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The town Coldwater stands alone on the open prairie looking for fortune where there is none. Its homes were barely lived in and its fields were never tilled. Cattle never grazed on its windswept grasses. It was as quickly abandoned as it was settled and, for a time, remained empty. It is seldom spoken of outside of a whisper, tales of evil spirits and monstrous creatures the master of every story.

Despite this, its importance does not go unnoticed. Coldwater is between worlds, a halfway point for frontiersmen moving west. It is the last great stop before an endless ocean of nothing. The year is 1873 and families again start to arrive at Coldwater, this time to stay.

โ REVERIE.โž

Inspired by western legends, Reverie is a roleplay which centers on a small town called Coldwater. Abandoned under mysterious circumstances, the re-settlement of this town is underway. Three families, their guides and a few strangers have sought to build new lives here among the plains, their efforts sanctioned by the government. Though their journey to Coldwater has been long and hard fought, they have a long ways to go before they can finally call it home. Trouble brews and the mystery remains as to what drove the previous settlers out so many years ago.

This roleplay will include supernatural elements, horror, and violence. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to PM me! I kindly ask that you read through everything first before posting any interest you may have below. Thank you and happy writing!

ONE. First and foremost, follow all of RPN's rules. Due to the mature nature of Reverie's focus, I please ask that those interested in joining be at least 18 yrs of age or older. Though the rp may include period specific themes and ideas, it should be done so respectfully and should not violate any of RPN's rules. If your post is at all triggering, please include the necessary warning labels.

TWO. This rp maintains quality over quantity. Though a 500+ word limit will be required, the length of your post is no where near as important as its content.

THREE. This rp is not first-come, first-serve. In other words, you can apply to the rp but that does not guarantee you a spot. A deadline will be set and on that date the applications are due, they will be reviewed. I will determine which will be accepted. This means that multiple people may apply for one role, but only one of those applications will be accepted.

Though there are fourteen roles available, I will only be accepting around six members. I please ask that you only apply to one role. After the application process is done, the other open roles will become available for rp members.

FOUR. OOC chatter, character and plot planning will primarily be carried out through Discord once the application process is over. Therefore, I please ask that you have an account to join in on those conversations. Thank you!

THE DAWSON FAMILY. They were the first family to arrive at the settlement and have made preparations for the others arrival. They are headed by an older, married couple. Their child and one of the parent's siblings have accompanied them on their travels as well.

THE GRAHAM FAMILY. The Graham couple grew up together but are not officially married. They are younger in age and still learning the ropes. Setting out west is the true start to their relationship. As daunting as it may seem, they may be the most hopeful among the Coldwater residents.

THE MORLEY FAMILY. Comprised of a recently widowed spouse and their two children, they've set out west like the others looking for new beginnings. Struggling with their recent loss, they still remain hopeful about their future.

THE GUIDES. They work together to show frontiersmen the safest path west. They are well versed in its ways. Though they've plans to move on, they've agreed to stay for a while to help the residents settle into their new homes. This duo includes an older fellow and their younger apprentice.

THE LONERS. Three strangers have agreed to journey with the group and settle in Coldwater. It is up to you to decide how they encountered the group and what their plans are in joining them.
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Thanks so much for the interest!
Early morning bump. ^^


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this is AWESOME dude. i'm in!


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Would love to join! So rare to see western mystery in roleplay. I'm interested in the Morley spouse, but am open to other roles as well ๐Ÿค โค


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thank you all for your interest! ^^
i'll get kicking on a CS and temporary OOC page. it should all be posted sometime tomorrow.


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late night bump. โ™ฅ

we've quite the cast in the running. don't hesitate to add your hat to the mix.
it'd be great to see a diverse cast of characters!


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two days until the deadline!
if you need an extension, don't hesitate to pm me.


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the deadline is at midnight tomorrow! if you found this late/are still considering joining, shoot me a pm and we'll work something out. ^^


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the deadline is TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT. if you're still interested in joining or need more time, please let me know. otherwise, this has been so much fun! here's a huge thank you to everyone that has applied. your characters look fantastic. โ™ฅ

i'll be messaging everyone privately tomorrow about their status in the rp. if you've been accepted, the discord chat will be apart of that message.
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Update as of 8/5: 'REVERIE' is accepting applications for Mr. Dawson, the older guide, and the other half of the Graham couple. These positions will remain open till they are filled. If you're accepted and would like to claim another open position, that would be appreciated. Lastly, if you need an idea as to what the cast already looks like, I've provided an updated character list in the spoiler below.
Thank you!

Winifred Dawson (wife, alfred)
Dawson Spouse
Ruth Dawson (daughter, timshel)
Cassandra Dawson (aunt/sister, n/a)
Christian Graves (uncle/brother-in-law, thatnewguy)

Graham Couple
Eleanor Montaigne (jormir)

Leon Morley (father, ultraferal)
Camille Morley (daughter, ultraferal)
Maddy Morley (daughter, ultraferal)

The Older Guide
The Younger Guide (Creek, alfred)

Anna Laurent (loner, draconicheart)
Ramon Torres (loner, thatnewguy)
Lottie Jane (loner, foxgloves)
River Calhoun (timshel)

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