal restrictions and the Game Master's approval.

New Psionic Powers List

Physical Powers
Enhanced Reflexes
Resist Damage
Resist Energy
Resist Magic
Resist Psionics
Strength of Mind

Healing Powers
Psionic Purge
Restore Memory

Sensitive Powers
Clairvoyant Prediction
Enhanced Perception
Extended Presence Sense
Mind's Eye Psionic
Seeking Sense Psionics
Sense Supernatural

Super Psionic Powers
Alter Memory
Alter Personality
Cause Hallucination
Empathy: Superior
Hypnotic Control Induce
Amnesia Induce Insanity
Mentally Control Others
Psionic Blast Shared
Perception Telekinetic
Blast Telekinetic Force
Telekinetic Shockwave
Telepathic Suggestion
Telepathy: Superior

Healing Psionic Powers
Range: Touch. Duration:
Permanent. I.S.P.: 10
Psionic Purge is an ability that the psychic can use to purge the effects of psionics placed on an individual. To use this power the psychic must put the person to be purged into a trance-like meditative state (which will take 1D4 minutes). After the patient is in the open and relaxed state the psychic will spend another few minutes (1D4 minutes) purging the patient's mind and body. In this long, ritual-like ceremony the psychic removes/cancels the effects of any long-term psionic control/command.
Hypnotic Suggestion, Bio-Manipuiation, Mental Illusion, Induced Nightmare, or non-permanent psionic-induced insanity for the cost of 10 I.S.P. per effect. This ability does not drive out possessing psychics/entities (that requires Exorcism), restore memory that has been altered, or remove Mind Blocks, nor does it heal damage caused by physical psionic attacks (such as Pyrokinesis or Psi-Sword).
Range: Touch. Duration:
Permanent. I.S.P.: 12
This is a simple but useful power that can restore a small block of memory lost earlier due to natural causes, aging/disease, physical or mental trauma, magic, or psionics. The memory that is restored can be any single skill, event, or part of the patient's personality. Multiple or total memory loss or Mind Wipe must be restored one skill, event, memory, etc. at a time.

Physical Psionic Powers

Range: Self.
Duration: Two minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 10
When a psychic uses this ability, he greatly enhances his mind-body connection, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. This power allows the psychic to be more agile and aware of his body. For the duration that this power is in use, the psychic gains the following bonuses: +1 attack per melee, +3 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge. +2 to P.P. (adding further bonuses to strike/parry/dodge if boosted to 16 or higher), and +15% to all Physical skills that rely on coordination or balance.
Range: Self.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 25
The psychic using this power toughens all tissue in his entire body and generates a minor biofeedback field that absorbs damage. When in effect, the psychic only takes half damage from any fall, impact, punch, bullet, or energy attack, even if the damage is magic or psionic. Even damage that goes directly to Hit Points is halved. Furthermore, the biofeedback field absorbs the first 5 S.D.C. or Hit Points of damage from each attack. This damage resistance does not apply to anything the character is carrying.
Range: Self.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 15
A very useful power for psychics. Resist Magic provides excellent protection from all forms of magic. When active, this power reduces the damage, effects, and duration of all magic affecting the psychic, by half. This power also grants a bonus of +3 to save vs all magic.
Range: Self.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 8
This power reduces the damage to the psychic from any form of energy attack, by one half. This can include lasers, plasma, particle beams, psionic energy, and magic energy. This energy resistance does not apply to anything the character is wearing or carrying.
Range: Self.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 10
Similar to, but more extensive than Mind Block, this power helps protect the psychic from psionic attacks. Resist Psionics disrupts all psionic energy in and around the psychic. This psionic disruption also means that the character cannot activate any of his own powers, and any that were active are immediately cancelled. While this power is active, the character's aura cannot be read, all Empathy and Telepathy is prevented, all damage from psionic attacks is halved, all effects of psionics are halved, the duration of psionics affecting the character is halved, and the character is +3 to save vs all psionic attacks. While the psychic is using this power, anyone trying to track him with any type of psionic power will be at -30% and will only be able to sense him from half the normal distance. This protection will block and reduce all helpful psionics, as well. If the character was already under the influence of a psionic power when he activates Resist Psionics he gets to roll to save against that psionic power again. If he saves the second time, then the duration and effects are both reduced by half.
Range: Self.
Duration: Two minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 10
This power is as much mind over matter as it is an actual boost to the body's physical capabilities. The psychic is empowered with supernatural strength and endurance by "willing" the body to be stronger and focusing psionic energy directly into the muscles. The psychic gains bonuses of+10 to P.S., +5 to P.E., and +20 S.D.C. for the duration of this ability. The supernatural strength does not give the psychic the ability to inflict Mega-Damage with punches or kicks, but it does instill the power to lift and carry the same as a supernatural creature.

Sensitive Psionic Powers

Range: Self.
Duration: Instant.
I.S.P.: 4
Base Chance of Prediction: 62% +2% per level of experience.
This unique power is a simple form of Clairvoyance that is used to guess the outcome of simple events or decisions. This power will give the psychic a feeling of the most probable outcome for simple events, such as the outcome of a roll of the dice, coin flip, contest, or decision someone will make. If the odds of an outcome or decision are one in ten or better, the psychic rolls on the base prediction roll (above) to predict the correct outcome. If the odds are 1/1 to 1/100, the psychic is -5%, 1/101 to 1/1000, they are -15%, 1/1001 to 1/5000, -45%, and any event with odds worse than 1/5000 is -65%. sleight-of-hand, etc.). The psionic power provides the psychic with a +3 to Perception, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, and a +10% to any skill that relies on any of the basic senses (such as Intelligence, Tracking, or certain Physical skills like Juggling or Prowl).
Range: Self, 20 feet (6.1 m) plus 5 feet (1.5 m) per level of experience.
Duration: Two minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 8 Base Skill: 50% +3% per level of experience.
As the name implies, this power is an extended version of the Sensitive psionic power of Presence Sense, increasing the psychic's sensory perception at the expense of sensing range. While this power reduces the actual range of sensing (compared to the Presence Sense ability), it does increase the psychic's level of sensory detail. This power essentially functions like the standard Presence Sense power, yet also allows the psychic to pinpoint the exact number and location of all sentient beings in the area of effect. Otherwise, this power is identical to the standard ability.
Range: Self, 100 feet (30.5 m) plus 50 feet (15.2 m) per level of experience.
Duration: Two minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 8
Mind's Eye is a sensory power that instills the psychic with radar-like vision. This psionic radar allows the character to see the shape of everything around him. Even people or items concealed through magic (except Invisibility: Superior) can be seen with this radar vision. A psychic using this power suffers no penalties when blinded or in complete darkness. The psychic can sense and interpret the shape, distance, direction, speed, and location of everything around in all directions at an accuracy of 70% +2% per level of experience. While using this power, the character has the following bonuses: +3 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, and cannot be snuck upon or surprised. Heavy rain or smoke greatly hinders this power, negating the bonuses and giving a -30% to interpreting ability.
Range: Self.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 10
This incredible psionic power augments the psychic's physical senses, enhancing his perception. This enhanced state of awareness sharpens all natural senses by 50%, and further enables the psychic to "filter" all of this extra sensory input in order to concentrate on one or a few specific things. While using this ability, the psychic will notice every detail around him down to the slightest motion, sound, scent, and shadow. He will further be likely to notice changes and inconsistencies that might reveal traps, illusions, feints, or tricks.
Range: 1 mile (1.6 km) per level of experience.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 6
With this power the character will be able to sense and possibly find any object or person he desires. The psychic needs to have some knowledge of the person or item he is trying to find. This knowledge can include meeting the person or touching the item in the past, having a picture of the person or item, having an item that belongs to the person he is searching for, or having the owner of the item present. The base chance of finding someone or something is 40% +5% per level of experience. If the character is looking for an item of his own, or a close friend or relative, he gains a +20% to this roll. Even if the character fails the roll to find the person or item, he will be able to sense whether or not the object is within his range.
Range: 100 foot (30.5 m) area.
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 4
Base Skill: 40% +3% per level of experience.
This ability enables the character to sense the use of psionics, tell approximately how close it is, and in what general direction. This power can be used to track the psychic emanations back to their source, with a 40% +3% per level of experience chance of success.
Range: 140 foot (42.7 m) area.
Duration: Two minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 3
Base Skill: 25% +3% per level of experience.
A power similar to the Psi-Stalker's, this enables the psychic to sense and track supernatural creatures. Although the range is greatly lower than a Psi-Stalker's, this can still be a very useful ability. While using this power, the psychic will sense the presence of any type of supernatural creature, including demons, Deevils, Elementals, dragons, and even Entities. Tracking the supernatural using this power is done at a skill of 25% +3% per level of experience.

Super Psionic Powers

Range: Touch.
Duration: One day per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 20
Saving Throw: Standard.
Alter Memory is a powerful method of manipulating someone's mind. With using this power, the psychic must touch the victim's head for about half a melee (seven seconds) to alter a memory. The memory alteration can be a person's face, something someone said, what the victim has seen or heard, or even what happened in a single event. For the psychic to alter a memory, he or she must have prior knowledge of the memory. This can be from the psychic using Mind Bond or some other psionic power, the victim talking about it, or the psychic being present when the event took place. Alternately, the psychic can implant a completely fabricated memory. An inserted memory or manipulated one can be no longer than a ten-minute block of time per level of experience of the psychic.
Range: Touch and verbal suggestion.
Duration: One day per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 30
Saving Throw: Standard.
This powerful mental manipulation ability will temporarily (but potentially significantly) alter the victim's personality. This alteration can be as little as a change in clothing preference or favorite form of entertainment, to a complete change in disposition, and may be used to raise or lower the victim's alignment by one level (such as from Unprincipled to Scrupulous or Anarchist).
Range: 90 feet (27.4 m).
Duration: Varies. I.S.P.:
8 to 20. Saving Throw:
This impressive power gives the psychic the ability to cause others to have hallucinations. The hallucinations can be minor, like seeing a 5-dollar bill as a 100-dollar bill, or a major hallucination like interacting with a person or creature that is not there. Or the psychic could cause a moderate hallucination that he or someone else looks different or is wearing different clothes. The psychic can also cause the individual to believe they are experiencing something that is not really happening, like an earthquake. Someone affected by this power will interact with the hallucination as if it were real. This can include believing they have been injured and acting as if they have that injury. This power is a form of hypnotic suggestion. The psychic must simply verbally state what he wants the victim to experience, and will that experience to manifest in the victim's mind. This could be as simple as handing a clerk at a store a 5-dollar bill while using the power and stating to the victim, "Here, do you have change for a hundred?" If the victim fails his saving throw against this attack, he will see a hundred dollar bill and act accordingly. Or the psychic could say, "Look out! Here comes the demon!" while pointing at the entrance to a room. If the victim fails to make his save vs psionics, he will see a demon come bursting in the door, and he will react as if it were real. After the hallucination is initiated, the psychic may want to manipulate the hallucination beyond what the victim's mind would automatically generate. This can be done to keep the situation under control or manipulate it however the psychic may need. Each time the psychic modifies or directs the hallucination will require the psychic to use a melee action. Minor hallucinations, like making someone believe a small item is different than it really is, cost 8 I.S.P. A moderate hallucination, such as causing someone to believe the psychic is someone else or looks different, cost 14 I.S.P. Causing someone to have a major hallucination, like interacting with a demon, costs 20 I.S.P. The psychic may also cause hallucinations in multiple victims simultaneously. The psychic may affect I person per level of experience. When the psychic attacks multiple victims he must expend I.S.P. for each victim. If the psychic needed to get by a security checkpoint with three guards that could see his ID was not real, then the psychic would need to be at least third level and would have to spend the I.S.P. needed to create the hallucination of a real ID for each of the three (24 I.S.P. total).
Any of the guards that failed to save vs the psionic attack would see the ID as the psychic intended. The duration of the hallucination depends on the situation. If the psychic using this power moves past his range from the victim, the victim's hallucination will automatically end within 1D4 minutes. If someone else who is not seeing the hallucination tells the victim it is not real and has a good explanation for it, the hallucination will end. If something happens in the hallucination that is completely unbelievable, the hallucination will end. If the victim was led to believe that a 5-dollar bill was really a 100-dollar bill, then he will believe that until the next time he looks at the bill after the psychic has left the area, or when someone else tells the victim otherwise. Game Masters, use your discretion.
Range: 30 feet (9.1 m).
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 10
Saving Throw: Standard.
Similar in nature to the magical spell Charismatic Aura, this power enhances the natural charm of the psychic. Empathic Charisma endows the psychic with a limited form of Empathy and Empathic Transmission that helps him to determine the basic mood and desires of people around him. Although the psychic will not be able to fully sense and pinpoint the exact emotions of those around him, it will give the psychic a vague sense of each person's general emotional state. The psychic can also transmit any general emotion to those around him. This transmitted emotion will not change anyone's actual feelings, but may sway them in the direction the psychic wishes. Using Empathic Charisma, the psychic will typically be able to swindle, trick, or con one person or an entire group. This is further enhanced when used in conjunction with other powers, such as Telepathy, Empathy, Empathic Transmission, and Enhanced Perception (see above). For the duration of this ability, the psychic will have his M.A. raised by 1D4+2 points and his P.B. raised by 2 points. The psychic will also have trust/intimidate and charm/impress skills equal to 85% (or the value given by their enhanced M.A. and P.B., whichever is higher). Those who save against Empathic Charisma will not radiate their emotions to the psychic, nor are they influenced the psychic's transmitted emotions or charisma. The psychic is -30% to trust/intimidate and charm/impress skills against those who save.
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) plus 50 feet (15.2 m) per level of experience.
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 8
Saving Throw: Standard.
This is a more powerful Form of Empathy than the lesser Sensitive power. With Empathy: Superior the character can not only sense current surface emotions, but can also sense emotions that are deeper than the current emotional state. The character can find what emotions are attached to anything he desires if the victim fails the saving throw. This means that the character could tell if the victim was afraid of something, angry with someone, hates something or someone, or even what the victim's normal emotional state is. If the emotion the character is sensing is something really strong, they may see a glimpse of or hear part of the memory associated with that emotion (60% +3% per level chance). Sometimes the character will be able to sense the victim's true feelings, when the victim doesn't even realize what those feelings are. A saving throw should be rolled for each emotion or memory that the character tries to read. The character can make one attempt to sense deep emotions from a victim for each attack per melee. This power can be incredibly useful for interrogation.
Range: 12 feet (3.7 m), with eye contact.
Duration: 2D6 melees.
I.S.P.: 20
Saving Throw: Standard.
Used by psychics to turn victims into dazed "zombies," the victim of this power falls into a deep hypnotic state wherein they are easy to manipulate and command. The victim of the Hypnotic Control will obey almost any command given to him/her by the psychic. To use this power the psychic must make (and maintain) eye contact for at least one melee round. During this melee the psychic can be actively "performing" hypnotizing actions (such as swinging a weight on a chain, chanting, or acting) or simply be making small talk or an actual conversation. The victim who fails their saving throw will seem dazed and "zombie-like" to those who see him in the hypnotized state. Those who know the victim will immediately realize that he is not acting quite himself. Once in this hypnotic state, the victim will obey almost any command the psychic gives (verbally, visually, or telepathically) as long as the command is not drastically against his alignment. Also, those in this state will have a -2 to save against any other psionic attacks from the controlling psychic (including "extensions" of the Hypnotic Control), but will be immune to all forms of mind control from anyone else. Furthermore, the victim will perform all skills at - 20%. The victim loses half of their attacks per melee, all combat actions are at -3, and the victim is unable to take any independent actions or make any independent decision (making the hypnotized victim unable to perform any but the most simple of tasks). Powers or spells that require little or no cognizant thought can be used by the victim at the controlling psychic's command, assuming the psychic knows that the character possesses the power(s). The victim will clearly remember everything that happens during this time. This can sometimes lead to severe mental trauma, depending on the actions the controlling psychic takes with the victim's body.
Range: Touch.
Duration: 1D4 days per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 10 to 30 (see description below).
Saving Throw: Standard.
This power is similar to, but not as drastic as Mind Wipe. With this power the psychic simply must touch the victim's head and "suggest" that they forget some block of memory. This memory block can be as little as one skill or a memory of a single event, to as great as full amnesia. A minor loss of memory only costs 10 I.S.P. The psychic may cause the victim to forget a large block of time (up to months or years) or the majority of their skills for a cost of 20 I.S.P. If the psychic expends 30 I.S.P. he may make the victim forget their entire life, all their skills, or even their personality. In all cases the victim will never be able to remember what caused their memory loss. During the amnesia (duration of the power), the character will feel as though he is forgetting something and may even have blurred glimpses of the forgotten memories. Under extreme circumstances, the character may even be able to use a forgotten skill that is critical at that moment.
Range: 10 feet (3 m) and verbal suggestion.
Duration: 1D4 days per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 30
Saving Throw: Standard.
Another terrifying mental manipulation power that temporarily causes the victim to suffer insanity. The insanity induced can be one of the psychic's choice, or a random insanity (roll on the optional random insanity table on page 19 of the Rifts® RPC.
Range: 30 feet (9.1 m) +10 feet (3 m) per level of experience.
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 40
Saving Throw: Standard (animals are at -4 to save).
This terrifying power allows the psychic to take control of another person's (or animal's) body like a living puppet. Like the Mentally Posses Others power the psychic is able to see, hear, and speak from the victim's body as if he possessed it, yet the control is indirect as if by "remote control" rather than actually commanding the body from within. This power takes most of the psychic's attention to perform: reduce all combat bonuses by 50% and the controlling psychic must divide his attacks between his and the victim's body — e.g. a psychic with four attacks per melee has four attacks to divide between himself and the "puppet" victim (2/2, 1/3, etc.), regardless of how many attacks the victim had originally. Like the Mentally Possess Others power, the psychic controls only the body, and is unable to access the thoughts, knowledge, or memories of the victim with this power. The controlled victim is still conscious, but in a dazed state. He sees and hears everything his controlled body does as if he is in a dream state, and will remember most of what happened. This can sometimes lead to severe mental trauma, depending on the actions the controlling psychic takes with the victim's body.
Range: 50 feet (15.2 m) +10 feet (3 m) per level.
Duration: Varies.
I.S.P.: 30
Saving Throw: Standard, and a dodge of 16.
This devastating attack causes neural damage and hemorrhaging in the brain. The psychic using this attack fires tendrils of psionic energy from his hands or eyes at the intended victim. If the victim fails to dodge, a jolt of destructive psionic energy ripples through his body and brain. The energy disrupts and damages the nervous system as it ripples through the victim. When the destructive energy reaches the brain it attacks the its tissue, causing severe pain, disorientation, and temporary memory loss. If the victim is struck by the bolt of energy and makes a save vs psionics, then he only suffers 1D4 damage directly to Hit Points, -1 on all combat actions and attacks per melee for 1D4 melees. If the victim fails to save vs the psionic attack, he suffers 1D6 damage directly to Hit Points per level of the psychic, all combat actions are -4, the victim loses half of his melee attacks, has a throbbing headache for an hour (-30% to all skills), and forgets 1D4 random skills, psionics, or spells (G.M.'s discretion) for 1 day per level of the psychic. The psionic energy can even pass through environmental armor. If the victim is wearing an exoskeleton armor, the Psionic Blast can penetrate the armor but only does half damage. Targets in power armor, a robot or vehicle cannot be affected by this attack.
Range: 120 feet (36.6 m).
Duration: 1 minute per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 15
Saving Throw: Standard.
This psionic power gives the psychic the ability to share his perception with someone else, or spy on someone else's perception. This sharing of perception includes all sensory input. The other person also perceives whatever the person whose perception is being shared out sees, hears, smells, touches, or tastes. This power can be incredibly useful for spying or sharing information with allies. Victims of this power whose perception is being shared out to the psychic will feel as if someone is watching or looking over their shoulder.
Range: 50 feet (15.2 m) +10 feet (3 m) per level of experience.
Duration: Instant.
I.S.P.: 10 for S.D.C. damage or 20 for Mega-Damage (Rifts® or other M.D.C. campaign worlds only).
Saving Throw: Dodge at -3. Damage: 1D4x10 S.D.C. or 2D6 Mega- Damage (Rifts® or other M.D.C. campaign worlds only).
This impressive power creates a solid but invisible sphere of telekinetic force that is hurled at near supersonic speeds to its target. The psychic needs only to make a general throwing/pushing/hurling motion and is +3 to strike with the Telekinetic Blast (no other bonuses apply). The victim may attempt to dodge the Telekinetic Blast attack if they know that it is coming; all dodge attempts are at a -3 to dodge.
Range: Radius around psychic.
Area of Effect: 5 foot (1.5 m) diameter per level of experience.
Duration: Instant.
I.S.P.: 20
Telekinetic Shockwave is an area effect version of TK Push. This power creates a Shockwave of telekinetic force that emanates from the psychic in all directions like the Shockwave from an explosive detonation. This Shockwave has the rough equivalent strength of P.S. 20 +2 per level of experience of the psychic, and will do 3D6 S.D.C. damage to everyone caught within the radius of the Shockwave. Psychics above first level can reduce the area of effect by increments of five feet (1.5 m), down to a minimum diameter of five feet. In addition to the damage, the TK Shockwave will push most humans three yards/meters away from the psychic, and has an 80% chance of knocking them off their feet. Those weighing more than 300 lbs (135 kg) or who have a Supernatural Strength will only be pushed back one yard/meter, and only have a 20% chance of being knocked down.
Duration: 1 minute per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 10 per 50 lbs (22.5 kg) of force.
Note: This power can only be taken if the psychic has already taken either the Physical or the Super psionic power of Telekinesis. This tetekinetic power is a variation and combination of the Physical psionic powers of Telekinesis and Telekinetic Push, creating focused TK Force on a specific object. Instead of simply lifting or moving an object with telekinesis or adding TK enhancement to a physical blow, this power applies a "hand" of telekinetic force directly to an object. This telekinetic force can be used to push open doors, knock things over, crush/smash things, or squeeze. The psychic can use this power to pin someone's hand to a wall or the ground, hold a door closed, or even strangle someone, assuming their target is fully visible to the naked eye. Just like with other telekinetic powers, the psychic must have a clear view of the area where the TK Force is applied. For example, this power cannot be used to crush someone's throat if their neck is hidden inside body armor, or slam a door in another room. The TK Force can be divided between multiple objects, as many as one object per level of experience of the psychic. Damage from a TK Force crushing attack is 1D4 S.D.C. per melee round for each 50 lbs (22.5 kg) of TK Force applied. If this is a "strangling" crush attack, an additional 1D4 points of damage (direct to Hit Points) is done, per melee, per 50 lbs (22.5 kg). Victims of a strangling attack will normally lose consciousness after their P.E. X 4 in seconds of strangling time.
Range: 80 feel (24.4 m) per level of experience.
Telepathic Suggestion
Range: 60 feet (18.3 m).
Duration: Varies.
I.S.P.: 15
Saving Throw: Standard.
A psychic using this power can implant a powerful suggestive command into someone's mind. Unless the victim saves, he will carry out the command without hesitation. This can be as simple as a few spoken sentences, such as "open that door," or "go to the castle," or more complicated like sending an encrypted message or performing a task or skill. This power can also be used to make the victim drop his weapon or surrender. If the command goes against the character's alignment, the character has a +3 to save vs this power. If the suggestion goes drastically against their alignment or ethics (such as commanding a good aligned character to kill a loved one), the victim automatically saves.
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) plus 50 (15.2 m) feet per level of experience for probe, or 200 feet (61 m) plus 100 feet (30.5 m) per level of experience for two-way communication.
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 8
Saving Throw: Standard.
Just like the lesser Sensitive power of Telepathy, Telepathy: Superior grants the ability to hear surface thoughts, or send and receive telepathic messages. However, this superior form of the power gives the character the ability to read deeper or even subconscious thoughts. If the victim fails the saving throw, the psychic will be able to read thoughts on any subject he wants. This can include passwords, names of contacts, the victim's true name, and even skills. Sometimes (40% +3% per level of experience chance) the character will be even able to see or hear parts of memories associated with the thoughts he is reading from the victim. A saving throw should be rolled for each skill/memory/thought that the character tries to read. The character can make one attempt to pull information from the victim for each attack per melee.


Luna's Concubine
Alternate Boom Gun Rounds
By a careful examination of the Triax Glitter Boy drawing, the barrel width of the Boom Gun can be measured. The drawing is approximately 250 mm in height and the barrel of the boom gun in the drawing is 5 mm in width. The Triax book states that the Glitter Boy is 3 meters tall. Based on that, a barrel width of 60 mm width for the boom gun can be calculated. As well, 60 mm is a reasonable size for the weapon as well.
Laser Guided projectiles are available for Solid Slug, High Explosive, and Plasma rounds and give the round an addition +3 to strike. In Pre-Rifts times there were also G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) guided projectiles but with the elimination of most satellites, these are no longer effective. Warheads are too small for a full guidance system to be mounted in the projectile.

Boom Gun Rounds:

Flechette Round: Most common round used by Glitter Boys and has the advantage over solid slug of being more effective against fast moving targets such as flying power armors and aircraft. While they inflict less damage and have a shorter range, they have a +2 additional bonus to strike fast moving flying targets.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters). Round cannot be fired indirectly
Mega-Damage: 3D6x10
Cost: 200 Credits per unguided round

Solid Slug: The round is a solid dart of ultra dense high strength materials that does massive damage to targets that it hits. Most often when used against heavy armor. Some Glitter Boy pilots prefer this round over the Flechette round due to its greater range, damage, and penetration.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 12,500 feet (3,810 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 22,000 feet (6,705.6 meters).
Mega-Damage: 3D6x10+30 (optional rule is that cannon gets a critical on a natural 18, 19, or 20 due to its high penetration)
Cost: 200 Credits per round per unguided round and 400 Credits per guided round.

High Explosive: The boom gun round is fairly small and is limited on the amount of damage an explosive round can inflict but it can still be a very effective round
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 22,000 feet (6,705.6 meters).
Mega-Damage: 6D6 with a blast radius of 12 feet (3.7 meters).
Cost: 250 Credits per round per unguided round and 450 Credits per guided round.

Plasma Rounds: Use a plasma warhead instead of a high explosive. Inflicts greater damage to a target but not as effective against heat resistant materials.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 22,000 feet (6,705.6 meters).
Mega-Damage: 1D6x10 with a blast radius of 16 feet (4.9 meters)
Cost: 400 Credits per round per unguided round and 600 Credits per guided round.

Extended Range Solid Projectiles: Similar to standard Solid Slug rounds but have a lighter "round' and a rocket booster for increased range.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 15,000 feet (4,572 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 28,000 feet (8,534.4 meters).
Mega-Damage: 3D4x10+20 (optional rule is that cannon gets a critical on a natural 18, 19, or 20 due to its high penetration
Cost: 500 Credits per round per unguided round and 700 Credits per guided round.

Extended Range High Explosive: Similar to standard High Explosive rounds but have a reduced "warhead' and a rocket booster for increased range.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 15,000 feet (4,572 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 28,000 feet (8,534.4 meters).
Mega-Damage: 4D6 with a blast radius of 8 feet (2.4 meters).
Cost: 550 Credits per round per unguided round and 750 Credits per guided round.

Extended Range Plasma Rounds: Similar to standard Plasma but have a reduced "warhead' and a rocket booster for increased range.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 15,000 feet (4,572 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 28,000 feet (8,534.4 meters).
Mega-Damage: 1D4x10 with a blast radius of 12 feet (3.7 meters).
Cost: 600 Credits per round per unguided round and 800 Credits per guided round.

Smoke Rounds: Tear Smoke rounds come in a variety of different colors including grey, white, blue, and red. Smoke is both used for marking targets and for concealment. Gas rounds (Tear Gas, Nerve Gas, Knock Out Gas, ect.) have the same effective radius as smoke rounds. Smoke rounds are rarely guided.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 22,000 feet (6,705.6 meters).
Mega-Damage: None, has an effect radius 20 feet (6.1 meters)
Cost: 150 Credits per round per unguided round and 750 Credits per guided round.

Anti-Vampire Flechette Rounds: An incredibly devastating round against vampires and is much like shotgun shells of the same style. The rounds are also extremely effective against Werewolves and other Were-beings. Several other creatures suffer damage from silver rounds as well.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters). Round cannot be fired indirectly.
Mega-Damage: 2D4x10 MD per round to normal targets and 6D6x10 Hit Points to vampires and vampire intelligences. A flechette from the round will penetrate the heart of a vampire on a 18 through 20 on a normal shot and on a 15 through 20 for a called shot.
Cost: 800 Credits per round per unguided round

Anti-Vampire Explosive Rounds: These boom gun warheads are basically modified fragmentation warheads. The steel warhead casing is replaced by a silver sheet covered wood casing. Because the warhead is mostly wood, it is less expensive than might be expected. It has the standard explosive of a fragmentation warhead. When the warhead explodes, it throws shards of wood all over the blast radius and inflicts heavy damage against vampires. Roll a d 20 for every vampire within the blast radius. Any strike of a natural 18 to 20 means that a shard travels into the heart of the vampire.
Maximum Effective Range: Direct Fire Range of 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters). With the help of the rangefinder, radar, and the computer, can fire rounds indirectly to 22,000 feet (6,705.6 meters).
Mega-Damage: 2D6 M.D.C. to Normal Targets and 1D6x10 HP/M.D.C. against vampires and other targets vulnerable to wooden weapons. Blast radius: 12 feet (3.7 meters).
Cost: 800 Credits per round per unguided round and 1000 Credits per guided round.

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