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ah heck.
Reverie Character Creation.
Welcome to Reverie! Before joining, please make sure that you've read through and understand everything on the interest check. Though a lore page is still in the making, you're more than welcome to get started on your characters. The following information is everything that should be included on your form.​
❝ cursory information. ❞

full name
alias(if one can be provided)

❝ visage. ❞

distinguishing features
faceclaim(please provide a rl faceclaim)

❝ history. ❞

extended family

(A brief description of their past endeavors would be appreciated. You can leave this relatively vague till all positions are filled.)

❝ persona. ❞

(A brief introductory paragraph about your character's personality.)

+ traits(4+)
- traits(4+)

❝ skills. ❞

(What can they bring to the settlement? How can they help Coldwater flourish?)
DUE: Midnight EST on July 31st


ah heck.




【full name】— Cecilio Lucas Fontaine
【alias】He's since abandoned his name and only goes by Creek.
【gender】— Cis Male
【age】— 34 years
【sexuality】— He hasn't put much thought into it. He's never been one place long enough to form attachments, to settle down and consider being involved with someone.
【d.o.b./p.o.b.】— December 12th, Illinois
【race/ethnicity】—Spanish American
【role】— The Guide


【physicality】— 5'10" or 177.8 cm; mesomorphic build
【hair】— Brown, wavy and shoulder length; he also sports a closely trimmed beard. On account of him being out-of-town most of the time and quite wary of a man with scissors, his hair grows longer. If he finds himself near a barber, he might pay to have it cut, but that's a gamble.
【eyes】— Soft brown
【skin】— Very fair skin which tends to burn more often than not. Sleeves buttoned to the wrist and wide-rimmed hats make up most of his wardrobe for this reason.
【distinguishing features】
Creek has a very narrow nose and thin lips; his hands are also very calloused. His right hand has a long scar on either side from an injury he received when he was younger.
【ailments】— Subjective tinnitus which comes and goes; chronic pain in his left shoulder caused by three separate dislocations.
【attire】— Most of Creek's attire tends to be very practical--heavy flannels, work pants, and suspenders. Over his shirt he might wear a worn, black waist coat and a jacket(duster or wool depending on the weather). He carries a large hunting knife on his hip and wears a grey bandana about his neck to don when the wind picks up or the sun becomes too much.
【faceclaim】Yon González


【parents】— Mateo & Isabella Fontaine
【siblings】— Miguel (older brother)
【friends】— (older guide tba), his horse Apple

Shivering violently in the pouring rain, Creek scoffed, the breath leaving his lungs in a white cloud. "My father was a debtor, my mother lost herself in a bottle, and my brother was beat to death outside a saloon for cheating at poker. All things considered... This isn't half bad." Hugging himself tighter under their canvas tent, he smirked and gritted his teeth against the cold.

Born unlucky, Creek is no stranger to bad news. It ran in his family like a cancer, eating all the kindness they had to give. He was brought up hard and grew up mean, resentful of the rich and well-mannered. His brother beat him down till he learned how to push back; his parents left him young. From an early age, he was living off the streets, sleeping under wagons and begging for coin. He was in his late teens when he left home for good, hitching a ride out west on a caravan. They made it far enough and he staid for a time on some no-name ranch, working long hours in exchange for food and a place to sleep in their barn.

Sheer boredom drove him back east, bouncing him around from town to town till he met a guide that would take him back out west. He joined the man and his enterprise, showing the weary a safer path. Since his start, he's been on four separate expeditions.


Creek is nothing if not simple. His words are plain-spoken and intentions quite clear. He prides himself in being as straightforward with an individual as possible. Once upon a time, he might have given two shits about another's feelings but it's less so now, his sympathy for the living waning by the day. Believing everyone to be motived by their own self-interests, he's taken it upon himself to do the same. Though that means he isn't motived by much, he does his best to make due, to keep on moving despite the desire to quit everything in its entirety.

【+ traits】— calm(not easily surprised), contemplative(never one to rush in or act spontaneously), earnest, rational
【- traits】— uncompromisingly forthright, cynical, callous, impatient
【likes】— he's quite close to his horse Apple and enjoys taking care of her, fresh brewed coffee, cool nights, the open prairie, good food
【dislikes】— towns, the overly emotional and uninteresting, rain, wet clothes/boots, poker & gambling, idleness
【fears】— Humiliation, being humiliated. He might not think much of people, but he hates the look of broken pride on just about anyone. He fears dying without dignity.
【goals】— The only goal he's set his mind to is learning how to read. He's no intentions of hitching up with someone and settling down. He could care less about owning land. Creek has little ambition and would rather keep his options open.
【habits】— He has a way of carrying his rifle as if he's cradling a child, across his chest with one arm under it and the other in front, gripping his other elbow.


Creek can live off the land, make due and survive in even the harshest of environments. He's an excellent tracker and well enough shot with a rifle, something of a sharpshooter when it comes to distance. He responds quickly in high-stress situations and is well adapted to combative scenarios.Should the need ever arise, he can defend himself and others quite well.

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Anna "Surefire" Laurent.

❝cursory information.❞
【name】 — anna jean laurent.
【alias】 — "surefire".
【gender】 — cis female.
【age】 — 26.
【sexuality】 — bisexual.
【d.o.b./p.o.b.】 — may 21st, Indiana.
【race/ethnicity】 — white, Louisianan-French.
【role】 — the loner.

【physicality】 — slender, yet muscular. 5'6".
【hair】 — brown, often tied up in a bun.
【eyes】] — hazel, piercing.
【skin】 — fair, but slightly tanned and has some freckles.
【distinguishing features】 — other than a few scars here and there, none really - except one might be struck by her unwavering gaze and the confidence with which she holds herself.
【ailments】 — none physical.
【attire】 — she dresses for practicality rather than impressing. breathable long sleeved button-down shirt tucked into pants, in turn tucked into her boots, with a cowboy hat often found atop her head and her dad's Winchester rifle slung across her back.
【faceclaim】 — Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey.

【parents】 — Maribelle Laurent (mother, deceased); Christopher Adrien Laurent (father, deceased).
【siblings】 — none.
【friends】 — currently: none.
【foes】 — The Law, mostly. various shady criminal organizations and whomever else she's robbed from and/or threatened.
【extended family】 — none.

As two young lovers whose parents in Louisiana hadn't approved of their union, Maribelle and Christopher Laurent had made the long move to Indiana to start a farm and a life together far away from the judgmental eyes of their family - a plan that was shattered when Maribelle died in childbirth to their first and only daughter. Nonetheless, Christopher tried his best to raise Anna by himself, and despite the stress of running a cattle farm and raising a child in solitude, Anna cannot think of an unhappy moment growing up and still looks back on this time fondly.
When she was 19, however, her father grew ill and came to pass as well, this time leaving her fully alone - and in massive debt; unbeknownst to her, to help keep the farm afloat while also taking care of a child, Christopher had taken out a fair amount of loans on the property. Ultimately, with debtors breathing down her neck, after her father's funeral Anna sold the remaining cattle, horses, and the land itself - but even that was not enough to pay back all of her father's debts.
This pressure, coupled with the risk-taking habits she had developed as a hellion teenager, had led to her to turning to a life of petty crime. From robbery to cattle rustling, Anna did anything short of being a hitman to earn a buck. Her headstrong, confident nature and the fact she wouldn't shy away from threatening to shoot anyone who tried to pull her into anything deeper than a heist earned herself the nickname "Surefire".
As the years passed, however, the novelty of this lifestyle wore off. To prevent her heart or promises from being broken, she had steeled herself. This cold detachment from others frankly became a depressing way to live. Upon hearing of a group moving out west to settle in a town called Coldwater, Anna became intrigued with the thought of making a new name for herself...

It would be easy to mistake a longtime-loner like Anna as selfish. She has a habit of bad first impressions, and if one were to stick around long enough they would see she's less like a rock and more like an egg - a hard shell on the outside protecting her true, mushy feelings.

【positive traits】
  • observative:
    • years of being emotionally detached from others has led to her tending to side on the air of caution, preferring to coolly rationalize situations before acting immediately.
  • loyal:
    • once you are able to pierce her shell and get on her good side, anna would want to keep you around as long as possible.
  • confident:
    • she knows she's a capable woman and doesn't search for the approval of others (although - and this is something she doesn't even know about herself yet - she does long for a sense of community).
  • determined:
    • when she is convinced of something, not even a brick wall can get in her way.
【negative traits】
  • hotheaded:
    • while she's a woman who doesn't show much emotion, she doesn't have much patience. press her buttons and she wouldn't shy away from starting a fight.
  • secretive:
    • she has no qualms with determining what people should or shouldn't know, often keeping things as vague as possible.
  • distrusting:
    • similarly, she also tends to disbelieve what people present at face-value. since she herself is not exactly an open book, she tends to be suspicious of others who claim to lay it all out.
  • stubborn:
    • she doesn't tend to believe others at first, instead relying on her own experiences to tell her right from wrong; as such, she tends to believe what she thinks is the right course of action.
【likes】 — playing cards, gambling, bets, strong alcohol, peace and quiet, animals.
【dislikes】 — cheats / scammers, banks, candy, the cold, people who stick their noses into others' business.
【fears】 — being ostracized. her past coming back to haunt her.
【goals】 — to remake herself anew; to live the rest of her life peacefully, and not in a jail cell or on the run.
【habits】 — folding her arms across her chest. frequently wearing a serious poker face. cleans her rifle a lot to fiddle with her hands.

【animal handling】 — having grown up on a cattle farm, Anna is well-versed in the aspects of caring for farm animals, particularly horses and cattle.
【level-headed】 — her cold detachment from others has given her the ability to give moderately-unbiased advice.
【protection】 — she's an intimidating figure, knows how to use a gun, and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty.
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In Town

On a

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fuck therapy i'm becoming a knight
Leon the Lion.
name : Leon Nikolas Morley
alias : Lion
gender : Male
age : 32 years old
sexuality : Bisexual
d.o.b : January 11, 1841
p.ob : Baton Rouge, Louisiana
ethnicity : French, Bulgarian
role : Father of the Morley Family
height : 6'5 (195.58 cm)

physicality : He appears to be herculean on first sight, strappingly brawny in size, athletic defined muscles, tight calves, broad-shouldered, and imposingly tall.

face shape : Diamond shaped, sharp jawline, prominent square chin, with high cheekbones. He has a small but very proportioned and well balanced lips with a defined cupid's bow. He has a aquiline nose shaped nose, a straight nose bridge, and ends with a soft curvy tip.

hair : Golden blonde color, with a soft textured Ivy league haircut, that he either styles with molding paste to be swept back or parted to the side, with a taper fade. Without use of molding paste, his hair is messy, wavey, and without shape. Strong thick eyebrows, with a naturally well defined shaped.

eyes : Dark murky green, with hints of hazel. Intense deeply set, almond shaped eyes, and it looks like he is glaring most the time.

skin : A warm sandy complexion, smooth and tawny.

distinguishing features : He has bulky large hands that are calloused at the palm, with long fingers. Long and light healed scars (slashes) on his chest and back, and small scars on hands, legs, and arms.

attire : Leon's usual wardrobe is rather simplistic, unfussy, well-worn, and tailored clothes. His tops consist of loose fitting long sleeved button up and banned collared shirts in neutral colors. The button of his shirts are usually a few buttons undone, and kept at a loose length, with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He rarely wears a coat or jacket due to how warm blooded he is, but if the weather is especially cold, he will put on his only light brown tweed frock coat. He wears his regular high waist trousers, the fabric of his pants depending solely on the weather. Leon consistently has on old leather y-shaped overalls, but often lets them down to his sides instead of up right when he’s relaxed. He has only two pairs of shoes, his laced brown leather ankle height boots, or his black leather riding long boots. Leon isn’t a fan of buying clothing, and is only comfortable wearing what he knows. Leon also sports a faded brass wrist watch with a dark brown leather band. He has a simple well made wedding ring in a mellow toned yellow gold, with an inscription inside that has initials and a date.

aliments : Extremely lactose intolerant and doesn't have the enzymes to digest vegetables because he has always refused to eat them.

faceclaim : Guy Madison
- positive traits :
+ traits
: He is quiet and private, extremely calm, objectively judgemental, rational and level headed, open minded and accepting, kind and protective, and very honest when asked his opinion on certain matters. He is loyal to the ones he values, understanding, empathetic and will always lend a ear. He is extremely patient with others (especially his children), and physically very strong- he will step into any confrontation without hesitation to protect the less fortunate, innocent people, and the people he cares about.
- negative traits :
- traits
: He comes off as aloof and uninterested by people who don’t know him personally, but he is just a quiet individual. He chooses to distance himself from others and avoids socializing as much as he can. Always deeply absorbed in thoughts, and is not often not paying attention. He is reserved, legatharic, apathetic, and stubborn in how he goes about choosing not change his old ways. He is not very observant to his surroundings, and will miss the obvious going on around him. He doesn’t speak his mind to avoid confrontation with others, and is willing to let things go easily because of this.
- likes : His children, the ocean, fishing, cats, feeding the street cats, making hand-made leather bound books, writing short stories, the countryside, gardens, winter, sleeping, hammocks, flower pressing, chess, swimming, fencing, and archery.
- dislikes : Large crowds, summer, risk-taking, classic literature, messiness, loud noises, wasting food, surprises, riddles, hunting, multitasking, and drama.
- fears : Losing his children, shouting/screaming, and loud noises associated with weapons.
- goals : Teaching, raising, and caring for his children to make sure they grow to be respectable, independent, and smart adults.
- habits : Unknowingly twisting his wedding band on his finger, smoking cigarettes or tobacco from a pipe, and putting his hands in his pockets.

- parents : Lucille and Raphael Morley
- siblings : None (only child)
- wife : Eloise Morley (deceased)
- children : Camille and Madeline
- friends : His kids and the feral cats
- extended family : Father and mother in law


- skills : He is a wise paternal figure, with godly strength, and is well educated in the care of livestock. He's talented at creating and building with what is around him, such as shelter, fire, weapons, and basic materials. He is a very experienced and excellent fisherman and archery, and is self taught in basic first aid due to looking after his clumsy children.

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gods aren’t infallible
— ❝ the loner. ❞

【full name】— Lottie Jane.
【gender】— Female.
【age】— 28.
【sexuality】— Undisclosed and undiscussed.
【d.o.b./p.o.b.】— June 10th, Georgia.
【race/ethnicity】— Armenian-American, though she tries not to disclose this either due to the remarks she gets.
【role】— The Loner.


Lottie is an enigma, but one people like to work at. Cool and somewhat sassy, people tend to flock to her to hear her whisper late at night to them. Although her flirty persona is often one meet, people rarely get a glimpse at her more serious attitude. Her ability to switch from sweet to serious is somewhat scary to most, and often avoided by constantly pleasing her.

【+ traits】Witty, confident, and sassy are all good words to describe Lottie. One can always expect banter when speaking to her, even if they can't keep up. She's also rather intelligent about specific subjects, but only if someone says the right things to her.
【- traits】Despite her initial pleasing personality, Lottie is reserved and aloof when conversation turns towards her personal life. In fact, she can grow harsh and downright insulting to those who don't know when to stop.
【likes】Rum, dancing, and playing the piano.
【dislikes】Large crowds, questions about her past, and gazes that linger too long.
【fears】— There aren't many things that scare Lottie. She'll step on a scorpion with ease, or fire a pistol with confidence. However, there's a rumor that's going around that says she's terrified of swimming.
【goals】— For the moment, it seems Lottie's only goal is to start over and leave her demons behind.
【habits】— When the room grows quiet, Lottie tends to hum a show tune.

【physicality】— Standing around 5'8 without heels, Lottie is rather slim and lean. She doesn't appear to have much muscle mass, but that doesn't stop her from pulling her own.
【hair】— A dark chestnut shade. There's a slight wave to her, thanks to years of her wearing it in curls. Current length rests around her ribs, though she seems keen on cutting it shorter soon.
【eyes】— A pale sea-foam green, with an almost faded look to them.
【skin】— Golden, with little to few blemishes.
【distinguishing features】— Although barely visible in her normal attire thanks to hair, Lottie has a large scar that runs from her left shoulder blade down to her right hip. Don't ask about it.
【ailments】— When left alone, Lottie often finds herself dozing off. Although she wakes up easily, it's a chronic habit.
【attire】— Provocative. With little to no limits, Lottie often finds herself trying to make a statement to fellow residents. Hitched up dresses, laced garters, fancy headpieces. All can be seen on Lottie, no matter the time of day. Although she'll dress more appropriate when the time calls for it, like traveling.
【faceclaim】Angela Sarafyan.

【parents】— Marley and Rosetta Jane, both deceased.
【siblings】— No known siblings.
【friends】— Lottie knows a lot of people who know her, but they aren't exactly friends.
【foes】— Who could hate little Lottie?
【extended family】— None.


Although physical labor isn't her strong suit, Lottie is great behind a bar and even better at crunching numbers. No one knows how to keep a saloon going better than Lottie Jane, and she stands by that.

❝Lottie Jane.❞

"Drink up, sweety," Lottie said to the guest in front of her, smiling to the older man as she poured him another glass. The patron let out a gruff laugh as he grabbed the glass, while another man passed behind Lottie. A smack was heard, Lottie's eyes widening for a moment as laughter followed shortly after. Booze sloshed onto the table in front of her, and despite the rage attempting to overtake her features, Lottie forced a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

The man in front of her laugh again as he downed the drink, turning away from the bar to join a game of poker across the room. Watching him with trained eyes, it wasn't till he threw down his cards that he began to cough. Violently.

No one knows where Lottie came from. Caught in the rain one day on the trail, she managed to squeeze her way into the group on the promise of working hard and past experience running a saloon. At the time, no one wanted to quest the blood that stained her corset and boots. By the time someone had worked up the guts to do so, the stains were gone and Lottie feigned innocence.
&&— ❝Want a drink, baby? ❞
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𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪 𝙢𝙖𝙮𝙚𝙨𝙩
Ruth Dawson
cisgender girl.
22 years old.
chicago, il.

Long-legged, awkward, and lanky, with a total lack of curves. She’s quite thin—the last couple months spent in dire straits have lead her to lose weight unintentionally. Ruth stands at an impressive 5’10” and weighs about 120 pounds.​

Dark brown and mostly straight, with just the slightest wave to it. Naturally silky, to the envy of her classmates. It falls to the middle of her back, though she doesn’t wear it down often.​

She likes to say they’re hazel to seem more exotic, but they’re just a light brown color. They’re also quite large, which earned her childhood nickname “doe eyes.”​

Fair and clear of blemishes for the most part. Has a light dusting of almost invisible freckles on her cheeks and shoulders.​

Distinguishing features—
Ruth has a sort of plain and simple beauty that’s hard to ignore. Her doe-like eyes and pouty lips give her look a certain touch of gracefulness that her figure doesn’t carry. It's also hard not to spot her with her height: if she's not towering over you, she's seeing you eye-to-eye.​

Has a lingering deep cough from a childhood battle with consumption, which, come to think of it, may be the reason why she was always so thin. Also suffers from generalized anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, which have been summed up by a (so-called) professional as “feminine hysteria”: she is uneasy around strangers, excessively jumpy and easily startled, and is more often than not worried about something.​

Plain, comfortable dresses and lace-up work boots. She does quite enjoy the few pairs of trousers she has, but her mother doesn’t like her to wear them unless she’s working. Ruth treasures the one pair of overalls in her chest. Ideally, she’d dress in the tasseled denim, leather, calfskin outfits that those lone cowboys wear.​

Face claim— Diana Silvers

Perhaps in some ways, it worked to her benefit that the Dawsons moved to Nebraska: her strong will, fierce independence, and unconventional, edgy sense of humor didn’t charm many of the people back in Chicago. Although to some extent she’s thriving in this empty, lawless space, the journey there and the day-to-day struggles of staking a claim in the wilderness have coaxed less than desirable things from the depths of her mind.

Positive traits—
highly capable

Negative traits—
highly distrusting of strangers
socially awkward
excessively emotional at times

animals of all kinds, but especially rabbits, birds, and cats
flowery meadows
berry picking
fruit (rare, expensive treats these days)

formal, restrictive feminine attire
foul weather (especially hates the cold and wet)
the idea of romantic commitment
organized religion

encountering an unpredictable, violent stranger
being forced into marriage
the dark

helping her family establish Coldwater
watching it grow into a thriving community
settling down mentally and finding an inner peace
exploring her sexuality

chewing on her cheeks
biting her nails raw
waking up with the sunrise

Animal husbandry
Ruth has taken charge of caring for all the animals that reside on the Dawson property (and in the greater Coldwater area, for that matter). Despite her more urban background, Ruth has always had a certain affinity and love for animals—they are somehow able to recognize that in her and are especially docile and obedient in return around her.​

Basic veterinary skills
She has developed a working medical knowledge of most livestock through her work as a veterinary assistant back in Chicago. Old medical textbooks were her only source of entertainment on the journey across the country, and actually living around so many animals has given her an opportunity to put these facts into practice on her own judgement. In the event of an emergency, Ruth could perhaps extend that knowledge to people, but the idea of it makes her nervous.​

Basic firearms usage
Ruth knows how to shoot guns and has decent aim. Even if her abilities are nothing remarkable, she certainly isn’t helpless.​

The Dawsons don’t hail from any particularly wealthy magistrate back in England, don’t own any of the up-and-coming companies, and certainly can’t afford to buy any stock in one.

No, no. They are—well, were—the very definition of urban poor. Based in the bustling urban metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, both of Ruth’s parents had to take factory jobs in order to make ends meet for their small family, and as their only daughter, she grew up rather quickly. She quickly became an adept stand-in homemaker for the long days her mother worked, entertaining herself with used books and magazines during the long stretches of time spent alone in their small home.

She’d always been a bit of a nervous, quirky girl, but the extended time alone in her home lead to her becoming more wary of those outside her family. A young Ruth struggled to make friends at school; the other children her age struggled to keep up with the outlandish ideas she picked up in her reading, and didn’t understand the adult sense of humor she’d developed from it as well. School wasn’t much of a refuge, and home was lonely.

Eventually the financial pressure grew so dire that Ruth sadly had to abandon her schooling at the age of sixteen to take a job. However, she absolutely loathed idea of seeking employment in the same kinds of factories that had run her parents down. She was lucky enough to take up work as an assistant for a local prominent veterinarian, where she oversaw and assisted with the treatment of both pets and livestock.

A tantalizing proposal from the federal government caught her father’s eye in 1862—Ruth was eleven years old at the time. The Homestead Act was a shining beacon of hope for all people in their position who could desperately use a second chance at life. The prospect of a free plot of land somewhere out on the frontier with their name on it, for free, had always enticed her mother and father. She liked the idea of leaving the crowded filth of the city behind as well.

They finally made it happen when she was twenty one years old: her mother and father had seen too many of their coworkers get injured and waste away from the inhumane hours they worked in the conditions they worked in. The Dawsons sold all their belongings and their home, and even convinced Ruth’s uncle and aunt to join them to claim their 160-acre plot just outside of a tiny town called Coldwater in Nebraska.

The journey itself seemed relatively simple and straightforward, even if they were all a bunch of city slickers who had rarely left the urban sprawl: it was almost a straight shot from Chicago to Coldwater. As the old “man plans, God laughs” adage goes, the trip proved just as treacherous and dangerous as they’d heard from the friends, family, and neighbors that doubted them—the Dawsons fell gravely ill at times from contaminated fresh water, went weeks without adequate food, and suffered setbacks from urgent wagon repairs.

Worst of all was the one time they were robbed. One robbery may be something to celebrate for some, but Ruth’s uncle, her mother’s brother, was killed as the men of the family desperately fought to defend their belongings and their women. That event still haunts her to this day: seeing someone she had grown so close to over the months die in such a senseless way gnawed at her morals and made her worry about every stranger they encountered from then on.

They persisted on, nevertheless, and were let down one last time when the Coldwater they arrived at was nothing like the town that had been marketed to them by the government—the place was nothing short of a ghost town. But the Dawsons had already lost so much to make it there, and they’d be damned if they gave up on their dreams.

Ruth was just as resolute as her parents to make that a reality, but there was something undeniably haunting about her new surroundings. Something about the endless stretches of plains, the absolute darkness that only reminded her of how alone they were, and the ever-present threat of crossing paths with the wrong stranger again prayed on her already worry-prone mind.

She swears she hears the wind whisper something that’s just beyond her understanding whenever it whips through this empty town. Maybe Ruth just needs to listen more closely to what it’s trying to tell her.

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Lucky Laki Malakis
Alexander "Doc" Graham.
name : Alexander Jullian Graham
alias : "Doc"
gender : Male
age : 29 years old
sexuality : Straight
d.o.b : May 24
p.ob : Richmond, Virginia
ethnicity : Irish
role : Husband of the Graham Family
height : 6'0 (182 cm)
physicality : He doesn't look like much, average weight and lean build.
face shape : Square shaped, wide flat jawline, with high pointed cheekbones.
hair : Raven black hair usually sleeked back with palmade.
eyes : Dark brown.
skin : A warm sandy complexion, smooth and tawny.
distinguishing features : A faint light scar on right cheek
attire : WIP
aliments : Some heart burn put otherwise healthy.
faceclaim : Matt Smith
- traits :
+ positive traits
: Calm, logical, humorous, brave, quick, caring.
- negative traits : Secretive, taciturn, awkward, ruthless
- likes : Whisky, reading, writing, cards, piano
- dislikes : insects, hunting, violence, interest in his past
- fears : Having to start over again.
- goals : Settle down in one place for once. Start a family proper
- habits
: Either he is helping the residents with their health issues or writing

- parents : Patrick Graham, Maria Graham
- siblings : Patrick Jr, Anna, Dorothy
- wife : None but has a girlfriend
- children : N/A
- friends : TBD

Alexander's start was fairly typical, born to second generation Irish parents, his father a doctor and so was his grandfather so Alexander was pressed to follow the family business. Both working as an apprentice under his father and going to college. He tried to rebel and ran off to the frontier to find his own path, after several misadventures that almost didn't turn out well for him. He eventually met his current girlfriend and decided to start fresh returning to the only trade he knew.

- skills : Well trained doctor, quick thinker on his feet and able to improvise when he doesn't have what her needs. Surprisingly good with both a revolver and repeater rifle when pressed. Good listener and discreet. Plays a mean piano.

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"You might just want to see a day where the sun just don't shine on your story,
Cursory Information.

Full Name : Eleanor Rose Montaigne
Alias : Rose
Role : Graham's Girlfriend
Age : 26
Sexuality : Straight
D.O.B/P.O.B : June 24th/Iowa
Race/Ethnicity : White American


Physicality : 5'6" 115lbs/ Triangle body shape
Hair : Long Brown hair that is usually kept in a braided bun and under a hat.
Eyes : Hazel with green around the edges
Skin : Light in color with a slight tan
Distinguishing Features : Has a smaller nose with freckles that line her cheeks, has a scar on her forearm due to a barbed-wire accident.
Ailments : Has a slight limp in her right leg due to falling off a horse when she was young
Attire : Usually wears a beige dress with a dark brown over-coat. She also sports a broad hat and carries a pistol at her side
Face-Claim : Natalie Portman


Father : Michael Scott Montaigne
Mother : Vanessa Marie Montaigne
Brother : Richard (Rebel) Michael Montaigne
Sister : Marie Joan Montaigne
History : Mother and sister died of a disease when plague hit their small town. Her father later killed himself due to the loss and Rebel moved west with his wife and child. Later she met her boyfriend when he was traveling through and fell in love with him. They got together and decided to move west as well for a fresh start.


Eleanor tends to be more on the quiet side but can be very easy to talk to when you get to know her. She is determined to live the best life she can and always believed in taking chances. She can be very kind but can find herself growing frustrated or angry with arrogant people. She loves children and hopes to have a few when they are settled down in a new life.
Positive Traits :
-Willing to take calculated risks when thinking straight
-Can work well with others and compromise when needed
-Is quiet when traveling so she makes a great companion
-Has a good sense of direction and can track animals
Negative Traits :
-Can be harsh when receiving negative attention
-Tends to be reckless in moments
-Can accidentally show falseness in caring and use traits against people
-Despises selfish people
Likes :
-Sleeping under the stars
-The smell of campfires
-A good book
Dislikes :
-Disloyal people
-Fat on meat
-When people constantly complain
Fears : Eleanor fears heights and spiders, but more than anything she fears the idea of truly being alone. She also has a fear of disease and anything unsanitary which doesn't help when everyone doesn't care about hygiene. Eleanor also is afraid of drowning and being in enclosed spaces she knows she can't get out of.
Goals : Eleanor is determined to start a new life. Shee wants to define herself and start a family. She wants to build their own cabin on land of their own and raise animals and have a self-sustaining farm so she doesn't have to rely on anyone else.
Habits : Eleanor constantly washes her hands when around others. She also has a necklace given to her by her dad and when she is nervous or scared she holds on to it. She also has a slight smoking habit but doesn't do it often especially in front of others because it is seen as unladylike.
Skills : Eleanor is a very good tracker with animals and has learned to identify a handful of edible/poisonous plants. She can ride a horse well and has a decent hand at shooting. Knows a little about Native American folklore from traveling but isn't well versed in it.
Cause' there's a whole world out there of other people's tales."

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A perfect flower.

name : Camille Fleur Morley
nickname : Sissy
gender : Female
age : 4
d.o.b : January 19, 1869
p.o.b : Baton Rouge, Louisiana
race/ethnicity : French, Mizrahi and Sephardic Jewish
role : Oldest daughter of Leon
height : 3'2
physicality : Dainty boned and light-footed, small and slightly underweight for her age due to how picky of a eater she is.

face : A round mousy face with plump cheeks, and a little square chin. Short, relatively small, turned up nose.

hair : Strawberry blonde, silky smooth and wispy in texture, the length of her hair is slightly past her shoulders with a little fringe .

eyes : A deep rich cocoa-color, with a constant doleful look in her eyes.

skin : Silky smooth pale alabaster skin, flushed rosy cheeks, and light freckles speckled on the bridge of her nose.

distinguishing features : A small gap in between her two front teeth, and a set of dimples in the apples of her cheeks.

aliments : Asthma and a lack of appetite.

attire : Camille isn’t picky when it comes to clothing, the only exception is it has to be comfy and the fabric must be to her specific liking. She often wears pinafore dresses on top of a long or short sleeved top depending on the weather. Her father puts her in flowy dresses, due to how much space she needs to run around and without restriction. Whatever she wears that day is decided by her father, which he doesn’t mind doing, but fears she will complain about the fabric choice. Camille is urged to wear her beige sun hat with ties to hold the shade on her head. She dislikes wearing this hat, but her father will not let her play in the sun without it on due to how easily she is burnt.

Camille is a silly, immensely curious, bright, creative, and energetic girl. She wants to be the star of the show and have the attention of others. She has always been a very independent child since birth, who marches to her own drum, and will refuse to do otherwise. She is unapologetically honest and curious, and will not beat around the bush when she has something to say. Camille speaks her mind, even when it doesn’t make much sense, or it is insulting to someone else. She is witty and sneaky, and has a habit of getting around her father’s line of vision to go about her shenanigans without restriction. Camille is daring and impulsive, and will act before she thinks without considering the consequences.

Camille is similar in personality to her mother as she was very close to her. Since the death of her mother, she easily acts out in anger over the simplest things. She loses her temper more often now, and becomes frustrated and irritated quickly. Camille is impatient in regards to her father and baby sister, and isn’t hesitant to snap at them. Her father refuses to allow Camille to raise her voice to him, and will immediately shut down her bad behavior- which in return doesn’t end well for the both of them. Camille used to be more patient and empathetic, but the loss of her mother affected her deeply even without knowing it herself. She is too young to express her grief and pain without acting out in tantrums, endless crying, and fits of rage. Outside of her anger, she is a loveable and tender child and just wants to be understood.

positive traits : Independent, kind, sociable, silly, creative, honest, adventurous, bright, curious, energetic, clever, and determined.

negative traits : Stubborn, picky, irritable, fussy, sneaky, careless, inpatient, demanding, impulsive, and bossy.

likes : Flowers, speaking in hebrew, making up stories for her father to write down, gardening, honey milk, coloring, cats, attention, running at full speed, slices of apples without the skin, singing, dancing, swinging, making new friends, braiding, mud, and climbing on everything.

dislikes : Being told by her father to speak in english to others, napping, fish, bees, vegetables, strong scents, the cold, thunder, rough and itchy textures, large bodies of water, fitted clothing, inactivity, and loud noises.

fears : Never finding/seeing her mother again.

habits : Frequently speaking in hebrew instead of english (even though her father urges her to speak in english to non-hebrew speakers), walking on her tippy toes, and chewing on her hair.

parents : Eloise Morley (deceased), Leon Morley
siblings : Madeline (little sister)
extended family : Grandparents (on mother's side)

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A moonlit sky.

name : Madeline Ayla Morley
nickname : Maddy
gender : Female
age : 2 (just turned)
d.o.b : September 4, 1871
p.o.b : Baton Rouge, Louisiana
race/ethnicity : French, Mizrahi and Sephardic Jewish
role : Youngest daughter of Leon
height : 2'5
physicality : A very healthy weight and size for a toddler her age, with a round belly, and relatively short arms and legs.

face : Soft heart shaped face, with plump and rosy cheeks, a little dainty button nose, a smooth square shaped chin, and an overall sweet, innocent face similar to a cherub.

hair : Light pale blonde (almost white), soft brushed through curls, fringe trimmed above her light blonde eyebrows and the length slightly below her ears.

eyes : Bright olive green, almond shaped eyes, with curled and long pale blonde eyelashes.

skin : Warm porcelain color, with rosy cheeks, and baby-soft complexion.

distinguishing features : Long fingers (similar to her fathers), and a round tummy.

aliments : None.

attire : Madeline wears whatever her father dresses her in, and is rarely fussy about it. Due to how easy it is to dress her, her mother (leon’s wife) has always dressed her in very cute, stylish, and girly clothing. Her wardrobe mostly consists of smocked dresses with puff sleeves, dainty ruffles and lace trim in all different shades of pastel. In cold weather, she wears the same type of dresses but with longer sleeves and skirt, and a matching frilly coat. If not the usual ruffle smocked dresses, it’s a bloomer smocked two piece set with the same ruffles and lace, and for pajamas it’s the same pastel colored nightgowns. Depending on the outfit she is wearing, it always matches with a frilly and ruffled bonnet on her head that ties beneath her chin. She wears either a pair of mary janes, leather laced or buttoned spats boots.

Madeline is very similar in personality and appearance to her father, and is ironically the closest to him. When Madeline was born, the first thing Leon’s wife said upon seeing Madeline for the first time was “I just gave birth to you”.. which Leon did not find very funny. She is basically a carbon copy of her father that it’s almost comical. Much like her father- Madeline is a well behaved, timid and shy little girl. She doesn’t speak or interact with people she is unfamiliar with, but will observe them at a safe distance, unless her father is there with her. She is constantly by her father, often found sitting on Leon’s hip comfortably. Although she is naturally peaceful and quiet, she does become very anxious when not close to her father, if even for a second.

Madeline clings to him for stability and comfort, and will not have it any other way. Leon practices creating distance between himself and her to build confidence to become independent, but it never ends well. It is still a work in progress. Although it is unlike her to interact with others without her father beside her, she will approach if given the offer of food like a stray cat. Also like her father, she enjoys eating and is usually snacking on something.

Madeline gets along with her older sister- Camille, although they are the exact opposite of each other. Madeline looks to her older sister for guidance, support, and love. Madeline is unbelievably patient with Camille, even if Camille is rarely patient with her. Madeline loves her older sister greatly and is the most playful when she is with her. She feels most safe coming out of her shell when she is with Camille. Madeline sees her older sister as a leader, and will follow her like a duckling unconditionally. She is always amused by what Camille says or does, and is one of the only people who can actually make her laugh.

She is interested in observing and learning what others do and say to incorporate into her own communications and interactions. She is very forthright in copying others actions to mimic them, especially when it comes to her father. Madeline imitates the small things her father does- how he drinks from a cup, how much he eats and how he eats his food, the way he walks, how he moves his hands, who he often talks too, and how he speaks. She is the very definition of “monkey see, monkey do”. All together she is a sweet, timid, and well-behaved toddler with a deep desire to know and understand more about the actions of the people around her, regardless of her need to always be near her father.

positive traits : Well-behaved, calm, attentive, giving, patient, curious, peaceful, gentle, focused, observant, sweet, subtle, caring, and empathetic.

negative traits : Needy, timid, shy, untalkative, dependent, volatile, controlling, fearful, and clumsy.

likes : Her family, sleeping (especially naps), eating (isn’t picky), honey milk, sitting on leon’s shoulders, horses, swinging, being read too, cats, and soft music.

dislikes : Not being near her father, strangers, taking baths, rain and thunder, and bugs.

fears : Being alone.

habits : Putting her hands in her mouth, pointing at everything and everyone, copying everything her father does, constant shrieking when she’s playing with Camille, and moving way too much in her sleep.

parents : Eloise Morley (deceased), Leon Morley
siblings : Camille (big sister)
extended family : Grandparents (on mother's side)

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𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪 𝙢𝙖𝙮𝙚𝙨𝙩
River Calhoun
cisgender man.
23 years old.
santa fe, nm.

He has the body of a thicker long distance runner: long-limbed and lean, with very little body fat from many missed meals and lots of climbing, lifting, and running. Stands at an impressive 6’3” and weighs just over 190 pounds.​

Dark brown and straight, with a slight warm auburn tone to it that gives it a redder cast in direct sunlight. In all honesty, it's kind of unremarkable, usually unkempt. He's generally in need of a haircut and shave, though he doesn't grow facial hair much longer than stubble at this point in his life.​

A solid medium brown tone. He's a bit of a restless young man, and you can see it in his eyes: they're always active and searching, scrutinizing surroundings and people for anything they can tell him. He's got a way of seeing right through people.​

Due to all the work he does outdoors, River has a healthy tan for someone of his vaguely European ethnic background. He's got the body of a laborer: calloused hands and feet with a growing collection of scars from occupational accidents. They're mostly limited to his knees, hands, knuckles, and forearms, mostly due to cracked, dry hands, occasional clumsiness with tools, and miscellaneous scratches and scrapes.​

Distinguishing features—
River has an impressive presence. Not only is he taller than most men, but something about his step, his gaze, and the way he carries himself projects an intimidating, unapproachable, and menacing aura.​

Likely has broken or fractured some of his fingers at some point. Since he uses his hands so much to work, they haven't had the chance to heal properly, causing somewhat chronic (but minor) pain in his hands.​
Has a weak ankle that he's prone to sprain during intense activity. Usually these sprains are only minor ones that heal relatively quickly, but it is something he thinks about often. It's quite a drag to be in pain with every step, isn't it?​
He most definitely has post-traumatic stress disorder, but knows next to nothing about its symptoms or effects on his life (poor sleep, constant agitation, maintaining distance in any kind of relationship, emotional numbness, etc.). It no doubt takes the greatest toll on his mental health, mood, and general peace of mind.​

A plain button-down shirt, dark denim pants, leather gun holster, leather boots with spurs, and a dark, loose-fitting duster on top of it all. He often wears suede gloves for long days on horseback and a cowboy hat to keep the intense sun out of his eyes. River rotates through a pitifully small wardrobe, since everything he wears has to be packable.​

Face claim— Jacob Elordi

River’s less than circumstances made him grow up rather quickly. He is wise beyond his years in a lot of ways, sharp and attentive: he’s intense in a calm kind of way and his demeanor is typically serious and unbothered. That being said, hyper-masculine and overly assertive behavior is almost necessary to live the kind of lifestyle he does. Even if he has embraced a certain kind of lawlessness and lack of regard for others, he isn’t exactly always selfish or unkind—it’s just that looking out for anyone besides yourself out West is how you get killed.

Positive traits—
incredibly hardy
absolutely fearless

Negative traits—
easily suspicious of others

hard liquor
black coffee
dogs of all kinds
greasy breakfast foods
freshly washed linens

hot summer weather
cruelty towards women and children
truly senseless, purposeless violence and cruelty
situations where murder is the only option
pretentious, "civilized" people

other men, to an extent
physical confinement
open stretches of water (not a strong swimmer)

... none? he's focused on the short-term
keeping food in his stomach and clothes on his back

cracking his knuckles one finger at a time
taking short (20-30 minute) naps during the day
chewing tobacco
cleaning his gun, even if he hasn't used it

Firearms usage—
Knowing how to shoot has saved River's life on more than one occasion. He's somewhat well-versed with a variety of common guns, and has pretty decent aim, as well.

Hand-to-hand combat—
Not every situation in the wild West can be handled with bullets. River's seen, started, and survived his fair share of saloon fights, fended off both robbers and those defending themselves from him. He may not fight pretty, but it's about hitting them so they stay down, isn't it?

Horseback riding—
Much of his day-to-day life is dependent on horses: traveling scores of miles to the next outpost, driving cattle, perhaps even robbing the occasional wagon. He's learned quite well how to train and handle them, and his chesnut Arabian horse, Diablo, is his prized possession.

Cattle driving—
There's nothing quite like driving the herd, is there? River's been doing it, both legally and illegally, for at least four or five years at this point. He knows what works, what doesn't, when to fight to save some cattle and when to simply leave it in God's hands.

Basic survival skills—
He's alive after all this time, isn't he? Much of driving cattle and running from the law relies on one's ability to be somewhat self-sufficient in the wilderness, in those long stretches between towns you can loot. River picked up survivalist skills quite quickly - well, more out of dire necessity.

CONTENT WARNING— mention of sexual assault

One could say life hasn’t ever really been kind to James Calhoun, and they would be right.

He was born the bastard son of a prominent local rancher and a prostitute, and a kind of Pandora’s box opened the day he was brought onto this earth: his mother desperately wanted to keep her baby boy as her own, his father’s wife was absolutely outraged by her husband’s infidelity, and at the time, that was an offense punishable by the law. It ended up resolving in a painful settlement between the Calhoun ranch fortune and River’s biological mother, and a looming threat of divorce if his father continued to violate the sanctity of their marriage.

The peace they all eventually reached was uneasy. Even if the past was far behind his father, who loved his only son with everything he had, his mother had always shown him a particular kind of coldness. James accepted them both for what they were and continued on with his schooling. He’d always been drawn away from his books and out into the rolling fields with his father, though—the wild outdoors, the animals, feeling the sun on his face appealed to him more than anything. James was a naturally rowdy boy (his mother said it fit the circumstances, which he only understood later), and being outdoors was a great outlet.

It also became an escape and a refuge for him. Always a boy more prone to disrespect and verbal quips, more concerned about getting his point across than how he did so, River found himself frequently being punished in school: serving detentions and attending Saturday school, much to the dismay of his parents, who realized they were helpless in trying to change their son’s course. It was always the same schoolteacher overseeing his detentions, and at some point, he took a sick kind of liking to the young roughneck who couldn’t shut his damn mouth or keep his fists to himself.

A personal spiral started for him when that all began, and continued with a horrible regularity. Telling someone was completely out of the question for more reasons than he could count, but not doing anything about it only cultivated a deep, dangerous anger inside him. The only thing he could do was run from it, which disappointed his mother the most. Being out with the horses, driving the herd, underneath the endless stretch of sky was the only thing that could take his mind off how much he loathed himself for what was happening.

His first brush with violence happened when he was just about seventeen years old. A group of rogue cowboys attempted to negotiate a deal with his father to buy some of his cattle, but something about them unnerved him, so his father refused to trade with them. James watched as they refused to take “no” for an answer and lit them up—sent them galloping back to their home on horseback, bullets flying behind them. One of those bullets mortally wounded his father, and when James went out the following morning to tend to the animals, their herd had gone missing.

That brewing anger now finally got put to some kind of use. James decided to take justice into his own hands, like he’d always done in playground scuffles, like the town sheriffs refused to do with these dangerous kinds of cowboys, and set off after them on horseback. He could only survive for about a month out in the great unknown with the little preparation he’d done and supplies he’d packed, but in that time, he’d seen a lot in the tiny towns he stopped to rest in: executions, murders, beatings and robberies and men doing whatever the hell they liked.

When he came back to Santa Fe, something fundamental had changed. Angry about coming back empty-handed, even if his mission was futile from the very start. Angry that his father, who was by all accounts, an excellent man, died for no reason. Angry about the senseless violence. What upset him the most was how little the law, and justice, and all the good things that defined American citizen hood even mattered.

James came across his old schoolteacher in the town square. He recognized that same lingering gaze on his frame. He pulled the revolver that belonged to his father out from his belt and put a bullet between his eyes, and raced out of town on horseback before the authorities could do anything about it.

Life as a wanted fugitive wasn’t easy, but he barely cared about no longer being able to enjoy the comforts of a more stationary lifestyle. The older he got, the fewer things he really cared about at all, it seemed. James had learned the tricks of the cowboys that had left him high and dry all those years ago, and soon enough, he didn’t doubt he was doing it better than they could. He stole and traded what he could to keep clothes on his back and food in his stomach, and simply left when he’d outstayed his welcome or people started to recognize him. But it was fine.

He can’t help but recall a conversation he had with an older gentleman at a saloon one afternoon. They sat and talked over glasses of whiskey for quite some times, and then the man sat silently and observed him. Wild-eyed and twitchy, watchful, on edge, despite his still, stoic appearance. He finally declared him an underground river—the kind that could rear up out of nowhere and wipe out crops or towns, unpredictable, volatile, strong, and disappear as quickly as it came.

James liked it, even if he knew it wasn’t much of a compliment. The name stuck.

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【full name】— Winifred Marie Dawson
【nicknames】— When younger, most friends referred to her as Freddie. Her mother was always keen to correct anyone that dared try and call her Winnie. Though, that didn't keep her father from more creative nicknames such as Wendy, or especially Windy. Nowadays, she most always goes by her full name.
【gender】— Cis Female
【age】— 56 years
【sexuality】— Heterosexual
【d.o.b./p.o.b.】— December 7th, Ireland
【role】— She is the matriarch of the Dawson family.


— 5'5" or 165 cm; ectomorphic build
【hair】— Thick and wavy, her auburn hair drapes down heavily, often causing her headaches if not done up properly. It curls at the ends and looks more brown in the shade than red. She most often pins it up, only ever letting it down at night when she's in the comfort of her own home.
【eyes】— Blue
【skin】— A very fair and pale complexion.
【distinguishing features】— She has round cheeks and laugh lines. Her hands are calloused and stiff from years of hard work in Chicago's factories. When she speaks or laughs especially, it's full and very airy, as though her throat hurts her.
【ailments】— She has arthritis in her hands. Winifred also has a latent form of consumption which she contracted while caring for her daughter.
【attire】— Every dress Winifred owns was made by her. They are often plain and common, solid in color. Because she tends to get cold easily, she puts on layers and wears heavy shawls, the only splash of real color she dons. Her shawls were her mother's, floral and softly hued. They are one of the most treasured belongings she has. Aside from this, she wears worn boots, a straw hat, and a cameo pendant her children bought for her birthday.
【faceclaim】— Michelle Fairley


【Parents】— Maeve & Cullen Byrne
【Husband】— tba
【Children】— Ruth Dawson, John Dawson
【In-Laws】— Cassandra Dawson, Christian Graves

【Friend】— River Calhoun

She was raised on a dream, brought up by a hope that she'd bring something better and more beautiful to this world. Fleeing an Irish famine in 1817, her parents came to the states as immigrants. They pushed west and settled for work in Chicago. Though life was still trying, her parents supported her and had a quaint living in a city apartment. She married and had two children, the lot of them and her parents still living in this small space.

Her whole life, she's been a worker in Chicago's factories, raising her children with the same dream her parents had for her. Despite the near-squalor they lived in, her father and her told stories and made the best of it. Even after his death when her children were young, she carried on the tradition.

When her son turned eighteen, he enlisted in the American Civil War. He lost his life the second year. Stricken by grief, Winifred was speechless and catatonic for weeks. Though she was soon working again to help provide for her family, she wasn't truely shaken out of it till her mother came down with a fierce bought of consumption the following year. The illness, at the time, was assumed to be hereditary and it had plagued her family since she was young. Her father passed from it, her daughter struggled with it as a child, and now her mother was bedridden because of it.

After her mother's death, things became especially hard for them in the city. No longer able to afford the apartment they lived in, Winifred and her husband started looking for a cheaper means of living. That's when they learned about the Homestead Act and about the time they saw an add for Coldwater residency in the newspaper. They sold everything they had and then set west.


Winifred is fiercely dependent on her family. She's grown up supporting them, being around them, and would honestly probably not know herself apart from them. They've made her kind, made her happy, and so completely alive. When around them, she's expressive and herself. She'll make up a story on the spot or sing softly. She's so herself around them that it becomes very telling when she's not. She becomes withdrawn and short-tempered when they're away, always slightly worried and on edge.

【+ traits】— Sincere, empathetic(though she's the ability to understand you, that does not necessarily mean she's with you), patient, a bit whimsical or imaginative
【- traits】— Critical and slightly condemnatory(first impressions are everything to her), hesitant, intolerant of those she dislikes, dependent
【likes】— storytelling, long conversations, socializing, making fine meals, singing or humming softly, bread, music
【dislikes】— indecency, rain, blisteringly hot days, being talked down to or underestimated
【fears】— Making the wrong decision and putting people needlessly at risk. She fears that moving to Coldwater was all for naught, a fanciful dream she poisoned her husband's mind with. More than anything, she fears disappointing him.
【goals】— To raise her child someplace full of ambition. To give her the best life and the most hope for a better future. She also wants a good home to take care of, someplace she can be proud of with her family.
【habits】— Winifred often loses herself in thought and becomes absentminded. When she's like this, it's as though she can't hear anyone. She grows quiet and distant, consumed with her work or far-staring if she has none. It takes her a moment to be taken out of this.


She's very skilled at working with her hands. Sewing and creating clothing is something she picked up as a mother. Repurposing old clothing so that it fit her children was cheaper than buying new ones. She's also learned a fair bit about basic first aide. Other skills that would be expected of her during this time are well-practiced. She can cook for many and preserve excess food. Though she's never put that knowledge to test, she's also read about basic farming/gardening skills. She's eager to try this and expand her knowledge of it.
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Cursory Information

Full Name : Maverick Preskett Graham
Gender : Male
Age : 28
Sexuality : Straight
D.O.B/P.O.B : May 1st/ Missouri
Race : White
Role : Eleanor's Boyfriend


Physicality : 5'11"/Ectomorph body type
Hair : Short, light brown hair that is usually longer in the front. Tries to keep it groomed and when traveling usually grows out his facial hair into a stubble.
Eyes : Grey/Blue. Depending on the lighting they can range from grey all the way to a teal color.
Skin : Has tan skin from working outside on his old family ranch, often has tan lines from the elbow down.
Distinguishing Features : Has a bullet wound scar on his upper left shoulder due to a childhood accident. He also has a small scar on his lower lip.
Ailments : Broke right wrist while taming a wild horse, was severely sick as a child so he is weaker in certain aspects.
Attire : Usually wears a flannel and jeans but often has a black vest on and his cowboy hat. Has a pair of worn brown cowboy boots and always wears a silver chain bracelet on his wrist that his grandmother gave him.
Face Claim : Scott Eastwood


Parents : Corbin and Margarot Graham
Siblings : Loretta (30 years old) and Dixie (26 years old)
Friends : None that traveled with him on the journey.
Past History : Maverick was born on a country ranch that his family-owned in Missouri. He grew up with two older sisters and his dad taught him how to capture wild horses and tame them so he is very familiar with how to treat and train them. He was very close to his dad's mom and learned a lot from her until she died of old age when he was 16. When he was 11, his mom left their family and moved away with the local bank owner. After the shift in family dynamics, both of his sisters left as well, Dixie finding a husband and bearing a child, while Loretta continues to travel by herself. Maverick had a close relationship with his dad until he moved to Iowa where he met Eleanor at her town's local bakery where they fell in love. After much thought, they finally decided to move and create a fresh start for themselves.


Personality : Maverick leans towards the more social side of things unless he is with a smaller group, in which he is quieter but will truly listen to what you have to say. After growing up with mostly girls, he can be emotional but is also very patient with people and even more so with children. He is very hopeful of his and Eleanor's new start on life and hopes to begin a family with her as soon as they are settled. Maverick is a very quick thinker and is often quite light on his feet due to constantly being aware around wild animals. While he doesn't ask people for favors, he is always willing to help others out and tries to be approachable.
Positive Traits :
-Is very open to new ideas and tries to see from many points of view.
-Is good at taking care of horses and can act as a sort of veterinarian when needed.
-Is very agile on his feet and has a great imagination for how things should look when tasks are complete.
Negative Traits :
-Is on the slimmer side so he is not as physically strong as a lot of other males.
-Can be irritable and often snap at people when he is away from Eleanor or doesn't have a consistent grounder.
-While he has quit drinking, he used to struggle with severe alcohol use so he is constantly on the balance of recovery which can leave him agitated.
Likes :
-Being outside at night, especially really late at night.
-Trail riding through the mountains.
-A good peach cobbler.
Dislikes :
-People who are loud and reckless
-Things that are disorganized.
-Sunflowers (They were his mother's favorites.)
Fears : Maverick constantly fears the idea of being out of control of himself and his surroundings. He is severely afraid of caves and tight quarters. Deep down, Maverick also fears the idea of being abandoned and dying alone.
Goals : Maverick's main goal is to reach Reverie and start a new life. In the future, he would like to start a family and have a little boy and girl. Even further down the road, he would like to start his own cattle ranch maybe even protect and save wild horses.
Habbits : When anxious or agitated, Maverick will constantly mess with things or do small tasks that keep his hands and mind busy. maverick also smokes a lot during these moments and often does so before bed to help calm his mind. Lately, he has been writing but keeps his journal hidden from prying eyes.
Skills : Maverick is great at handling horses and knows how to help them if they are injured or sick. He is also a great tracker and is fairly decent with directional skills. He knows how to plan ahead when building something new including houses, barns, and any small item that has a lot of moving parts. He is great at horseback riding and fishing.
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