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Rifts Adventure IC

Dice System


Kaerri's Man. =)
"So maybe we should start heading toward the coastline while, uh, someone teaches us how to properly patch up the outer hull? I'm, uhh, not very handy with that kinda stuff! Heh, heh!" Snowfall grinned sheepishly and put his hands behind his back. He had many talents, but the reparation of technological items was not one of them.


Three Thousand Club
Zephiron gave a room a quick scan before speaking. "I know we're in a territory infested with man-squitos, but you guys didn't find any tasty looking beasts out there did you? We didn't really get to bring a lot of supplies with us that a mechanugget wouldn't keep. Need I remind you how bad they are at making lemonade."

Zephiron stifled the thought of that nasty aftertaste. "Point being, I'm obviously not the one to patch the chrome-fort-crab. Now may not be a bad time to hunt for those us without a knack for metalworking."


Princess Psychie
Terra goes over to her pack and pulls out a water bottle and takes a long drink. "Well, we can patch the hole easy enough. I think that Shaona can help guide us non-techie people along enough to help make the room watertight once more. The problem that I see is what to do with this place. If we try to move it back to Dweomer, we will be moving through some serious amounts of Coalition territory before we can link up with allied forces, and I can say with full certainty that they will not sit idly by as we walk this bad boy through their turf without saying and doing something about it."

She puts the cap back on the water bottle and stuffs it back into her pack. "As much as I hate to say it, we may have to end up stripping what we can from this fortress and destroy it to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. But before we go to that extreme measure, lets see what we can come up with as a possible course to travel once we make landfall once more."


Three Thousand Club
"You'd destroy knowledge that could save entire worlds." It's just one sentence, where there should be hundreds - but how could they really understand, without ever seeing what she has truly access to? They can't - they only have her word for it, and for all the gathered data - it's not been too helpful, thus far. But it might be, one day. There's defiance in her voice, a quiet reproach that this should really be an option. There's got to be something better. "Maybe find a way to make it inaccessible - could try to find an irreplacable piece in the blueprints, something that one could remove. You know, like a key, so that noone else can get access. Then hide the damn thing, and find a path forward from there. If there's no better way, that is. I'd prefer a plan that can't go wrong, and that's getting this thing to a safe place, somehow." Her face says more than the words, perhaps. She'd be the last one to vote for a destruction. "Could try to find a way through their code, too, find a way to shut the thing down so that only we can reactivate it. That'd be tough, though, and time-consuming. The other thing, too." Another proposal, searching for something that sounds like a reliable course of action.

"Repairs aren't the problem, we can figure that out. Just can't control the thing in the meantime, so we'd have to stay in place for a while. Maybe it's best to do that right here and now - before there's an entire trail that someone else could notice. Maybe take the time and get some supplies as well, too." A nod towards Zeph - he's got a point there.

"Any other path, not through the coalition, I mean? Eastern coast?" Back to the real problem at hand. "There's gotta be better ways, right? I mean, all we'd need is a message, and then they open a portal towards our position, right? Or somewhere close, at least. We had the mages to open a portal of the right size, just need to gather them again and tell 'em where they can find us now. Simple as that. Same plan as before, just that we need to contact them somehow." A look over to Snowfall. For all the things she's seen over the last few days, the wise man still knows a lot more about portals. And about many other things, most likely.

She runs her fingers through the green strands of her hair. "I mean, we've got a long way ahead of us. Walking isn't really an option. We don't know of anything nearby that'd help us. It's gotta be portals, or something like that, if we don't want to trudge through the wilderness till we retire."


Three Thousand Club
"Hm... I don't know much about the Coalition, but even a swarm of bugs gets annoying after awhile. If the worst should happen here though, I am still a royal dragon. I know I can heft Daisy in her loud suit normally, so I don't think we will have to worry about hoofin' it down a dusty trail. I say let's stock up on food while Shaona here gets the chrome-crab to wake up and listen to her."

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