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Fantasy Revenge of the Titans - Character sheets and planning


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Ok! I've just quickly made up a character sheet below, I'm not great at making things pretty so no expectations on that haha. A couple of the points asked for I think would be a good basis to start planning for and creating relationships between our characters. Can't wait to see em! Honestly I'm also good with lots of detail or personal history you want to include or if you want to keep it minimum and get to know the character as we write that is a ok too.

God Parent:
Favourite class in Gleamroth:

Appearance: (Face claim or description work just fine with me)



Current Character Roster:

Aris Papelis - Son of Hecate - BoneBrain
Mereth (Mer) WestGäard - Daughter of Eir - BoneBrain
Oni Jendayi - Anubis - Comet
Keeva Regan - Morrigan - Comet
Lugh O’Malley - Nodens - Turtwigwins
Skoteinó “Skote” Paidí - Nyx - Call Me Rhys
Alice Barns - Aphrodite - Animegirl20
Davian Ray Bryne - Alauna/Alaunus - Casey Jewels
Harmony Minyma - Hermes - Kakemha
Kotoko "Mayura" Kobayashi - Benzaiten- Nellancholy
Lucia Aphelion - Iris - Fana
Eadalat Alainsijam - Ma'at - CallME Rhys
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Oni Jendayi // 20 years old-July 30th-Leo // female // Daughter of Anubis // heterosexual

Oni means “Girl who is wanted” and Jendayi means “gratitude”

Her favorite class is Math, as she’s very good at it.

History: Oni’s mother was deemed as one of the gorgeous women of all Edfu, Egypt. Her mother held a big political part of the town and it was like the town worshiped her. Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty saw how her mother was worshiped and loved and envied the women. She sent Montu, the god of War after the women to end her reign Anubis, being able to see the good in the women’s heart took form of another human and protected her. Protecting her from all of Montu’s attacks he soon grew attached to the women and fell in love. When he got her pregnant Anubis’s father, Osiris, found out about it he took Anubis away, saying gods shouldn’t have relationships with humans. The attacks from Montu resided until the birth of the baby.
When Oni was six years old, her mother took her out into the field to teach her about nature and different kinds of trees and flowers. Montu, seeing a opportunity shifted into a bull and charged the two. Her mother shoved her out of the way as she was trampled by Montu the bull. The girls screams of terror could be heard all the way back in town when the bull started chasing her. A army of men came to her rescue, killing Montu the bull and taking his horns. The horns were shaved down into two small Khopesh swords and given to the girl as a memory of her mother. The girl grew up underneath her mother’s council men, learning their ways and being trained to take her mother’s place. The girl grew up to even be more gorgeous than her mother and soon Hathor became jealous of her beauty. Montu being out of service, the goddess of Beauty started attacking the girl herself. Trying to place curses and wars on the now twenty year old girl, her father deflected every one of them for her to keep her safe. He realized that keeping her here in Egypt and in her home town was dangerous for the girl. He saw how she was growing and soon her powers will start to surface and the idea of moving her somewhere safe was the only option. The God of Death went down to the council men in his original form and told them that they needed to send her off somewhere safe. The men obeyed immediately and sent her off to a university for Demi-gods. The girl still doesn’t know her powers, and doesn’t realize why she was sent off, but she will soon learn.

Appearance: 1E1FE5F7-6C8A-4A43-8A4C-BC485F41AE1A.jpg


2nd sight: Oni has a second sight, meaning she can see the dead and other spirits around her. She can see good and evil spirits along with lost souls. Like her father she can help these lost souls find their way to their right place, she just doesn’t fully know how. She’s been seeing spirits and ghosts her whole life but never really knew that that is what they were until she went to the university and they are everywhere.

Judgement of heart: She can see the colors of people’s hearts and their aura. See if they have ill intentions or mean good. She learned how to turn the power on but she can only see glimpses of people’s true colors if they are close to her. Everyone else is a grey color.

Embalmment: she can make your organs rot from the inside out. When she gets mad this power automatically turns on and directs itself at the person that has made her furious. She can’t exactly target what organs are affected as she doesn’t have control over it nor her anger. So watch out.

Jackal transformation: Her father being known as a candid, or jackal, she can switch completely over into a 6’5” jackal like animal. This is one she semi has control over, but it is a painful transformation as she is still new with it. Certain high energy emotions will make her shift so she tries her best to stay calm.

Personality: Oni holds herself high and with a prissy attitude. She was raised and taught to be a political figure and she holds herself as such. She’s very intelligent and very booksmart. She’s good at war statistics and manipulating others into doing her bidding. She’s very interested in death and everything that surrounds it, rituals and what not. She would deem herself as a “witch” and would do meditation rituals, spells and all kinds of things. Besides being prissy, She’s a very sweet and spiritual being, she is the definition of “it is what it is” she doesn’t have a short temper, it actually takes a lot to get on her nerves. She’s very patient and attentive, outgoing.
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Keeva Regan // 19 years old- September 18th-Virgo // female // daughter of Morrígan // heterosexual

Caoimhe means beauty and gentleness

She doesn’t have a favorite class, as she’s rather be outside doing the activities and fitness trails

History: in a small part of Ireland, there was still a king who ruled over his land. He was a happy king and all of his people were happy. They prospered in their land and benefited off of it. The king had a brother who was not happy where they were. The brother wanted more land, wanted their people to be known to the world. He had good intentions for their people but a horrible strategy. One day he decided to fight his brother for the throne. The king being the oldest, fell to him easily. The new king wanted land, more for his people. He was power hungry and created a army out of his once peaceful people. The Morrígan, seeing this kings bloodlust wanted to stop him. She came down to him in a gorgeous form of a black haired woman, seducing him and changed his bloodlust into lust. She gave him a gorgeous black haired daughter before revealing herself to him and said to him, “Your new goal is to train and teach our daughter the ways of your people so she can continue your legacy. If you fail, I will be sure to kill all of your people and your legacy will end.” And with that the goddess disappeared.
The king had no idea how to take care of a newborn child, so he went and sought out a wife for his daughter. He came across a awful power hungry woman with fiery red hair and fell into her clutches. He married the woman to take care of his daughter. The woman was ugly to the girl as she grew up, of course she taught her what her father wanted her to know, the girl growing up smart. As she grew older the queen grew envious of how beautiful the princess was becoming. She was getting more attention and praise than the queen was. The Queen hated it so much she sought out to kill her husband and take over. She succeeded and locked the princess in a pit six miles away from the village. The princess grew weak with starvation and dehydration. One day the goddess of the River Byone was swimming when she smelt sickness. She stopped and surveyed the area when she found the little princess dying in the pit. The goddess instantly sensed the Morrígan’s blood in her and got the goddess. The Morrígan was furious to see the state her daughter was in and went to the village in the form of a woman to check on the king. She walked straight into the castle and thrown room only to find out that the king was dead and that the horrible queen was sitting in his chair. The new Queen became very jealous of the woman’s beauty and instantly ordered for her death. As the soldiers came towards the goddess, she just smiled and said, “
Your husband seemed to have failed at taking care of my daughter, and you are not fit to be queen. For almost killing my daughter and being the greedy woman you are, I am killing you and all your people.The Morrígan turned around and walked out of the castle as a giant pack of wolves and crows came in and attacked all of the people. Blood curdling screams can be heard throughout the kingdom as everyone was murdered. The goddess went back to oversea her daughters health, healing her and with a smile to her daughter she says, you are not safe here and you are not safe with me. I will oversee your health as you progress and learn your true bloodlines.She kisses her lips to her daughters forehead before disappearing. She set up her daughters way of getting to the university, talking to the headmaster herself and making sure her daughter made it there safely. The little kiss she gave her put a protection cloak around her and opened up the trickle of her powers.

Appearance: 10347130-EB9C-4A7C-8D27-F986CF2D9208.jpg


Oracle: this will be a power she will never be able to to control. Like a actual Oracle it will hit her randomly. She can give prophecy’s and can tell the future but only to those who are worthy/ when it hits her.

Crow shift/wings: like her mother, she can shift into the famous crow. She doesn’t fully know how to fully shift into a crow unless in extreme feelings of fear. It becomes a flight instinct. She can however half shift with black crow wings, a wingspan of 20 feet( if I’m not sizing that right, she’s 5’4” and the tips of her wings would go to her heels.) her wings are very strong, so she can carry herself along with someone else. But only one other person. The wing sprouts are very painful and bloody, sometimes she’ll keep the wings for a while cause she doesn’t want to deal with the pain.

Valkyrie type strength/speed: The Morrígan being associated with the valkyries, Keeva got those attributes and it seems to the the main powers that her mothers kiss awakened.

personality: Keeva is a timid women, tends to be quiet and a pushover. Small spaces, caves and pits scare her to death. She’s very smart, and her words tend to mean more to others than she thinks. She’s very observant, would rather watch than be the center of attention. Her mother gave her a sharp tongue, so if you tick her off she’ll snap with something quick and short, something that should have been left unsaid. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, if you ask for her opinion she’ll give it to you bluntly and emotionless. You asked so she’ll be truthful to the end. She is a very loyal and caring friend to those who do good to her, but she has trust issues due to her step-monster of a queen. She is posh and tends to be fancy in some ways. She is also reckless and a thrill seeker. Being stuck in a castle to being moved to a pit in the middle of nowhere, the girl is itching to explore. Sometimes her exploring gets her stuck and in trouble. She is very outgoing and snarky.
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Name: Lugh O’Malley
Age/Birthday: 18, November 3rd
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
God Parent: Nodens (Celtic)
Favourite class in Gleamroth: Sorry I’m not familiar with what Gleamroth is?

Appearance: (Face claim or description work just fine with me)


Dog Speech: Lugh is able to speak with dogs as easily as he speaks to humans. This doesn’t mean they are naturally more friendly to him, but rather just like humans there are various types of dogs with various personalities.

Regenerative Cells: Although not naturally stronger in any sense his body cells are able to slowly repair damaged body tissue and organs back to full strength with enough time. This helps greatly with his habit of smoking not affecting his lung strength.

On the Trail: Lugh has an unnatural ability in the sense of smell. He is able to pick up and track the smell of an animal or human that he is familiar with from up to a mile away. If there are various other scents in the area this ability’s usefulness is mitigated as it is hard for him not to get overloaded.

The Comforting Sea: The sea is a welcoming place for Lugh. Whether the waters are cold as cold as an iceberg or scalding hot his body reacts to it and feels it as if it were room temperature. Also, while in water his Regenerative Cells ability increases dramatically in speed.

Personality: Lugh is a calm and sociable person. He is straightforward in dealing with most people. It is often a show of endearment by Lugh to throw insults and playful jabs at those close to him. He isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said, but has a soft spot for those who are timid or afraid. He likes to explore new opportunities, and is often excited for athletic competitions. When engaged in competition he becomes a much more expressive person, and is eager to support those around him when working towards a goal. He doesn’t mind being alone, and finds that sometimes taking a breath of fresh air is the best way to relax. He beleives strongly in every person choosing their own road to walk in life.


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1628690475943.pngName: Aris Papelis
Age/Birthday: October 31st, 21 years old, Scorpio
Gender: Male
God Parent:
Favourite class in Gleamroth:
He is a fan of any outdoor activities


He's on the taller side, thin but with still enough muscle to not seem like a beanpole. Aris has wavy brown hair that he can't seem to tame. Dark blue brooding eyes and and a small scar on his chin. Aris has no tattoo's but sports a few other scars from his adventures outside.


Strong Botany knowledge:
Being the son of a witch Aris was bestowed with knowledge of the natural world. He knows which plants mixed together can encourage healing and which can cause an endless sleep.

Potion and Charm creation: Aris can make powerful talismans and potions to aid himself and his companions. While Gleamroth is still teaching him about these concoctions he has been able to make a few strong magical items.

Lunar empowerment: Aris is his strongest at night, with the moon shining down on him. His spells and magic work grow stronger, as do some of his physical traits. He has excellent night vision and can preform stealthy maneuvers.

Personality and History:
Aris was born when the vale was thinnest between the worlds. His mother Hecate bore him under the full moon, her cries both in victory and pain joined by the hellhounds that saw to their mistresses' safety. His father, a gentle gardener had caught the eye of Hecate as she traveled the boundaries of the worlds, his name was Argis. He tended to his lands well, however his pride and joy was a yew tree. It's thick trunk had been there hundreds of years before Argis bought the land. He tended to the tree every day, dedicating it to Hecate and thanking her for her magic and rule over the underworld where his love now resided.

They had joined under the yew tree and months later it was where Aris was placed as a gift for Argis. She left a leather bound book as well, something the boy would treasure the whole of his life. It's endless pages offered insight into plant lore and their attributes. It spoke of magic and the moon, and most of all felt like the connection to his mother that Aris desperately craved.

As he grew it became clear that the half god part of him was powerful and deserved to be nurtured, and so they agreed it was in Aris's best interest to pack up his things and join the community at Gleamroth. There Aris flourished as did the plants he tended to on the grounds. An inventor and experimenter at heart, Aris says yes to almost any offer or dare thrown his way. This experimenting has offered Aris a chance to understand the more psychedelic and calming effects of certain plants when ingested. He enjoys uppers the most and will spend long hours awake at night trying new doses or effects. He's well natured and does his best to follow his fathers gentle teachings, however the man in him loves adventure and the thrill of danger. As loyal as his mothers Hellhounds Aris is a friend for life and is generous with his affection.


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Name: Mereth (Mer) WestGäard
Age/Birthday: January 4th, 19 years old, Capricorn
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
God Parent: Eir
Favourite class in Gleamroth: Health and Sciences

Appearance: Mer is a small but mighty woman, standing at only 5.2. Her short dark hair is often getting in her eyes and she enjoys wearing headbands and putting her hair up in space buns to keep it at bay. She seems to constantly be wearing a smirk on her face and her wit seems to match well. She has a large tattoo on her thigh of a winged horse, she wears it proudly as on homage to her mother. She's toned and often describes herself as a plank of wood with no curves at all.


Empath: Mer is capable of sensing the emotions of others, and finds in her current state that sometimes the emotions of others tend to overtake her mind. If a close friend is distraught she has no choice but to join them in their crying session. This power makes her an excellent listener and she does her best to be mindful of both sides of the story.

Healing hands: Mer is a capable healer and is able to lay her hands on others to offer them comfort and relief from pain. The downside to this power is that the pain does not just disappear, she must bear the pain of the victim if she wishes to take it away.

Warriors Strength: Like her mother Mer is a capable fighter, her strength is certainly far more than an ordinary humans. She has enrolled in sword training as well as training with smaller blades.

Personality: Mereth does not know her origin story, the only information she was given was that she was found at the temple of the Valkyries, an Eirflower tucked into the bundle of blankets that kept her warm. It became clear of her heritage when one day at the orphanage a child fell and scraped up their leg. Unwilling to see her friend in pain Mereth followed instinct and rested her hands on the sore leg. Moments later the wounds began to close and Mer began to weep as the pain entered her own body.

With the discovery of her godly heritage Mereth was taken into a home where a deep thick forest lined the properties edge. She spent a great deal of time in those woods, feeling used and unloved in the home that held great parties to show off their adopted child. She longed for a place to belong and to find a family. When the news of Gleamroth reached her ears Mereth felt deeply in her heart she was to go there. Following intuition her first act as an adult was to submit her candidacy for the school.

Mer is a deeply feeling woman with no ability to hide her emotions, she enjoys a good cry and the sort of laughter that has your sides aching. She gets easily attached to objects and people and longs for a deep meaningful connection. She's an overthinker and worries more than she should, gnawing her bottom lip has become her latest nervous tick. Mer has a passion for life and a romantic heart, she doesn't know the meaning of holding back and can come off as quite intense in social situations.


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Name: Skoteinó “Skote” Paidí (sko-teen-o “sko-tee” pay-dee)
Age/Birthday: November 2nd, 21 years old
Gender: Doesn’t care, anything except she/her/hers
Sexuality: Biromantic, demisexual
God Parent: Nyx
Favourite class in Gleamroth: Any of the darker classrooms are his favorites (it’s Anatomy and Biology, but he doesn’t tell most people that)

Appearance: 6’2”, black hair, green eyes. Pale skin, somewhat unblemished. There are thin scars cascading from just below his collarbone to the edges of his palms. Wears lots of dark colors, suits and button-up shirts. Puts lots of work into making sure he has an intimidating appearance. It isn’t clear beneath the many layers of clothing, but his rib cage is quite visible underneath his shirt.

Skote has a smooth voice, almost soothing. His accent is mild from his years in America with his biological father, but still very present in certain words or phrases.


One With the Shadows-

Skote blends in with the darkness. He can disappear into one shadow and reappear in another, all within a one mile range however. Sometimes gets lost in this “shadow world”, and sees things he probably shouldn’t see. He can also create “shadow portals” (little bits of shadow that he can go into or take things out of).

Shadow Monsters-
Skote can mold creatures out of shadows. It takes a majority of his concentration to make anything larger than himself, so he sticks to small creatures. Shadow rats, shadow birds, etc. These creatures also travel through the shadow world like him, and often accompany him on his adventures. He can make up to five small creatures, two medium creatures, or one large creature at a time.

Skote is....a mystery. His appearance and attitude towards most everyone makes him seem cold, callous, and somewhat evil. He usually dismisses people whose ideologies conflict with his, and doesn’t pay attention to anyone except for his teachers. But there is a rarer, softer side to him, one that has been long buried and hidden by the trials of his life. Shy smiles and joyful explanations of his favorite topics. A helping hand and a good listener, hidden away beneath layers of attitude and aloofness.

He loves his mother, Nyx, with all his heart. She has taught him everything he knows about who he is and what he is capable of. She has loved him and cared for him the best she was able, but she could not protect him from his human father or his own sickly body. His human father molded him into the person he seems to be now. The man did his best to strip away every bit of the little boy who was fascinated by science and bugs, making a man who despised everything and everyone.

Skote despises being seen vulnerable, a deep seated instinct to never let anyone see him hurt or upset. Anger, sadness, fear. He has pushed them all away in favor of an aloof and uncaring facade, keeping him safe from all judging eyes and any “help” he might need. He’ll do anything else before he’ll ask for someone else’s assistance.

All and all, think of him like a fancy chocolate: a dark, bitter exterior, with a soft, sweet inside.


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50748679_p0.png Name: Alice Barnes
Age/Birthday: 18, September 1
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
God Parent: Aphrodite - She is not her mother but she did grant her powers and beauty.
Favourite class in Gleamroth: She's new so doesn't have one yet
Powers: Enhanced Beauty - possess a level of grace, physical beauty/handsomeness, sense of style and social poise above that commonly found on earth. She is able to exercise considerable social influence on others.

Seductive Pheromones - can release pheromones that radiate an aura of attractiveness, naturally inducing titillating pleasure and carnal desire while subtly lifting inhibitions. The affected targets remain fully themselves, but can't help but long for the user's favor and affection, and can't bring themselves to cause them harm except as a last resort, like an irreplaceable treasure too precious to be lost. She does have her limits though she can only affect one person at a time.

Aesthetic Activity - can utilize aesthetic movements, actions and attacks, with beauty of motion and action, which can attract or draw attention of others, making them awe in what the she does.

Ocean Manipulation - Can manipulate already existing oceans/seas
Personality: No one, except her parents really know Alice. People think she's excitable, happy, upbeat, charismatic and very caring. She's seen as total perfection when it comes to beauty and achievements not single flaw to be seen. To everyone she's a perfect angel. That is what she betrays to everyone. In reality though she has quite an abrasive personality. She is prideful and thinks highly of herself. She can be bit cold, calculating, and sometimes even a little evil. She also hates anyone who takes the spotlight from her where beauty is concerned. She loves receiving attention and praise. She is also surprisingly self conscious. But she manages to hide all of these things from people. She's very good at the mask she wears. No one has ever gotten to know her well enough to know what's she's truly like.
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Name: Davian Ray Bryne

Age/Birthday: 18/December 7

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

God Parent: Alauna (river goddess), but Davian is also a reincarnation of the demi-god Isaac, who’s God Parent is Alaunus (god of healing and prophecy)

Favourite class in Gleamroth: First year, so no favorites yet.

Appearance: Davian stands at 5’8” and is lean but muscular. His skin is brown while his eyes are a brilliant blue. His shaggy black hair is partially held back by a light blue headband, its long ends hanging loose. He prefers dressing in blues, silvers, and black, with his normal attire being a light blue t-shirt, baggy black pants, a black sash, and a black jacket thrown over the top. Flat black shoes adorn his feet. He wears a double-stranded necklace, with several small blue stones dangling from them, and his ears are pierced with matching blue studs. He also wears a claddagh ring (which had belonged to his human father) on his right hand with the crown turned outwards (the proper way for a single person to wear it). He has a tattoo underneath his left eye, of two blue rectangles vertically placed, varied in size, and almost seeming to glow. Lastly, he carries a water canteen with him, the strap over one shoulder—this isn’t for drinking, but for emergency use with his powers.


Only one power comes from Davian’s goddess mother, while the other two powers come from his previous life, mixing with his power over water.

Aquakinesis: Being the son of a water goddess, one would think controlling water would be Davian’s main power, but it is not one he has practiced much in, outside of using it to further his other powers. He mostly deals with small tendrils or balls of water, floating it through the air to wherever he needs. (I picture this as appearing similar to Avatar’s waterbending—especially if he gains any skill in it.)

Healing: This is where Davian has put most of his focus. His healing powers are basic unless water is used in the process, and then he becomes a powerful healer. He can not only heal cuts, bruises, broken bones, and the like, but sickness as well. The more severe the healing needed, the more taxing it is on him—and a recovery period for the patient might still be needed, albeit much shorter than before. The purity of water also affects his healing ability.

Prophecy: In many ways, this is what Davian is weakest in, but it’s also a large part of why his “fighting” style works so well, of dodging attacks and trying to change the flow of battle to his favor without landing physical blows. Anything Davian has tried to scry in water has been so muddled it’s been useless to him. However, unknown to him, he has a sense of his opponent’s moves through the water in their blood. No bloodbending going on (another Avatar reference), but just a second’s notice to where his opponent’s arm (and thus whatever weapon they’re holding in it) is going to be, allowing him to dance around attacks.

Personality: Davian is a laidback fellow, mostly going wherever life takes him, like a river flowing across the land. He’s not lazy, but just accepts life for what it is. He tries to follow the principle of Ahimsa (respect for all living things/avoidance of violence), but sometimes accidents happen. He is always quick to apologize and right the wrong. He is a helpful individual, and usually has a confident air about him—not arrogant, but just sure of who he is. However, this is his biggest fear—is he himself? Or are his thoughts and actions dictated by being the reincarnation of another?

History: To fully understand Davian, one must go further back.

Centuries before, Tahira was born to the goddess Airmed, an Irish goddess of healing and resurrection. She was able to reach god status, becoming known as Tahira the Pure because despite her difficult upbringing, she never used violence and extended a hand of friendship and healing to all (similar to what is known as Ahimsa). Even after becoming a god, Tahira remained infertile, but she took in those who needed a mother figure, and so came to be known as Mother Tahira to her followers.

Tahira has no favorites among her children, but when she met the young demi-god Isaac—who was the son of Alaunus, the god of healing and prophecy—the strong bond between them formed in an instant. Isaac the Beloved, he came to be known as, for the strength of that mother/son bond was clear to all who saw it. However, many years later, Isaac was fatally wounded in a battle. Tahira tried to call upon a power she had never tried before—resurrection—but she alone could not complete the task. Instead, Isaac reincarnated as Davian. Davian himself is a demi-god, the son of Alauna, the river goddess.

Davian’s father was a good man, and the two of them were content with their humble lifestyle, of caring for a local Irish shrine while also training in/teaching others tai chi. When Davian was four, a visitor brought with them a small statue of Tahira the Pure, and the instant Davian gazed at her stone face, he knew who he had been. Still, nothing changed in his life until he was eight.

Davian’s father was killed by burglars, and Davian was sent to live with his uncle in a city. The faster paced life was a difficult change, and Davian also found himself the target of bullies. Still, he did his best to avoid conflict and adjust to his new life.

At fourteen, the wanderlust hit Davian hard, for both his goddess mother and Isaac’s god father were wanderers. Davian and his uncle had never formed a real bond, and so Davian left, letting the flow of life lead him where it would.

He had always tried to follow Tahira’s path, of practicing Ahimsa, but it was during his travels that he really became a follower of Mother Tahira, doing his best to help and heal those in need. He had no one but himself and this past life of Isaac, this connection to Tahira he could not seem to break. So he did not fight it, but tried to embrace this path in life.

After several years of this lifestyle, he found himself invited to Gleamroth. He was taken aback by the idea he was considered one of the best out of the demi-gods, but it also intrigued him, and so he accepted the offer.

Inspired by: Ianti Follow Me by outkaster77 (who has since deleted all their online artwork), but here’s the pic

I hadn’t meant for all the various gods/goddesses to start with ‘A’ but it just worked out that way (and fits together really well considering the close connections my three OCs have). But hopefully everything makes sense/works in the history section—which is kind of long, but was necessary for the reincarnation setup I had in mind.
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Name: Harmony Minyma (αρμονία μήνυμα) <-- her name in greek
Age/Birthday: April 4th, 20 years old, Aries
Gender: Female
God Parent:
Favourite class in Gleamroth:
Literature or Artifacts


Anime girl.jpeg


Item Transportation:
Harmony can put her energy into an object and transport it to another person as long as she has their full name. The larger the object the more of her energy she has to put in.

Flight Speed: Like her father, Harmony is able to fly at tremendously fast speeds. Although she can't sprout wings to fly, she inherited her dad's winged sandals that allow her to fly at these speeds.

Shapeshifting: Harmony is able to shape shift like her father. Although she is limited to only small animals, like cats and birds. And usually when she transforms, the animal will be all black with Harmony's green eyes. So people who know her, will be able to determine whether it's her or not.

Personality and History:
Harmony was born a demigod, with her godly parent being Hermes (the messenger of Olympus). Ever since she was young she knew was special in a way, mostly because of her power. Her father, although very well-known as the messenger god of Olympus, was also known to be a very mischievous person, and most people say Harmony followed in his footsteps. Everyone around her could recall all the trouble she caused, pulling pranks and even stealing. She is almost like a female version of her father, on her way to fill his shoes. Ever since Harmony could talk, she’d tell everyone she wanted to be like her dad, the new messenger god (or goddess) of Olympus. But of course no real human would believe that Hermes was actually her father, they all thought Harmony was too caught up in fairytales.

It was like this so often that Harmony eventually just stopped saying this to people, even the people she thought were friends, kept telling her to get her head out of the clouds. When she started high school, she didn’t really make any friends. She was already labeled as the weird kid who was too entranced in Greek mythology. Although she was very mischievous, she was very intelligent, acing all her classes in her school. Plus her smarts helped her with her small stealing schemes. She wouldn’t do anything law-breaking… maybe. Harmony knew however, she had to do something with her power, she was just itching to use it. So whenever she had free time, she would use her power to the point where it became second-nature. It got to the point where it became a habit of hers that she transports items when she gets nervous. It first happened when she got caught stealing something from the principal’s office. When she was asked to show/hand over what she stole, she transported the item accidentally (which worked in her favor actually). Ever since then, she has done that when she’s nervous or gets caught in one of her schemes/pranks.

Being a demigod, she couldn’t really attend a normal school for too long. She knew if she wanted to hone her skills and get closer and learn more about her godly parent, she needed to go somewhere special. Plus, in the real world, humans would bully her for proclaiming that she was a demigod and she needed a place where she could hone her skills. So that’s how she ended up at this university. Here, she hopes to hone her abilities and get closer to filling her dad’s shoes.


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Name: Kotoko "Mayura" Kobayashi
Age/Birthday: 18 years old, born May 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian (?)
God Parent: Benzaiten, Goddess of Arts and Wisdom, aspect of Sarasvati
Favourite class in Gleamroth: Literature and History

Standing at approximately 5 foot 5 or 165cm, Kotoko is not quite the image of the ideal Yamato Nadeshiko. Her short chestnut hair and round face give her a typically cute appearance, and she usually has a pair of square reading glasses on.

Her skin is pale, and her lack of significant exercise has left her soft around the edges, though it wouldn't take that much to make a model out of her.

On occassion, she dresses in simple, traditional Indian style, reflecting Benzaiten's own origins.


Shinto Animism:
Reflecting the beliefs of Shinto and the existence of the Yaoyorozu-no-kami (Eight Million Gods), Kotoko is trained in the purification and worship rituals of Shinto miko, and due to her heritage is naturally able to commune with the kunitsukami and minor kami, which are in all things.

Showing appropriate decorum, she may gather information, request minor assistance, or simply socialize. Natural entities tend to be more flexible, but manmade objects are often reluctant to exceed the basic parameters of their construction.

Polyglotism: The wisdom of Benzaiten allows Kotoko to make herself understood to those she speaks with, in any human tongue or alien speech of animals or supernatural beings, and to understand the same in return.

She also possesses a biwa (lute) blessed by Benzaiten that transforms into a comb when not in use, but aside from this disguise and its fine construction, it has yet to display any special properties.

Raised by Eiko Kobayashi, the deeply spiritual professor of anthropology at the Keio University in the city of Fujisawa, Kotoko was always an intensely studious girl who had her fair share of friends, but always had a pen or a book in her hands first.

She tends to be something of a know-it-all and a showoff, but this attitude stems from a passion not only to learn and retain knowledge, but also to spread her learnings to the world, whether by creating or teaching.

When she turned 16, Eiko encouraged Kotoko to train as a miko at the Enoshima Shrine off the coast, as a way to broaden her cultural education. Kotoko took readily to it, though the whispers she began to hear as she immersed herself in the spirit world never seemed to be noticed by her peers.

One fateful night, one of the girls Kotoko was training with was abducted by a yurei, a vengeful ghost that believed her victim was a lover who abandoned her centuries ago. To banish the yurei, Kotoko summoned all her spiritual might, and since then her eyes and ears were opened fully to the kami that dwelled in all things.

Upon questioning, Eiko claimed to have known all along that Kotoko was a fragment or incarnation or...something of the wise and beautiful goddess Benzaiten, and had hoped to cultivate the divine spark inside her.

While she still couldn't hear her divine progenitor directly, the head priest of the shrine gave Kotoko the title of Enoshima-no-Kotohime, and blessed her as a representative of the goddess.

After another year of continuing her mundane studies in high school and her training at the shrine, Eiko sent Kotoko enthusiastically off to Gleamroth. With that, her next lesson began...


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Name: Lucia Aphelion
Age/Birthday: 19, March 12
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
God Parent: Iris
Favourite class in Gleamroth: Literature and art

Appearance: 18a6d629c2b07ba17d2e34863591770f.jpg
-She has rainbow coloured feathered wings that appear on her pack at will
-Has a katana made out of the sun's rays, if there is no sunlight around she can not summon it. The more sunlight there is the more powerful the katana gets
-Can create rainbows that are a bit smaller than normal ones

Lucia is a polite, friendly, easily flushed girl who always looks out for others no matter who they are.

She finds it hard to say no to others and because of this she would usually be manipulated, her kindness turning against her from her naivety. As a result she tends to keep her troubles to herself, not knowing who to ask for support. She can't bring herself to be mean but if she's in a very uncomfortable state she'll get verbally aggressive without even realising it.

Even after being mistreated she knows that not everyone's the same and hopes to make others happy.

One of the things she doesn't show too much is that she is a bookworm and manga reader. The only ones who know are a few of her family members.


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Name: Eadalat Alainsijam (Eh-del-at el-en-si-jom) (goes by Eda)
Age/Birthday: January 1st, 19 years old
Gender: Female (a major tomboy though)
Sexuality: Heterosexual, though romance isn’t her priority
God Parent: Ma’at, Goddess of Truth, Justice, and the cosmic order
Favourite class in Gleamroth: Anything to do with the outside or sports

Appearance: 5’2”, petite, but don’t underestimate her. Toned, with a bit of muscle from sports and working outside. Wears lots of cute cardigans and skirts, frequently wears dresses, but don’t worry; she can kick anyone’s ass no matter what she’s wearing. Keeps her hair short and out of her way, either naturally blonde or dyed white. Her skin tone is quite pale, comes from her father, while her mother was the one who named her.


Human Lie Detector-

Eda can tell truth from lies in any statement made. The heartbeat, micro and macro clues, she sees them all. But in the distinction of truth and lies, she can also sense emotion. Anxiety, anger, any sort of distress, as well as joy and pleasure. Sometimes it’s almost overwhelming, and she has to step out of the room for a while.

Absolute Harmony-
Eda has strange capabilities when it comes to harmony. She can create music that flows in almost unnatural harmony, and artwork that does the same. She can make pockets of space where there is nothing but peace, and hold them there for almost a full hour. Her singing voice is like that of a siren, grabbing the attention of anyone who hears. This power can be quite dangerous, as Eda can get distracted and make large pockets of harmony that consume everyone around her, or accidentally manipulate someone she cares about with her voice.

Cosmic Flight-
Eda has the ability to summon large wings at will. They take a lot of energy, so flight only lasts thirty minutes at most. Though it is said, that through these wings, one can see the secrets of the universe, and wield “cosmic energy”. But Eda hasn’t figured out how to do that yet.

Eda has a very intense personality. She can be one of the nicest people you know. Funny, charming, and very charismatic. But if you ever cross her, she’ll be your worst nightmare. She’s a powerful demigod, and she’ll ruin your life. Eda is fiercely loyal, hard to get rid of. Very affectionate, her main love language is physical touch. Hugs all her friends, gives forehead kisses and cheek kisses to the people she’s closest to.

She has a strict “no bullying, no discrimination” policy. Anyone makes a comment about “her name not matching her face”, she smacks them upside the head. Any comments she perceives as attacks to anyone she cares about, are quickly silenced. She has ended people’s entire careers because they said something to her or her friends.

Eda doesn’t really know her mother, other than occasionally hearing a strong, motherly voice in her head. But her father, that’s who she really takes after. He’s strong, independent, but never afraid to show emotions and express himself. He’s completely blind, and one of the least judgmental people she knows. Eda clearly takes after him, even in the smallest things she does. She has a picture of him and 12-year-old her on her bedside table, and as her phone’s screensaver.

To sum up this little fireball: she knows the truth, tells the truth, and hates when people lie. Justice isn’t blind, but all-seeing and spunky.
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